Top 10 Worst CGI Movie Effects

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Top 10 Worst CGI Effects in MoviesSubscribe: Bad computer special effects are the worst. WatchMojo lists some of the poorest attempts at cgi in movie history. List Entries and Rank:#10. Agent Smith Battle “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) #9. Dark Seekers “I Am Legend” (2007) #8. Deer Attack “The Ring Two” (2005) #7. Monkeying Around “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” #6. Brontosaurus Stampede “King Kong” (2005) #5. Surfs Up “Die Another Day” (2002) #4. Motorbike Chase “Ultraviolet” (2006) #3. ?

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Abri Jade
I actually liked the cgi in I Am Legend. Human zombies wouldn't have been the same, wouldn't have felt like the same mutation...
Adolf Hitler
Lol star wars is so old like 30 years ago and yet still thry manage to be the best
Alejandro Dominguez
Uy quien hizo este top? La eminencia mundial en materia de CGI? Jaja cualquiera..
Alejandro Quintero Arbelaéz
But where is birdemic, and hello from colombia
Ali Joon
Oh dear. The matrix is perfect .sry 🙂
Alpha Alex
Watch african cgi Effects
Anders Kristensen
I still can't understand why in I Am Legend, they chose to go with CG for the zombies/monsters, instead of just having guys in make up.
Anthony Vella
Snakes on a plane. Omg!
Arijeet Dasgupta Arijeet
incredible hulk has the worst cgi effect
BUGA Tv Official
And.... The Twilight Saga????\n\nWorst effects of all time
Bloom Weiko
Matrix was a good X-effects, Not agree with you at all.
Tiger mafia
Buss A Nut
Lmao the rock looks like a GTA character 😂😂😂
What kind of crap is this? I totally disagree with that list! Most of the effects where absolutely cool when they came out and inhave no problems with them. Shame on you for obviously letting the trainee do the work.
Castel95 RP-PR
King kong?
Leave The Matrix out of this.
Challenge 1000 sub with 1 shitty vid? maltais
Probably made in china these effect lol
Charisma Bros
the dinosaurs in king Kong looked pretty real tbh
Check GS
Every single movie with cgi looks fake.
Matrix cgi was godlike back then
Clarence Maclarence
Still love the *scorpion king * movie😂
And now, you can say nothing to infinity war.
You forgot 11th wanna know what Fake CGI effect that was?? \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThe WatchMojo Intro
Let's add Superman's cgi mustache to this list.
this channel should be deleted
Diego Manoel Pereira
Discordo de quase todos, só diz que o cg do matrix é ruim, quem não viu na época... quem fez esse vídeo deve ter uns 10 anos de idade.
Domac GameGround
Dyshawn Bilbrew
IDIOT it's because the world was digital the world's laws of physics could be broken at any time by neo and smith. they can convert the data and change the laws of physics at will... the point of the first two movies was specifically about that.
Elias koskinen
Wait wheres the sharknado
Türkçe çeviriyi kim yaptıysa onun amına koyayım ingilizce altyazıyu almış translate'e atmış türkçeye çevirip kopyala yapıştır yapmış bu mu çeviri yani?
Erdan 711
Pourquoi le titre est en français ?
Frank Kuhnke
The Asylum macht bisher die schlimmsten Effekte.
Gabriel Mascitti
how about sharknado? masterpiece
Gabriel Whiddett
This is why I respect Tarantino.\nHe's a film conservationist-\nsaving Cinema, one film at a time.
LoL what a mindless freak! These CGI were best at their time! what kind of channel this is!
None of this CGI is THAT bad...if anything, it's just dated...if the same CGI was made TODAY then I could see your point.
I hate Black666
Viktor magjakol?
5 Star Video ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ina Youngrina
hey that cgi movies not so that bad
Indo Boyza
I disliked, because some of those effects looks good for me, try watch amazing bulk for the best movie effects!!
Ivan Škaro
Its better to see CGI that fits great in its own time then a people who spit on them with 480p videos.\nIts quite obvious who is out of time here between this youtuber or subject.
Jack Brooking
There was nothing wrong with the Matrix or I am Legend.
Jaime Torres
Homie wanted real dinosaurs in the movie smh
Jason H
*Booo!!!!!!!! The Matrix CGI was Good! What type of meth are you guys on??*
Jovis Nando
you sound like a 16 yo kid, and your opinion is even more younger. There is only old movies in your list. If it looks like PS2 area it's because it was release in the same moment. Idiot.
Kayden Yerington
Anaconda am I right
Kegan Campbell
cgi doesn't make a movie a good movie i notice that people really like to scrutinize stuff and are sensitive to everything little thing they make a movie people study about the quality of cgi so what if the cgi is shit it doesn't matter as long as the movie plot and acting is good and the cgi was the best cgi of its time and they couldn't do better than where we are at now
Kim Jong Oink Clan
Now we need to add Ben swolo
Kyle Harris
I honestly thought some of the first ones on the list were not that bad, like the king Kong one for example, I didnt even notice that until he pointed it out
Lainicko Games
Samara it is city in russia
Luke Gregory
Is it just me or does the matrix Effects not look that bad?
Mace Dawg
Im suprised spy kids 3 wasnt on this list.\n
Where my boy bulk at?
Birdemic #1
Mr Coach
your list is not fair, some movies are very long ago, you should compare the movies at the same year/age
Mrs. Traveler
I think king kong is an awesome movie if we look at the publication year
most of those effects are Older than you wtf?
Matrix? It has still better fight scenes than nowadays movies. New action movies: Fast cuts, camera shakes.... one hit one cut.
Prototype X
the agent is not CGI the agents are actually human
Randi Wijaya
nonton ini kok jadi ingat sinetron azab indonesia 😂😂😂😂
Robert Konicki
Matrix Reloaded wasn't bad. Shame on you.
Ron Rivero
this video is worst
Ryan Kelley
Among big-time directors/producers only Christopher Nolan gets it: avoid CGI at all costs and use creativity in its place. And when I say 'gets it', perhaps it's not just that he's shrewd, perhaps it's that he has respect for his craft and the consumers of his products. Those are the things that old filmmakers cared about that new Hollywood simply doesn't. Pabst, Hitchock, Kubrick, Welles, Tarantino, Scorcese, Leone cared about--the quality of their art and therefore the fulfillment of their promises to the people who buy tickets to their films. \n\nWhile it might sound paradoxical, given the value that art holds in the marketplace, art and money are opposing forces. Filmmakers driven purely by money are concerned less with the quality of their product and more with how to get you to purchase their product. Filmmakers concerned with the quality of their art aim at making something original and captivating but may be rewarded with only niche interest as a result. \n\nFilm is art and CGI is laziness. Unfortunately, Hollywood is to film as Starbucks is to espresso. Hollywood is concerned with money, not with art, and as it has taken over the movie market it has become too large to compete with. Indy movies simply cannot compete in the mainstream arena with Hollywood movies, so we'll never get to see a competitor to Disney for a better Star Wars or a better Indiana Jones. While CGI is the worst choice for people who appreciate film, it's the best choice when the game is to sell as many tickets/downloads for as little investment possible. It's the best choice for Hollywood's game. Art is inefficient and it's unpredictable. CGI is science, and predictable. Children buy movie tickets and they fall for the garbage that Lucas, James Cameron and Michael Bay are pushing. They don't pay attention to the plot or the cinematography, they fall for the marketing--the PR telling them that Selena Gomez is in the movie and is therefore a good movie. They fall for some flashy lights and cool sound effects--a yellow anthropomorphic Camaro named Bumblebee playing pew pew with Megan Fox. Ever see any of the Transformers sequel movies? They are a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Absurd story, terrible acting, terrible CGI. \n\nStar Wars was far better with 1970s tech than it was with 2000s. When I see CGI Jabba talking to Solo I feel like the filmmaker is disrespecting me. Instead of rewarding me for my patronage and longtime fanship with good, original art, he hired a programmer to show me some flashy lights. Instead of fulfilling the promises they made to me in their marketing, they're just doing the minimum they need to save face. Selling me a cheap laugh that only makes us giggle in a crowded movie theater--it's not actually funny--and hiding behind something I love like Star Wars to avoid harsh criticism. When that ridiculous CGI alien sings into the camera in the Return of the Jedi update, it's hard not to giggle along with everyone else in the theater. It's human nature--we're in a group and you don't want to be the party pooper. But when we get home, we all feel like we've been cheated. \n\nEven worse, the latest tactic for justifying their lame, unimaginative shitty movies is their hiding behind politics. Basically, leftist populism. I hate The Last Jedi because it's absurd, incoherent and it mocks a beloved franchise. I am not alone. But the filmmakers injected so much leftist/populist dogma into the movie that any criticism can easily be steered by them into 'sexism' or some other 'ism' that can swiftly silence their opposition. They built a straw man into their film. It's not that Leia surviving the vacuum of space is silly, it's that you hate women! The movie sucks, we know it sucks, but their answer wasn't to vow to make a better movie in the future, it was a bunch of speeches about little girls and feminism. A disgusting charade that will surely be repeated in the future.
SYT94828 Gaming
The Mummy Returns is still better than The Mummy 2017.
Saady Abdallah
The matrix? Really? You are drunk dude
Sam Prince
i disagree with the matrix, but i agree with i am legend... why couldn't they have uses real actors
Saulo Salles
Só tem gringo!
Serhat Uzun
*No 1 should be the end fight of Spawn!*
Silver Ancient
That shia labouf scene with him swinging was hilariously fake LOL
Need to add Justice League to this
Solomon McTavish
I'm here after watching Justice League
TOP-TOP studio
Топ предсказуем почему-то(
Teren Kowatsch
in all fairness, cgi before 2005 was kind of an imperfect science.
The Tiwari
Justice league would be on here if this video was made again
Tolga Hisir
Justice League!!
I think matrix's scene was still pretty cool, for its time
Webber The Indigestible
Damn, Alien 3 shoulda been on this list...
William Wright
#10 no,the matrix is glitching so that is why CGI goes bad.
What about the one scene from the Hunger Games with that fake ass fire?
UltraViolet was the 2nd worst CGI, I honestly ever seen. I liked the Matrix CGI and I cannot lie.
Yanick Borg
I disagree with the need for realism in the agent Smith fight. The poetics of realism do not follow in a post realism post apocalyptic story about virtual realities. Anything is game, and the subtle abstractions gave the depicted story greater intrigue.
Yiğit Onbaşıoğlu
Koyacağınız Türkçe altyazının amk
REALLY? Matrix and King Kong?that video sucks!!
Watching This @480p ...LOL !!!
devender dua
Still not as bad as justice league
immortal fu
Where is African movie
justin x
Easy to say in 2018
pokemonix 69
Yep I know
Oh wow, no. Shure Scorpion King has shitty effects but.. Ultraviolet? Are you shure that is not a school proyect or something?
saif ahmad
Mojo is kinda stupid because some of these movies are from 2001
skynet skynet
Auf bildröhre sieht es immer noch hammer aus 😁.
tony assad
You forgot about superman’s cgi moustache in justice league
umut çelik
Türkler burada mı
Yea I hate low quality CGI and low quality videos. 480p
I really don't get why I Am Legend is on here. I feel it was extremely well done especially for the time
You forgot \