10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors Break Character

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Which Fast and Furious cast member did The Rock crack up on set? 10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors Break Character! Subscribe to our channel:

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baby driver
Alex Acosta
Baby driver
Alex sepulveda
Baby driver
Allosaurking 113
Rip Robin Williams.
the movie is baby driver
Amanda Deane
Amogh pratap singh
That emoji riddle was baby driver.
10:35 they emBARK on a roadtrip... let that sink in
Anthony Flores
I like when porn actresses break character when they are getting pounded too hard
Anton Vids
Baby driver
Atiya Spragion
Well first,the picture you just clicked on that other guy is not the rock as you can see,and both of the shirts are different
In Lord of the Rings, He had to kick the helmet closer to the camera. He kept missing and when he actually got it good, he broke his toe. This made Peter Jackson like it so he kept it in the final cut
You forgot to add the scene in Django where Leonardo DiCaprio cuts his hand
Baby driver
Badger 0375
Black Rose
I love lord of the rings!
Budly 18
CMDR Henkka77
10:55 thats Mike Starr, not Harland Williams
Carlos Morales
Remember when fast and the furious was about racing
Chloe Jackson
Surprised no Pirates of The Caribbean scenes were shown, as everything I see for that movie are things that they improvised.
Chris Welcome
The amount of times I've subscribed when someone tells me to at the beginning of their video:\n\n\n\n0
Cool dog
It said 3.5M on like the subscribe thing then I go and look at his/her subscriber count and it saids 5.3M
“Better hide that big ass forehead”\n\nWas my favorite improvised scene.
David Clifton
Damn i miss robin williams. World is sadder without him.
Elia Acosta
Leonardo DiCaprio's cut hand in D'jango unchained was also not scripted and deserves recognition.
Emily Collins
Another improvised scene that I recommend is in the first hobbit movie when Gandalf hit his head on the roof in one of the hobiton houses was actually not meant to happen,but the crew kept rolling. I know this as I live in NZ where the movie was filmed and have been to the film set where all the houses stand in the hills , we were with a tour guide who told us this😂
Eziah Rivera
My alarm...\n11:20
Fallen Fate
Fortune VIII
Heath Ledger will forever be the best Joker ever made.
Gerry Gold
How to turn 3 minutes of content into 13 minutes of video
Grayce Dorsey
0:40 baby driver
Mate. I'm not gonna subscribe to you when I haven't even watched the video yet.
HeyItz Jessie
11:20 I can't stop laughing oml 😂
Before I even watch, I’m guessing Heath ledgers joker hospital scene, Leonardo DiCaprios great gatsby handcut scene, and the scene in Indiana Jones where he was sick and shot instead of sword faught\n\nFought*
Hulk Is Sick
I would have picked the moment in Infinity War when Tom Holland (Spider Man) improvised the, “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” scene because that made a lot of people emotional and was very sad
Ian O'brien
BABY DRIVER new it before the picture even showed up🤣
Ishy Huss
Baby driver
Jake Lawson
Baby driver
James Ford
13 minutes of my life I will never get back....
Jeffrey Wicker
That wasn't Harland Williams in between Carey and Daniels. Williams was the motorcycle cop.
Joanne Wilton
What's the female to male appearance ratio in these clips? Ever thought about it?
Joshua The Gaming Expert
The emojis mean baby driver I’ve seen the movie it’s awesome
Jynelle Glover
11:20 why do I think of those chicken things
Kazuto kirigaya
The office when Michael kissed oscar
Konrad Knaup
08:05 is it you, Morty?
Kyle orr
Baby driver
Love Yourself
Shaun of the dead... Nick Frost hands down my favorite.
Mar Gaming77
2:33 lol 😂
Dude you can't talk through the entire scenes you're showing us. You're relying on us to know these scenes by heart and it loses impact in the video. It's ok to stop narrating for a minute and let us watch
Michael Lowden
The biggest thing you take from Dark Knight is Maggie Gyllenhall not having seen Heath Ledger in make up (when she in fact had) and don't mention Michael Caine's reaction (when he hadn't,)?
Michael lrg
Can you just limit to here is the movie and the actor when open improvisation and thats it why the directors name the release year the director the camera men the driver who took the rock to the set what benicio did 10 before filming and yada yad 10 mins of comments for just less than a second of the blooper or here is benicio del toro when he laugh just describe the moment is good to know all that but i think it will be better in another video whos title can be learn about the movies or how directed the movies or background of the movie but if you want to see fails or bloopers show im not sure but people want to see that more and not the yada yada
Molly Wellbelove
Okay, I’m genuinely offended and I don’t usually rant on the internet BUT when making a list like this, how can you not include Johnny Depp!?\nThe scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: dead mans chest, where Captain Jack Sparrow is singing “I’ve got a jar of dirt” and dancing around his ship, raising said jar far above his head. This was not scripted! He just did his thing and went with the flow of the scene. If you look closely, you can actually see Orlando Bloom glancing at directors, his face puzzled with genuine confusion!\n\nHow can you not RESPECT that!? To have the creativity to make up such an iconic scene on the spot, with no preparation whatsoever!\nC’mon guys!
Morgan Boyer
when my mom wakes me up in the middle of a perfect dream\nI'm like 11:19
Heath ledger is like a main character in almost every screen rant vid
Baby driver
Nae Nae & Bella
I bet teacher are like “ I taught that kid!aww man I should have kept in contact...”😂
Nightmear Wolf
Nii Sama
Johnny Depp's \
Nina Rebeccapaige
baby driver is the emojis
baby driver?
Osiel Maldonado
Cry baby
Paul Henri Alanís Noyola
8:04 RIP the narrator's voice
Penta FX
Peter Martinez
Good Morning, Vietnam! I'm Patch Adams.
Another great one is the body hair waxing scene from Steve Carell in 40 year old virgin. All of the insults he gives to the beautician, and reactions from the other actors were done on the spot.
Quinn Iasona
Are the emojis baby driver
Rejea Dela Cruz
That scene with Dwayne saying \
Riku Hurtig
Haha😅 listen to 8:05 - 8:11 not a baaaad voicecrack
Rip X
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I guess Blade doesn't count as the 1st marvel F-bomb.
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in the fast and furious scene hobbs and the guy he walks up to actually switch positions, am i the only obe who noticed this?
SilverWolf 16
Yo what about Malfoy's scene in Harry Potter where he says \
T Word
It was actually Benicio who kept farting through the line up scene , not Gabriel and the director didn't tell the to keep improvising..he actually got pissed because it was suppose to be a serious scene also you pronounced so many names wrong...
Tasyrul Tasyrullah
2:35 that was the best joke
TeH AviX
11:17 Jim sounds like a dinosaur going trough puberty
That one weird Anime kid in the corner
Saving private Ryan more like saving Ryan’s private
The wendigo watches When are out alone
Baby driver. Easy
Movie is baby driver
Toasty Bread
Who else can imagine the narrator getting back to his seat at 3:02 cause I can.
Venom FANS
The emoji are baby driver
William Funkhouser
On the LOTR one, there's a reason that it was used. There's a unwritten rule in filmmaking that if an actor or stunt double gets injured in a scene, that take must be used in the final cut
Xnx Gaming
Everyone from F&F is always in character anyway. They seem so fake -.-
YaBoi Dylan
Baby driver
Zachariah S
That wasnt Harland Williams in that scene. Harland Williams was the Cop that drank pee.
cassandra williams
Where's the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack Sparrow was yelling \
Heath ledger r the win
kevin Smith
Baby driver
they break everytime cuz they can't act
layla by the sea
Is it BAbY driver?
little sky
The emojis of the baby and the car means baby driver, the movie? Ive seen it
Its baby driver sick film
primexpotato 27
Baby driver
prying eyes
@4:33, the voiceover artist mispronounces Xavier, despite that the character says their name seconds later. I'm sure he has no part in the creation of the video, other than reading a script he's given, but for how often he flubs his lines, you'd think Screen Rant would give him phonetic guidance in parentheses.
i started crying when robin william's scene came on... i miss him. he was a wholesome human being.
sloth demon
It's baby driver
someone usefull
Baby driver
the emoji was baby driver
trever2244 Nels
Steller improve skills from Dwayne Johnson? Colin and Ryan stiles be like hold my beer.....