Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye (HD)

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman: Time To Say Goodbye (HD)Live From Teatro Del Silenzio, Italy / 2007Listen to the best of Andrea Bocelli here:

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A. Villadsen Skif
Beautiful song ❤️
Abdul Khan
Very powerful indeed and gorgeous!
Adina Sosa
Someone please explain to me how in the world this has 1k dislikes. WHAT HEARTLESS CREATURES ARE YOU?!?
Alexandra Angel
today,I was in hospital.. So close to loose my baby.. this song was in my head, all day whispering... ❤
Andrew Moss
The voices are beautifull but the people playing in back ground all so make this song????
Angelo Samaniego
And until now the best of the best...
Anonymous Person
If only i can give them inmortality so that i could be able to watch them singing when i grow older and earn money for it. 😣 BEST SONG AND SINGERS ❤❤
Boats and hoes 😉👌
Ben Smith
My first interview at XM radio was with Sarah Brightman and she was a wonderful interview and one of many artists that stopped by during my time at XM Radio (2001-2009) and miss that time. WOW
Bill Lee
Sarah sings so sweet sound~~~!!! She ~~~~ sugar song~~~!!!
Billy Joe
This is so beautiful in all possible ways. Pure love!
Bobo Sinabov
Jason Derulo's song is a nice hit at the moment but Andrea Bocelli's Time to say Goodbye will be forever one of the greatest songs ever made ! RESPECT ❤
This is best song I heard that ever.
Boo Cauwood
His smile is such a beautiful response to her voice, simply wow
Bozena S
Sara, Andrea super
Brianaliz Love
Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo ruined this beautiful song
C DMix
Sarah’s voice is beautiful, but she is just as gorgeous
Caroline Wibisono
Blind doesn't mean not see everything,the light only see in the dark,and it will lead you!
Cornelius S. Tinkerpotter
This is one of my favorite songs, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by Jason and Nicki's take on it. They added their own flavor without massacring it. Just because something is different doesn't mean it's garbage. I bet many of the people these days listening to pop music never knew Con Te Partiro existed, and may stumble upon it because of Nicki's song. People may hate but I think it's a bridge between a generational gap.
Crystal stone15
I was named after this man, I'm confused
I Loveu both , Ctzechoslovajia are your friends!
D Cabral
Overwhelmingly Good.
I usually listen to pop and rap but songs like these are on a different level.
DJ0421 04
DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip
I am a metal fan (metalcore, heavy metal, deathmetal, thrash metal, etc) and this song hits me really hard.\nThere is without a doubt connection between metal music & classical music.
Damian Ochoa
I had no idea he was blind not even in the one from where they first appeared together, Wow he's beyond phenomenal.
David Kapisu
This man's voice will make you think about life. He's a legend
Debra Dukes
Absolutely Beautiful Loved this Deb 😉👍✌
Dirty mcPain
If Andrea posts his videos by himself, i wonder how does he know where all the buttons and links are on the site.
Is she an angel ?
this is probably the only song to make me cry and give me chills at once
GOPRO Mountain bike
So awesome amazing awesome awesome 👏 beautiful voice beautiful song like comments it perfect 👌
Gaz Zac
Every time a meme dies I'll go back to this video and watch it again
Gina Meyer
Came here after watching Jason Derulos one. Literally BLOWN AWAY! So somagical...
Ginger Carco
Omg I Adore Andrea And Sarah is Amazing too !!!!!🌹🥰❤️💙
Grand Marshall Emmanuel
January 2019 Anyone
Hatake Kakashi
RIP to everyone that died in the last 2018 years.
Ivan Finol
Make me cry this video, absolutely beautiful!
Ivan Pelindo
Im still listening in 2018
Whenever he sings he just takes my breath away!!!! When they sing together it is just heavenly!!!!
JJ Stuart on Writing
I love how she took his hand in hers, to let him know he wasn't alone. Such an endearing gesture.
Jay Garzone
Boats and hoes.....prestige worldwide
Jen mcewan
My first classical music CD was Sarah brightman album with this on it
Jhené Jea
Voices blessed by GOD, Itself.
Jéssica Marcon Dalcol
I love the way he smiles when se sings
Karsten Svensson
When music has a meaning.
Kirara Mikaio
Extraordinary voices these two beautiful souls!
Klaudia Arriera
It would be an honor to witness these two unbelievably talented humans in person. The experience of a lifetime. Take my money.
Lauri Lyles
That damn man gets finer the older he grows!!
This song makes me cry... Wonderful! * *^* *
All the dumb people come from nicki minaj and the other dude here to see the original which is 10000000000000% better than jason and nikis version
Lucifer's Slave
I have listen to this song over and over and it still gives me chills and makes me cry . It's such a beautiful song ❤❤❤ Thank you both for such an amazing song
Lunche On
Wow after hearing this, I realise 2018 music is shit..
MAsterr Serch
you hear/see a song like this, with such amazing levels of human talent, and beauty...and i can't help but think, how can there be SO MUCH hate and division in the world? We are capable of such amazing, loving, selfless things. And yet, everywhere you look, especially today in late 2018, it seems that so many human beings wake up every day looking at new ways to destroy their fellow is so damn sad, but more disappointing. We are better than this... i have to believe that, and hope that the rest of the world eventually does, as some point.....
Mairink Mairinkk
Sarah sings like a goddess and looks like a queen!
3:15 трогательно!
Marina Carbajal
Extraordinaria interpretación!! La mejor dupla!! 💛
Mark Brooks
One word and one word only ( STUNNING) 👍👍👍👍 .
Mark Reynolds
I lost my Mum through a painful cancer, she requested this for her final send off. beat cancer lets fight this together.
Michael Massa
This is what I live for. Bravo!
Beyond words... voice of two beautiful angels 👼❤️
Moon_ walker
Beautiful song, who’s listening in 2018?
Nadia Subri
Lyrics:\nQuando sono solo\nSogno all'orizzonte\nE mancan le parole\nSì lo so che non c'è luce\nIn una stanza quando manca il sole\nSe non ci sei tu con me, con me\nSu le finestre\nMostra a tutti il mio cuore\nChe hai acceso\nChiudi dentro me\nLa luce che\nHai incontrato per strada\nTime to say goodbye\nPaesi che non ho mai\nVeduto e vissuto con te\nAdesso si li vivrò\nCon te partirò\nSu navi per mari\nChe, io lo so\nNo, no, non esistono più\nIt's time to say goodbye\nQuando sei lontana\nSogno all'orizzonte\nE mancan le parole\nE io sì, lo so\nChe sei con me, con me\nTu mia luna, tu sei qui con me\nMio sole, tu sei qui con me\nCon me, con me, con me
Nurul Syahidah
Came here after listening to Goodbye by Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj
Olivier Filippus
She is so fucking beautiful and blessed with awesome voice
Orly Maaliao
this song is great and wonderful
Pauline Isichi
I can never get tired of listening to this song. It brings tears of joy to my eyes even though I don’t understand a word.
Peter Maddox
Great chemistry with Sarah.....when she took his hand.....very moving
You can't fake that kind of quality, that's their real voices, not some PC bullshit fixed music.\nThat makes me very happy.
Randy Phillips
Seeing Sarah sing this number now and when she was younger is such a contrast. She does it now with such ease and seems so much more relaxed
Renata silva
Amo esses dois ainda junto nossa morri meu coração foi a mil com a canção q mais amo de Andrea Bocelli 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊😍😊👏👏👏👏
Deberían cobrar por ver este maravilloso video, fuera de bromas.
I don't see two singers, I see two Legends.
Rosane Gomes
BR?? 💜💜💜😍
Salina A
Goodbye Jason Derulo's version and stepbrothers brought me here
Sofia Ceballos
This song and their voices... just magic. This is so powerful.
Trigger Happy School Shooter
So I heard this in that movie \
Văn Hiền Trương
YRYSBEK Mamakhanuly
I am a metal fan (metalcore, heavy metal, deathmetal, thrash metal, etc) and this song hits me really hard.\nThere is without a doubt connection between metal music & classical music.
Zlatica Mikulec
Fantastico e bellissimo\r\nc'è un'emozione nella mia bocca che le mie lacrime scorrono
abc decorating paradise
Such a beautiful voice!
bestbitesforever 💜
I love this song, their voices are so beautiful and powerful. I cry every time I hear it.
charles norwich
I can listen to this song all day long, but it makes me cry, I dont know why. I like i anyway.
david songsong
Its time to say goodbye but ill go with you...
Those voices were a gift from God himself.
esti 2004
time to say good by to the most favourite man in my life. Good bye Daddy I love you more than I can. Died 6th of September 2016 unforgetable yours daughter susi
no one....absolutely no one sings this song as beautiful as they do
maple syruppp
Sarah Brightman’s voice omg giving me chills every single time.. her voice is so soft and yet so firm at the same time.
mark ploop
looks like the hulk
molly rishon
Listened to Sarah Brightman in the car all the way from New York to Canada - eight hours there and eight hours back. cannot get enough ....although my sister was about to jump out of the car and walk home.
ramona baldwin
sarah has one of the most beautiful voices I ever heard.
simon weinberg
The ultimate antidote to all the horrors that pervade our precious world.!! We are blessed to revel in this.
sum 182
Una obra de arte... hermosa musica
Бегемот Бегемотов
Ахуенно блять )))) Просто пиздец )
Михаил Палюткин
Легендарные люди с божественными голосами.
time to say goodby \n大好きな曲‼️ イタリア語の発声に 苦慮しながら 勉強してます🎵
In 2019!