The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer

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Disney's The Lion King opens in theatres July 19, 2019. From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.

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100 subs Without videos
I can’t wait
200 subs sin videos :v
i feel old now
But what about that dark shadowy place over there??
Abdullah Furkan
One of the best animated movies
Adrián Barreto
*“OOOOOOOH NostalgiAAAAAA gonna make moNEEEEEEY off your ChIIIIldhoooood”*
Alexander Hill
I'm so excited to see the live action The Lion King next year! I love the hand drawn animation The Lion King because it's my number 1 favorite Disney movie and my most favorite movie of all time! And the animation The Lion King is always making me hungry when I saw Rafiki using some kind of fruit to use on Simba's forehead, make a picture of Simba in his tree, lots of bones in the Elephant Graveyard, Scar gave the zebra leg to the hyenas, wildebeest eating grass, Timon, Pumbaa and Simba eating some bugs and grubs, Scar using a bone to pick his teeth, Rafiki eating some kind of fruit when he discovered that Simba is still alive, Pumbaa has an apple in his mouth and the hyenas devoured Scar.
Andrew Schumm
New movie is coming out in Summer 2019!!!
so disney is producing a remake of their biggest intellectual property theft.
Ariana Grand Butera
*Pokemon Movie has left the chat*
At Bz
To the people who call this live action and to the people who keep correcting them, how about we call this movie \
Avril Velazquez
AAAAWWWWWWW its look so cute that cub awww he looks like a kitten
Ayesha's Kitchen
I felt 15 years younger while watching this.... nostalgic
Bakon Zambie
Technology has increased alot over the years as you can see.
Beka Akhmetov
Another soulless remake (
The fact that they can make it look so realistic is very impressive!!! And it will be fun to revisit this universe!\nBut those Disney remakes have a far less magical feeling to em... they feel kinda gloomy in a way?\nIt would've been awesome if they remade those films in a slightly more toony looking style! Or at least dared to play a little more with colours and lighting, like in the original! .....Unless their only goal with those remakes is to show off how skilled they've become and how realistic they can make them look... and money ofc :o( I don't doubt it'll be good tho... I really enjoyed the Jungle Book remake.
Blake Grigsby
I just realized I havent been breathing during this entire thing...
Brendan N
Everything the mouse touches, is a souless money grab.
Bryan Bee
Nasiiii lemaaakkkkkkk teh o ais kurang manessssssss
Can I get 1,000 subscribers for no reason :/
Who is here after watching YT rewind 2018??
My God, how much the level of computer graphics and animation has grown. This is amazing. It's just hard to believe.
Chelsea & Franz
y’all ready to cry in theaters? 🦁
Christophe Dawson
The Lion King Remastered
Clash Smchitcle
I already know I’m going to cry during this movie.\n\n\nAnd I haven’t cried while watching a movie once
Copper Creek Cuts
Oh no. I got pretty shook up at Mufasa's death on the animated version. My poor kids will be scarred for life!
Craig Cameron
PSA: Please leave your children at home for the first few showings of this. Have some respect for your generation😤 WE deserve this!! Make them wait for it to get to VHS 📼 😏
December Queen
41K thumbs down?!? WHY?!?! I've waited sooooo long for this!!!!
Dee Vinci
Only want to see Zazu holding up the Rhino in HD🤷🏾\u200d♂️
DemonThunder Wolf
First time I watched Lion King I was 7 yes old and 17 now and feel like a kid 😝
Dipika K
Lion king my favourite iska game bhi tha computer mein mere pass
THIS LOOK SO REAL???! I'm not ready to see Mufasa die again as lion that looks so real damnnnn
Emily Santos
avengers do not even get to the feet of this wonderful movie
Eric Cartman
Am I the only who came after watching the Kim Possible trailer?
Eric Champlin
My first movie ever was The Lion King, 24 years ago. I saw it with my grandma. She's still alive and we're seeing this one in theaters too. :)
Eric Monaco
I cant wait to see what scar will look like in live action
Exalted Madness
I am NOT ready to see Mufasa die in this realistic of quality 😭😭
Farhan The Warrior
Nasi lemaaaaaaaaaakkkk tambahhhhhhh samballl sotongggggg
2019 is going to be known as The Year Of Disney.
I think The Mamak King is better
Disney reaching further into their treasure trove of easy cash grabs.
Hope Gacha147
I came here after watching The Mamak King (The Lion King Parody) XD
Javier Enrique Sampayo Rodríguez
0:41 Hakuna matata, I was in the office, they made me cry and they all left me watching, I'm 30 years old and I think I'm not ready to see Mufasa die in HD😢😭, more as advanced computer animation, the best thing about the film is that you do not have to worry about the spoilers😂 (the cinema will be full of children of 30 and 40 years)
Joosua Anttila
Idk why i thought this wasn't an animation. But still i don't really count this as an animated. It just looks too real. I didn't even think this high level of quality animation was possible before this.
Jordan Godbolt
Not looking forward to all the femanist undertones
Infinity war: we just had the saddest deaths of the year\n\nLion king: hold my beer
I hope this is similar to the original movie of the lion king, from 1994 to 2019.
Kendine Twitch
Music please 🙏 :)
LFP Gaming
Can't wait to see how *Timon and Pumbaa* looks!
Legendary Gamerzzz65
0:41 anybody else get the chills?
Mau5 Fan
This is cool and all, but\n\n\n\n\n\n*When is ratatouille 2 coming out?*
Miguel GC Gamer
Long Live The King
Mike Honcho
Lol...the theater is gonna be filled with a bunch of 40 something year old parents in tears....
Mr Neddlemouse
Now we can witness child abandonment in full 4K\n\nEdit: Why are so many people getting triggered?
Mr. Dude
Disney:The lion king\nMe:Shut up and take my money!
Mustafa Rahman
Oh wait I thought this was the End Game trailer.....\n\n\n\nWhy did you press read more?
Mutlu Hüseyin
Remember.....i think we all remember xd
Nadia N
Beyoncé? Really? 🙄
Nasreen Hafeez
I wanna see it but like....I already know whats gonna happen tho🤔
Niall Villamil
Mufasa’s death ain’t gonna be prettier in realistic quality.
Nick p
In the original film, whenever the hyenas laugh, I laugh like Joker. In this live action version, I’ll laugh like Joker twice as hard.
Niger Nelly
Yall please just be patient. 6 more months to go dang XD
Ofentse Mwase Films
Plot twist, Mufasa doesn't die in this version!
My heart. This is so beautiful. James Earl Jones' voice ahhhh.
Puddi Panda
Random Me
I would have never thought that any animated movie would be this realistic.\n\n\n\n\nNo, seriously.
Ryan Plunkett
Is that the reworked version of the opening song \
Saldi Lukman21
I'm so excited to watch this movie\nI'm 25 years old and a long time ago this film alway my favorite all time
Sally Park
Shamimara Rina
Look like babhubali 😛😷
Shrek is God
Mr. Pig in live action will be magical
Simply Free
was it just me or did the bugs that timon and pumba were eating in the animated movie look really delicious? lol
Smith & Thell
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Snow Kayyi
This gon' be better than The Jungle Book CGI
Star Wars Comics
You will always be our True King JAMES EARL JONES!!
Stella Williams
Great. Now we gotta relive Mufasa dying all over again 😭
I'm having multi-or**sm watching this
I'm going to love the whole movie\n\n\n\n\n\nExcept Mufasa's death
V Thomas
So glad James Earl Jones still in it.
Veggie Stock
As you can tell Disney is slowly starting to run out of ideas starting to make realistic versions of movies already created
I can finally see Scar kill Mufasa in 4K.
Will Edmond
Parents: Leave your kids at home! This movie is for grown folks that grew up in 1994 😂😂
Zeluwa Ohanyido
This amount of views for just the teaser is just amazing.\nCan't wait for the main trailer
_i live under your other bed_
wow must have taken forever to teach all those animals to do that
Let me believe that Mufasa won't die this time
anusha annabathula
Who are watching this trailer again and again....... Hit a like
arpit tandon
I have watched this trailer like 200 times now , and just finished watching original version . Just epic .
hinu hinu
Im Lion King.
julian b.
1:25 gave me the chills
math yew
Am I supposed to be excited? I’m 25 and I’ve never seen Lion King.
No wonder cats are king in social media XD
mohammed mohiuddin
The best part of this movie is that you don't have to worry about the spoilers 😂 😂 😂
Thumbs up if you think Seth Rogen is going to play Pumbaa lol.
nicole nieto
Yo I wanna see it😭😭😭
Did anyone get comedy vibes when rafiki was putting the powder on Simba and holding him up. Like I felt like it was gonna cut to a joke during that scene. That would be kinda cool if they did that
Soo fucking awesome!!
rare clownfish
Music is out of the world.... really unbelievable....😮😮
tiefighter gamer
Disney: should I defile the grave of this beloved classic for money?\n\n\n\nDisney: 0:53