100 Phrases Every Italian Beginner Must-Know

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Your lessons are my favourite!! Thank you!
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I can't help it. You're gorgeous... ♡\nBack to paying attention now...\nMy knowlege of French helps out with this immensely...
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grazie e arrivederci ! Io sono di Canada 🇨🇦 My grandfather was born in Corropoli, Italy 🇮🇹
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Bounanotte = good night\n\nSono = I’m / I am\n\nBuonasera = good evening \n\nMi chiamo = my name is\n\nCome ti chiama = what’s your name?\n.\nE tu= and you ?\n\nPrego = you’re welcome \n\nSì = yes\n\nNo = no \n\nVa bene = okay \n\nChe ora è = what time is it\n\nDove la stazione = where is thee station \n\nPossa usare il bagno = May I use the restaurant \n\nVorrei quelcosa da mangiare = I would like something to eat \n\nPosso avere il conto = can I have the check please \n\nA presto = see you soon\n\nA dopo = see you later\n\nDove posso mangiare la gelato = I would like the gelato \n\nVerbs\n\nEssere = To be\n\nAvere = To have \n\nFare = to do \n\nDire = to say \n\nPotere = can \n\nVolere = To want \n\nSapere = To know \n\nStare = to stay \n\nDovere = must \n\nPrendere = to take \n\nVedere = to see \n\nAndare = to go \n\nVenire = to come \n\nDare = to give \n\nParlare = To talk\n\nTrovare = to find \n\nSentire = To hear \n\nLasciare = to leave \n\nGuardare = to look \n\nMettere = to put \n\nPensare = To think \n\nPassare = To Pass\n\nCredere = To believe \n\nPortare = to bring \n\nMangiare =To eat \n\nItalian nouns \n\nCosa = thing \n\nAnno = year\n\nUomo = man\n\nGiorno = day \n\nVolta = time\n\nCasa = home\n\nParte = part \n\nVita = life\n\nTempo = weather\n\nDonna = woman \n\nMano = hand\n\nOcchio = eye\n\nOra = time \n\nSignore = mister \n\nPaese = country \n\nMomento = moment \n\nModo = way\n\nParola = word\n\n\nPadre= father \n\nPunto = point \n\nLavoro = job \n\nStato = state\n\nCaso = case \n\nCitta = town \n\nAnimale = animal \n\nAdjectives \n\nGrande = big\n\nPiccolo = small\n\nDolce = sweet\n\nDiverso = different \n\nPrimo = first\n\nUltimo = last \n\nAnziano = old\n\nGiovane = young \n\nCarino = pretty\n\nBello = beautiful \n\nBrutto = ugly \n\nBuono = good\n\nCattivo = bad \n\nBravo = capable \n\nNuovo = new\n\nAlto = tall\n\nBasso = short\n\nVero = true \n\nAperto = open \n\nChiuso = closed \n\nCaro = expensive\n\nEconomico = cheap\n\nDifficile = difficult \n\nFacile = easy \n\nDivertente = fun
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Wow, how about this for a change? It's not too fast for me, and you can always pause or rewind (for the expressions e.g.) and copy them from the screen, do some work yourself hey? The problem with most vids is that they are short , don't have that much information and are too slow, with a lot of repetition, so this is just perfect, as is the presenter BTW, but there is a mistake in the word describing her at the beginning (there's one letter too many in the word 'host') :-) So, as an absolute beginner in Italian, I would say: Ooh, quella donna è così carina! I am sure I would learn a lot of Italian very fast if she were in more vids (?). She has a relaxed attitude, which is good. But be careful not to overdo the technical gimmicks, use them sparingly. Thank you so much! La ringrazio molto. Will subscribe.
she's so beautiful. ;-;
Thank you. I am 100% Italian but born in Australia & never left. Hope to go there one day. Grazie mille
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a lot of people complains about her being fast lol but yeah Italians speak really fast
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Video is very fast , plz go slow so we can catch the pronunciation and spell with u. So that we can learn at the same time. Very very fast video to learn for beginners.
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I'm not Italian but I have an Italian name and intrested in learning
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For all the numpties criticising the host for speaking too fast, she is speaking with authentic intonation and consistent speed, pronunciation and stress. If all teachers and trainers approach were aimed at lazy language learners like you, we’d all sound like defunct robots.... chhhiiiiaaaooowww, ccccooommmmeeesssstttaaaiiiyyyeee?! Also it’s a free video that you can stop, forward and rewind at your leisure. Instead of blaming your ineptitude on a very charming, engaging and professional host, why don’t you first reflect on YOUR own piss poor attitude towards learning a language. How do you not get that?!
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I'm advanced but found this review helpful. We are so relaxed here so it sucks to have to remember these things.
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Wow Italian it's quite like Spanish, that helps a lot.
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Glad I found this You Tube channel. My father was Italian and spoke it plus English and Spanish. I'm doing my best to learn the basics. Some is familiar because I learned Spanish when I was very little then stopped speaking it when I began school which was all English. I'll be watching this video again and taking notes. Ciao and thank you for helping us learn Italian.
Interesting..nice teaching..style.
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italian pod! this definitely not the best video to get started with as you have written in your description! Deseree is lovely comical and amusing to watch, but she goes far to fast for a beginners audience! ...........it is not a race!!!!!!! Maybe Ilaria who is very good should retrain her!
Samantha Barron
I found this video entertaining as a refresher, but I am also a Italian speaker as a second language. Many of the words in these phrases have secondary meanings which weren't explained. Sometimes solid learning takes time, so I didn't find this helpful for beginners. You are funny though 😁
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Jajjjajaja interesante hablar en idioma español y practicando ingles ahora estoy estudiando italiano.\nJajajjaja interesent speak in spanish language practice english now I'm studying italian.
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LasagnA in Italian doesn't exist: it is always plural!!! LasagnE
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Best Italian-teaching video I've found on Youtube, not even in spanish you can find such a well explained video, thanks a lot!
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I need to brush up my Italian and the speed is just right because I have the basic vocabulary. But I am distracted by the teacher's beauty. I have to learn fast
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So, I've been learning Italian using the Duolingo app for the last 1.5 years and have not learned some of these useful phrases (or proper vs. improper situations). I guess I need to work on my speech rate as well. Thanks, and you're beautiful!
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a great video for Intermediate or upper intermediate learners of Italian language. I highly recommend this channel to the learners.
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