Predictable by Konvict Kartel ft. Akon, Tone Tone and Demarco (Official Video)

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Predictable Official Video from Konvict Kartel Featuring Akon, Tone Tone and Demarco

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Akon should have been featured on unforgettable honestly
Aleishia Simmons
Yessssss it was awesome. Thanks for the opportunity
Tone Tone. Detroit Stand Up. #DBF #GoldGang
Diya Jamil
the king😌❤️❤️❤️.......
Elçin Babazade
Erdem Yaman
AKON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
GabrielAndresMusicTV GM
Akon is a legend !
Hery Wolf
⚡⚡✔✔🎶❤❤BR BR
Hongseung Lee
real g akon!
Jaay Veli
The boss 💪
Lawrence Gordon569
Makaze Muhammed
Sounds so lovely than unforgettable. More importantly I'm hearing words, nah mean.
Mangal wankhde
Far way better than unforgatable .... King is back 👑
Nandynho Santos
Pedro Ferreira
Rahool Gaming
We love you akon.... 😍
Salah Kout
Akon !
UDS Gaming
the music is same as Unforgettable
Akon is back guyss!! Enjoy and share with friends ✌
hara lala
Better than unforgatable AKON the Don of hooks
nimmakuri moses
Awesome music akon
rayan hellal
Real music 💫😍
sailee bhosekar
sumeet sharma
This should be released on World star hiphop