💈 Old school Barber - Face Shave with shavette and hot towel - ASMR no talking

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Massimo gets a haircut and shave from his twin brother
So I noticed some barbers shave twice, once with the grain and second wagainst it. And others just once. Do youike it better when they just shave once? or they do the double shave?
I found my beard are gone after watching this video wow
ASMR Barber
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Adrianobrazil saopaulo
relax \n\nwhat is your mother's name \nrelax
Alfonso Guzman
Perfect shave but 23:40 fail
Ali Tanriöver
How much it cost. He takes so much time for u...?
Andrés Gil Alcolea
Cutre .. navaja con cuchilla que no es la antigua.. me han engañado
23:40 When a ugly girl leans in for a kiss.
yeah but wont his hair be back by 5pm like the rest of us? lol
Bender Bending Rodriguez
23:41...Massimo was lucky the barber was not shaving him.
Benjamin Foote
Some say he is still applying soap to the chin to this day.
Bobby Samayoa
I kinda wish he would have explained what he was applying.
Did this barber tattooed hair to his scalp?
My favourite eau de toilet, ACQUA DI PARMA. Numero 1!!!!! Luxury, top!!
Looks like the Italian Mafia giving him a close shave. WATCH OUT lol
Carter McKinnon
Favorite ASMR channel on youtube and I watch a lot of ASMR
Chemical Gravity
Dude, that barber suit though.. stylish, man. Very cool.
Chris Cole
are all Italian barbers so sexy? I mean you guys just ooze class! (I'm married to a woman btw so I'm no hitting on anyone here, just my observation).\nA master Barber this chap! thorough and precise, watching this was like watching an artist paint. Amazing! I was so relaxed after watching this. \nAnother awesome episode! Grazzi Massimo & Co.
Colin Benfield
Maestro !
ConTrasT //C3/CNG\\\\
An Italian version of ironman but his only weapon is shaving cream
Conservative ASMR
Does anyone else also enjoy the wooden floor sounds xd?
Craig B
Love the pic of Lucky Luciano on the wall
Cristian C.
Un po' di musica e il video sarebbe perfetto
Dana White's double chin
Barber has chicken arms. He needs to lift
Daniel Roa
cool video
*I like that WATCH.*
Dario Witer
Another great shaving video as always! 👍👍👍👍👍 😀😀😀😀😀
4:37 who stopped the video to check if the ambulance was near his house
are you still a software developer, or did you quit your job for your youtube career?
Dimas Nirjana
i like ur Video Masimo...keep doing this and travel around the world...enjoy the trip with ur wife...God Bless...
Dr StrangeLuv
I feel like when he powdered his face he should have did the salt bae thing
Enduro Star
uno dei parrucchieri migliori al mondo.. bellissimo salone!
Eric Ortiz
Great series, Massimo. This barber knows his stuff 👍
Fantastic service by this barber
Frank Jones
addirittura l'acqua di parma .... siamo ad alti livelli
2:34 when Massimo was held hostage 😂😂😂
che cos'è quella saponetta che ti friziona sul viso dopo la rasatura Massimo?
Good One
Gurlui Marian
I give the like for the lather, just i made for me, rich and creamy
Gustavo Freitas
the barber looks like Chuck Palahniuk
Haitham ow
as usal very nice and relaxing videos ,always nice to watch them
Jack Williams
If Anyone Wishes To Know This Barber Shop Is Max & Jö Barbers In Rome, Italy.
Jason Mcbain
Precise & methodical.
Jose Alfonso
Ouch... going against the grain? Thought that was prohibited
Jose Sarmiento
Shave what he has no beard
José Cargua
I wonder how does your voice must sound like
K- Droj
The guy who came through the door looked very upset.
Laneshia Brown
,Sexy Barbers All over that places 😂😂😂😂...good video!!! LOVE IT👍👍
23:40 The day when Massimo almost died in suicide chair.
Lil Nani
porque que los peluqueros no van espilcando lo que estan haciendo ese muy haburido ver el video sin sabes porque hace las cosas
Luís Borges
Hey massimo! I hope you're doing well! This barber is very skillful, great shave!
Lycan of Mordor
Bel video massimo! Complimenti!\nBravissimo il barbiere, molto pulito e professionale
Manuel Sanchez
You know its going to be an EXPENSIVE SHAVE when the barber has AQUA DI PARMA shave cream, post shave balm and After shave splash! 😰😰😰
Marce Man
*No talking he says. I heard him talk with that sweat accent
Matt Ryan
What If he stabs you in the head with that towel on your face? never see it coming
Messer Morfeo
Colpo di scena sul finale, ho quasi gridato.
Milton Ge
May I ask how much would it be if I have a shave at this barber shop? I'm going to Rome in a few weeks.
I wonder if my mom will thinks its okay if I fly to Rome just for a shave every week. I certainly hope so lol, this looked relaxing to the max
My Home Connection
The sirens were a little bothering but otherwise good vid 👍
Nick 0405
2:01 allahu albar!
No Mike
I really been watching this guy get haircuts all night
Primal Concrete Sledge
Ahhh...back to the basics. Love it.
Barber with bow tie , hard alcohol at the back , I don’t even drink coffee and tea, but planning a beer, maybe a good idea or bad bad idea.. anyway nice.
TGO games
23;40 made me jump because i had headphones on lol
Tadas Ruzgys
Can someone tell what kind of shaving brush and razor barber is using?
Two Bins
Excellent barber
Tyna S
Ok, so now I want to be a man ☹
Tyson B.
Normally not a huge fan of tattoos but that guys sleeve on his left arm looked sick. I'd like to see the whole thing. Also great video as usual :D
Beautiful Classic Shave! I really enjoyed seeing some post shave techniques that I've never seen any other barber perform. Just Wonderful\u003e :D This Barber's technique reminded me a lot of the Japanese Woman Barber, Noriko Matsuguchi, who can be seen in Fazad's Barbershop videos. She and Max have the same deft and controlled hand movements.
acerhen somerhen
What is that clear soap looking thing he rubs on face? Is it for cooling effect?\nAlso, what is the powder I see them use a lot in videos on next before shaving?
andrea nero
Un video asmr con la pubblicita???
what is the price for such a service?
You should definitely leave the moustache on.
One of your best series yet, Massimo! This barber was great!
josh sundar
everything simple and short prolonged
Can anyone explain why he put the hot towel on again after the shaving cream ? Seemed pretty pointless ? And haven't seen that before in any other videos
les antoine
Damnnnn.. some barbers gets more flashier than ever. Dude got style.
m a l i b u
is that a lucky luciano picture on the wall i see :)
it took me ages to figure out what was missing from this video , it's the blaring horns you always hear in the videos you've done in India . \nI've never seen a western barber top any of the Indian barbers on head massage or technic
martin krastev
The best barber in all your videos!
His style is so awesome holy f*ck!
does anyone notce the portrait of ephemeral rift on the wall?
Pelato di merda
qww werrt
Он вытащил лезвие из шаветки при нас, значит не стерилизовал ручку после предыдущего клиента. Алунит может содержать следы крови от предыдущего клиента (СПИД, гепатит).
ryne baines
This barber needs to be in a John wick movie.
It would be perfect if the face of the man who is doing massage could be seen
Damn this is awesome! I want to get a shave here now.
Skilled barber...nice to see this skill again,,,
wet shaver
so far the best shave was in gibo barbershop
4:41 zombie Apocalypse, huh? well I need a shave first
دبنگ بادشاہ
Your Baba Sen Shaves Is Better Than All Shave And Massage Videos