Italian Present Tense 2 Spelling changes -ARE verbs

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When conjugating Italian -ARE verbs in the present tense be careful to make the spelling changes outlined in this video. Watch out for the -care, -gare, -iare verbs especially!

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Hi, these videos are so helpful. I'm very grateful for your work. Keep uploading! :)
Really helpful i think it's really funny how you explain much better in 10 min then my teacher in 3 hours
Festus D
Seriously, you're the best language tutor on YouTube. The clean and precise slides, the exercises and the way you switch in between English and Italian accents is just ... meravagliosa. Grazie per i tuoi videos. Grazie. Alora, devo continuare adesso.
Molto grazie!
Heavenly Phoenix74
Quick question. Why are those are the only verbs with 'non' in it and not the rest?\nBy far great video👍😁
Milley Di Vaio
Was really useful less Grazie Mile
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Il tuo lezione é molto interessante. Lo adoro
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you are whispering ,anyway thank you much
Il tuo lezione e molto bene grazie mille
sto aspettando i nuovi episodi!
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thanks so much for your great lessons really i understand italian how I study