Stars Who Work Totally Regular Jobs Today

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I had such a HUUUUUUUGE crush on Andrew's sister during the 80's. Cocktail...Adventures In Babysitting...The Karate Kid and BTTF 2&3.
Fred and Dathmie are married?!
A. Melchor
Kathryn Dennis is a celebrity? I thought her claim to fame was getting knocked up by a disgraced politician. Would hardly call that being a celebrity.
Alex Avery
That kid was the highest paid child actor and then said stop watching lol wow
Alice Sierra
Freddie Prinze Jr. ♥️ That's beautiful tbh. He was also Sandy from Friends. ♥️
Anastasia Beaverhausen
They didn't leave Hollywood, Hollywood stopped calling them!!!
Anavel Gato
I hope Angus T Jones don't turn into another Kirk Cameron. He's already becoming an idiot.
Banu Puntoaji
Sometimes, be an ordinary people is much more better than celeb
Benjamin Marshal
Jon Gosselin is a waste of space. His real passions are women and money.
Beth Erickson
How is this work? It's play, and it's insulting to those of us who work two jobs out of necessity
Brim&TheCitizenFactory Ini Herit
Sorry buffys cake looks dry, not on my menu, btw I knnnnow buffy has buffed more then the Prince. Maybe if Prince buffed more he would want to do more then stay home and cook, be apart of creepy cartoon stuff... Feel bad such talented people sell their souls for paper and violation of privacy. I can not wait until the people of the US get probo lawyers and take the USA government to court for all their doings.
Bud Stephens
In my book most of these people not only have. “Have regular jobs”. I’ve never even heard of any of them when there WERE stars
Most of These are not regular jobs
I've always loved Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I don't think it's a coincidence that they both left acting and are still happily married with adorable children. Hollywood can destroy relationships. I'm glad they've stayed together \u003c3
Ch Da
Yes I heard his wife (Freddie Prinze) begs him to make her favorite dish. She said he's a great cook.
Whoever outed Jon Gosselin out needs to rethink their behaviour. It was disrespectful. If he chose to opt out of the life in the limelight he once led and instead become \
As well as being a good blues musician, Steven Segal is also a serving Police officer.
Dante The Demon Slayer
Making a music production company is still qualified as part of the entertainment industry.
David Chatham
Roaring 20's Man!
Defender of Free Speech & Pro NRA
You aren't a CHRISTIAN minister if you are flashing illuminati signs.
pLeAsE StOp WaTcHinG TwO aNd A HaLf mEn
Divergent Droid
Problem is they were Rich first so your argument is an oxymoron. People can be so stupid.
Eileen Guthrie
What people who are unfamiliar with the Hollywood seen, it's a very dark, disturbing, toxic, disgusting place filled with narcissist and corrupt people who will do anything to for a buck. If fame and fortune is your end goal, then stay and live in that toxic atmosphere. But, if its about the work, then get the hell out of there because that town will destroy you.
Omg I had the biggest crush on Freddie Prince Jr.
Grant Harlor
Angus T. Jones was on 2 1/2 men for 12 years.... its hard to claim the moral high ground after that period of time. He made enough money going against his beliefs to never work again.. Hippocrit much?
Gravage Hulk
Just more evidence that kids ruin everything.
H Koizumi
How nice that these Mom's and Dad's can go full time parenting and be creative. While rest of us holding two jobs trying to support their family. They aren't regular jobs, they're living a lie.
Heru- deshet
The Goslien's aren't celebrities.
Hitchin A' Ride
The one with the male nanny
I am the greatest YouTuber today but I get too many dislikes pls help
i work as a model and an oscar winning actor
I didn't know 70% of these \
What a stupid video, these are not cosnidered regular jobs for the most part.
James Jackson
These aren't jobs, they're hobbies.
Jared Sabovitch
I gotta say..... Took a few BJJ classes with FPJ and he is actually a very polite nice person. Was pretty chill (though the club was a small environment and easy to deal with) and very down to Earth. I think with celebs who experience short huge fame like Freddie in the 90's, there comes a lot of pressure, especially with the fame of his parents. I think the environment was good for him because everyone treated him like a student and equal and didn't get star struck, while he didn't have any ego and looked at all of us as an equal as well. I overall have pleasant things to say about him. He wasn't a dick and just seemed like a chill dude. I bet he invites his friends over and cooks and is a dope host too. Anyways.......enough verbally sucking his dick, I just think he gets a lot of unnecessary bashing on here.
Jay Case
Who would care about where John Gosselin Or anyone. AL GREEN is awesome. He is truly a superstar but doesn't care
Jeff Peterson
I remember seeing an interview with that kid from Two and a Half Men saying that the real reason why he wanted to leave that show was because all of the sexes and the prostitutes that Charlie Sheen was bringing on the set Charlie Sheen was the one that ruined it for
Andrew Shue \u003c3 I love Melrose Place :)
Jerry Woods
Why are you calling people in reality shows, “stars”?
Jessilee Rich
this is stupid. none of these are regular jobs. And none of these people could survive on thes jobs if they were not only a celebrity at one time, or married to one- puke
Joe Camel
a bunch of losers and/or has-beens ... where are the \
Joefrenne S
Freddie prinze jr is a voice actor for kanan jarrus on star wars rebels, but he just got killed off recently
Joel Hall
John Bomb
Horseshit!!! Jon Gosling was never a celebrity.
Jörg B.
I wish Freddie Prinze Jr. were gay. I used to jerk off to him so often when i was a teenager.
Regular job would be fixing someone's geyser.
Kayla Howard
I loved!!!!!!!!!! Freddie Prince Jr. 😣😣😢😢😢😢
Kevin Rex
It's cool to see Freddie and Sara are still going strong.
Lesly Escobar
Not regular jobs 🙄
Lippy Witch
ya cafemom which ive been apart of for 10 years is clearly run by a man since all it is is trolls and bashing
The truth is, both freddy and Sarah are politically conservative, and they have a hard time in Hollywood-ageddon. I'm sure they're much happier now.
Lula P
Jon Gosselin is not a star, never was...
Mabel Pines
Who is Jon Gosselin
Mac Mac
So it means we are not having a regular jobs.
Malka Ringel
Yeah star power is not all it is cracked up to be
Buffy the pancake slayer lol
Mia Kim
Kathryn Dennis on this list?! Ha. She is still on a reality show and finally got a job instead of living off her monthly allowance from her baby daddy. Being on tv doesn’t make you a star but I’m glad she’s staying sober and gainfully employed.
Mimi Talooza
Who the hell is Kathryn Denis?
Real jobs? They're bank accounts aren't regular! FK all them celebs!!
Fun fact. Freddie prince jr. and Michelle gellar.. that’s Fred and daphnie from Scooby-Doo!!
Nick Zegarac
Truly NOT regular jobs. What celebrity culture still doesn't get is that for the rest of us who lump it on a regular 9-5, the kinds of opportunities they seem to consider...uh...normal...and readily take for granted as still the sorts of careers a lot of regular people would kill for given half the chance. They also fail to see how their jump start, cash flow and 'name' have helped launch them in different directions. Reputation goes an awfully long way. And with their money, the freedom to always try new things - come what may (success, failure or something in between) is always there without fear of losing everything. It's easy to 'start' a new career when you don't really need to start anything and can still eat and live comfortably with the calmness to make better informed critical choices about the direction of your life. Wouldn't we all wish for as much?
Nicki Swift
What other celebrities do you want to catch up with?
Nico Reveco
Wouldn't be surprised if she put Trump on there saying \
OU812 i4got
Meeooooww!! These sensitive male actors made my balls disappear!!...I need to watch some of episodes of Bonanza and Gunsmoke, with some Saving Private Ryan to get them to come back.
Octavia Alexander
I want my 5 minutes and 19 seconds back..
Either A) Those people are/were not stars and/or B) Those are NOT regular jobs. Driving the forklift at Home Depot is a regular job. \n\nAlso, they didn't leave Hollywood, Hollywood left them. They would come back and do a multi million dollar project in a New York minute!
Translation: \
Probably A Phantom Thief
FPJ does voice acting (which he is fucking great at). I wouldn't consider that a regular job.
Pumpkin the Wonder Pug
@ 2:15 Angus T. Jones is truly a walking, talking testimony of God's love for His children and His existence. When God closes one door He opens another door for His children to walk thru. Total respect to you Angus T. Jones
Ray Magliacano
When a Kardashian works at Walmart Let Me know🙄
Robert Schantz
How are these “normal” jobs?? All of them required an initial investment that they had from their bloated salaries. Good for them. Just don’t make it seem like they sacrificed to do what they love. They had the resources that made them fortunate.
I remember in the 90s there was this really famous reggae singer known to the Spanish speaking community as el general. He made reggae music in Spanish that quickly became classic hits with Latinos but then he suddenly disappeared from the lime light and when he finally came back and told us why it was because he had chosen to become a Jehovah's witness and said his music was the devil's will... But damn his music is still my jam..
SXiPPY Dennison
I miss Sarah Michelle acting, she was so goddamn good, always cheated out of an Emmy for \
Sara Terry
Having your own tv show is not a regular job
Shauna Cardwell
Sarah still acts and does voice over work tho
A man starting a website for mothers and saying what mothers think and feel?? What a creep! Speak as a father mate
Tayler Daye
Freddie is a joke. He notoriously flopped at dozens of auditions and finally accepted that he's a trash actor. \
Buffy \u003c3
How about the guy from the cosby's?
I thought they were going to be working at Foodcity Wal-Mart or a call center ...whats so normal of this..
Any job that ends with \
Tom joneslover
Freddie prinze also does a cool podcast. For a guy that was one the biggest star of the 90s and early 2000's.....that guy is pretty humble. check out his twitter if you don't believe me.
Toney Henry
These aren’t regular jobs.
I LOVE FREDDIE AND sarah yasss
Valerie Irvin
They all still using there name to get notice. It's all about the💰💰💰
They were never \
Zoe Abbey
I thought Freddie Prince he died🤔there's a YouTube video saying that he did. I'm happy he's alive and well.
People on Reality Shows aren't really \
happyz hoodwinker
no mention of Sherminator whos now a bartender?
Damn, I was hoping you would mention such class a stars as Bill Kaminsky, Weebleshop Hofflemud, Chaleeze McBofrost, Tim Ocelot, Adamine Waqueef, Don Patrick Stagurt, Schlemeel Vogt, Ulamatooza Paul and Porter Whichaven. But I guess they'll be on the next top 10.
louiela monleon
Fred and Daphne 😍😍😍😍
Didn’t Freddy Prince Jr work for the WWE as a script writer for a few years? He’s more than just a chef.
When you’re rich it’s easy to make a hobby a full time passion ... ⭐️
skyl High
Is that True
some dude
Freddie Jr did became sort of male nanny after all!! :)
None of these are regular jobs.
uckBay Nguyen
I admire celebs who can step out of the limelight and up to the plate. Kudos to all
vivendo rapidamente
I live in rural PA and a friend of mine occasionally gets a picture with Jon Gosselin and puts it on his snapchat story! Crazy shit! Good thing it's not TMZchat!
In other words Freddie Prince Jnr lives off his wife.
What does “regular “job mean ? Lol