Highlights Jeremy Clarkson in Who Wants to be A Millionaire

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Jeremy Clarkson in the first episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in the U.K.. The show was a great succes in Britain and scored 5.7 millions viewers.Did you like this video? Please subscribe, like and share.Follow us on our website, twitter or on Facebook.Website : The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series for Amazon Video presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and produced by Andy Wilman.Genre Motoring EntertainmentCreated by Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James May Andy WilmanWritten by Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James May Richard PorterDirected by Phil Churchward Brian Klein Kit Lynch-Robinson Gavin WhiteheadPresented by Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James MayStarring Mike Skinner as "The American"Composer(s) Paul Leonard-MorganCountry of origin United KingdomOriginal language EnglishExecutive producer Andy WilmanProducer(s) Chris Hale Greg Vince Richard Evans Ronan BrowneCinematography Ben JoinerEditor(s) James Hart Dan James Chris Denton Joe OrrCamera setup Multi-camera setupRunning time 44–71 minutesProduction company(s) W. Chump & SonsDistributor Amazon.comThe Cars

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no one is better at talking than jeremy clarkson
He takes the melodramatic tension out of this hokey show. I would absolutely watch it if Clarkson hosted on the reg.
AP Harford
Jeremy Clarkson😂😂
Admiral Ackbar
Damn he's getting old. Time flies so fast that I didn't realize how lifeless and soggy your celebs start looking.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this man can present a knitting show and it'll still be entertaining
Still not interested lmao 😂😂😂
Anders Hofseth Eidskrem
This show got SO much better him as the host!
Andrew Hilton
So much better than Eddie Maguire
Love him or hate him, he's like Gordon Ramsay - objectively funny.
Arthur Gt
5:22 OMG! The goddes of victory? Umm.... Umbro?!
Austin Farley
You guys forgot to put the one in where Clarkson forgets how many sides a stop sign has.
He's such a natural savage!!
Bobby Jay
Boob Ross
I saw this on itv :P
Cameron Clark98
Really hope they bring this back again with Jeremy. He was great 😂
8% intestines got me xD
I would die for Jeremy. He is a national treasure. Keep fighting the p.c. nazis.
I watch it in itv channel in egypt. So good show thanks jeremy🌹🌹
Daniel K
This is probably the last show I would of thought Clarkson would be the host of...
DankTimMy ThEexplosiveTOasTEr
0.33 classic clarkson
Darryl Flowers
Clarkson making more money
Dazzer's Football Stand
There is only one guy who could host the show. Jeremy Clarkson he’s fantastic and funny but not as good as Chris Tarrent #Legend
Welcome to...\nWho Wants A New Loft Conversion
Elle Sea
Clarkson is a very different wind up, isn't he.
0:54 If I was the contestant I would have said, not even cars Jeremy?
How do you need to use a lifeline for the keyboard question...
Frank Castle
Jeremy Clarkson can make anything funny.
Gopher Productions
They should've put James may as the first contestant
Hannah Miyamoto
Just as in \
Harrison Clark
Clarkson knows! Clarkson knows!
I love when he announced his first ever ad break, since he's worked on the BBC for years and Amazon 😂
It's Only Me
not complete without the IBEX question
Jack Bean
Why have they stopped the episodes he is a great host they should keep going with it.
Jack Redmond
They should bring top gear to itv!
James W
Jay S
How it would be if there were all three hosting this show...against a single player...
I had no idea he did this, it's bloody awesome 👍☺
Levente Domonkos
he should host every single show on television, that would be nice
Lovewith Koenigsegg
I hope he's not gonna punch someone like he did to his producer
Lê Hoàng Giang
Earning money faster than Richard Hammond's insuramce broker 😂
No coughing references the people who cheated the show.
Matthew Elder
Love Clarkson, but those were some right morons on the show. Not knowing the main character in billion dollar blockbusters? Salad on one line? Umbro?? Where did they get these degenerates
Matthew Trend
when did he do that? It was Grand tour or top gear. But this? Have I missed something
Clarkson \u003c3 ( no homo )
Michael Lilley
Michał Wichowski
Everything he does is brilliant
0:30 Well at least Clarkson knows a thing or two about Charles Ingram...
The QWERTY question is the easiest question on this show. It literally tells you what the answer is!
Ollie Clark
Please do this for the other episodes too!
Osama Zubair
Keeping uploading this!!!!
Patryk Wieczorek
I loved every second of this series!
'no coughing' Thank you!now no more Charles Ingram.
Philipp Meyer
Project D van
Renzo Miku 69
Contestant: \
Sam Haigh
Millionaire with Clarkson is coming back for a brief period next year, but they should bring it back permanently, its fantastic.
Lol these questions are so easy
He’d be livid if he was given a car related question.
Steamy Stylish
Should've stayed on for longer clarkson on this is better since slice bread
Steve Goldman
Brilliant 🤣🤣
Stian Simonnes
.......In the world!
Sunny Suman
Not interested, still not interested
Taran Caffarella
Team NobleCar
100th sub
The QWERTY keyboard question was stupid easy. I had that answered within 2 seconds of reading the question.
no coughing haha
I can’t watch the full episodes. Because I live in Canada. :/
Thelma Hattingh
best host ever
This was quite funny 😂
I thought this was going to be a joke program like a not real version of the show and jus him fooling around to promote grand tour or something but I didn't know he took this job for real and that's awesome I mean that guy is just one of my hero's honestly lol
Tyler Ensminger
I was wondering if Clarkson would take a jab at his fellow Grand Tour presenters and I was not disappointed. I thought he was genuinely good and funny although he did have one major flub that was talked about
Tell em, J!
Urbex Exploring
So much better and more funny when presented by clarkson
Vladimír Pokorný
ending with that face was sad
A match made in heaven!
a random frog
Jeremy Clarkson is my hero
alexander breschi
@ 0:34 i laughed the hardest when he said no coughing…lol...does anyone recall Ingrams?
A million Pounds is worth more than a million Dollars making British winners richer than US ones.
david satrio
we still not interested 😂😂
eino karjalainen
conduct gun resolution as traffic acknowledge wake seek abortion begin apparently.
its weird seeing clarkson host a show not about cars
iHeart GT86 {KatyCat}
It feels so Top Gear like
Absolutely hilarious 🤣
He is seriously the best; Frank, opinioniated and entertaining.
I'm going to miss him talking shit about rubbish cars and licking proper ones. Where have all the good times gone? :(
sam tinkler
what does he say to the Scottish family?
how dis guy turns the quizz into a stand up comedy show hahahahaha
tim priddy
Call james may
Any show with Jezza makes it instantly better.
ʇɐɥʍ what ʇɐɥʍ what ʇɐɥʍ
I want Jeremy Clarkson to host every TV show in the world
борз 95
4:50 “You’re earning money faster than Richard Hammond’s insurance broker.” HAHAHAAAA