Disneys Maleficent Official Teaser Trailer

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Maleficent is now playing in theaters. Get tickets: Tumblr: www.disney.tumblr.com"Maleficent," the untold story of Disney's most iconic villain from the 1959 classic "Sleeping Beauty," reveals the events that hardened Maleficent's heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora.

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ASMR Ladybug
*** SPOILER ALERT ***\n\nThey change the whole story, i guess because it wouldn't be a good idea for Disney to have Maleficent die in the end. Also, the ending is similar to Frozen's ending.
Actually it's a storm drain
gosh how i love it when actors wear horns in movies :)
Alexa B
I can't BLEEPING WAIT \u003c3
Sleeping Beauty is my favorite film so I'm excited for this film
Andy Zaturno
I wonder if she'll transform herself into a huge dragon and fight the prince.
Auryn Toola
Maleficent's monologue when describing her plans to Prince Philip represented her as the quintessential villian in my eyes.
Austin Sann
The movie I die to see,.....
Maleficent is probably one of Disney's greatest villains to be honest.
Boa Hancock
I hope in this movie it won't be a happy ending.I hope she kill them all!!!!!!!
Brandi Holloway
Brian Sanchez
Cedric Mathew Hudson
Oh damn I hope they use some of the same music as Sleeping Beauty, that scene where Maleficent is standing in the fireplace with those green eyes & that creepy music is one of the best Disney scenes ever made, and that music describes Maleficent perfectly :o
Christian Perez
OMG Visually stunning! Those few lines from ANgelina! O.O AMAZING! 
i usually like the ''good people'' in movies.. but how can i not like this wonderful villain? which the role is played by Angelina Jolie♥ *-*
Costume Cauldron
This is it! Angelina Jolie is simply perfect for this Role! I can't wait to see this. 
a better line could have been \
This looks like another Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland adaptation..\nWhich was pretty disappointing...
David Garnett
Obviously this should have been a winter release in time for Christmas - This is not what I'd consider a summer film.  Though I can't wait to see it either way.
Eli Cusick
Angelina Jolie is perfect for this role.
Ella - chan
I can't wait to watch the movie in the theaters ! Such a long wait.
Eric Coldfire
Erin Gallagher
Oh my god, there is no one more perfect than Angelina Jolie to play Maleficent \n\nShe is Maleficent reincarnate \n\nOh my god
Erin Lia
I really hope this movie has a dark ending\nor maybe, in the end, once he wake up the princess, the princess would not be the same person anymore. She become the dark queen, the legacy of the dark fairy.\n\nBut, NAH! there's no such a thing! This is Disney! What did you expect?
Felix Weelix
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!   
Fred Lau
That laugh at the end of the trailer is simply epic. 
Gabe Halibas
Imma hurt someone if she doesn't turn into a dragon by the end of the movie
It's funny how ever since that movie \
Girls Play
Come play with us at GIRLS PLAY \u003c3 \u003c3
Grace Jey
i cant wait to watch this movie and plus Angelina jolie!!!!!!!!!!! 
I like the look of this movie. I loved the animated Sleeping Beauty when I was a kid. I really hope Maleficent turns into a dragon in this film, that would be epic. I kinda wish Elle's eyebrows were the same colour as her hair though... I always find mismatched hair/eyebrow colour a bit off putting to look at. But that's just me.
H.G. Da' Gr8 One
Nice effects, I'd def watch it. Always thought Maleficent was one of the cooler Disney villains. Was wondering when Disney would tell her back story...
Hopeless Dreamer
I'm very worried that Elle's terrible English accent will ruin what looks to be an incredible film :/
Jamel Smith
Scar is the best Disney villain of all time. Who kills their brother for power and blames it on their nephew? my favorite character in Lion King...
+panos zois \nPeople think Maleficent is a villain if they are familiar with the movie \
Johanna Kayla
Before I watch the trailer: \
Johannes Comia-Orellano
I think a lot of people miss the fact that these villains were not always evil. Yes, all evil comes from somewhere, but I'm sure that was never how it started with Maleficent. Growing up and watching Sleeping Beauty, the one actual character I was intrigued with was Maleficent and even as a kid I wondered what could have caused her to be like this. How many times was she forgotten to the point where she had to step up and make others remember her, even as a powerful witch? At what point did she finally snap? I am very much looking forward to watching this, exploring her back story and the psychology behind one of Disney's phenomenal villains.
John Boi
Daamn, she's gonna KILL this role.
Next thing you know they'll make a live action movie of the Peter Pan villain called \
Joshua Jefferson
Juan Rodriguez
Can´t wait to see the movie. I´ve been waiting for it 2 years. Mrs. Jolie, show them all how to be a real villain.
I did imagine Aurora being played by someone else but I love Elle and after seeing Ginger & Rosa, I loved her even more. And I've been in love with Angelina since Tomb Raider.
Kathrine Sulivan
Kelly Claw
Those ending parts of movie trailers! The Hunger Games whistle and now the Maleficent's evil laugh at the end.
Kid Flash
I don't know if this movie will be good or bad but I can say one thing, STICK TO THE ANIMATED MOVIES DISNEY!!!!
Kiran Gopaul
And then we use the Keyblade and kill Maleficent 
L Micky
Dont like the casting for aurora. Fanning isnt beautiful enough. Think her older sister would have been much better. :(
L Rosex
I literally cannot think of a more perfect person to play Maleficent than Angelina! Although I really don't like Elle fanning as aurora, she doesn't seem to portray her character as well as Angelina does hers. But idk this is just a trailer, it might be different in the actual film
Light of the Fatherland
I really really really want to see this! I love Maleficent.
Just saying this is for a 21st century American audience but these films don't include people of color with the excuse of historical accuracy for a freaking fairy tale! Historical accuracy but dragons, fairies, women that can read and marry who ever they love? Please! if you were Belle from Beauty and the Beast to be abled to read you'll have to either work in a coven and dedicate your life to God or you would be a prostitute like Veronica Franco! If Disney Rapunzel was a real woman artist she wouldn't get credit for any of her art! She would need to sign with her father's name to get it out there.\n\nBut again it's not a historical drama it's a fairy tale damnit!\n\n Why can't you people accept the fact that fairy tales are not set in amy real time period or country. Just because the author is French does not mean the fairy tale has to be set in France when the text never states \
I love the way Aurora says \
More adults will end up watching this than kids xD We're all getting nostalgic with all these disney releases.
Lovi Lyall
THOR: Brother I Think I've Found Your Soul Mate\nLOKI: Oh My!!;)
Madeline Bell
Wowwww, Angelina looks so good as Maleficent! I'm so excited for this, Sleeping Beauty was my favourite Disney cartoon when I was a kid! I really wish they could have used a British actress for Aurora, though... Elle Fanning looks the part but her accent isn't very good. What does Disney have against British actors?
Mia Rasmussen
So... They are making the villians the kind of main carecters? They better make the new Loki movie soon!
Mladen Bukvic
That was one hell of a movie,totally unexpected..
Mαιρη Παπ
For me this movie is like a dream come true! Since I was a little girl sleeping beauty was my favorite tale, and now, all of a sudden it comes to life! But you know what the best part is? It is played by my favorite actress and sung by my favorite singer! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
I was totally creeped out when Maleficent showed up in the fireplace in the Disney version and hypnotized Aurora. I hope Angelina will portray her just as wicked in this movie and I actually hoped to be totally creeped out again.
Ohhh this looks good! I do think Amanda Seyfried would be good for sleeping beauty
Natsu Dragneeel
I know who you are, you've been watching me my whole loife. \u003c-- stop talking
This has potential.
Overwatch XL
Aurora: Don't be afraid.\nMaleficent: I'm not afraid.\nAurora: Then come out.\nMaleficent: ...Then you'll be afraid.\n\n^ That part is incredible.
Her voice sounded pretty much like the original Malifecent's voice in the cartoon version. And damn, the wicked laugh at 1:22!
You know Angeline is going to kill it as Maleficient.
Retro Hideout
Angelia laughing at the end gives me chills. Goosebumps!
Roy Lightfoot
I've been waiting for this movie to come since they were filming it
Ruoxi Gao
Charlieze Theron as the Queen in Snow White and now Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. My entire childhood I had been rooting for the wrong side.
Sofía Paredes
Disney presents:........Wicked! I-I mean: Elphaba! NO, wait: Maleficent! That's it!
Sophia x
I Just Hope that this movie is NOT Another Red Riding Hood or another \nSnow white and the Huntsman becuase IF IT IS then the movie will also just be stacked in my DVD stock being just watched once and NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
Really Disney? THOSE are your effects.\nAdmittedly, there's nothing wrong at first, but when I got to the scene where Maleficent is calling up all the thorny roots, I was done. You're freaking DISNEY! You have more money and more power than most world leaders! And your CG team can't even get better effects than an iPhone ap?\nI'm only hard on you because I love you, Disney. You're retelling Sleeping Beauty, one of your most famous fairy tales.\nDo it right or don't do it at all.
SuperCHARged Productions
All those who are hating on this movie before they even see it are nothing more than testimony that Nostalgia and Insecurity always conquer good art. Maybe the movie is going to be awful and maybe it's going to be fantastic either way it's another movie that nobody is going to give a chance to find its audience.
Susie Ewart
i hope eventually that Disney will keep doing movies like this one come on Disney make Ursula make Hades even the stepmother from Cinderella so many awesome ideas that have never been done
Tae Johnson
cant wait to see dis its looks so cool MY GIRL ANGELINA JOLIE ROCKING AS MALificent 2014 GONNA BE A COOL YEAR ALREADY
The DarkFox
MUST.... WATCH.... OH MY GOD! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!!!!!! (emphasis on the EPic part) ^^
I dislike her exposed neck and lack of green skin, but darn she has the perfect voice and the style to be Maleficent.
I want to like this but ugh idk. They should have given it to Tim Burton or m night shyamalan.  It sort of reminds me of Legend.
I hope she turns into a dragon, that would be awesome, just like in the original.
OK, I really want to see it but I would have picked someone else for playing Aurora. She's just a no.
Vesko Enchev
okay i liked the trailer because it was not too long to tell the hole film.
Xiore Watanabe
Whoa, I got goose bumps.
So if this whole \
All this needs now is an army of Heartless and Nobodies then this movie would be complete!
Anyone else just WAY too excited for this film to come out? I'm ridiculously psyched for it!!
She's one of my favorite actresses to watch on-screen. Looking forward to watching this!
My favorite part of this teaser: \
One of the creepier Disney classics..yesss!! Maleficent is the ultimate Disney villain.
eggo waffle
I feel like this actress doesn't give justice to the beauty of Aurora in the cartoon. This movie I'm sure will be amazing though
0:10 tron legacy style music ,0:16  gandalf's return , 0:25 the eagles leaving saruman's tower, 1:08 the ents, 
Finally a trailer where they don't show the whole movie, also Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney film so this should be great!
ginny may
Just here for my daily view
Why is Maleficent prettier than Aurora?
Angelina Jolie makes a great Maleficent omgggg
FINALLY!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING 2 YEARS FOR THIS! \n.....Now I just have to wait until next summer. -.-'
This movie surely cannot be as good as the trailer, and the trailer is promising. Unfortunately, before this Maleficent comes out, more and more trailers will appear, weakening the wonder.
dude that laugh at the end was GOLDEN. perfect Disney villain laugh \u003c3
I'm impressed.. This is the Disney I'm talking about!