kermit ruining marbles' birthday for 3 minutes straight

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kermit just doing what he always does.twitter:

jenna marbles julien solomita marbles 10th birthday meme peach kermit

What was the music at the end? Someone please tell me
Aimee Lawson
I love those babies!! And, it’s hilarious when you speak for them.
Akio Sutato
Cement niids constant atenshun orn wel not an grow
Alexa Pellecchia
Amber Brandolino
Amber Tatum
Kermit was being a *nasty boy* and ruining marbles double digit birthday
Andrews Stuff
Poor Cermet is not an birthday
This cured my hemorrhoid
Annie Willows
JnJ memes: violent self promo, 11/10 would recommend
April Rivas
I love that NASTY BOY!
Ashleigh Vail
My grandparents dog is getting put down today and me being me grow up with him and all through out school a pretty much cried and I can go an see him one more time or stay home but I don’t know what to do I have cried so long and I am going to miss him so god damn much and I hate to see him suffer but him being put down is so hard and marbles reminds me of him and I started to cry when I show this
Ayah A
Kermit looks like dobby
I can't wait to see Kermit ruining Peach's birthday for 3 minutes straight or even Kermit ruining Kermit's birrhday for 3 minutes straight
Biz 08
the endings of these videos are always so pure
1:37 \
Brittany Hill
I love the sound effects when you zoom In haha
Capi Shishtar
1:06 me when a hoe tryna *s t a r t* with me
Cassidy Smith
What a \nn a s t y \nboy
Charlotte Keller
these are so funny they have honestly become my therapy 😂
Chris Jensen
All those nasty rats ruining marbles birthday
Chris M
It's weird how little of the floor marbles gets to come to contact with. Also imagine peach being your most normal dog.
Christina Brown
Kermit's triggered, y'all! LMAO!!!
Cynder Procyon
I feel like Jenna’s constant flow of thoughts in her inner monologue is literally exactly what Kermet is constantly saying in that moment
Daisy the dog production’s
I think the ad they just gave me equals 4 mins
Darpy Derpy
*marbles's death anniversary**
But dogs dont understand the concept of birthdays...
Detsy Doo
Kermits such an attention starved brat XD
Kermit needs a tropical vacation and a Xanax.
Emilia Schöld
Emily Grace
can you make a meme video of julien’s yelling in the teaching my boyfriend how to pitch a softball video I need it in my life
Gam TheWolfOtaku
I can’t believe Kermit is trying to ruin the one day marbles ACTUALLY acts a little alive
Grace Hopkins
oh my god nasty boy trying to ruin marbles special day smh
Hannah Jablonski
I Draw
If doent geiv cermat atencion he wil cri\nIt healpz quermet gro
J Bailleres
Stealing Marbles’ thunder as usual
Jessie o
Kermit and Peaches: *exist*\nJenna: hey baby !!!! 💓💓❤️❤️🧡💛💜💜💓🧡💜💓💛❣️💝💛\nJulian: stOP GO AWAY
Josh Bishop
Can u do something from Podcast #131 2017 comments
Kate G
i need a compilation of Julien HARASSING kermit
KatyThe Random
Caermat do nat lik litel agery squaremet
Kaylee Heal
This video should be called: “Kermit being a middle child on marbles birthday for 3 minutes straight”
Kayyyp Hello
I’m screaming omgggg I love this channel
Khadijah Torres
The violent shaking of the video as Kermit cries is my constant mood, especially during my own birthday month.
Kieran Clark
oh yeah bebe
Why do i love this
Lizzie B.
Another fine video my dude
Lucy Shearer
I always forget Kermit is a dog and not his own species
I was just starting to watching their podcast when I noticed the notification, and was like, I'm watching yours first lol
Mary Beth.
The one dislike is kermit
Menna Jarbles
1:05 **When you hear someone open a bag of chips**
Muskan Chhabra
Ez finelly my betheday!
Mya Agosto
Make him ruining Peaches birthday since that's today!\nI watched the video and he ruined it all 😭
*NaStY bOy*
Olivia Draws
Cermet it’s okay maybe this year they won’t forget about your birthday\n\n\n\n\nI said ɱąყცɛ
Pepsi Puppy
marbles is gonna die one day but they're not gonna notice for like, a week
Psychedelic Anxiety
So aesthetic
Rose S
kermit lowkey really does look like a rat lmao
Sonfia 111
Wait....Marbles is 10?!!!? I thought he was dead when he came out of his mother !!!!
Sophia NotGonnaSayMyLastNameBecauseThat'sPrivate
Kermit stop being a R A T
Succulent yeemo trash
I hope you know I watched a paw patrol ad for this but it was worth it
Sydney Oxner
kermit— “i got the angry some breathing for his birthday ur welcome”
The Name of This Person Is Secret
Cermit ruining Marbles bday: top 10 anime betrayals
Cement.... IT'S....NOT....FOR....YOU!!!!
Vogel Njreri
Can someone plz call the pied piper of hamelin *because there's a nasty rat creeping under the Table and it's name is cement*
Witch's Brew Sims
Hes such a middle child 😂😂😂
Yasin Yakub
is yes is my bed is
Zella Rae
I am alive solely for ur channel
_ TacoAmigo777 _
I relate with Kermit on a spiritual level
Kermit stealing everyone's thunder is my favorite pokemon attacc
The dislikes are Cermet and his rat tribe
Uploaded a day before my birthday
cait e.
this is the kind of content i subscribed for
I literally commented on the original video saying I was looking forward to what you would be doing with the upcoming birthday vlogs.. you did not disappoint!
coyoty pup
When your having a birthday but your siblings are jealous.
g h
heart healer
kermit existing: \njulien: go away rat
heaven rogholt
litness. (notice me)\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOMG YOU NOTICED ME!!!!
jennyy sanderss
can someone tell me what type of dog Kermit is cause I want a Kermit
cermet needs attention boi
man idk why Julien keeps using my name like this. i wasn't even there but he jus keeps saying move rat. i wasn't even there fam
kallie slays
crumpet and prune look and act like new york street rats
kituna nagi
#CermetNeedsLove\nHe needs love call \n1-800-Cer-Ment to sponsor a cerment so he can have love\n(Don't call it)
meg c
god bless this channel
1:05 and 2:41 .. omfg this is so hilarious I almost died of laughing
reece's corner
Kermit : * heavy breathing *
nothing can stop marble. he is stronge, cermet is small boy, not even fit to pull plow
shooketh shister
I *freaking Love* the Zooms of Kermits Face
sorry that username is taken
I watched Kermit's birthday video today and it wasn't as good as the other two so now I know who the black sheep of the family is 😏
stan stray kids
dont giev an cermet attention when its an marples birthday it helps them grow
Amazing editing, how did you make marbles move?
trap ninjas
Kermit is such a nervous wreck of a middle child I love him so much
un important
This will be one of the videos I will find in approximately 13.57 years and crie because Marbles will be a bunch of videos and memories. But hopefully he’ll be able to have a robotic body which will allow him to live forever.
vonEbonlake dojcak
As a CERMIT I needed ALL of de ATTENTION!!😏😏😏😏😏😏🐶
(Kermit underneath the table)\nJulien:\n''Theirs a lot of rats underneath the table, go away'' Lmao 😂😂😂
ρяιncєѕѕ M͙a͙g͙i͙c͙ ʝєωєl кιяα кιяα hєαrtѕ
Kermit is more like a human than a dog