Times Method Actors Took Things Way Too Far

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Jim has always been a nutter, he refers to himself in the third person now as well.
Ladies and gentlemen, here are all the male nominees. 🤦🏽\u200d♀️
A Very Playable Character
Wow! No mention of Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace, and his dying dedication in his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight that ended up costing his own life?
Alejandra Gonzalez
Adrian Brody did amazing in the pianist , amazing .
Ashton Kutcher... really? Like, are you being serious?
Anarchy Black
I’m just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude
Asha K
With Christian Bale, it should be noted that he got super fit for American Psycho, lost weight for Reign of Fire, got back up to normal weight and muscle mass for Equilibrium, dropped to an alarmingly low weight for The Machinist, bulked back up in a serious way for Batman Begins, thinned down for Rescue Dawn, then got back into fighting fit condition for The Dark Knight, lost a good chunk of the mass and weight for The Fighter, and then got back into shape for The Dark Knight Returns.\nThis is all over a span of 12 years that he dropped and gained back his weight over an over to different degrees in both directions.
Assozial Network
Whoever runs this channel is an idiot.
Axel Col
Heath Ledger ofc he literally died from painkillers and prescription medication studying for a role on an upcoming movie.
BOOM! idc Tv
Can Leto atleast get a mention
Bdrum321 Bdrum321
People need to calm down on “where is Ledger’s Joker”. In my opinion, he didn’t lose his mind during that role according to just about everyone that was close to him... read some and/or watch the documentary. He had all his depression/sleeping disorders going on long before he was even cast for that role. Christopher Nolan even stated that he was sound mind enough to write/direct the little bits of Joker terrorizing people on camera on his own, not to mention the ideas for designing the characters over all appearance lol how does someone driven crazy by a role maintain a healthy creative way of thinking? Why do people insist that he died because of that role? Also, judging from his numerous photos off set and the little details given from his “Joker diary”, he wasn’t even really method acting. He took a character and presented himself in a fresh way that made sense to Nolan’s universe. I feel it’s really that simple. His death just seems to have happened at a time that will always be shadowed by a great performance.
Beau Reviews
There are some actors who take their business very seriously, such as Laurence Olivier who kept awake for three days during the filming of Marathon Man, because his character was supposed to have been awake for three days. \nWhen Larry explained to his co-star Dustin Hoffman why he was so tired, Hoffman said... \n\n“Try acting, dear boy, it’s much easier.”
What about Kirk Lazarus?\nHe had his skin surgically darkened to play an afro american character in the Vietnam Epos Tropic Thunder
Ben Woodhouse
actors can be such narcissists
And then you have actors like Gary Oldman, actors that just show up and do the work without becoming loony tunes because, as he says : \
Buckfutter _12
Christian bale is a GOAT, he loses and gains weight so frequently and makes it look easy.
Chester Puffington
Sheen was on coke, tell the truth.
Chill Dude
Good to know that about the Pianist actor. That was one of the best movie that I've seen.
Cy Brunel
Dustin Hoffman once said he didn't sleep for 2 days to look the part in a scene from \
Dan franco
Reality tv actor Donald Trump playing US president!
there are a lot of meth odd actors.
Dave Miller
So can woman not method act?
Evan Byrne
I think Val Kilmer was kind of haunted by playing Jim Morrison.
Fawad Qureshi
What about Daniel Day Lewis's Gangs of New York? What about my left food or Lincoln? You spent an entire minute talking about Ashton Kutcher and only talked about DDL for 10 seconds? Was that intentional or is the channel getting lazy? Also missed Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and quite a few others who made method acting famous
Fernando Ramoa
all of these were legendary except ashton fn who??
Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club.
Gabriel Agranowitz
Where is Heath Ledger playing joker from Batman the dark knight.....
Garey Busey
Hey, seriously. Why wasnt adrian brody picked to play the joker?
Gary Dotson
Jim is cringey.
*Times actors got lost up their own arsehole.
Henry Jackson
Where the hell is heath ledger?
Dude, The Pianist is such an excellent movie. Adrian did such an amazing job.
James D
The first guy became the youngest person to win the Academy Award.....\nSo how is that going *\
John Town
Method acting defeats the purpose of acting. By definition, acting is making believe. The less an actor needs to make believe, the less of an actor he really is. A real actor? Sir Lawrence Olivier. That was a real actor and he never did any of those extravagant things to prepare for a role. He just learned his lines and then ACTED!
Jim Carrey has always been a character
Joy L
I can confirm that dental work without any kind of painkilling agent (Nicolas Cage) is the worst pain imaginable. Brrr.
Juan Ramirez
Lol all of that Kutcher suffering and he's not even in the good Stave Jobs movie.
Juan Sanchez
Try watching the pianiast when youre 8 with your GRANDMA.
Julz XD
These actors all deserve their awards and or acclaim. I think Heath ledger should be on the list as he not only took it to the next level, it led to his mental and physical decline...... And ultimately suicide 😓😢😢😢😢😢
Kaspar Kshayarshan
Ashton Kutcher got praise from who? His wife? What are you, delusional? His performance was preposterous and borderline offensive.
Kattie _dent
I thought it said meth head actor at first... Oof
Also i heard during the filming of There Will Be Blood, daniel day-lewis went around drinking everyone's milkshake
Klaymond Durry
Robert downey jr in tropic thunder
Laverne Blaszczyk
Jim Carrey talking as that girls father- yeah, that's too much Jim, that's creepy
Levi Rhodes
Heath for the joker, matthew mcconaughey dallas buyers club
Limp business
That's not taking things too far. That's called dedication. You're making it sound like they were a bunch of fools who didn't really need to put that effort into adapting to their roles.
What other instances of method acting should've made this list?
Hats off to Adrien Brody. The pianist is one of my favorite movies.
Magnus Malo
How about when Jared Leto was cast as Joker in Suicide Squad, he terrorized the rest of the crew by sending them \
Mark James Meli
Jim Carrey......all that method acting for a movie that nobody saw, or liked, if they did. Who would have thought that an actor, that had no matching physical characteristics to the person he was portraying, would have a hard time.
Matt Robertson
Christian Bale wins. If you haven't seen The Machinist yet, do it now.
Matthew Schwenker
Daniel day Lewis is obviously the best actor of the century
Music Man
Seeing Ashton Kutcher trying to be a serious actor is like Dwayne Johnson and John Cena trying to be a serious actor. I cant just take them seriously without laughing. But, The Butterfly Effect made me think differently about Ashton.
Nathan C
Jim Carey came out of his role a liberal...makes sense...only extreme mental strain can make someone legitimately believe in liberalism
Navraj Gill
The one about Ashton Kutcher is interesting. Jobs was a fascinating man. I grew up in Cupertino. I went to middle school right next to their world Hq, and met the man myself a couple of times. His pancreatic cancer was definitely made worse by his fruit only diet, as demonstrated by totally healthy person getting hospitalized by it. It’s a weird decision to make, but he made it and it was worse for him. Bob Marley could’ve amputated his toe and survived. China used to think mercury pills were good for you. Same situation lol
Hollywood is a bunch of god-fied clowns
Pandas are cool
Taking things way too far is kinda the point of method acting, Looper.\nAnd Ashton Kutcher? really? all he did was watch videos of Jobs and impersonate him and eat similar to him. You call that \
Peter Karstens
What about Pauly Shore ? .... Ahhhh Just kidding .
Peter Takov
So, Adrien Brody sold his car and disconnected his mobile in order to experience what Władysław Szpilman went through in the Nazi occupied Warsaw? Amazing method acting sacrifice!!!
You wanna disconnect from society ? Apparently, go to Europe.
R3dstorm 86
Jim Carey killed his ex-girlfriend
Christian bale. ......man that's some gnarly transformation to shit and back lol
the pianist was such a great movie
Richard Northwood
Rick W
I like a lot of Jim Carrey movies but when I saw the Jim and Andy Documentary I lost a lot of respect for him because he wasn't channeling anything, he was a jerk! Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawlor were friends and Jim Carrey acted like an A Hole to Jerry, so he wasn't channeling anything! The studio was brilliant in hiding that material because Jim Carrey came looking like an A Hole!
Ryan Hugus
I'm sorry to State the obvious here...but Heath ledger is the most extreme example of method acting there is. The man literally could not re adjust to society and committed suicide after playing the joker. This list is incomplete without him
I wanna see an actor get AIDS for the sole purpose of playing an AIDS patient.
But they know its all for money
Shadow Boxer
You are what you eat.
Shane Ellis
Jim Carrey took too much acid
Tom Hanks Cast Away
Dude. That machinist weight cut. Holy shit man.
Steven Andresen
Why do people take political and social advice from these folks?
Thaspacegoat Æ
Now do a 10 times meth head actors went too far
The Original Trader
Jim Carrey is actually insane
No Heath Ledger. You dont know your job.
Vashistha Pradhan
Heath Ledger deserved a mention
It takes alot of dedication, but if you were truly a good actor you wouldent need to get inside the role months ahead of time... u could simply act like you have... ya know, like if i said i need a pirate and someone just started convincing me they are a pirate, that's a much better actor then someone who says i have to live on an island for a month before i can act like a pirate
William Norton
Actors are probably the worst people ever
Wristpecked Whamming
Why is Jim Carrey not locked in a mental hospital? Method acting is one thing, becoming a dangerous personality that refers to your former self as a different person is a mental disorder...
Jim Carrey is genuinely mentally ill.
Zero Curvature
Actors are so creepy and lame. I don't know why people worship them. They will do anything, make any compromise, to do for their entire lives, what normal people stop doing when they're 8; dressing up and playing pretend. Wow, such badasses. \n\nThey aren't \
champer slimmerthannone
Ashyley kootcher prepaired for the roll by playing with an iPhone for 6 years.
Jared leto and heath ledger, both played joker but heath should have definitly been on this list....smh
eric kress
James Dean and Dennis Hopper.....
That Jim Carrey stuff was creepy. Meeting the daughter WTF. Imagine being around him like that on set for months.
juan gomez
Christian Bale is so intense that when he did Batman I was afraid he probably killed his own parents in order to prepare for the character.
mansi bhagwate
You forgot Meryl Streep in Sophies choice, impeccable Polish accent\nMargot Robbie in I Tonya \nCharlize Theron in Monster and Mad Max\nReese Witherspoon in Wild\nHillary Swank in Boys dont cry and Million Dollar Baby\nCate Blanchett as Bob Dylan\nOh wait, they are all female actors. Their method acting doesn't count. Carry on good sirs.
moncorp1 Inc
I like Anthony Hopkins and Laurence Olivier’s take on method actors:\n\n\
Forgetting one of the most famous of them all Robert de Niro, who for instance in portraying the life of boxer Jake LaMotta in Scorsese’s ‘Raging Bull’ not only took boxing lessons but also gained an incredible 60 pounds of weight by eating an overload of pasta every day.
hmm I guess nicholas cage never escaped an early method acting role because he seems like the same character in almost every movie
nolan palmer
Jarod Leto = Meth Actor.
rock n roll
Martin Sheen was awesome in Apocalypse..ten times more acting talent than both his sons put together
Charlize Theron: monster
sidney greenglass
Charlize Theron in Monster.
Adrien Brody is so underated
tornado catherine
I actually adore Jim Carrey, I know there are many reasons not to and a lot of people really don’t like him, but I love him, he’s a great actor. I’m sure there are many others who agree with me as well as those who don’t.
Daniel Day Lewis in: every god damn movie of his life
кσσкιєѕ ™
Christian Bale is amazing