Relaxing Music For Children - Be Calm and Focused (cute animals)

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KIDZEN on Social Media● Facebook: _________Do you see these cute, happy animals? Be as pleased as they are! Beautiful relaxing music for kids and adults as well.

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Adam Gontarz
it made me sleep because i wasnt sleepy but i put this music on and it made me fell a sleep
Akyhra Gopaul
I love it when it on at bedtime
Ana Carolina Souza
Pocahontas! \u003c3
Arty Fox AJ
This is amazing! It made me so relaxed!! And I love the cute animals!!
Ashira BlakeleyChannels
shouldn't this song be copy right???
B Kids
I know all the songs and I have to watch this everyday with my sit..
Beanie boo Fun
You are the best friend
Blair Marie
I can spik Gaelic
Carmen Immortal
great ☮💜
Catrina Myers
your song help me fall asleep
Chelsea sparkes
just put my 4 year old in bed after 5 minutes she's snoring haha woo thank-you :) new favourite
Chloe Haley
relaxing,calm,smooth,and,nice,yoga,and more nice music keep it up
Cooper Pha
This is a song that I use in my school
Danielle Ferraro
Danni Hutchings
Fantastic relaxing music my 3 year old falls asleep peacefully every time!! Thankyou it really beats the screaming tantrums at bedtime x
Dionne Magyar Peterne
Very soothing!
Doti Bear Tv
very nice :-)
Elijah Slagiora
My teacher uses this one
Elisa Osorio
this such a beautiful song
Elva Arciniega
I am a animals lover!
Emma Dunkley
I almost feel aslep
Francesco Sebastiani
While Im falling asleep my baby and suddenly comes a noisy car advertising.....I get a heart attack and curse all the cars!! 😣
Gavin Edwards
Hi im 10 I have this in school all the time im in year 6
Grace G
These animals are so adorable!! I just love this!!!! This kind of relaxation videos help me concentrate for example: school and it helps me sleep. Thank you!!!!
Grand Gamer
Love the songs it made me relax sooooooo much during my homework and studies
Gwang Taek Son
Love the first song “colours of the wind”
It’s Pearl :3
this made me sleep
Ivana Happy Kalista
Janice Ailsa Gunawan
Is it okay to use this instrument for kid's video?
Jesus A. Lorenzo
I love this! It relaxes me and my preschool students \u003c3 \nThank you so much!
Jill Herbranson
Oh man I love animals and those animals were adorable and the music is really relaxing!
Jolie Bylden
I love this its so relaxing my teacher plays this in class and it calms everyone down
Juana Moreno
It calm my sister
Karen Okeane
I play KIDZEN often while doing chores around the house---and I am a 43yr old woman whose kids are in COLLEGE!! LOL
Kim Callaghan
Played this when my granddaughter woke up to early for me! It worked x
Kim Robson
Now Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm so tired
Kiran Bisht
beautiful music totally enjoy it so much \n💗
Kristofer Jamora
It's really special to watch and it will make me sleep thank you so much I love you and I love the animals😘😘😘😊😊😀😀😀😴😴👍👍👍
Lee Lee
Your up now
Letetia Sullivan
This is perfect! Managed to go from cartoons to this, and he was asleep in minutes!! After 3 hours of screaming. Thank you!
Leyla Panahi
This video made me read about 78 pages i was soo focused on my book thanks for making this video
Lisa H
watching this after a horror film
Love it! I'm a kid and I'ts really hard for me to get relaxed but I listened to this while I was playing video games and I was SOO relaxed. Also, love the animals.They are so cute and kawaii!!!!!
I love it. Just what I need to go to bed. Thank you!
Mamie Smith
i love it
Narine Snkhchyan
An amazing enticing melody which makes my twins relaxed and calm.this is our lullaby. Thank you 😊
Nicola Peloso
I love animals
Nicole Wallace
this is cool relaxing music 🎇🎇
Nisar Khan
It’s like magic! Made my lil sis go to sleep in minutes!
Ori Sakal
omg, it made me cry. bbest relaxing music ever.
Priscila Cortina
Rainbow Wolf
Rosie Brown
Why. In the world. Am I crying? 😢😢...\n💕 *Thank you for this* 💕
Rownak Afza
I am 40 and its working on me perfectly.
Please make more videos with relaxing music like this
Sophia Doolittle
This has made sleeping so much easier! Thank you! 😴
Tammy Fitzgerald
I love this....I just wish they would cut the adds out...🙄
Toddler Time
Very relaxing! Thanks!
Wolfy_playz YT
The best
Yumi and Chloe
Zina Basiene
Du gaideliai
alina biddulph
this is great for tiding thank you
catherine zambrano salas
Woooooooopwooooop I'm so happy toottoot plop
I don´t understand the advertisments here!!!!!! It is relax music for babies to go to sleep! Or what?
khatuna ortiz
my child started crying 😢
malek nourizadeh
The only reason why the people that they t and they were all the way they did they were not they are the
Soooo relaxing ahh
poppy LoL Princess
so cute c;
praveen sharma
Nice piece of music...
silvermedows channel
It's reminds be of colors of the wind from the movie pocahontas
stewart humphreys
My little Olivia (14 months ) bless her cotton socks, sooo loves this lil tune :))
turkey tv xxx
nice music
unicorns are the best
lovely tune love this video I do worships with myself so peaceful and quiet like the cute animals on the screen especially the giraffe Ive liked your video and subscribed on your channel thank you for putting this on YouTube
vicki.jordan 10
Love it. 😍 made me go to sleep
Κλεοπάτρα Μπρούμα
Χαλαρωτική μουσική για παιδιά!! ☆☆♡♡
바람의 빛깔 멋진 풍경이네요~~평화;)