Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official Video)

In 1986, Billy Joel released an album titled The Bridge, which was the final album of his to be produced by Phil Ramone. Watch the official music video for 'A Matter of Trust', which became a Top 10 track and is also notable for featuring Joel on electric guitar instead of piano.Lyrics:Some love is just a lie of the heartThe cold remains of what began with a passionate startAnd they may not want it to endBut it will it's just a question of whenI've lived long enough to have learnedThe closer you get to the fire the more you get burnedBut that won't happen to usBecause it's always been a matter of trustI know you're an emotional girlIt took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this worldI can't offer you proofBut you're going to face a moment of truthIt's hard when you're always afraidYou just recover when another belief is betrayedSo break my heart of you mustIt's a matter of trustBilly Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty-three Top 40 hits in the United States. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.

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Эта песня меня всегда заряжает энергией!
A Penandroll
Whatever happened to music like this????..
Albertina Camus
Deep lyrics inside pop sounds. Wonderful vídeo
Alex Kowalski
2 0 1 8
Anastassia Koroleva
30 years later, this is one of my favourite songs (and it's older than I am). Truly timeless stuff \u003c3
Andrew Skinner
This song kicks ass
This is the only song out of all of his 128 that he plays on a guitar. The rest are all played on the piano. Interesting fact about Joel's theory to music: Every song he writes uses the full chromatic scale. If a song starts on a major key, the bridge will be done in the chromatic minor. The same is true for the reverse.\n\nI have Billy Joel's complete song library in music books and can play six almost seven songs:\n\nLeave A Tender Moment Alone\nNew York State of Mind\nShe's Always A Woman to Me\nVienna\nA Matter of Trust\nAnd So It Goes\n\nI am working on Tell Her About It.
This video is amazing! Everyone coming together despite their different backgrounds to enjoy the music! THIS is what music is about and what it is supposed to BE!
B. Dezziel
60's,70's snd 80's of course they were more happier. Being a disabled Iraqi vet and in my mid 30's.....My father is 70 yrs old and I asked that question. His answer was that those days were a lot better then it is today. Less freedom today, a lot less terriosm. You didnt see as many shootings like you do today. We walk on our toes now days, back then was all about just living and being happy and having a good time. I feel now days its all about politics and how bad the US has become. Im a hardcore patriot of this county but man, it does feel like its going to hell in a handbasket quick. I feel like our county was better off back then....but who am i...just my opinion. Conceal carry is a must today, wasn't so much back then, never felt the threat to do that. Soon enough, all countys will be waging war against one another rather than helping each other out. Thats just how I feel, and I know its probaly not correct but hey, go support your county defending what you think is freedom and let me know how you feel afterwards. I wish I can say our country is great, but to behonest it is not as great that it could be or it was back in those days. Hope we can figure it out sooner rather than later. This country is still wonerfull, but that is my 2 cense about it. Dont make music like that anymore thats for sure.
Barton Porter
This guy is one of the greatest song writers who ever lived!
Ben Sidhu
Still his music
BsquirrelD Birukov
Что стало с человечеством ? Такие песни набирают меньше просмотров чем клипы Хованского , как так то ?
Buzz Davis
Another gem from the arsenal of great Billy Joel songs.
Caramel Spice
Feel like I'm living these lyrics...Definitely one of the greatest songwriters of all time.
Carter DeSoto
Many people consider Billy Joel to be a pop music icon. They're the ones quickest to correct me when I call Billy one of the top Urban Folk musical legends of our time. They say, \
Cherrie petty
He is coming to utah,so freaking bucket list, he turned me on to music, thank you for life 😁😁
Claudia V
todos los días escuché esta canción, cuando era adolescente y me fascina, llena de energía ......que recuerdos me vienen
Cold man
Отлично!!! Даже не знаб кто ставит дизы
This song was stuck in my head for 2days!!! And i couldn't remember the words!!!
Darryl Kelly
1986 huh, I'd give a leg to go back there and stay there forever...
Delmy González
Esta canción 🎶 es una excelente canción 🎶 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Denay boyd
Ugh I love him!!!! He is all REAL!! he wrote his own music and sang his own lyrics!!!! Rare now a days!....
Donnie V.
This is back when America was still half way decent!
Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira
2017? Someone?
A Matter of Trust\n\nOne, two, one, two, three, four \nSome love is just a lie of the heart\nthe cold remains of what began with a passionate start\nand they may not want it to end\nbut it will it's just a question of when\ni've lived long enough to have learned\nthe closer you get to the fire the more you get burned\nbut that won't happen to us\ncause it's always been a matter of trust\nI know you're an emotional girl\nit took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world\ni can't offer you proof\nbut you're going to face a moment of truth\nit's hard when you're always afraid\nyou just recover when another belief is betrayed\nso break my heart if you must\nit's a matter of trust\nYou can't go the distance\nwith too much resistance\ni know you have doubts\nbut for god's sake don't shut me out\nThis time you've got nothing to lose\nyou can take it, you can leave it, whatever you choose\ni won't hold back anything\nand i'll walk away a fool or a king\nsome love is just a lie of the mind\nit's make believe until its only a matter of time\nand some might have learned to adjust\nbut then it never was a matter of trust\nI'm sure you're aware love\nwe've both had our share of believing too long\nwhen the whole situation was wrong\nSome love is just a lie of the soul\na constant battle for the ultimate state of control\nafter you've heard lie upon lie\nthere can hardly be a question of why\nsome love is just a lie of the heart\nthe cold remains of what began with a passionate start\nBut that can't happen to us\ncause it's always been a matter of trust\nit's a matter of trust\nit's always been a matter of trust\nit's a matter of trust\ncause it's always been a matter of trust\n\nBILLY JOEL
Edgar Enciso
me gusta el vídeo me gustan los 80s.
Eduardo Lugo
the master
Ellotus Freeholy
Does Bill play the guitar? Wouldn't surprise me in the least, freakin' genius
Eric Beaulieu
This is one of my favorites.Really thank you mucho-time BiLLy,This one really makes my day !
Felhek Lehrian
People from he 80's, they look happier than us today.
Galle Adkins
A Must View
Gianna Giavelli
could they make this video today withotu thuggees stealing the speakers?
Gianna Molinari
this song is so spot on and Billy did an amazing job.........thank you as when I'm down and out from another bad relationship...............I listen to it...............
Greg Simms Jr.
Do we even DEVELOP this kind of talent any more?\n\nJesus.
Hart Richard
Love it!
Holden Kenne
liberty devitto is a great drummer
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Who is watching 2018?
Jack Thompson
This song is so underrated..
James Arsenault
i like this song alot
Janie Ray
Jenni j
I remember watching this when it aired..liked seeing the people dancing, esp the kid @3:18..great song!
Jennifer Lawrence
Billy Joel is Jewish\nand Barbara Strisand is Jewish...the 2 greatest singers in proud to be a Jew!!!!
Joe Thoman
Never gonna be another Billy Joel. Not ever.
John Greene
Billy Joel at his absolute best.
John Keogh
Did any notice his wife christie brinkley and their daughter Alexa ray in the clip
John Wayne
I was born in the 80s and will always love the 80s this is such a great song the lyrics are so true #1 on my breakup list lmfao
Karl Davis
The audience respectfully stopped at the windows. If you did it now, you would have a few idiots running right out into the middle of the room.
Kirstin Herrick
please someone invent a time machine I want to go back to when times were better.
Kuku Ace
1986 was the year this song was Billy Joel song
Lisa Alaniz
OMG I always loved this song I didn't know Billy Joel sings it
Magdalena Główka
It's one of my favourite songs ever !!
Marat Kamaev
super super super!
Michael Upchurch
Love this song
Mikey_Suze Four
Why supermodel Christie Brinkley left my buddy Billy will always be an eternal mystery. :'(
Máximo Pino
Aguante musica de los 80!!
Nadia Subri
Brilliant lyrics 👍🏻
Nik Johnson
Then we still believed in America, in the country of our future))))))))))))))
Noah Adler
This is my favourite Billy Joel song...just awesome and powerful
Odesa Film Studio
After you've heard lie upon lie it can hardly be a question of why
Rishav Siddhanta
As a kid born in the 90s, I only discovered music from each decade through the internet. And I can honestly say that the 80s is my favorite.
Shane Anthony
Billy has always been one of the most versatile recording artists out there. He could break your heart with a lovely ballad like Honesty or rock his ass off with a great track like this one. This takes me back to the summer of '86 when life was much less stressful. RIP Phil Ramone who produced all those superb albums with Billy in the 70's & 80's.
I wish I had been less emotional and more trustful :/
Some love is just a lie of the heart\nThe cold remains of what began with a passionate start\nAnd they may not want it to end\nBut it will it's just a question of when\nI've lived long enough to have learned\nThe closer you get to the fire the more you get burned\nBut that won't happen to us\nBecause it's always been a matter of trust\n\nI know you're an emotional girl\nIt took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world\nI can't offer you proof\nBut you're going to face a moment of truth\nIt's hard when you're always afraid\nYou just recover when another belief is betrayed\nSo break my heart if you must\nIt's a matter of trust\n\nYou can't go the distance\nWith too much resistance\nI know you have doubts\nBut for God's sake don't shut me out\n\nThis time you've got nothing to lose\nYou can take it, you can leave it\nWhatever you choose\nI won't hold back anything\nAnd I'll walk a way a fool or a king\nSome love is just a lie of the mind\nIt's make believe until its only a matter of time\nAnd some might have learned to adjust\nBut then it never was a matter of trust\n\nI'm sure you're aware love\nWe've both had our share of\nBelieving too long\nWhen the whole situation was wrong\n\nSome love is just a lie of the soul\nA constant battle for the ultimate state of control\nAfter you've heard lie upon lie\nThere can hardly be a question of why\nSome love is just a lie of the heart\nThe cold remains of what began with a passionate start\nBut that can't happen to us\nBecause it's always been a matter of trust
Tenchuu Khan
I'm not gay or anything but... I love this guy
Tim Nelson
you guys notice no one was holding their smartphones up recording this?
Tom Ryan
Great in '86 and great in 2018
US Soldier
1:05 Billy Joel's former wife Christie Brinkley appears holding their daughter Alexa,,who is 28 now.
Viet Luong
what kind of woman yelling \
I remember when this song came out in '86, at first I thought it was Bruce Springsteen ...
adeline schuyler
he jas a marvelous voice. and it's absolutely AMAZING how not ONE of his songs are bad. hands down, he's definitely my favorite artist.
ann marie carolan
The 80s were an amazing time. So glad it was my time.
Great iin 1986, great in 2017..
great song largely overlooked today he had SO MANY hits! I met him twice in my life
dan hawke
Another great 80's song! My fav billy joel song
Midget Flavor Flav at 2:20
1986. Saw him in concert in Montreal. Arrived fashionably late to him playing this tune at the beginning - the crowd went wild!
hem ruka
where are in this generation ? the 90s
favorite Billy Joel song!
jimmy baker
I miss the good times we had back in 1985 & 86 when this song was made. Wondered why this one never charted at # 1. This was a different song in that it was a electric guitar driven instead of the piano that normally accompany Billy Joel songs.
jon simmering
So many humans. so many flavors. Love it.
Amoooo! Me dan ganas de bailar cada vez que la escucho!
mark perez
Great song Billy..!!!
michelle rogers
Some love is just a lie of the eyes. What seems so perfect is really a beautiful disguise. And it's really in the back of her mind. But that won't happen to us cause its really just a matter of love.
Сегодня 2018 год,сильная песня!Браво!
Ah yes.\nBack when people with actual talent wrote and sang they own songs.
Who could ever put a thumb down on this classic?
We only do 80's Joel man
My favorite Billy Joel song... still. The 80s were so much fun.
I've always thought this was Billy Joel's most underappreciated tune...
Александр Копылов
СУПЕР СУПЕР СУПЕР !!! Обожаю Billy Joel
Александр Не-Важно
Арлекина Арлекин
вот какими мы помним американцев 80 вот в них мы были влюблины вот нам они нравились какие они жизнерадостные а сейчас это не те американцы их сми озлобили даже когда была холодная война там люди были более добрый и позитивные
Арслан Арсланов
Музыка моего детства)!
Ванилька 15
Василий Середний
Ахуенно..я слушаю в 2018..как будто в 90_е вернулся..спасибо!!!
Вячеслав Литвиненко
Блин,как же это здорово! Молодость)))
Ольга Васильева
Билли Джоэл супер,в детстве я обожала его. Не вылез бы тогда Элтон Джон первый, Билли был бы сейчас певцом номер 2,естественно после Джексона.
Светозар Новокрещенов
Так начиналась перестройка. Программа \