10 Grammar Errors that Drive British People CRAZY | British English Grammar Lesson #Spon

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Learn about the top 10 grammar mistakes that make the British crazy! British natives hate it when people (especially other natives) make these errors!ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki: in the title of the video, plus additional mention of the sponsorship in the description.

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What really annoys me is the way some American girls speak, as if they were ill or dying... I just can't stand it!
05:28 Can anyone explain why British people say \
Anna Bautina
How about this: some people say \
Anna K.
Is \
Anne Ramones
You look a lot like Caroline from The Vampire Diaries. So beautiful 💟
Anotherrandom Internetuser
What really irritates me is when people mix up 'accept' and 'except' as well as 'affect' and 'effect'.\n\nLet's just clear this up.\n\n'accept' is to give consent to receive or undertake (something offered).\nFor example: ' I accept your apology\
Apeachygirl 06
Dumb people scare and annoy me.
Blossom Gam3r
At my school teachers get mad if we write or say “would of” “could of” etc
Cadie Woodward
I hate it when people say 'too much' when talking about plural things. It's okay when saying 'I've had too much to eat' but not like 'I've had too much sweets'
Calvary Crusader
Teens saying LIKE a thousand times a day - I don't like that.
Carl Cushman Hybels
Some of these are not mistakes but American English. Such as \
I am glad I have never made these mistakes.
Cash Bonanza
Well, as long as they don't say \
Okay the 'can I get' is rude right? But what if i say 'excuse me can I get' is it equally rude?
Colleen Ballinger fan
The first doesn't annoy me when people say it , only when people write it like that btw i am british
Cubed Gecko
God she is so pompous
David Johnson
Something's that annoys me is when people in America sat sorcerers stone in stead of philosophers stone for Harry Potter
Disney em pt-pt
Well, saying \
English with Lucy
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Eva Evestone
Your vedios have always helped me alot and they are fabulous and I'll be really grateful if u'll tell me how to use \
Fatima Osman
My teacher al Waze tells us off for saying should’ve as of even though I spell it right in my books😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I was meant to say always but that was AutoCorrect because I was using speaker
Fauziyah's life
I watched in another YouTube channel (also British YouTube channel) and 'I was sat down' is widely used in England. Eventhough it's wrong in grammar, why is it widely used there? That's confusing.
Fiah K.
#2 seems really petty. #5 is a parasite word, I'm not sure you could call that a grammar mistake. #8: I'm not sure if that also comes from the States, but the phrase \
Fiona Gregory
I hate it when people say them kids instead of those kids.
I’m not from Britain and for most of these, I agree
Gabriella Faggi
British accent is so beautiful ❤️
Han O'Neem
I myself 'of never heard any of them mistakes before, like never.
Hannah Kenny
I HATE IT when people spell the word COLOUR AND SPELL IT COLOR
Helena. D.
I had heard the first one and I had never understood what it meant lol😂 Im not a native speaker
Inung_food Diary
I'm not a native speaker and English is not my first language. One thing i hate most is shortening of words in text messages or comments. For example writing hw r u? Or y u do dat? Instead of the proper how are you ? Or why did you do that? /why are you doing that? 😅 😂😂as i mentioned before I'm not a native English speaker this really confuses me alot.
ItS a MeTaPhOr !
I am Greek and these things just are so annoying!!!Omg
Jay Frith
i love you baby
Jo HexxKitten
My number one pet peeve is \
Joanna Bajda
Julia Z
It seems that these are the only mistakes I don't make when I try to say smth in English (I'm struggling to learn it). It's an achievement so far :)))))))))))))))))))))
Just a person with the name Kevin
It’s colour and flavour get it right.
it IS heytch no matter what anyone says i will say it😂
Kat-Kat Meow
‘I was sat on a bench’ who says that lmao
Kenny Lam
So, like, you did good, no offence, but yourself could of covered more of them common mistakes. Can we get more of these?
Merci beaucoup Madame, je ferais de mon mieux pour apprendre l'anglais, je vous le promet .
Lisa McClymont
Anyone who speaks even reasonable English doesn't EVER SAY sorry unless you're APOLOGISING for something it's just really annoying we have to put up with morons lol 😂
Lydia Musima
Saying “too much” instead of “too many”.
Lê Kim Khánh
What lipstick do you use anyway?
Maedhros Russandol
A mi me da verguenza hablar ingles con otras personas, aunque lo estudio hace muchos años, porque pienso que si cometo errores gramaticales pensaran que soy bruto o tonto. Una vez intente hablarle a una mujer angloparlante y fué un desastre. Creo que los que hablamos español somos mucho mas tolerantes con los extranjeros y su pronunciación y gramatica. Saludos Lucy eres muy guapa y me ayudas mucho con mi ingles
Mariana Catrangiu
Thank you for mentioning “h”!!!!
Mark Penrose
Certain areas of England they say \
Maurycy Kuc
So, like, when I was sat down at my computer with me and my friend we thought all them like examples should of been better, no offence. Apart from that you did good with the editing in this video, but would of enjoyed it better if you did you're examples better.
Micarah Tewers
Is anyone else hesitant to comment because of fear that you'll say something grammatically incorrect?
This video made me fear to write a comment because I thought that I will somehow make a mistake...
Nikki Jonkman
I really hate it when people mix up your and you're. Or their, there and they're.
Oliver Carbaj
Lucy, you looks beautiful... Would you marry me?
Paula Vega González
My irish friend always says would of. He deserves to die lol.
Radu Louise
People at my old school used to say to the teacher “ can i go to the toilet?” And the teacher would say “ can you?” Then the teacher would say” you mean MAY i go to the toilet?” This was so funny 😂😂😂
Rae Ginter
It funny because it is so British to say “I was sat on the bench” or whatnot and she is saying not to say that!
Re Ya Zua Dinn
I really ami it \nthank you sweetie Lucy
Riccah 2254
I think people say 'no offence, but...' because they want to criticize someone/something, but not hurt the one that receives the \
I'm German and even I feel pain when people say: \
Sasuke Uchiha
I think many people miss use the use of “did” and “have”, either in a question or a statement.
Sea Whale
Why r u constantly itching, dear?
Shay Lomax
As a fellow brit this annoyed me
I would of disliked you’re video but I liked it.
Teresa Chinnock
Why are people so easily annoyed is my first thought?! You all must have real easy lives if someone else’s speech annoys you!
Tetor Saiyan
05:09 Could you be more adorable?!
Thomas Jefferson
One grammatical error that does not seem to drive British people crazy is the failure to use the past participle for the word \
Tracey Ogden
Maybe you should change your name to 'Triggering The British with Lucy'
Trevor Hicks
This is really interesting to me! I have always thought that pronouncing the letter H like \
Twin Dorks
OMG!!! \nLucy just hit 1 million subscribers!! I am soo happy😀\nYou totally deserve it 😙😙❤
UnicornRockstar28 1
In my class, some one says:\n\n\
Veronica Sleeva-Walls
can I get, is not grammatically incorrect but it is impolite. \nno offense but, is also not grammatically incorrect but is impolite.
Victoria Dyachkova
I absolutely hate when people use their instead of they're or your instead of you're\n\n\nWhat are they doing with this extra time they have from not typing words correctly
Yusuph SLMV
I don't like when english learners start saying Anyways or such words... You don't need to learn mistakes in the first place...
Yves Remy
ZT Ying
alayo faizah
Wait, who says ‘I was sat on a bench’? 😂 It actually sounds funny and not annoying.
I'm always saying i was sat
brian jones
Hi Lucy, my word you're looking good. I really hate people saying done instead of did, as in so thats what I done and give instead of gave as in she give me a call yesterday. It's just bloody lazy speak and the mark of a chav. Love your videos so keep them coming xx
But what happens when more people speak \
All this complaining I don't think is any good. People will continue to use language incorrectly, and linguists will continue to complain. But, as long as the main idea that one wants to communicate is understood, then people will keep using that \
dg Wiley
I liked this video. Thank you.
guci intan
What drives me absolutely bonkers is the common use of 'I could care less' in stead of 'I couldn't care less' .....do people not think about what they are saying?
lil luna99
i am from England so this video is funny :)
pheronike x
I spend like 4 months in England last year and I've heard soooo many British people saying \
poisonous love
I'm British and I think I've been watching too much American shows or American youtubers. lol.
Let's all mourn the loss of the adverb in English. It's disappearing very quickly. Or as they say, it's disappearing quick.
sanjok gurung
when i came to uk and listened to the people around talking in english, i lacked my confidence, thought i was wrong and felt to improve a lot but after watching your shows i am glad that my English is ok and now i regain my confidence. thanks for such a informative videos.
sascha beth
“Can I get...” in America is very common, especially at a place like a coffee shop as you said, but I think most people would say “I would like...,” “I will have...” or “Can I have...” instead, especially if the place they are ordering from is more formal such as a restaurant. It still sounds less polite then the alternatives you offered but it is such common phrasing over here that no one sees it as rude or improper.
My four pet peeves: 1) Refusing to use the Oxford comma and 2) You didn't touch on the issue of subject/verb agreement. Drives me crazy! It seems every subject takes a plural verb...The family were going. The group of cars were sold. Gang of youths attack dad with baby buggy... 3) using \
xXx Hunter
But I want all of them
•__Gacha Koneko__•
My dogs?\n\nI used to always chase *those*\n( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)