Learn Italian ★ Sleep Learning ★ Learn Basic Italian Phrases With Binaural Beats.

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Learn Italian for beginners, With Sleep Learning. Easily learn Italian while you sleep using advanced binaural beats specifically meant for sleep learning. To use, simply listen to this video with headphones on, Just before you are going to sleep, whilst you are awake repeat the Italian phrases in your head, and remain focussed on these words and meanings as you drift slowly off to sleep. Your subconscious mind will then do the rest. The brain does have the ability to absorb information whilst your asleep, as you may know from experience when real sounds from reality have entered your dream and woke you up. This works under a similar principle however the binaural beats ensure you are not woken up and that it is only the learning part of your brain that is listening to the video.★How To Use Most Successfully★- Listen to this video with headphones.- Listen to this video as you are going to sleep- Try and clear your mind of all other thoughts- Repeat the Italian words and meanings out loud if possible- Visualise the Italian words and phrases in your head.- Leave on as you fall asleep- Repeat the words you remember throughout your day- Do this for 30 days to see massive results★Video Description★:This basic learn Italian phrases video is specifically designed to help you learn new Italian words and phrases as you are falling asleep and remember them when you wake up. The brain does have the ability to absorb information whilst you’re asleep, as you may know from experience when real sounds from reality have entered your dream and woke you up. This works under a similar principle however the binaural beats ensure you are not woken up and that it is only the learning part of your brain that is listening to the video. Your brain has an optimal frequency for learning, (when you are totally focussed and absorb information easily), your brain also has a perfect frequency for remembering newly processed information and finally there is a frequency of the brain that allows your subconscious to absorb information whilst you sleep. When you then understand that binaural beats can put your brain at any frequency you want, it then becomes clear how this actually works. You are using binaural beats to basically get the most out of your brain.★Main Features★:- 50 Key Italian Phrases:We have used 50 basic Italian phrases in this video, the sole purpose of these phrases is to give you just about enough of a vocabulary to be able to have a very basic conversation but more importantly survive if travelling. The phrases are best suited for a traveller or tourist simply looking to be able to ask for basic things and find important places whilst in Italy. The English phrase or word is said once then the Italian translation repeated three times.- Binaural Beats:Binaural beats used are: Theta 8.0 Hz, Delta 4.0 Hz, Delta 3.0 Hz. These binaural beats are claimed to improve learning, encourage sleep learning, improve our ability to remember specific words and finally to improve memory and help process newly absorbed information. The combination of these 3 specific frequencies is hugely powerful. There are played in the correct order allowing for complete processing, understanding and most importantly memorising. - Soothing Music:Soothing background music, there is some very soft music playing in the background just to distract from the sounds of the binaural beats and to ensure you are not distracted from the words you are learning. - HD Images:The images are there as a nice background, only 1 image is used as not to drain your battery or cause any buffering issues, we realise in this video actual images aren’t that important as it is more about what is being said than what you can see.Warning:Please remember first and foremost Theta/Delta waves are associated with sleep like states, so it is not advisable to use this video whilst driving.Credits:Adrift by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. .

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*-: PaintedPhoenix :-*
Oml i checked the vid and I was at 9 mins then checked again and then I was at 1 and a half hours into the vid. Jeez
Ambra Germani
Frage: Ich bin eine Deutschmuttersprachlerin und spreche auch Englisch, allerdings nicht so gut. Ist es besser wenn ich Italienisch über due Deutschübersetzung oder über die Englischübersetzung lerne? Danke!
Angels World
She pronounces the words with a terrible accent.
Arianna Kelley
It sounds like I'm being brainwashed
DTW Tech
add words
Daniel Léo Simpson, Composer
Thank you! Perhaps an alternate version without the spooky music while I'm sleeping? :)
Ebisnarte ASMR
hey ,if anyone else is searching for how can i learn italian fast try Jadonite Talk Italian Buddy (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.
Ella Goodlid
I need help. I want to speak italiano can i get help from an english speaking person pls
Felix Bluey
Do learn Greek While sleeping
the music scares me
H Jaye
I listen to this often, whilst falling asleep, I find that listening to it often is a tremendous help in learning Italian, I would love a version of this with subtitles as I am struggling with some of it, but other wise it’s amazing. Thank you. Miss H Johns
Houda Kaloudji
For how many nights should I use this method?
Easiest way to learn any phrase or sentence is to repeat to yourself 7 times in a row. Easiest way to memorize anything. Numbers,questions,sentences etc. Life lesson.
I did this and i just woke up and the only word i remember is ciao\n\nEDIT: I already knew the word ciao
Jismon Baiju
Gratsia mila
Jose Valera
There are several components to speaking Italian quickly . A resource I found that succeeds in merging these is the Hartlyn Language Lessons (look for it on google) definately the most helpful remedy that I have ever heard of. Look at the awesome info .
Kulos Channel
Magda Zdanowska
Nudne jak flaki z olejem. Powtarzanie przez 3 godz paru słówek to lekka przesada i po ok 40 min zaczyna być drażniące. W tym tempie nie sposób nauczyć się języka nawet przez 10 lat.
Mdiaz Diaz
The music is way too loud, would be better w/o the music
Odalys Servellon
In case you want to know how those word are written:\n\nSto bene\nHo fame\nHo sete\nSto male\nBagno\nDevo andare in bagno\nNon parlo bene el spagnolo\nSono perso\nHo bisogno di\nDottore\nPolizia\nBanca\nRistorante \nBar\nInternet\nTelefono \nAeroporto \nTaxi\nCiao\nArrivederci \nBuon giorno!\nBuon pomeriggio!\nBuona notte!\nPer favore\nGrazie\nSi\nNo\nSinistra\nDestra\nCome stai?\nMi chiamo\nCosa hai fatto?\nCosa fai?\nSei libero?\nVuole unisi a me? \nDove e?\nQue ore sono?\nHai fame?\nHai sete?\nStai bene?\nParli inglese?\nPuoi aiutarmi?\nmi spiega il percorso per..\nCuanto costa?\nPosso usare internet?\nMi scusi\nMi chiamo\nNon capisco\nMi dispiace
R. Tony Jimenez
I find it odd that every book or video I read/watch to learn Italian has mistakes in it. I don't even know the language but know errors when I read/watch them... Here when told \
Ro Gi
guardate che ciao si dice anche quando te ne stai andando e saluti un tuo amico!
Ryan levi
This is really helpful for me \nGrazie!!!!
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Tanya Hadlow
Thank you!
The Wolverine
Thanks so much! Wish next time to see the words written in the video , but great work , grazie!
grazie mille
Valentina Monteghepardi
Ma è da pazzi studiare mentre si dorme! Studiate come si deve di giorno e dormite la notte senza fare stronzate!
Xiu Xiu
Ha funzionato per me. Forse è perché ho sempre parlato italiano. Ma non lo saprai mai!
Luv it !
jabbi kawsu
im very happy for thes
poet 247
Woke up and had a craving for Monsato products, buying stocks in Northrop Grumman, going to war against Malawi, and to vote for another Bush. Didnt learn any Italian.
Played this last night and I had a nightmare about young hannibal. I'm like wtf?
It would be great idea to achieve it while you sleep but I'm sceptical. I appreciate the effort to give pronounciation of Italian to beginners like me.
Been doing it for four nights. Not only do I not know any Italian I haven't gotten any sleep...
white supremacy Down
i like it with music
Ани Самарджиева
Grazie per lezione!
كشف الستار
with no music plaise