Learn Italian Ep.16 - Direct Object Pronouns | Pronomi Diretti

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Alessia Ciani
Hi! I'M italian! And are greats video! Bye Tom!
Alison Barker
Thank you again Tom! I have found direct objects quite tricky but your video has really helped.  I'll probably watch it a few more times and take notes as well.  I really like the written examples on the screen too.  Wonderful! Ali x
Amelia Carpio
Your English is perfect, and the way you teach is awesome. \nI am so happy that I found you! :) :) Someone mentioned you in Duolingo.
Andrea Brandi
I'm italian and i'm trying to get a better understanding of spoken english. I really like your english, if everyone speak like you, my life would be easier :).
Antonio Valente
Benjamin Bergstrom
I've recently taken up learning Italian - just for fun. I used many sources on the Internet to learn it (mainly DuoLingo), but then I searched for some thorough explanations of how grammar works (which DuoLingo lacked). When I found your channel and watched a few of your videos I knew I'd found what I'd been looking for. Your explanations are straightforward and easily intelligible, and the videos themselves are divided into the topics with a system so I can easily find what I'm looking for. Thanks for your channel!
Blessed Biafran
It's really a great job you're doing. Grazie mille. I speak French and it's pretty much like French language.
Bolivian Explorer
No other like you to teach man! keep it up! 
Bonnie Melielo
Seriously helpful!! Ho studiato Italiano da 12 anni ma questi video sono molto utile!!!! Grazie!!!
Briana Schino
Great refresher video! I had forgotten most of this info 😱😱
excellent explaination!(:
Carolina Eyolia
OMG, you explained it very clearly... I like it..
Chan Ta
Actually I don't have a plan to learn Italian. But when I watched your video, you made me wanna learn. Keep doing! Thanks alot for your awesome videos :D
Chiara Donati
Tom, around minute 6, you used the examples \
Chris Carillo
Great videos, they're really helping me finally understand material I should have grasped a long time ago. Keep making videos, you're doing fantastic!
Christina Myerjack
you're honestly my saving grace in Italian 2 right now! your videos are awesome and so easy to understand!!
Daniel Fitzgerald
Haven't watched you for a while Tom due to new additions to the family and a lack of time! Had forgotten how helpful and informative your videos are. Keep up the good work.
Dara Iuculano
This is amazing! Saving me for my italian class, grazie mile!!
Diana Tobias
Tom, great video, thank you. I wanted to comment in another video but forgot - can you please do some videos using ci; da vs di. These are my grammatical difficulties. Grazie mille!
Eddie Ortiz
Great Video!
Eduardo Henrique
Amazing Tom! Could you please teach us the passato remoto? Grazie e ci vediamo presto!
Elaine R
Thank you so much for the videos! They are my favorite for learning Italian!! Fantastic Job! They are great and very enjoyable!
Elizabeth Gonah
Grazie mille! Adesso li consco. :)
Elizabeth MacLean
I've been learning Italian for years and I just had two HUGE ah-ha moments while watching your videos. These two concepts I'd never understood and no teacher had ever explained are now cleared up! Really cool. Thanks!
Fay Holm
Tom you are the best
Fernando Castro
Thank you very much! Brazil.
Gene Hazel
Great Teacher ! Where do you stay Tom?
Gino Koci
Your english and italian are both awesome!!!!!!
Tom these are great videos. I am learning Italian and your everyday words (previous video) and this one on direct object pronouns which reminded me of some grammar rules I forgot are a great help\nThank you
Heather Morrison
This is fabulous. I have been leaning Italian for a long time now & these pronouns have been really difficult for me. Your explanations are just what I need. Mille grazie!
Irena M
Simpatico e intellligente !
I've been learning Italian for about 6 days now and this video is a bit overwhelming. lol Don't get me wrong, all your videos are great and you're teaching me a lot, but I think I better just learn like a baby learns their mother tongue. I'm of course Italian, but we never spoke it in my family. I've wanted to learn my whole life and now with my operatic studies, I must learn it! Not to mention French and German! \n\n\nDo you have any great tips for me? Have you made a \
Jay Dovner
I wish there was an easier way to remember this. Maybe I'm challenged but I'm not giving up.
Jeff Bommarito
Juana de Arcor
I really didn't mean to watch this video, but your eyes mesmerized me and I just had to watch it till the end.
Kate Wang
Why you not my ita teacher QAQ
Kemoh Bockarie
I really like your teaching especially your tongue of the English and the Italian bravo
Khaled Attourah
Mi vedi : ( me )you see = {{ you see me }} ... Mi pou vedere or puo vedermi = {{ can you see me }}
I just found your Channel and I already love it! You do such a great Job explaining things in a way, everyone can follow. Thats's what I need now to really push my italian! Thank you and greets from Germany!:)
Kyna Jd
Ciao tom, thank you so much for your love and passion to explain it in the way that I can understand easily you are the best out of the best, punto
Lillian Chitty
I love your videos.  Very clear, concise and easy to follow.
No, you are the best. 😄😍😃👏
Madeline Nielsen
My current Italian professor likes to only teach in Italian, so to hear it explained in English is extremely helpful!! Thanks for helping me pass my exams!
I really like your videos. But could you please say at the beginning how do you call what you are going to teach us in Italian please? Just like in the passato prossimo video. You would really help me with this. Thanks
Maryanne Parker
Thank you so much for this if really helped. And very interesting c
Max Mastro
Tom, I love your videos, I am learning so much, I love your positive attitude and happiness, it makes it very pleasant to watch, I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work!
Medical Stager
Thanks for your great analytic easy understanding explanation,but i had a little bit confused with this sentence:- Ci vogliono parlare. The pronoun here answers to the question (TO)whom but it should be as direct object pronoun,but at same time the action of the verb is falling on it?\nThank you
Moses Villani
sooooo with Ci would i change the end of the verb to a i if it is masculine in the past tense?
Music For Kids
I´m glad I have an advantage in understanding this because I speak perfect french and I am fluent in spanish
Odion Victor
Thanks for making us understand Italiano because my teacher never use English to explain
Pablo Ruiz
Fantastici video! Sto guardandoci per migliorare il mio levello di italiano e sonno de molta aiuta!
Now I am thinking forwarding you complete syllabus guideline hoping you can spare time for entire course content.
Patrick Barks
Thanks for this video. Very well explained.
Best explanation of the rules
Power Metallistic
And what is \
Prishay Ash
Useful videos
Rabia Sher Muhammad
You are just great 💟💟
Romana van Marrewijk
Ahhhhhh, your videos are so super helpful! \nMille grazie!
Rosmildo Lopes
you are the best. The best Italian teacher. I am brazilian and I am tryung to learnig italian so at the same time I'm learning italian I am practicing my english listening. Confrats you're great.
Shelly Motro
Hey Tom!\nThank you very much for your videos! I study Italian only from you and on the way I get to study English as well :D You teach and explain everything so good, you just make things easy and simple!\n\nI have few questions:\n\nVEDERE:\nvedo\nvedi\nvede\nvediamo\nvedete\nvedono\nIs that correct?\nIf so... Why \
Simran Tiwari
This one is quite difficult
I have a very, very important Italian midterm on tuesday and I kinde started to hope that I'll pass thanks to you.
Sr. Theo Mbilinyi
Thanks at least now I have understood because before I felt it is hard to undearstand. Continue to help us through this video for I am still a student.
Svetlana Rozovsky
The best explanation - clear, logical, simple. Tom, thanks a lot.
Sybe Melsert
This helped me out so much
Tali De
you are my best friend right now! was trying to figure out Duolingo's clitics section and these pronouns had me a bit confused for a bit.
Tina Hasfjord
Good morning sunshine, you are seriously good at this.
Vallie H.
Grazie, Tom! I have been wanting to learn Italian for such a long time! You and Lucrezia (Learn Italian with Lucrezia) have helpd me with Italian along with some of the written materials that I own. :D
Veronika Ong
Grazie Tom,questo video è molto utili per un ripasso
Vic Man
Just a little correction. \
Vinod Perera
Dear Mr. Tom, I am so happy to see this video and it is very easy way for me to grab things from video like this rather than reading materials. I would like to see video that explain \
Waddah Abrash
Thanx for the lesson, but may i ask about the direct pronoun (la-you ) in (piacere di conocerla) and is it for both genders?
Yash Chauhan
grazie molto tom per questo video adesso penso che ho capito i pronomi diretti un po
adriana paez
I'm learning italian and it's incredible how you make italian grammar so easy to understand; even I can understand more with your videos than I do with some Spanish speaker teachers ( btw my native language is Spanish -_-) so thank you very much for these videos!!!! Grazie mille!
brian parent
Thanks man. This finally makes sense.
glee 401
\u003c3 the only video that could explain it perfectly
hehe hrhr
Are u a teacher? You are really good in this!
...le foto. Look at this. Do you wnat to see the photos ? Yes, show me the photos\nVuoi vedere le foto ? Sì, fammele vedere - In this case we have \
Now waiting for a video about pronomi indiretti :)
jill thomson
Very good, a confusing topic explained clearly and concisely. Grazie mille.
Hi Tom... I just wanted to tell you how helpfull are your videos and to encourage you to keep up the good work you're doing... I'm from México and I've been learning english for a long period of time (on and off though), so what I'm also trying to say is that I keep learning english while learning Italian.. that's why I think your work is great... Let's see if later I can catch up with you in the French language.. take care man! and once again congrats.
Thank you so much!you helped me soooo much you are better than my teacher like a 100 times 😂☺
HI Tom, this is really handy.... studying Italian but all the teaching is in Italian and all your questions have to be in Italian-which I can handle but if you want to ask a fairly nuanced grammar question it ends up like the song \
kea Habte
Grazie! 😊 I am speaking italian.
lucy waweru
I'm learning Italian thanks to you. My boyfriend is Italian and says it's the English people who write the wrong way not the other way round.... Anyway bravo for the good teaching skills , following your lessons.
maiko izumina
Ciaooooo!!! sono maiko in Giappone!! I just started studying Italian!!! you are soo great!!! Grazie mille!!
i have a small question, to be sure i really understand this\n\ncan i say, grammar- wise, like this----\u003e LA HO VISTO\n\n?\n\ni understand that native speakers of italian usually don't speak like this, but i'm asking is it correct from grammar point of view
multilinguijac giacca
Grazie tanto, Tom.  Sono molto contenta.  I have just found your site which has,finally,  provided the solution to a problem which I found very difficult and which I thought I would never understand.  Your explanations are so clear and useful. Eccellente!  Ancora una volta, grazie mille.     Jacqueline
noedf way
You should do a video on double object pronouns :)
Great job Tom, i have begun learn italian 2 weeks ago and i really surprise how far i can go on this topic, you have got large contribution in my learning process, I'm working in Italian company and i've decided to learn and show my new italian skills, Thx bro, Greetings from Poland
rising surfer
Your first example, you said 'mi vedi?' means 'can you see me?'. Actually it's more like 'do you see me?'. 'Can you see me' I would say it as 'puoi vedermi?'
Lei l'ha spiegata molte bene.
can you also do a video of dare with direct object pronoun
Thanks Tom! That was awesome!!