Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Sting Phil Collins- Money for Nothing (Live Montserrat)

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Mark Knopfler (lead guitar, lead vocals), Eric Clapton (Rhythm guitar), Phil Collins (drums), Sting (backing vocals)

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Phil Collins on drums. Thats the way you do it :P
8ight 8ight
Too bad the lyrics had to be altered to suit modern sensibilities. Wouldn't want to be accused of HATE SPEECH now would we? Ruins an otherwise great performance.
Abdul Iraki
This is like Avengers, but for music.
loled at that little maggot got his earring and makeup
Adolfo Díaz
ya creo que es imposible juntar personas de ese nivel para seguir haciéndonos disfrutar de la buena música,Ok? Bravísimoooo!!!!!!!! Fito.
Alex Roman
If you can have Eric Clapton as your Rythm Guitarist you know you are close to God-Status
Ali Abdul Razzaq
when all the legends perform this is what you get = A MASTERPIECE
Andy Kashu
I see at least three tinnitus patients: Collins, Clapton and Sting.
António Correia
an amazing eargasm! fantastic! amazing! love it so much! what concert was this? in what year?
One thing I've always admired Eric Clapton for (apart from his guitar talent, singing talent, songwriting and life hardships) was his ability to stay out of the limelight when it wasn't his song.
Bella Krueger
I love Sting!
Benjamin Hope
Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Sting, thats about as good as life can get really
2019 anyone?
Bob Robertson
okay so phil collins on drums, eric clapton somehow rhythm guitaring behind you, and sting from the police backup vocals. You know you've literally won at life if you perform a sweet song with that guest appearance, dang.
Brad Thurkle
I would paid $500 back seats for that performance. Unreal..
Bruno BRF3
Só fera, nesse contexto
Bryan Rojas
2 O 1 9
Charles Leviton
One of the most bizarre happenings for me is how Mark Knopfler ended up on The Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
A real \
D'yer Maker
That was the PC version. And rock continues to die.
David Towl
I'm not sure why you say this is live Montserrat as this is clearly The Royal Albert Hall London.
Davide Tagliabue
4 monsters of rock!
For my Dad :( He Love Australia :( love the Dire Straits :)
Enzo Gabriel
Eric Clapton
Te amo Eric Clapton. Eres mi idolo y mentor Mr SlowHand.
Fata Fata
Caracaaaaaa\nComo eles conseguem juntar no mesmo palco estas lendas da música mundial. \nNão tem como não curtir...
Felix Peraza Gonzalez
British Royalty.
Ferenc Gobor
This is the Walhalla, four god in same place. :)
Fernando Martínez
Phil collins ....!!!! Jajaja ...!!!!!
Gil Refael
This is so good in so many ways. But in one word EPIC.
Greg Vass
Im 54 and never had the pleasure of seeing any of these guys. Have gone to Styx,Eagles,Moody Blues,Tom Petty to namw a few but I think these guys are top of the heap.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Where is the dvd?
The best.. Impossible.!!!!
HeavyMetal One64
Eric Clapton looks like he does web design for a living here...
Illumi Yoshi
This. This is music
Irineu Lima
Lendas do Rock, minha época foi com esses caras.\nAmo demais.
Iskander Haernasov
5000 педтклвдизлайкпоставили)
I was lucky enough to see Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall and his unexpected guest was Mark Knopfler who played the entire set with him, this was the first song of the encore.
What a hell of a line up, they should all tour together and play their perspective hits.
Jacob Zimmermann
This is the greatest performance of this song ever!
Jay PeeDee
Ray Cooper on Percussion?
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy
If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video with sound is worth a million, then performance of this magnitude is worth an infinite amount of words!!! Though,... this performance speaks for itself, NO WORDS NECESSARY!!
Kala Spears
I know he has a bunch of good songs but this is the best one i think my self this song made mtv andas they say the rest is history \nIdk what happend to mtv its nothing now at one time it was all about the music now. Its like a sope lol this is what they should be showing again \nGod bless my name is michael im on my wifes youtube acc
Karim Rifaat
Tout est relatif
Keith Roberts
Bummer! He changed the original lyrics wonder why? Was Elton John there?
This is the coolest thing of all time... When Sting starts singing \
Lemmy Kilmister
This should be a supergroup. With Sting on bass.
Leon Fowl
Holy shit what a rocking performance!!!
Let's Jam.z
So many legends in one video
Liam Mccarron
When you got collins,sting and clapton as your backing group you've truly hit legendary status.
M Sandoval
This video is fucking Epic!!! Love ❤️ it!!!\nThis performance had me speechless 😶!!!!\nLike what did I just witness!!??
Marccello Silli
Amazing dream team.\
Marek Witbrot
Sting doesn't play any instrument? What a loser! ;)
Mark Guest
Just needs Elton on piano & Macca on Bass!
Martina Grundig
Warum können sich diese fantastischen Musiker sich nicht zusammen tun, um gegen die Kriegshetze der westlichen \
Matteo Riva
Matteo Tamburella
Bet nobody could come up with a better ensemble than this in music history to this day!
Merle Swain
Don't forget Mr Percussion himself Ray Cooper.
Michael Angot
I miss the golden age of music and artists like these.. Mtv is dead damn..
Michael Laws
What a band that would be... knopfler, Clapton, sting and Collins! All absolute legends to the music industry
Muttley Dawg
Great Band Good Sound.....Could have done more with Mr Collins Drum Sound....But very good.
December 2018?
Nicholas Nikitakis
Man just love to see Phil Collins to play drums ! \nThe guy is living it.. I think more than singing !
Norbert Wiersbin
Gibson meets Fender ... wow. Sting as \
Oliveira Oli
Prefiro o Steven Tyler no vocal dessa canção.
Oscar et sa guitare
Can someone give a bass to sting? :P
WOW is there anything Vladimir Putin can't do?
Otto Arenz
Only Heros. Only great Music. At his best!!! Watching in Januray 2019. And later, and later and later
Pablo Bravi
It sure feels good to see the four Beatles together again :-)
Pedro Casas
Night of the gods!
Ramesh Hansa Ravendra
.\nNajib & Rosmah's theme song
Roman Gocłowski
Miłego wieczornego relaksu dla WAS
New age traveling Willburys, Hell yeah xx
Sergio Henrique
Wonderfull !! Perfect !!
Sergiy Matis
Beer without vodka-money for nothing!
Simona Battistelli
+Ssrose Ssrose +Nicola Cappellina ... appena arrivata a casaaaaa.. ci siete?\nIl quartetto delle meraviglie.....pour vous
T Roy
How does that stage stay up with all that great iconic talent standing on top of it???
Sanitized, PC version. Screw that.
Now this is what you call a super band. The band of the Gods. Sting should have played bass.
Turk killer
WOW .. Amazing.
Uno más
This is the Royal Albert Hall in London, not Montserrat.
Will Nailer
PC has taken over money for nothing
alvarolopas lopas
Why does it end?
argsgsgs gnngndg
it might look like there's people singing, playing guitars, drums...they're faking, all the sounds you hear come from that tambourine 4:01
billy pilgrim
take that stones
that lil maggot on teh *MTV*
Not bad for a bunch of amateurs! :-) Oh, to be in the audience. I've only seen Eric Clapton (with Cream) live once in Toronto back in the 60's in the \
2020 anyone?
kleber cruz
Quem em 13/01/2019
marra donna
I love them all but Phil Collins is the best for me... May God bless them
He changed the lyrics due to political correctness. Phil on drums is a nice addition also.
What an extraordinary event....Collins on drums, Knopfler on guitar and vocals, and Clapton on guitar.... It don;t hardly get no better than this............... was at Royal Albert Hall in '92 for Clapton concert with Bonnie Raitt!!!! What a night.
I didn't know Chandler could play guitar!?
vincenoir 02
no woman can truly love a man who listens to phil collins
The butthurt friendly version.
Алексей Парамеев
это круто ААААХ