💈 Classic Old Time Wet Shave by the Guardian Angel of Route 66 – Seligman AZ

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Sounds like I'm watching a horror movie with all the background lol but I may just be too baked
My father is a barber and he uses that exact same orange cover/blanket.
Alexander Ortega
We own a pink cabin That our Renters are in I just saw this After clicking on a russian video Hello!
Awwww when he told his daughter, \
Atlas Marvel
It's rare to see true and genuine happiness like this these days.
You need to update the name of your channel to Haircut \
Billy Ray Valantine
Are you still comfortable? ....yes, 2 minutes later, his face like a big tomato,😂😂😂
Brady Hutchinson
His visor looks like he is about to call a game of bingo. On a serious note If I had the opportunity I would stop on a road trip and enjoy this mans wisdom for sure.
I can point the exact location of the microphone xD reminds me a certain scene from Singing in the Rain.
Bryan Lopez
Man this could be used as asmr
Carl Blaskowitz
I've had a full beard for over 15 years but I would sit down and let this guy shave it all off, just for the experience points... this kind of service is not going to be available forever. (Note to the barber, we all wish you a long life)\n\nHe needs an apprentice... that level of skill and hospitality needs to be preserved and passed on.
Chloe Olivares
I can’t handle how cute he is!!! Someone hug him!!! Sniff sniff
Chris Drake
Thats a good barber... you might be satisfied but i wasnt
CottonShot 1
This is some relaxing stuff right here. I watched this like five times already. Love this barber
Bless this old barbers heart! Mad respect!
Cup & Cone
I love his vernacular! Very retro Americana. He must have listened/watched lots of radio/TV when he was young.
my grandfather shaved everyday with a straight razor. It's a learned skill so that you don't accidentally murder yourself.
David Gordon
old times are best. I loved his joke about I'm blind on this side and have a glass eye on this side classic old timer .
Elaine Lat
It's awesome that he still has that much dexterity in his hands.
Ethan Bennink
10:34 neck crack?
Ethan Palmer
I like how he's explaining everything that he's doing for the camera
Fabian Backlund
Never met the old man but i have so much respect for him anyway. I was born late 80’s, and by then he already done prolly a million shaves. Love his cap!
Felmin Nicolas
The service is lovely and he’s a gentle man,still I got these services in my country Bangladesh. But not here (Australia) .These western barber will just grab ur 15$ and gives u a haircut with their zoommm trimour. Back in my days,barbers were friendly, funny and hear all your hearts.
Fernando Navarro Jr.
Wish i had a barber like him near me .
Filton Kingswood
A barber... one of the closest relationships a gentleman can have. Right alongside ones tailor, shoemaker and wine merchant.
Fred Goodwin
Fairly sure I am at least 3 million of the views
George Goff
Been keepin up with ya harry. This one touched my heart. That gentleman reminds me of my father. And an era of quality, attention to detail, work ethic and customer satisfaction. And on route 66. Double bonus. Thanks Harry. G
German Blackwolfgh
why i just get so relaxed with this videos ?
I have great respect for elderly men like this who are so comfortable in who they are that it's easy to enjoy your time with them. They are passionate about their craft and care to make other peoples day better. Good man!
Gunner Pitzer
This video made me really relaxed
HairCut Harry
Three years after our first Route 66 Wet Shave experience, HairCut Harry returns to Seligman, AZ, to finally get a haircut and American history lesson from the Guardian of U.S. Route 66, Angel Delgadillo, who explains to us all the problems in this country and how we the people can continue to keep America a great place to be!\n\nWhat the video here: https://youtu.be/7jA2o5LAU8U Enjoy :-)
Han-Peter Schlagmichtot
Heinz Ketchup
That's a man who loves his job.
The elderly deserve society’s highest respect and admiration. Unfortunately not everyone appreciates this.
Ily carter k
my weakest point is the barber, once he starts with my hair and gets to my face I fall asleep, literally. BUT this barber almost got me asleep on my laptop. and my fav place is route 66. maaaan this dude got to be the luckiest person on earth.
James Alfaro
Time is prescious. I'm not even old enough for a beard and yet I want a shave from this man. Such a classic experience that I have yet to have.
James Gallenti
My Grandfather Desi was born in Sicily before moving to the Italian section of NYC. He started as a barber's apprentice at age 11. He owned his own shops in New York & New Jersey. He was a barber till age 93! Thats right, he had an 82 year career as a barber and loved his craft. He had such an attention to detail. He gave me many a straight shave & hot towell treatment. I have tears in my eyes. This old man is every bit as sweet as my Grandfather. They don't make em the way they used to
Jim Enticer
Oh my lord what a guy!! I wanna give him a hug. Kind ol timer American. They don't get better then that
Jordan W.
4:15 \
Jorge Marban
carefull chum lee THIS is for men :v
Josseph Downs
I love the fact that he has a picture of himself when he was younger.
Jovany Ramirez
I felt so relaxed watching this like I was the one in that chair
Julian Jovan
Like if you think he should go back 4yrs later
Kataphrakt KG 6
How I got here from Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay I’ve got no clue...
Kevin Mendez
I missed two right there. At that moment. I was sure. He's one of the most awesome barbers out there. Every detail counts.
Lalo Plata
No ring dinger?
Larry Lambo
This old guy makes me think of some sort of utopia 1950's America barber shop in small town USA.
Lloyd Bonafide
Mr. Angel is the best. Stopped in Seligman two weeks ago and he was still hard at work, scraping old paint off his back deck. Interesting and happy as ever, what a nice gentleman!
That client looks like an fbi or cia agent
Macho Man
Hey he had an nz flag up someone respec this mans
Martin Laird
What a wonderful gentleman. I can’t put my finger on it but that old gentleman made me extremely happy. We need to treasure his likes!
Marty McFly
This video should be added to the National Archives for its historical content alone.
Matt McGee
This man seems like such a delight. I can't imagine what it must feel like to sit in his chair and just hear him reminisce. I love my beard, but there's something so special in getting a shave from a professional.
Mediocre Male Gender
Does he sharpen his razor with a leather? That's O.G. as hell
Michael Mansouri
This man is going to live to\n110+\n\nStill lucid, still quick, still positive, and most importantly he does something he clearly loves
MrMe 441
What a great guy,he does what he likes and is having fun. \nYoutube is starting to recomend something good for once
Multi Meter
You can tell he knows what he's doing. Those hands scream experience. Here I am just starting out!
Nameless User
I want to get a shave from this guy and leave a $1,000 tip.
Nick C
this old man seems so happy with his life. he makes me feel happy hahaha what a charming dude
You can keep your fancy, high-end boutiques. I'll take this kind of shave over them any day.
Peter Galbraith
I could sit there all day and listen to that old boy and his joke's and stories.
Rafal Glazar
Rick Manzuk
November 2018 anybody??????
Rick S
Is he still in business ??
Rob B
The greatest generation.
Robert Colfack
My dad was an old time barber he shaved with a straight razor, and gave flat top hair cuts used butch wax, and etc..... He went to a barber college in Birmingham Washington back in the late 40's and barbered off and on for over 50 years.....This reminds me of his barber shop thanks for sharing this video.....
Sam Pat
The Good soul Barber Gentleman...\nI hate to call him a barber...and I wud anytime choose him for my shave and haircut over a beautiful lady. ...\nSuch pure heart are rare. ..\n\
Just because of the razor joke I liked it
She Left Me For Jesus
I love the 60s vintage hair style he combed at the end.
Skyline S
I've watched this more than once!!
This is so classic, hope he's still alive and well, and lives to a ripe old age.\n\nI want to take a roadtrip there with my gf some time!
Tara Maneafaiga
Favorite barber I’ve seen on this channel yet!
Tom Lewis
that shave and a hair cut isnt 2 bits
I don’t have facial hair but I watched whole video anyways. \n\n🤷🏻\u200d♂️
Wanda Waya
I don't like cutting my beard but for this one I would really love the experience the old timer is doing his thing perfectly making me crave for a wet shave
Wasted Talent
I need two things to help me fall asleep. A fan, and this video.
William Schutz
This gentleman is a complete artist!!! He seems to love and take extreme pride in his craft!!! Hats of to this fellow.
ace garza
good morning dad ..good morning chula..this guy is doing what he loves to do on top of his daughter stopping by ...life goals
cliff houser
What a wonderful barber, I would love for him to shave me.
Man if he was in my town i'd be there Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday
Good old fashioned barber. Not the tacky tattooed, heavily pierced ones like today.
henry hostler
Harry please give this man another visit for a shave.
igor svakurac
Man, if I ever visit America, THIS is what I would love to see/experience.\nCheers from Croatia
john lenin
this is lowkey ASMR
December 2018 anyone? Doc? Marty?
Love how he says a real barber, lol, not too many now days I am learning from Tim Hite 90 year old master barber, classic barbering freehand and shaving
luke 123
I hope his still doing this job because he enjoys doing it and not because he needs the money
michael mixon
I loved watching this older gentleman still working his trade! So good!
Someone who idealized their grandfather I have to say this is one of the coolest videos I have seen on youtube.
reza mehrabi
It’s so relaxing to watch him and the way he talks
roberto lopez
holy shit the picture of him when hes young at the end looks like kyle from nelk LMAOOO
sometimes you just gotta let it out brother
this man sharpens his razor with leather \n*_m y g o d._*
xCandy Gamerx
Why is this in my recommended?