10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors Break Character

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Which Fast and Furious cast member did The Rock crack up on set? 10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors Break Character! Subscribe to our channel:

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Definitely should have included some Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence lines.
49 degreez
Baby Driver? The emoji's? Lol
In Lord of the Rings, He had to kick the helmet closer to the camera. He kept missing and when he actually got it good, he broke his toe. This made Peter Jackson like it so he kept it in the final cut
Aндрей Суммерор
Baby driver. Easy
You forgot to add the scene in Django where Leonardo DiCaprio cuts his hand
Blind Fire
Heath Ledger will forever be the best Joker ever made.
Brian Bui
The baby driver
The number 1 makes no sense at all to me. Who is that scene broke character ?
Carlos Morales
Remember when fast and the furious was about racing
Chloe Jackson
Surprised no Pirates of The Caribbean scenes were shown, as everything I see for that movie are things that they improvised.
Chris Evans
You forget in the f&f one is all the shifting of 100 gears
Chris Priest
Stop talking so much and let us watch to video more!
Chris Welcome
The amount of times I've subscribed when someone tells me to at the beginning of their video:\n\n\n\n0
“Better hide that big ass forehead”\n\nWas my favorite improvised scene.
Johnny Depps jar of dirt scene
Daniel Thompson
Vego broke his toe because the helmet was real but was suppose to be replaced with a prop
David Clifton
Damn i miss robin williams. World is sadder without him.
Why do you explain the title for 1 minute?? JUST GET ON WITH IT !
Destroy the brain
Fact checking should be a higher priority in your videos.
Dwayne Goodman
Maybe I'm too old, but Harrison Ford's character Indiana Jones' shooting the swordsman in \
Elia Acosta
Leonardo DiCaprio's cut hand in D'jango unchained was also not scripted and deserves recognition.
En Es
How to make a 3minute clip to a 13minute clip, Classyyyyy...
Evanator_ 2004
Baby Driver
Fallen Fate
Fame Arcane
i cant believed fast and furious went from racing to stealing to breaking laws to excetra
Fang Wolfie
Jim caries scream made me laugh for literally 5 minuets straight 😂😂
Gerry Gold
How to turn 3 minutes of content into 13 minutes of video
Mate. I'm not gonna subscribe to you when I haven't even watched the video yet.
Ivan 277
2:46 R.I.P Paul Walker
I will never understand why people think it's a good idea to put the whole \
Jenny Mattbäck
But WHERE was Johnny Depp's iconic I GOT A JAR OF DIIRT????\n\nOr Orlando Blooms \
Joanne Wilton
What's the female to male appearance ratio in these clips? Ever thought about it?
Julian Berenberg
ste brothers was a improv from head to toe
Jynelle Glover
11:20 why do I think of those chicken things
Kay Lee
It was Del Toro that farted... dummy
Khloee Sweatshirt
2:35 got me 💀💀💀
Lily Muoot
Baby driver
Magan Heinrich
What about when iorn man was eating blue berries on set bc he said he wouldn't finish the scene unless he got something to,eat and then offered some to Captain America
Markhyuck and Chensung are adorable
I clicked dislike because of how he said orcs.
Dude you can't talk through the entire scenes you're showing us. You're relying on us to know these scenes by heart and it loses impact in the video. It's ok to stop narrating for a minute and let us watch
Miguel Alcala
Baby driver
Mike Wilhelm
I wonder what it was supposed to be? 4:45
Missy Ginn
That was SO Wolverine that I never would've known that wasn't scripted.
Molly Wellbelove
Okay, I’m genuinely offended and I don’t usually rant on the internet BUT when making a list like this, how can you not include Johnny Depp!?\nThe scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: dead mans chest, where Captain Jack Sparrow is singing “I’ve got a jar of dirt” and dancing around his ship, raising said jar far above his head. This was not scripted! He just did his thing and went with the flow of the scene. If you look closely, you can actually see Orlando Bloom glancing at directors, his face puzzled with genuine confusion!\n\nHow can you not RESPECT that!? To have the creativity to make up such an iconic scene on the spot, with no preparation whatsoever!\nC’mon guys!
Morgan Boyer
when my mom wakes me up in the middle of a perfect sleep for school\nI'm like 11:19
Ledger carried that scene, those damn Gyllenhaals are such novices lol
Neil Waina
Baby drive
Nicole S
That's not Harland Williams...
Nii Sama
Johnny Depp's \
Pat Dovahkiin
This guy is wrong about so many things it's hilarious lol. For one, Gabriel Byrne didn't pass gas it was Benicio Del Toro he even talks about it in an interview. Another thing, that villain in the car with Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels is NOT Harland Williams. This guy does no research
Paul Henri Alanís Noyola
8:04 RIP the narrator's voice
Another great one is the body hair waxing scene from Steve Carell in 40 year old virgin. All of the insults he gives to the beautician, and reactions from the other actors were done on the spot.
Psijki Sananimo
Love these, but you should show the entire scene.
Pumi Rows
Obviously baby driver
Pumpkin Queen
Say resulting again
Urukes urukes its ore re ks
Rachel Terry
How are you pronouncing “orcs”? Because you’re making it sounds like uirks - kinda like you’re talking about something you know nothing about..
Rejea Dela Cruz
That scene with Dwayne saying \
Riku Hurtig
Haha😅 listen to 8:05 - 8:11 not a baaaad voicecrack
Rip X
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Rivka Arbetter
Robin Williams won Best Supporting Actor for Good Will Hunting, not Best Actor.
I guess Blade doesn't count as the 1st marvel F-bomb.
Ryan and Kyle Games HD
R.i.P Paul walker
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Shahzaib Wajid
Baby driver
Shweta Singh
The movie is baby driver
Sir Reta
The emojis are baby driver ( like best movie ever)
Some Crazy Gaming
Soul Python6
Why the heck is it illegal to say fart?
Sue King
Robin Williams will always remain as the KING of acting/comedy ❤️💗❤️💗👍🏼👌🏻👍🏼
T Word
It was actually Benicio who kept farting through the line up scene , not Gabriel and the director didn't tell the to keep improvising..he actually got pissed because it was suppose to be a serious scene also you pronounced so many names wrong...
The Blue Captain
Where is Johnny Depp as Jack sparrow on Dead man's chest? He improvised the scene where he holds David Jones' jar of dirt and yells at him 'I got a a jar of dirt I got a jar of dirt' with a singing tune
ThoR HammR
I love the way you describe every scene as if we don't have eyes. Just play the clips!
Baby driver easy
Todd Brown
You forgot Jaws (1975) Roy Schieder - \
Turker Wright
Venom FANS
The emoji are baby driver
Will Dower
The hospital explosion wasn’t improvised
screen rant and looper are the same channel but with different narrorators\n\n\nyou cant change my mind
Baby Driver
Xavier Caangay
How was the Full Metal Jacket Drill scene not in this?
Ya boi Metal head
X-men first class is by far the best X-men movie but has the best one liner.
Yeah it's me matt
Baby driver
Will Farrell looks like Dr.Phil with hair😂
Zachariah S
That wasnt Harland Williams in that scene. Harland Williams was the Cop that drank pee.
aisea havea
Sometimes i just want the screen without the rant
I like all the Ooricks in the LOTR series. The Ooricks are super scary.
camilla morris
The pimps from Norbert haha
clarance curry
Bernie Mac's Scene In The Movie Life with Martin Lawrence....\
e rivera
Hugh Jackman’s improv perfectly matches Wolverines personality. He should’ve used bub at the end of the exchange. that would have really hit home.
Baby driver
Baby Driver, man I knew that in a second, I enjoyed that movie
rape is not a joke
ratatat Geibel
Baby driver
No pirates of the Caribbean? I’m disappointed.
trever2244 Nels
Steller improve skills from Dwayne Johnson? Colin and Ryan stiles be like hold my beer.....
Before you believe all this...remember that this IS YouTube.
@11:50\nA PACK OF WHAT?! Homie, did you just say Uurks? Preeetty sure they're still Orcs.