The Romance Languages and What Makes Them Amazing

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What are the Romance Languages? This is a mini documentary about the Romance Languages, their history and how they developed, and their importance in today`s world.The question of the day for Romance language speakers: Can you understand other Romance languages when you hear them? How easily can you communicate with speakers of those languages?Support Langfocus on Patreon: Music: "Causin Havoc" by The Passion HiFi; "Harlem Incident" by The Passion HiFi; "Voodoo Like You Do" by Huma-Huma.

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Latin, the language of ancient rome, is the mother of Romance languages, the most beautiful languages \u200b\u200bin the world:\n\nMagnitudinem populi Romani esset, ferre aeterno.\n( latin)\n\nLa grandeza de Roma perdurara toda la eternidad.\n(español)\n\nA grandeza de Roma durará toda a eternidade.\n(portugués)\n\nLa grandeur de Rome endure pour toute l'éternité.\n( français)\n\nLa grandezza di Roma durerà per tutta l'eternità.\n(italiano)\n\nMărirea Romei va îndura pentru toată eternitatea.\n( română
Adam Noad
As an Italian/Piemonteis speaker I can understand other dialects of the north very easily!!! To be honest I think Spanish is the easiest to understand because of the phonology however French or Romanian is probably the easiest to read. There are lots of Romanian expats in Italy so many Italians have Romanian friends growing up and can understand the language much better than other romance languages because their exposure to it...\nThe order of speech ineligibility for me goes :\n1) Occitan 95%\n2) Catalan 92%\n3) Spanish 85%\n4) French 80%\n5) Romanian 75%\n6) Galician 70%\n7) Portuguese 70%\nWhen written I can understand in this order:\n1) Occitan 99%\n2) French 95%\n3) Romanian 90%\n4) Catalan 87%\n5)Portuguese 85%\n6) Spanish 80%\n7) Galician 70%\nI love Galicians but there language is two commmmppplllicccattteddd for my little brain.
Adson Cristian
Hi, Paul!\n\nPortuguese speakers can understand and be understood by other romance language speakers in these order:\n\n1. Galician (sometimes it just seems to be Portuguese iteself)\n2. Spanish (it's the second most similar language to Portuguese)\n3. Catalan (it's very close to Spanish)\n4. Italian (it's easier to understand if you already some foreign language basis)\n5. French (it's only possible to catch some words here and there. Sometimes it sounds like German)\n6. Romanian (almost not understandable, except by some spare words that remind of Portuguese)
Alextheblaster 0007
I speak Italian, and I can understand quietly well Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. French however for me it’s a bit hard to understand because of phonology. I also speak English, and a bit of Esperanto, Greek and German. 👋❤️
Anderre Flammarion
Funny facts: In portuguese He is Ele and She is Ela, in Romania is El and Ea? WTF XD
Andrea Fanelli
ma quanto cazzo è sudato sto tizio ?!
Andrei Gabriel Tonea
I'm Romanian and I can understand perfectly Italian
Antoine Sannfilipo
Yes! I understand italian, catalan and portuguese and i speak spanish
Antônio Ferreira Lopes
É fácil \
Armin S
Im a German speaker and i think Spanish is the most beautiful language in the world. But french sounds ridiculous and very female.
Avery Hotchkiss
I speak galician, spanish, portuguese, and esperanto. I cannot understand any romanian. I went to italy last year and learned a lot or italian and was able to communicate pretty well after a week. I can read a lot of french but only understand a little bit. Catalan is difficult to understand for me, Im not sure why but I always have a hard time understanding the catalans when they talk.
Baba Jee
Is it true Spanish and Italian are called sister languages?
¿Quien aqui entiende mi comentario?
Brian Sanchez
I'm Spanish and my landlords are Portuguese and for the most part I under stand them
Spanish, italians and Portuguese we can have a talk without change the languaje and we all will understand wichothers. Frenc h and romanian are harder.
I'm French. In fact, when I see a romance language on a paper, I can understand it. But if someone tells me something using a romance language, except Spanish (learnt at school), I can't understand it because of the pronunciation differences.
3:36 Catalan is not only spoken in Catalonia, but also in half of the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands
Claudia Carrasco
I am mexican, I speak Spanish, English and French. I can understand Italian pretty easily without knowing the language, but at least for me, Portuguese and Romanian are much harder to understand.
Clodoveo D.
I'm Italian, I understand spoken Spanish I would say about 75% just knowing my language, I also understand spoken Portuguese something about 40-60% depending on the topic and the speed used by the speaker, in the case of French I would say I can get as far as 30% of the dialogues in the spoken form, in the written form instead I get everything about 90%, I can't obviously read books fast enough to prefer them in other languages than mine or English\nSpanish and Portuguese are the easiest and sometimes I even forget I am reading a foreign text, this isn't the case of French, I don't know why, maybe I get some exposure to it but I remember it is very different from the other romance. \n\nI hadn't have real contact to Catalonian or Romanian but reading something I think it would be high intellegibility for Catalonian, maybe more than Spanish (it reminds me of southern Italian dialects) and lower for Romanian, I really get just the topic, the grammar structure and some words here and there, but I can't tell really just reading something random online. Having also studied some basic Latin in school I also can get the majority of sencences' sense in ecclesiastical Latin and some texts of the later period of the Roman Empire but nothing as far as the first century AD even if read it sounds very familiar even with the reconstructed classical pronounciation (even if it sounds like a german tourist in Rome)
Cristian Gabriel Ploesteanu
For me:\nItalian and Spanish are really easy to learn, and great for everyday speech\nFrench has a phonology that makes it perfect for songs, literature...etc\nRomanian has the hardest grammar (it uses cases) and it's for those who like learning languages, as it's pretty interesting\nPortuguese is like Spanish vocabulary with French pronunsiation. Also, an interesting language\nBUT WE ARE STILL ONE FAMILLY!
Cédric Franze
I'm half french (and half german)and i speak it fluently. \nSpanish: i understand a little spoken by latino americans but spanish people just talk too fast. \nPortuguese: i the pronunciation is closer to french than the other romance languages but i can't really understand much...\nItalian: i can understand many things and if an italian speaks very slowly maybe i can pick up some words and the scence of the sentance\nRomanian: i can't understand anything. But maybe it's because i haven't heard so much romanian in comparisant to the other languages\nSo what i remark is that i can understand many thinga in the written form of the romance languages but spoken it is very dificult especially for portuguese.\n \nPs.: you forgot swiss speaks also italian and they have their very own language too: retoroman
Daniel fonseca
I'm Brasilian and I can understand Spanish and Italian, even don't study nothing those languages.. When I read French can understand a little more, but french and Romanian are difficult for me. I think for all the romances speaker can learn very fast each other. Its amazing\nVendo o video me ocorreu uma curiosidade, quais sao as palavras mais comuns das línguas romanas? Utilizando somente elas será que da pra montar frases que possam ser entendidas por qualquer \
Delvi Mota
vulgar Latin? how romantic
Dibujo de Croquis
Update: The U.K. left the European Union, so now more than 42 % of the EU population speak a Romance language. Maybe it moved to 50 %.
Dorian Loyzance
We can guess words but not understand them. I am french and I can unterstand a little italian, spanish, portuguese but not the romanian.
Doug`Dolivier Traduções e Letras
I'm Brazilian and for me is harder to understand Romanian or French than others romance languages. Btw I like all this languages.
Edoardo Trabucchi
I am italian and i can easily read and understand most words of portuguese, spanish and french, I can speak spanish but I can't understand spoken forms of portughese, french and romanian (written romanian gives me more problems than written french or portuguese)
Eduardo Masiero Cola
As a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker: the easiest Romance language for me to understand is Galician. I can understand pretty much 100% of it, spoken and written. In fact, it's much easier to understand spoken Galician than spoken European Portuguese. While I'll sometimes miss a few words when listening to European Portuguese, that doesn't happen with Galician. I also find Catalonian somewhat easier to understand than Spanish. Considering only the major languages, I'd order than as Spanish \u003e Italian \u003e Romanian \u003e French, from easier to harder to understand. I can grasp some 90% of written and 70% of spoken Spanish; 70% and 50% for Italian; 40% and 20% for Romanian and French. Romanian comes first because of the pronunciation of words, which is very very similar to Portuguese. Romanian sounds like a mix of Portuguese and Russian to me, and I can hear lots of words that are just like their Portuguese counterparts when I hear Romanian. French, on the other hand, has a very distinct pronunciation, different from other Romance languages. 'Eu' and 'i' sound mostly like 'oo' and 'ah' in French, and like 'eu' and 'ee' in other Romance languages. The 'r' sound is quite peculiar in French as well, it comes from deep down the throat, while in most other Romance languages it's a weak sound.
Erivanel Dias
The only romance languages that is really different from the rest is French
Eurídece Cachimbombo
I’m Angolan so I’m a native Portuguese speaker and I can understand Spanish and Italian to an extent but it’s harder to understand French.
FLTheAnimeGuy Mk. Trillion
This is what probably would happen if you put one person of each language in a room. The Portuguese and Spanish speaker would speak to each other more than with anyone else, although a bit more slowly than their normal selves. The Portuguese would understand the Spanish more than the opposite. Both the Portuguese and the Spanish speaker might be tempted to talk with the Italian from time to time so they might get the Italian involved in the conversation as well. The Italian would have an easier time speaking with the Spanish speaker than the Portuguese speaker. The Romanian would try to engage the Italian since he/she would be able to understand him/her more than everyone else but the Italian would be super lost with the Romanian so it would be really difficult. Seeing this, the Romanian would be left all alone, and would eavesdrop on their conversation and understand the Italian and a little bit less the Spanish but would be lost with the Portuguese. The Italian, Spanish and Portuguese would not bother with the Romanian as they can't understand him/her at all. The French might understand some of the Italian's speech and to a much lesser extent, the Spanish but would be completely lost with everyone else as well as all of them with the French speaker. He/she would probably be left all alone without being able to speak to anyone. The French and the Romanian would look at each other but would not be able to speak to each other much in their own languages. In the end they would all agree on English.
Federico Manuel Olveira
My native language is Spanish. I can usually understand a large part of a text or talk of the otter romance laguage. The Romance language that I find most difficult to understand is Romanian. The French is also difficult. The Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, etc. are easy to understand.
Filippo Forni
I'm Italian and in general i can understand really well written Spanish and written Portuguese, sometimes even some spoken Spanish but not Portuguese. It seems that the situation is the same on the other way, with Spanish and Portuguese people understanding really well Italian. French is way more difficult, expecially for the pronunciation and because of particular letter forms like \
Flavio Ferreira
Em um vídeo de línguas românticas, ainda estamos usando o inglês como língua franca. Por que cada um não usa a própria língua e tenta descobrir o que está escrito? É mais divertido assim ;)
G. Confalonieri
I'm Argentine and I'm unable to understand any Brazilian. But they certainly understand us!
George Baccett
The English language is compused of: 60% latin language and only 30% germanic language, that's why the english language is LATIN.
Germain Martel
I speak Spanish and French as mother languages and can understand written Portuguese. I can understand some dialects of Portuguese more easily than others. For example, Paulista is OK to me. Carioca... not so much, as well as Nordestino. I need to pay attention very well. \n\nI am learning Romanian and it is very challenging and I can understand effortlestly Italian, Occitan, Friulan, etc. \n\nI only have a problem understanding Chileans and Andalusians.
Germán Palomares
yeah I'm Spanish and Portuguese is easy to understand for me when I read it, when I listen to it it sounds like Chinese lol
Giovanni Cozentura
Thank you for this sound analysis of the Latino Criollo territories and the origins of their respective languages. Bravissimo! 👏👍
Gαbriєl -kυи
I am a portuguese native speaker and I can understand spanish and sometimes Italian pretty well \nBut French is just imposible to understand :p
Hola Bonbom
I am from uruguay (I speak spanish) and in my highschool portuguese is though and os REALLY EASY for us! Is extremely similar. There are some gramatical structures and vocabulary that may change between these languages but are realy similar. \nI started learning french my Own and i can argue that is the hardest for a spanish native speaker as its pronunciation is weird for us and its gramatical structure sometimes change. When i was studing this lang i Had already lernt english and portuguese so some vocabulary was not new for me. \nUruguayans are known to have a little italian accent during speaking spanish as we have a huge influence from them, thats why i found italian accent the most easy to understand as portuguese accent may be hard (specially the european one)
Many years ago I worked in an incoming travel agency in France, where we frequently received telex messages (remember those?) from Spanish and Italian tour operators. Although I was a native English speaker fresh out of school with my school French (which was hammered into shape while I was there), I was often able to work out the meanings of messages in Spanish and Italian just from their similarities with French. My English allowed me to do the same with messages from German, Dutch and Flemish operators.
Impressive Tree
Are Romance languages easier to learn than Germanic languages?
Isaac Zaiek
spanish has the easiest phonology of all romance languages. That's why Portuguese and Italian speakers often understand spanish. I will go as far as to say that Spanish is one of the languages with the easiest pronunciation in the world.
Jansen Escócia
Portuguese speakers understand Italian, Spanish and French people, but they can’t understanding Portuguese so much..
Jay Rousseau
My turn... \n\nSpanish speakers understand written Italian, written French, and written Portuguese. Spanish speakers understand spoken Italian.\n\nPortuguese understand written Spanish, written Italian. Portuguese speakers understand spoken Spanish and spoken Italian. \n\nItalian speakers understand written Spanish, written French, and written Portuguese. Italian speakers understand spoken Spanish. \n\nFrench speakers understand written Spanish, written Italian, written Portuguese. However, they do not understand and romance language spoken. \n\nRomanian speakers understand written Spanish, written Italian, written French, written Portuguese. However, no romance language understands spoken or written Romanian. Maybe just a tiny bit. Like less than 3%. Trust me.... I've studied every romance language and i know.
JoMa Duarte
As a native portuguese speaker from Brazil, I have noticed:\n1) Galician is the closest to Portuguese, it is totally fine to have a conversation, one just need to pay a bit more attention and, of course, try not to speak too fast.\n2) After Galician, Spanish is the most intelligible with Portuguese, even though that applies a lot more to south american spanish than european Spanish, that is a bit more hard-hearing. Right after that, comes Catalonian.\n3) But same goes between brazilian and european portuguese... It takes some days to get used to one another.\n4) French and Italian are not intelligible, except few words/radicals universally spread. In th other hand, it’s quite easier to read french or italian. (Not readable, just more clear than hearing).\n5) Romanian is completely not intelligible to portuguese speakers. No way, not a little bit.
Para un español nativo es más fácil entender el italiano hablado que el portugués porque ambos tienen una pronunciación muy clara aunque realmente escrito se parece más al portugues, el problema está en la pronunciación.
José Antonio Martínez Cortijo
I am Spanish, my mother tongue is Castilian spanish, but I was born in Valencia, then I have aducation also in Catalan, both language are easy to understand each other, I speak also French, when I studied french for me was easy than other spaniards to learn french because of catalan. I also speak Italian, I never studied it, I learn it working with italian people and traveling. I can speak portuguese but not very well. I work as tourist guide in all those countries, and knowing one romance language is easy to learn others. If I read occitan or galician I could understand it, even Romanian the most diferent reading is easy to understand mostly but not speaking, romance language also are usefull to learn languages as English or Serbo-Croatian cause of the influence of French and Italian in both. For Spaniard the easy to understand spoken is Italian I think, and the most easy grammar to study the french grammar, specially if you speak catalan, even portuguese is easy to undrstand written complicate to understand spoken and hard to learn because most similarity.
José Moreno Moreno
First of all. I want to say that I'm Spanish. ¡Un saludito a mis amigos de Latinoamérica! \nFirst commented Language: French\nI speak a very little bit of French, so I can understand spoken French pretty good. Apart from that, four years ago, when I had no idea of speaking French I could understand some basic wordsand expressions, such as beaucoup (many/much) or au revoir (Goodbye). But I have no problems when reading a text in French.\nSecond: Portuguese\nThere's no way for a Spanish speaker to understand spoken Portuguese if they don't speak a bit of Portuguese, but we have no problems to understand a text written in Portuguese. (I do NOT speak Portuguese).\nThirds: Catalan and Galician\nThey both derivated from Castilian, catalan closer to French, and Galician closer to Portuguese, but surprisingly I usually have no problems to understand someone speaking in Galician, but I need Catalan speakers to speak slowly. The same for written than the others.\nFourth: Italian. *Io AMO l'italiano*\nIf they speak slowly to me, I usually have few problems spoken Italian, and don't talk even of written (except for some words, usually starting with sv- or sc-). I don't speak Italian either, but I could speak with and understand an Italian native speaker.\nFifth: Romanian\nTHERE IS NO WAY OF UNDERSTANDING THAT LANGUAGE, SPOKEN OR WRITTEN. ALL PEOPLE LIE, THAT SURE ISN'T A ROMANCE LANGUAGE. IT JUST CAN'T BE!\nI hope you liked my comment (please romanian people, don't get it as an offense, but I would not understand your language even if I learnt it for 5 years). Bye
Kanabodi von Watzdorf
I am Thai from Bangkok Thailand, but I love to learn European Languages, and I like your clips very mush. Thank you so much for all the good things you have done !
Boy, this is the good stuff! :)\n\nWhy doesn't Lady Gaga like this video? She once had a Bad Romance...
Lee Cox
I speak all five of the major Romance languages (four of them fluently) as well as their parent language Latin, and I can absolutely say that learning one (or even just learning Latin) really does make learning them all easier. In fact, because of my Italian and my French, I was able to pick up Romanian to a conversational level in just a couple of months.
Leo Fede P.
I'm Argentinian Spanish native speaker, and with Portuguese from Brazil is pretty easy to understand, the same with Galician. I studied French and it was really hard, the pronunciation is really complex and the common use words are really different, although we use some other of them. Before learn French, and even now, Catalan is not so easy for me.\n\nPS: Do you know how many languages split the verb \
Leonardo De Godoy Vila Verde
I am Brazilian. So, my language is Portugueses. I easelly understand Spanish, Galician (which almost identical to Portuguese). It is also very easy for me to read in Italian (oficial Italian), quite easy to read Sardinian, not so hard to read French, but it is hard to understand spoken French. Less hard to understand spoken Italian. Impossible to read and understand spoken Romanian. \nIt is strange, but I can easelly understand and read English, but it is much more difficult for me to do the same for French, maybe because there are very little amount of French literature in Brazil, in comparison to the amount of English. English is also offered to children in every Brazilian schools as a foreign language, but almost none of them really learn English. It is a to much distant reallity for our culture and world.
Portuguese has more than 216 million speakers... That's just adding Brazil and Portugal, 40% of Mozambique and more than half of Angola speak portuguese. That alone is more than 25 million speakers, not counting guinea bissau, cape verde, são tome and principe and east timor. It's more like 250-260 million native speakers
I'm Catalan and Spanish native speaker. Before starting to study the language, I could barely understand talk with an Italian speaker. We always ended up speaking in English. Learning italian though was super easy, since i can find a relation to catalan or spanish in almost everything.\n\nWhen it comes to portuguese, I can read it, and understand if pronounced very slowly or without strong accent, but most of them just speak so weird that I miss most of the words.\n\nFrench is more different, especially the pronounciation
Lorenzo Salvioni
The author of the video wrongly states that Portuguese used to be an official language in East Timor/Timor Leste. In fact Portuguese was reinstated as an official language in 2002 when Timor Leste regained its independence and has since held this status alongside Tetum which is the main local language. By the way, I currently live next to the East Timorese Embassy here in Belgium :)
Ludovico Sala
I'm italian and i can understand a lot of Spanish and it makes me laugh because i've never learned it in my life. I've studied French in the middle school and i can find a lot of similarities between the two languages. I can understand many words in romanian but i couldn't stand a conversation. Portuguese is a little similar to italian but i can understand only a few sentences
Well, in my opinion (as my mothertongue is Italian) it’s easier to understand French and Spanish. Romanian is not that easy, neither Portuguese... quite different from my language!
Marcos Oliveira
The Romanic languages are awesome, great video.
As a native romanian I can understand spanish almost perfectly and italian over 60%. Maybe because I personally like spanish more I find it the closest to romanian, but most of the romanians think that italian is the most similar romance language. Also, most of the foreigners (non-romance speakers) who heard me speaking, told me immediately that romanian sounds exactly like italian, so this is probably the truth. At some point I've done a little research and I discovered in the southern part of Italy the exact same expressions (99% identical) who were used by my romanian grandparents from the countryside. It's unbelievable...\n\nI've learned french in school, like most of romanians, so I understand quite well, however I must say that from all romance languages french sounds completely different, it doesn't fit with all the other languages. I'd rather say french is a germanic language, not romance.\n\nPortuguese sounds like some sort of weird spanish that I can't really understand. Some words are easy to understand only because they're similar to those from spanish. The accent and pronunciacion, though, are easy to be achieved by any romanian. You can find yourself reading in portuguese without any problem even if you don't have any clue about what you're saying.\n\n Too bad the guy who made this video didn't give a shit about romanian and excluded it from the presentation. It's definitely the most interesting language as it survived alone surrounded by so many slavic languages. It's also the closest to latin.
Markus Oz
Hi... I'm from Argentina and can understand Portugese and Italiano... Here, like a joye: When we want talk with people from Brazil, we use \
Michelle Oliveira
I'm from Brazil and I can't understand spanish, only when people speak slowly. For me it's the same level of difficulty as italian. French and romanian I can get almost nothing hahaha Fun thing is that I also can't understand few portuguese speakers from Africa, Moçambique accent sometimes is a bit hard for me as a brazilian
Mihai Krieger
The topic is interesting. To start off: I am Romanian. I know other Romanians who claim that they can understand Spanish quite well without former training, but this is not the case. I find Spanish hard to understand, especially the spoken form. \nI am better off understanding Italian, which is much closer. So I can safely say I can understand basic Italian without any training, but I cannot follow a complicated discussion. \nOn the other hand, Italian and Spanish speakers are having a hard time understanding Romanian, so the the ineligibility is only partial. Written French is easy to understand, but spoken French is giving me a hard time. \nFor some reason, I find it extremely easy to pronounce Portuguese words effortlessly, but I don't understand Portuguese. It is likely that Portuguese speakers can pronounce Romanian words just as easily, although they won't understand what they mean.
Mike G.
Great video, but whoa, Romanian looks awfully difficult, with its declensions, cases, and three genders to learn and remember! Now I see why some have called it the closest \
Mike Summers-Smith
Mutual intelligibility is an interesting topic. There may also be cultural aspects. From personal experience:\n\nFrench (in both France and Québec) - Tu n'parle pas francais? Va t'en fous!\nCastilian/Catalan - I know that you are trying to speak my language, and I respect that. However, I simply cannot understand what you are trying to say.\nGreek - any language will do so long as the meaning gets across. I recall a conversation with an elderly peasant in Crete in 1972, conducted in a mixture of classical Greek, modern Greek, English, and German. (German? Oh, I worked for them during the War.)
Monty Valencia
I'm german, but I speak spanish almost fluently. Once I met a girl from the italian speaking part of swizzerland and we could have a conversation by using different languages. I spoke in spanish to her and she spoke in italian. Worked out pretty good :D
Nameless Nameless
I'm romanian and i understand:\nSpanish:80%\nItalian:70%\nFrench:60%\nPortuguese:50%
Nestor Makhno
As a French native speaker, I find it hard to understand any other spoken Roman language, but if I see it written, I can get about 75% of Spanish, a little less of Portuguese or Italian, and perhaps 20% of Romanian. I have learned a little Portuguese, but no other Romance language. Yet I had to buy a book translated from Russian to Spanish because you can't find any French translation any more (grrr), and I could read it almost without problems (reading slowy, and using a dictionnary for some words). So I read Russian in Spanish.
Je parle français couramment.\nHo studiato italiano all'università per un anno e l'ho trovato facile a leggere e capire.\nYo no hablo español pero puedo entender mucho.\nE agora estou aprendendo português porque minha noiva é Brasileira. :)
Pablo Rai
Most of iberoamericans living in Italy can't stand watching films in spanish castilian, they prefer italian
Paco Paquito
En Valencia y las Baleares no se habla catalán tienen su propio idioma más antiguo que el catalán del cual proviene el actual catalán ya que este desapareció por falta de uso y adoptaron el barceloni muy influenciado por la proximidad del valenciano y balear ,actual mente por temas políticos están confundiendo y mintiendo sobre su origen denominandolo catalán justo el que menos historia tiene dicho idioma
Paulo R. Lourenço
Portuguese (my native language - i think is the more difficult language to pronounce mainly for spanish speakers. Italians pronounce portuguese better in my opinion)\nSpanish (the easiest romance language)\nItalian (easy to pronounce but difficult grammar)\nFrench (beautiful language but difficult to pronounce)\nRomanian (for me sounds like Italian and French mixed)\nCatalan (For me sounds like Italian and Spanish together)\nGalician (For me sounds like Portuguese and Spanish together)\nAll these language are beautiful for me. :)
I am Romanian and I don't understand why people say that Romanian is the most different language from the other romance languages. I personally find French the most different from the others, because of the accent and the way they pronunce words. Almost all Romanians words are pronunced as they are spelled and we also don't really have an accent. Sure, there are some regional accents in the country, but that's because those regions were influenced by other countries such as Hungary and Russia. People probably think that because all the other romance language speaking countries are right next to each other, while Romania is far away in the east and has a lot of slavic influences. I find Italian, Spanish and Portuguese very similar to Romanian, unlike French.
I am a native Spanish speaker. It took me about 3 months to become fluent in Portuguese and about 5 to be fluent in Italian. French seems more difficult but I see similarities between French and English. I studied English for 5 years in school, but I still needed 1-2 years to become fluent in English. It makes a lot of sense to learn any romance language to become more familiar with another.
Robert C
Hello, I would like to add my experience with Romance languages, I'm 16 years old my dad is from Portugal and my moms Mexican , and I'm from Quebec (how weird huh) and I currently speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and French of course (french is my main language) and I'm learning German at school cause there's no other available language to learn at my school.\n\nSpanish and Portuguese are basically the same, we can understand each other no matter we're speaking two different languages, you get used to it very quickly \nFrench is a bit different and has a very different pronunciation than Spanish and Portuguese so my parents are still dealing with it, but the grammar is almost the same so you can show my mom or dad ( that have zero interaction with the language) something written in French and they can understand what they're reading \n\nAnd in my case, I speak fluently all of them cause I literally use these three languages in my everyday life.\nI hope you find my experience interesting. I kinda find English hard, I'm probably going to commit a lot of mistakes writing this comment , my apologies if I do so \nThank you for all these interesting videos you make. This my favorite YouTube channel
Rocket Man
As a Romanian, Yes, we understand quite a lot of other foreign Romance languages
Rodrigo Edznah
i can unsterstand the portuguese because is very similar to the spanish but when i hear a person speak italian, french or other language is inteligible
It´s funny how Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speakers can quite understand each other, but no one understands French and Romanian xD
Sono italiano, le mie prime lingue sono inglesi e italiane, posso naturalmente leggere, capire e parlare spagnolo, ora parlo francese, perché la mia conoscenza italiana, però, non ho pensato a ungherese // I am italian , my forst languages were english and italian , i can naturally read, understand and kind of speak spanish , i am now fluent in french because of my italian knowledge , i havent thought about hungarian though.
Soto Caro
Tes vidéos sont très intéressantes. Moi je comprends surtout l'allemand car je parle le dialecte alsacien. Mais j'apprends l'italien et c'est vrai que c'est facile comme beaucoup de vocabulaire ressemble au français.
Steven Uzaga
Yes is too easy for me understand another romance languages. I'm an Spanish Native speaker and I can understand Italian, Portuguese and French easily. So the Catalan and others too.
Portuguese = The harder (gramatically) French = The harder (Pronunciation) Spanish = The easier (in general). [I mean, between the romance languages].
Vicenzo Goelzer
As a Portuguese speaker I understand Galician, spanish, a little Italian and thats it
White Nigga
I can understand Ecclesiastic Latin and catholics chants clearly , my native language is Brazilian Portuguese
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Hi there, what's up? I'm a native Portuguese speaker who was born in Brazil, but currently I'm living in Mongolia, between Russia and China (sounds crazy, doesn't it? haha). I've never studied Spanish properly, I mean, focusing 100% on it, however I can fully understand both the written and spoken language fairly well. Italian is also quite easy to understand, I would say to a certain extent. I've been studying French for about 4 months and I have already reached an intermediate conversational level, actually it was easier than I thought. I've started to have a glimpse on Romanian by using \
Yo puedo entender Italiano bastante bien. El Portugués cuesta un poco. Francés muy poco. Catalán un poco solamente.
That’s why people who speak those languages are Latinos
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as a french i can tell you that we do not really understand but there is a lot of simmilarities between words like bonjour in french and Buongiorno in italian
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Espanhol é até simples de entender, mas francês só realmente estudando
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Cómo español me es fácil entender el portugués y el italiano tienen muchas palabras similares por lo que me es fácil comprender a los portugueses e italianos, al igual que con el gallego. El francés y el rumano son más complicados para entenderlos.
I speak brazilian Portuguese because of my family. I have almost always found that Portuguese speakers understand more Spanish than the Spanish understand Portuguese. I learn French in school and most of the vocabulary is very similar. I have also found that Seeing Arabic words written the way they are pronounced I can decifer what it means. Therefore, I believe that Portuguese should be more widely spoken around the words because learning Portuguese gives you a head start in so many other languages. More than Spanish or any other Romance language does.
Jo sóc catalanoparlant, parlo també castellà e italià. M'agradaria pensar en un estat espanyol on s'estudiessin les altres llengües oficials de l'estat, i tothom pogués adquirir una mínima base. Poder parlar altres llengües al congrés seria una mostra de con-vivència i segir que no hi haurien tants problemes polítics. Com en alguns països monolingües, es prima l'ignorància com arma política de dominació.
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I am Galician , so I can speak Spanish and Galician and understand writen portuguesse like a 95% or more ( I may not understand some words though but figure out by the context ) . Spoken Portuguesse , I can understand like a 90 % only northern portugueese from Portugal and Brazilian when they don, t use slang and speak a bit slower than normal speed . Standard portuguese from Portugal , when spoken is hard to understand due to its pronunciation , but I get like 70% , but I supose that with a bit of inmersion I would be able to understand it also . I can understand Italian if they slow down , in small talk face to face , but I won, t be able to understand a forecaster more than 50 % of what they are saying in Italian . I cant understand Romanian or French , may be written French better than spoken French and more than writen and spoken Romanian .
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This dude is so dedicated to spreading knowledge he’s sweating like Patrick Ewing out here
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Muchos de los que escriben aquí hablan y entienden otras lenguas romances, debido a que su lengua materna forma parte de este selecto grupo. Me pregunto porque eligen escribir en inglés? Por lógica, si escribieran en español, francés, portugués, italiano o rumano, quizás haya más gente que entiendan lo que quieren decir. Y las personas que hablan otras lenguas, si están aquí, es por el interés que tienen en estos idiomas. A veces me pregunto porqué el mundo permitió y acató que sea el inglés, el idioma universal. Hugs from Japan! Oops! Mil disculpas!
The Romenian sounds the most beautiful but I don't know where I could learn it !!
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Romanian sounds beautiful it sounds like Russian and romance languages had a baby lol
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Quiero aprender portugués e Italiano