Guy Digs A Huge Hole In His Back Yard And Ends Up Driving His Neighbors Wild With Jealousy

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Guy Digs A Huge Hole In His Back Yard And Ends Up Driving His Neighbors Wild With JealousyDo-it-yourself projects can be a rewarding way to spend your time, especially if you’re building something you’re passionate about. However, when one man started digging a giant hole in his back yard, his neighbors thought he’d lost his mind.Little did they know, he’d actually planned one of the most ambitious backyard construction projects of all time. When he was finished, their anger was quickly replaced by burning jealousy…Stray 'Kitten' Rescued From Highway Isn't What She Seems : ►Facebook : https//► All Rights Reserved to :► by : contact us at: [email protected]

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A Nicol
Two words:\n\nAbsolute shite.
Abe Lincoln
Or, just go to the store and buy a bottle of wine.
Alexandria Tovar
Wayne Wayne Wayne
Andreas Gaming Iversen
That guy is dumb bec really would you put vine insted of other things bec he Can have a vine in hes House if the workers see this they are going to be mad
This video was boring.......but comments where funny 😁
Baking Recipes Manisha Mauritius
I thought it would be a beautiful tiny house but still nice work
There is better ways of making wine cellar
Brad Thompson
Too much trouble to stash a couple of bottles of Boone's Farm........
Brady Wiltsey
Brenda LaprinceGoogle next
His wife wanted another bathroom, so he built her a fancy outhouse 😂😂with a double vanity and a bidea 😂
Bri Zack
Dang. I thought the whole time he was building a Tornado shelter haha
Bryan Adams
I thought it would have been a torture dungeon!
Buckwild 65
That’s a storm shelter you wouldn’t mind going in. That’s a helluva survival bunker, Got the hooch,just need some volunteer women and a stripper pole who’s in .
Chief Greco
It puts the lotion in the basket..
Chris D'oulmeth
This is the perfect place to grow weed
Cody Higson
Where did Wayne get a crew, and why did they agree to build a wine cellar with him, when it could quite as easily have been a bloody nuclear bunker
Cole Tanner
State police,city police,county sheriff's office, Department of Tobacco,Firearms, and Alcohol, ICE,Border Patrol, State Drug Task Force and every citizen public funded tax supported department, office and regulation will be driving out to that property as soon as we figure out who Wayne is and where he lives! We're plum mad at all these secret hidden rooms you people are building on your private property. We will put an end to it..You hear me? I said Do you hear me, Wayne..Now come out with you and your wife's hands up in the air where we can see them, give us your Driver's license and registration and building permits as well..HEY HANDS ON YOUR HEAD..GET YOUR HAND OUT FROM THAT BACKPOCKET. \u003cPOW,POW,POW\u003e WE WARNED YOU WAYNE!
Too bad he did nothing to reinforce the walls of the shipping container. Didn't see anything to protect against rust either.
D Sloop
there are better videos about concrete underground tornado shelters on youtube, that are not narrated by a machine.
Daniel Smith
Wayne knew he wouldn’t be able to lift the container in his own? Lol no shit 😂
Danny Coe
40x 60 16 fret Under ground. 60x60 foot Barn on top of it!!! Solar panels on the roof of the barn. So you always have electricity. 16 inch cinder block solid poured concrete walls. 18 in cement floor. With 1200 feet of half inch pex line for heating or Cooling. Barn floor also has 1/2 inch PEX line for heating or Cooling. 12. 2 foot by 4 foot double-glazed glass windows with a Southern Exposure. Letting lin lots of light and has passive solar heating. Also black half inch Pex over 600 feet for hot water on the roof as well!!! Goes to 2 100 gallon storage tanks to hold the water. This was built back in 99 for Y2K!!!
Dave Salisbury
“Die projects,” are you kidding me?
Dennis Miller
The background music made me think he was making some kind of place to lure people and murder them
The way the music starts out, I thought I was watching a crime show, and someone got murdered. Bad music choice lol
Donald Scott
Synopsis: A guy buried a shipping container in his yard and then some ignorant moron made an extremely crappy video about it!!!!!!!
Dr. Fastestinthewest
Are you sure the guys name is Wayne?
Dylan Watson
a House
Edgar Bravo
It's a meth lab.
Ello Yep
Lol.. you'd have to be asleep , dead or the dumbest person alive to get stuck in wet concrete.
Eric Kort
i like how the germans made there underground bunkers
For the impatient lot: it's a wine cellar. \n\nBye.
Frozen forge
It’s a meth lab
Genaro Ambrosio
George Zelenka
With the sinister music I had my money on rape dungeon. 🤣
Youtube should ban all videos voiced by a computer
Hans Bjorgman
Doesn't look like anything to me.
Hui Ee Low
Why the hell would u go trough so mush for a useless wine storage i’d rather make it a shelter for storm,flood or other disasters
Ian Browne
I bet the guy regrets not making it bigger.
Ifihada Hammer
How long do you think it will take for that container start having problems from rusting?
India Randolph
That man is crazy😶!!😆😆
Input _name
So basically his neighbors had nothing to do with the story at all
Did you notice that thing at 3:57
Jackson 83
I thought he was going to grow dope in it
Jesse Costa
Great now he a place to rub one out in private without his mom walking in 😂
Josh Tusinger
Then an earthquake happened and It feel into the ground
Keith Tenney
I was kinda thinking a man cave
Kim Jong Un
Where is the jealousy neighbors???
3:09 \
L .V.E
Leroy Watson
This is fake.
Marco Cota Beautiful House Eugene Oregon
It seems minor things like this are major achievements for Americans nowadays. Besides that , he may have made it look like a wine cellar to many people, but really...Cmon.
Mark Henry
Wayne is making a rape room
Moderator Sylveon
I guess you could say they have 1 foot in the grave
Must be a serious drinker. I rather have a bigger house.
My My
Fantastic ... but the bottom line is, how many people can afford that anyway? But it is sooo cool to have something like that. And, I'm assuming he did a lot of the work that he was capable of doing and I must give him props .. that's a lot of work!
Peter Hall
Despite Wayne's efforts Wayne's Evil Twin brother Dwayne drank all of the wine.
Ray Shuler
Something fishy about this -- good luck to all the local women and children there.
Riptide 10x
Roam The Traveller
So, he made an underground detached basement? To store his pee pee... or is that kombucha? Im lost.
Robert Devitt
YOU SHOULD KNOW that this video was the greatest waste of 5 minutes in my life.
RogerDaGamer 1
What did his neighbours have to do with this...
S Dew
1 thumbs down for click bait idiot title.\n1 thumbs down for computer voice!.\n1 thumbs down for showing me pictures and not a video..
maybe a moon shine cellar. still nice. could be anything. serial killer bunker
Saddle Sore
Then Wayne got hit with a building code violation, and a hefty fine. Wayne never got a building permit, and was ordered by the township to dig it all up.
Scott H
How do we know the Earth is flat cuz water does not stay on a curve it follows a flat plane and a magnet cannot hold water on a curve if the Earth was round all the water would be at the bottom
Sea Pig
Shannon Fisher
Wayne: Really hope u got a permit. What I really can't believe nosy neighbors didn't call building code people? Personally a humidity control system in basement. To each there own???
Snidely Whiplash
cool a torture chamber!
Steve Tanai
Another 5:23 minutes I lost .
Tommy Lee Mcclellan
It looks like a fallout shelter but still nice work Wayne
Definitely a rich person project it makes no sense doing all that work just to store alcohol.
Tracy Hurd
I would have set it up as a storm shelter. That's what I thought he was doing at first.
He's a sexist
Zach Van Harris JR
Moonshine operation?🤔
anthony machin
Shite commentary
All that work for just a wine cellar?
What's up with the creepy piano music??
I don't see how a project like that can be anything other than BDSM.
Is that it? You went to ALL that effort and expense, for THAT?!?!?!?
jerry ray
My wine cellar has thousands of wines it’s called a liquor store .
justin jones
I would have built my house in top of that and had it as a man cave / bombshelter / grow op ahaha
This secret place can be use many ways, but when I was watching it, i had a feeling that this guy, can be a kidnapper 🤔🤔🤔🤔 no good example for mentally ill people...
mad world
The man got money to waist
Damn, all of that.
mr green
The whole video and it was a waste of my valuable time take it off YouTube.
Great place to get away from a killing tornado as long as a tree or something doesn't block your Escape how to fix that problem
rhys mckeever
What a freaky video
it might not be a bomb shelter, but if the shit hits the fan I'm sure he'll be down there instead of his basement.
Wow. Our neighbor has a bomb shelter disguised as a wine cellar! How cool is that? I'm insane with jealousy!!! At least he will be able to stay bombed until he dies from radiation sickness.
techygrams 2017
that is what you call a real alcoholic!
timothy chung
Who wouldn't be jealous? A place to get drunk without the kids lol.