10 Grammar Errors that Drive British People CRAZY | British English Grammar Lesson #Spon

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Learn about the top 10 grammar mistakes that make the British crazy! British natives hate it when people (especially other natives) make these errors!ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki: in the title of the video, plus additional mention of the sponsorship in the description.

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What really annoys me is the way some American girls speak, as if they were ill or dying... I just can't stand it!
Adrijono Ruddie
You should look up the lyrics of those American Hip Hop songs.. more headaches for you, I'm sure.. hehehe
Alan George Barstow
There is no excuse, whatsoever, for the \
Aleksandra Schulz
I overuse 'like' so much! I hate it but I'm quite nervous when I speak English, maybe that's why.
Alex McKenzie
Lucy omits something which drives me nuts and nobody seems to object to, i.e. failure of subject-verb agreement. Specifically, using a plural subject with a singular verb. You see this even in the literate press. English compared to say Russian has very little grammar - but why not get that small amount correct?
Alex Park
I were sat on the bench I was.
Allen Shepard
For your mistake number nine, the American south uses the prefix \
Anotherrandom Internetuser
What really irritates me is when people mix up 'accept' and 'except' as well as 'affect' and 'effect'.\n\nLet's just clear this up.\n\n'accept' is to give consent to receive or undertake (something offered).\nFor example: ' I accept your apology\
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Baru Jezkova
Actually I'm a non-native, however, I always try hard to not make mistakes, as I feel pretty embarrassed when I make one. 😤
Basel Hasan
Would explain when to mention the subject in passive voice statements...??
Bloom Looms
You could add “please” after “could I get a” like “Could I get a soda, please?” It isn’t really incorrect or rude.
I am glad I have never made these mistakes.
Chryseas S.
If we all spoke exactly the same, well then, what a boring world this would be. Too much ire over petty mistakes; save your \
« DAB ON T H E M HATERS !!! » ;w;
Dan Lyle
In reference to ordering, as a native British English speaker, I don't start the question with \
I agree with number 5 very strongly. Using the word 'like' as a filler word came from the 1980's. In that decade it was trendy to speak like that. It was usually done by women and the ones who did this were called 'valley girls.'
Danny Joey
What makes relearning grammer extremely difficult for me is being the only person in my town who is pronouncing words correctly and stringing sentences together properly. They would say \
Dinsmore Roach
I grew up in London and now live in Toronto, What irks me is the misuse of \
Disney em pt-pt
Well, saying \
Dorothy Stuart
i have never heard anyone say i was sat on a bench
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Essero Eson
Americans get confused as to why Brits pluralize Math. \nWhile Math is short for Mathematics, the word Mathematics is not plural, it's just a word that ends in S like Jones or Simmons. \nSo when you pluralize it by saying Maths, you end up having double plurals in sentences such as \
Eve Pesesse
Funny, because as a non-native english speaker, these are mistakes that you would never make (we do plenty others, however !! 😊). \nSlang has huge impacts on the evolution of a language !
FlMc654 MCRF
American English is widely used so some would find these incorrect uses of different words correct.
Han O'Neem
I myself 'of never heard any of them mistakes before, like never.
Ian Gourlay
Add all Americanisms, please... Which I loath, abhor, hate, revile, detest, despise, execrate, abominate, repudiate....\n\nThe leader of which is \
Inung Diary
I'm not a native speaker and English is not my first language. One thing i hate most is shortening of words in text messages or comments. For example writing hw r u? Or y u do dat? Instead of the proper how are you ? Or why did you do that? /why are you doing that? 😅 😂😂as i mentioned before I'm not a native English speaker this really confuses me alot.
My nasty English English Teacher used to say - \
John Smith
Pro-NOUN-ciation! That is the verbal equivalent of biting into a chalk board. Thank you for mentioning that little annoyance.
Juhász Anita
Mixing stationary and stationery. That hurts.
Kenny Lam
So, like, you did good, no offence, but yourself could of covered more of them common mistakes. Can we get more of these?
I totally agree with all of the examples, Lucy. Another one that is creeping into British English parlance is 'gotten' - that really does make me cringe. Keep up the great work.
Leo O'Connor
I thought I was the only one who thought people saying 'Can I get...' was annoying haha
Linsey Skelly
Seen/saw!!! Too many Americans say \
Lisa McClymont
Anyone who speaks even reasonable English doesn't EVER SAY sorry unless you're APOLOGISING for something it's just really annoying we have to put up with morons lol 😂
A couple of these examples could do with a bit more explanation \n1. Could of. Why is \
It can even drive me crazy as a non-native English speaker, the way that native English people use \
Micarah Tewers
Is anyone else hesitant to comment because of fear that you'll say something grammatically incorrect?
Michael Denny
So I really like were so impressed watching them videos of yours while I am set down on a chair and would of watched more if I had time!
Michael F
No.10 has nothing to do with Americans' mistakes, it's common in regional British too (e.g. the semi-cockney which I'm familiar with as a Londoner).
Micheal Achilanga
“Please” is outdated, We are no longer in 1800’s British ppl should move on
Mima Vivi
Miss T.E.A.
Don't get me started on CAN I GET!!! Grrr...
Incorrect grammar? That's a \
Nadja Antonova
Soooo I was like sat on a bench in a park and thinking what if I would of had a double cappuccino... can I grab one?
I'm so pleased that I'm not the only one who get's irritated by some of this stuff. I thought I was just being a massive pedant. So, can I get interaction with someone with a basic grasp of the English language? ;)\nAt least you didn't mention people who go up at the end of a sentence as if it was a question, or the infuriating Americanism of saying, \
Nikki Jonkman
I really hate it when people mix up your and you're. Or their, there and they're.
Noneya Bidniz
we fought a war so we didn't have to care about the queens English
Ophiela Clayton
“You did good” meaning you did something in a good way is okay. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just because something doesn’t sit well with you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The meaning is still conveyed 🙄
There & their get confused constantly, along with shortened forms of speech. Another one my girlfriend constantly gets wrong is :- “Your going to work”. When ‘your’ means (belonging to you). The correct word is :- you’re. Where the apostrophe stands for the missing letter of the second word so the two words can be joined. So ‘you are’ becomes you’re
Patrick Allen
Their. There. They’re. Drives me nuts!
Paul Kemp
I really hate the misuse of reflexive pronouns but it's not a new phenomenon; I've seen it used in classical novels, for example, those by Dickens. I think people do it to put themselves first without seeming to be offensive. I never use it in my writing, unless it's part of a conversation between my characters. English pronouns are the only things that have Nominative and Accusative case (and Genitive, but the apostrophe is a whole different subject). That is, subject and object and owner: I/me/my, you/you/your, he/him/his, she/her/her it/it/its (note, no apostrophe), we/us/our you/you/your (again) and they/them/their. Phew.
Piotr Kołodziejski
Hi, I'm Piotr, I'm from Poland. When I was around 5 or 6 I had an argument with my friend about pronunciation of H. She wasn't able to agree that \
Prince Kingston
No.5 is true and very annoying
Rachel Lazenby
Idk if it's just how I was raised but I always say \
I hate when people wrongly and hilariously use the word \
Sanja K
I can't believe that any native English speaker, let alone so many of them (as witnessed all over the Internet), can possibly not know such basic grammar. Don't people go to school? How can they miss the difference between \
SarahIsThHuman TheHuman
These don't drive me crazy
Sasuke Uchiha
I think many people miss use the use of “did” and “have”, either in a question or a statement.
Shania Mitra
It drives my father raving mad when people say \
Teresa Chinnock
Why are people so easily annoyed is my first thought?! You all must have real easy lives if someone else’s speech annoys you!
Tetor Saiyan
05:09 Could you be more adorable?!
Thomas Glorioso
I've never heard the \
Twin Dorks
OMG!!! \nLucy just hit 1 million subscribers!! I am soo happy😀\nYou totally deserve it 😙😙❤
Unknown Person
Whenever I watch u speaking English in British accent I'm like\
Vasyl Verbitsky
really interesting video, thank's Lucy ! And one more thing - red colour suits you so much, you are on fleek !
Veronica Sleeva-Walls
can I get, is not grammatically incorrect but it is impolite. \nno offense but, is also not grammatically incorrect but is impolite.
Victoria Dyachkova
I absolutely hate when people use their instead of they're or your instead of you're\n\n\nWhat are they doing with this extra time they have from not typing words correctly
Vivianne O
The biggest grammatical cringe here in America, precisely here in New York is beginning almost every statement with the word \
William Evans
You’re a woman after my own heart with all these examples and it’s so good to see that at least some younger people are keen to preserve standards! Other pet hates of mine include the increasing use of “so not” instead of “so un-” (e.g., “so not happy” rather than “so unhappy”) and “two-time” instead of “twice” or “double”, (e.g., “I did it two times”, rather than \
Yves Remy
How about the irritating use of \
My family are really bad for \
alayo faizah
Wait, who says ‘I was sat on a bench’? 😂 It actually sounds funny and not annoying.
I'm always saying i was sat
What bothers me is \
What really gets my goat is people saying ‘Pacific’ instead of ‘specific’ - urgh! Bx
This is a lovely video. Yes, the biggest annoyance to me is when people use don't instead of doesn't. A close second is when they use your, instead of you're. What do you think?
dg Wiley
I liked this video. Thank you.
People who keep using \
What drives me absolutely bonkers is the common use of 'I could care less' in stead of 'I couldn't care less' .....do people not think about what they are saying?
ad 9 I dislike arbitrary rules. There are words in English allowed to be used both as adjectives and as adverbs. Imho 'Good' as an adverb should be correct in informal speech.\nad 10 \
Most of these are not grammar errors. Some are pronunciation; some are dialectal differences.\nthe people who can't tell the difference between lay, lie, lying etc. And the 'loose' v 'lose' thing! What is wrong with people. Different word. Different pronunciation. Different meaning.
paul haokip
In the words of Steve Harvey, which one sounds better, I am poor or I is rich. 😉
Catch on fire.\nHe did stayed at home.\nThe breaks malfunctioned.\nYou will loose money.\nEx cetera.
Let's all mourn the loss of the adverb in English. It's disappearing very quickly. Or as they say, it's disappearing quick.
rafaella pel
technically there is not a wrong way to say things unless they are ungrammatical. A non-standard variety is not wrong it’s just not standard.
roxy madz
I enjoyed this video too, Lucy. Well done! You're brilliant! Keep on making these videos. You're helping a lot of people. \nMine is: When people use YOUR instead of YOU'RE/ YOU ARE; THEIR instead of THERE; TO instead of TOO and vice versa; 22th instead of 22nd.
My four pet peeves: 1) Refusing to use the Oxford comma and 2) You didn't touch on the issue of subject/verb agreement. Drives me crazy! It seems every subject takes a plural verb...The family were going. The group of cars were sold. Gang of youths attack dad with baby buggy... 3) using \
I really hoped that the misuse of plural and singular forms would be mentioned. I am not a native english speaker but that annoys me the most. \
Those who pronounce the letter 'H' as 'haitch' and not 'aitch' drives me crackers, especially when you hear it from those who should know better.
Regarding the overuse of \
xXx Hunter
But I want all of them
4:03 - 'So stop staring sentences with 'So''
Адриана Лорд
is this really true people saying them instead of those?! who are them people? )))))))))))
Hi Lucy, I have just discovered your channel! It's so helpful, especially for me as I live in the UK but I'm not native. I just subscribed xx