Actor Mistakes That Cost The Filmmakers A Ton Of Money

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Aaron Harvey
The original price of the ship in Battlestar Galactica WAS a few hundred dollars. It was mail order ship and the auctioned off a smashed and unsmashed version (sold for around $1,200 I think) Here's a pic of it at auction - Of course the story of it being a museum piece on loan is much more exciting, but it's not true. It may have seemed from a misunderstanding or a joke from Moore that got overheard and then everyone just repeated it--even Katie Sakhoff.
Aaron P
That was not Kurts fault!
Ace The Great
Communication is key....especially if you're dealing with expensive props!! It ain't their fault no one told them that the prop is valuable. I don't even get why you would use expensive props, it's not like the average viewer is gonna know that it's one of a kind, even the actors didn't!
Adam Sternberg
A $12,000 Maserati mishap? That's peanuts. How about when Eddie Griffing wrecked a $1.5 million Ferrari while filming?
Airgun Evolution
What about when eddy griffin crashed a Ferrari Enzo in a promo stunt for the move Red Line?
Anarchy Black
Hateful eight set:\nTo the intern: “ you had one job!!”
Andinga Tacho
Movies are supposed to use props. Why go for expensive and antique artefacts?
Andy Kashu
6:20 Melanie who? Griffin? lol Always good to catch these narrators who try so hard to sound convincingly like experts on the subjects but in fact don't know what they're talking about. Her name is Griffith, Melanie Griffith, mate, not Griffin. Daughter of iconic _'The Bird'_ star Tippi Hedren (classic movie by Hitchcock, ever heard of it?), 2 times ex-wife of no less iconic Miami Vice star Don 'Sonny Crockett' Johnson and since 2015 also ex-wife of Antonio Banderas (who wants to be married to a plastic doll?), so, you must have heard of her and her correct name if you want to teach anybody something about movies and their actors. Shame on you. ;)
Anthony Langford
These are tame. Brando's gigantic ego cost the production of Apocalypse Now literally millions by wanting to change the script, not remembering his lines. Watch the brilliant doco Hearts of Darkness. What an egomaniac. Plenty of actors have caused major delays in productions because of their ego's. Marilyn Monroe was one. There are hundreds if not thousands. This video is pretty lame.
Ashley S
Kurt Russell and Edward James weren't responsible, they should have been told that those things were not props.
It's not an actor mistake. It's the prop departments mistake. when Kurt is in the scene he is that person he is playing, he doesn't give a fuck where the guitar came from. It's not his fault for playing a role he was asked to play and in hindsight blaming him for being an actor.
Bob Ross
1:10 “But Pachino’s mistake sounds like penis compared to Marlon Brando’s...” LOL had to give that one another listen 😂.
CR Buck
Kurt Russel destroying a $ 40.000 dollar guitar in the movie the Hateful Eight is one of the funniest stories Ever heard. Way to go Kurt . Lol !!!
Danny Snitzky
lol, method acting for Back to the Future.
Defensor Rationis
Okay about half of these are not about actors costing the filmmakers money but rather about studios making stupid, expensive mistakes.\nWhat mistakes did actors make in the Back to the Future or Roar segments? That's as far as I watched.
Dennis Schell
Why use a 150 yr old Martin in the first place?!? IDIOTIC!!!
Dewey Salazar
3:40-3:49 How every Indian or Asian parent reacts to their kid saying that they want to be a musician instead of a doctor
Edmond Dantez
Tarantino did it on purpose to get the reaction he wanted out of an actor. He needs a swift kick in the nuts.
And my colleague once drove a forklift into a pallet to pick it up, and the fork went right into the radiators behind it. $40000 Italian hand-made radiators!\nThe boss didn’t ever fire him. … Anyone else have a story that’s better than those in this shitty clip?
Why the hell would anyone let a woman drive a masarati? Sure, it wasn't a classic one, but still. Those sports cars have got a lot of power and women just don't have the cranial capacity or concentration to handle them.
Greg Jay
Actors are weird.
Guts Puck
Martin got so much publicity over that incident, I think from a marketing standpoint it was good for them
A ton of money? Yeah, to us common plebs but to big Hollywood companies nothing but a drop in the bucket. The Back to the Future was bs to the theme of the video and shouldn't be on the list.
I'm reading the comments, and people seem more disturbed by the guitar thing than the lion thing. I'm baffled. It was an old object, yes, but it was still an object. The actors in Roar were people.
Back to the Future.. my favorite movie of all time..
Jake Wilson
The way you say Daisy's last name......never make videos again...
James Dominguez
When directors forget to tell the actors the price of the props they're using its not really the actors fault or responsibility for its price
James Morris
Not sure how Eric Stolz not fitting the role is his \
Jared white
10g’s is pocket change for kurt russell
Jim 762
Good to hear about these filmmaker's problems. They're so used to getting their own way-screw Hollywood! MAGA! KAG!
Jimmypop 77
Only clicked on this because of Curt Russell's mustache in the thumbnail.
Joey Clemenza
i love taraji p henson.
Jon Treasure
What's up with your pronunciation?
Jordan Snowhook
During the filming of \
Kabal Krono
Dislike for butchering the pronunciation of Domergue.
KiKi Poet
Wow @ Kirk Russell and Edward James Olmos😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾\u200d♀️🤦🏾\u200d♀️🤦🏾\u200d♀️🤦🏾\u200d♀️\n\nThe Roar movie....smh 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 they were nuts! Lol lucky they were not seriously injured or killed never even heard of that movie.
LSJ Shez
The BTTF mistake was the director's, surely. As for not telling Russell about the guitar, how is that his fault?
Luis Lizard
Can the directors just warn the actors before the take ??
Madhu Zzzz
Interesting video!!
Maria Lewis
Stupid misuses of $$, time, animals and equipment...nothing like waste and indulgence for no valuable reason....
Maximillian Excaliber
Based on what is said here, Eric Stoltz was miscast, the mistake was not his.
Michael Thompson
What consistency I've personally noticed in all of these is that the actors save one Kurt Russell genuinely showed little to no remorse for damaging/ destroying historical artifacts .... unless humor is ment to be apologetic.. which in my opinion arises from embarrassment not remorse...
Michael king
it's like they didn't make a lot of money.
Mike Tank Brown ll
I loved that movie hateful 8.
Mildy Productive
Brandon Lee was accidentally shot and killed with a real bullet out of a real gun, but let's all go nuts over a broken guitar.
Mr. Roboto
Nobody could play that role as good as Michel j Fox.
Mr. T
I break 40k guitars everyday, no biggie.\n😉
Muskoka Mike
as a model ship builder it isn't just the money....I have a couple i spent 2 years building...
British people, it's LOS ANGELES, not Lawz Anjahleez
Nicki Swift
Which of these examples do you think was the worst?
Nite Rocks
Well that was just stupid to use a vintage guitar in the Hateful 8, knowing it was going to get smashed up.
The guitar in the Hateful 8 wasn't Kurt's mistake. They've told jennifer Jason Leigh numerous times before how valuable and expensive that guitar is and to be extra careful with it. Tarantino then completely on purpose did not call cut during that scene and had Kurt smash the guitar to get a genuine reaction out of Jennifer which ended up in the final cut.
Give me that guitar...
Ra Eye
Brando found that cat on the set and used it in the scene so he gets a pass.
Rick Cleek
@3:45 LOL!!!
Roberto Filho
Method \
Russ G
OK,why did they have to use a genuine vintage guitar to shoot the scene? Couldn't the prop dept. have made a convincing duplicate?
Ruth Dunn
Who cares about any these creeps
Ryan Davidson
On the guitar one why didn't they just make a fake one that looked the same for the entire scene? Accident waiting to happen
Did you just call *_Big Trouble in Little China_* schlock? \n\nBye!
Salud 74
Did he say \
Sarah Walton
My friend worked on that episode of Battlestar Galactica. He was the one who put the model on the desk. He said he almost threw up.
Scott Dixon
Why use a very old, very expensive and irreplaceable guitar as a PROP. The idea of a prop, is that it's a prop. It's not Kurt Russels fault, it's the prop departments.
Scott Reacher
Big Trouble in Little China shlock? This channel is shlock
Sean Inness
Noel Marshall and the idiots that followed him. Smh. They're damned lucky they got through it as well as they did. Kurt Russel and Eddie Olmos should have had wranglers working with them as they do with guns (it's truly fing scary managing guns on a set, just ask Brandon Lee). Can't say I worked with the others but worked with Olmos and he seemed like a sharp guy. It's film production, they aren't curing cancer, no one needs to die or screw up that badly with a prop.
Shane K
Where did you get that $12,000 to fix the Maserati? You probably couldn't buy the side mirrors for that, hope this isn't one of those channels that just pulls numbers out of its ass to sound good.
Stephen Troup
The guitar was more than a loss of $40K, it was a piece of music history.
Stig Weard
virtually all of these were NOT mistakes made by the actors.
Stipan Lisica
Kojim bih se ja programskim jezikom mogao razumijeti s računalom?
I don't understand the point of needing to use an antique guitar for a movie... what the point just use a prop...
Tee Kay
Do these youtube wannabe critic channels actively search for people with an english accent coupled with a speech impediment?!?!?
The Bonesaw ..
I have claustrophobia... of a sort. I'm fine in small tight spaces (as long as I can move, if I get trapped... well...) Thirty some-years-ago, while in the Navy, I was being taken on a tour through my submarine's bilge as part of my required qualifications. At one point, the lead petty-officer (a very wiry fellow) shimmied under a pipe and asked me to follow him. I'm rather broad-chested and I told him that it looked like I wouldn't fit. He told me I would and ordered me to shimmy under it anyway. Yeah, turns out, I was right... I didn't fit. When I got stuck, I freaked out and I ended up bending the pipe in my efforts to get out from under it. The pipe had to be replaced, as it was part of an important engine room system. Two weeks later, as I was touring the engine room myself (still working on my quals) I bumped into the same lead petty officer, who informed me that it cost the Navy $40,000 dollars to replace that pipe. I nodded and said, \
The Ghost of John Lennon
Has this dude even seen the hateful eight?
The Mastema
Kurt Russel should be beaten up for that... guitar players only dream of even touching a martin guitar let alone owning one...
The One
The yacht scene in Act of Valor
Tom Melli
Tired of every single video being narrated by someone with a British accent. \nBloody 'ell with im.
Trim Prism
A part of me died when that guitar was smashed......
7:00 Paging dr Jontron, please report to dissection room A
I couldn't stop laughing during the segment with the lions.
I clicked because hateful 8 sucked and it was the thumbnail
Most of Hollywood is on should make a follow-up of all the people that Hollywood has killed during filming. And all the destruction and deaths of innocent people that Hollywood actors have caused while driving a car. I have little respect for any HW actors.\nHowever, I do respect parents who can stay together and raise a happy family.
dan theman
The Martin Museum wasn't the only one who wasted money on the Hateful 8 movie. So did everyone who paid to see.
eduardo ulloa
Why use such expensive props? any1 should notice the difference betwen the 40k guitar and some make for the movie? or the ship model?, and for back to the future recasting its common in movies and tv for all kind of reasons, the part of the lions was just crazy and stupid wild animals even in controlled situations are dangerous, lucky no1 got killed.
Didnt comedian eddie griffin ruin a sportscar that was wirth hundreds if thousands if dollars by mistake making some shitting race movie?
Dexter Manning?
6:10 \
gj g
Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors. All these persons are constantly watched and evaluated. That's real life. \nThis stuff is fantasy.
horace wayne
cant believe this channelis still around-reflects the worst of human nature
jed Tomczat
yea she probably pulled 12 grand out of her pocket to fix maserati chump change
I thought they were going to say he really broke Jennifer's nose.
Awh I feel bad for Kurt Russel. At least Edward James seems like he sort of took it in stride, but Kurt felt so bad he almost cried :(. This sort of thing really needs to be communicated clearly to actors. Like, just say \
How is the \
In the situations with Kurt Russell and Edward Otmos, it wasn't their fault. Using real authentic items was stupid anyway. I don't understand why they would use a real guitar like that anyway. They should have just made a replica. Nobody was going to be looking hard enough or cared whether the guitar was authentic or not. The same with the boat. Im pretty sure you can find a boat like that online for cheap or paid somebody to build one that would cost less money. Especially by this being a tv show and not even a multi million dollar movie.
The movie about irritating the lions just to get some good shots of them mauling your actors is just evil...period.
Martin should make a Kurt Russel signature model.
Whoever wrote this video dropped the fact-checking ball. Melanie's last name is \
It was a bad idea to use an antique Martin guitar in the first place! Nobody expects that level of verisimilitude.