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Today I REACT to the Visual Kei artist ACID BLACK CHERRY!MERCH HERE: Business Inquiries:Email: [email protected]

Yasu acid black cherry acid black cherry yes black cherry j ro... j-rock macryanmac macryanmac visual kei react visual kei visual kei reaction yes

Aghzen Tagant
Akita Haku
plz react to the gazette's new song, Falling!
Al Hunter
Yasu is so awesome! And it was lovely seeing someone enjoying their introduction to ABC so much \u003c3
react to Damijaw
Amy Bruce
Please react to Breakerz. They are close friends with Yasu from Acid Black Cherry. In,fact one of their guitarist has been a support for Acld Black Cherry
Angela Holliday
i love all there music you should listen to incubus it is such an awesome song
Anna Firnen
search english translation of Black Cherry it's diiirty XD also all of these songs are pretty old Chou is from 2011, Black Cherry is 2007, Yes is from 2012, watch Incubus from 2014 because it's more heavy
Anton Z
April Moore
yasu is bisexual and he is a huge HYDE fanboy. I'm soooo happy that you reacted to him!! He's my favorite male vocalist.
Black Cherry
Please react to janne da arc now... yasu never disappoints😆
Blas Julián Santillán
Man, you should totally listen to Yasu's first band, Janne Da Arc, I first got into ABC thanks to Yasu, and lemme tell you, Janne is an amazing j-rock banda, their sound changed a lot, from first kinda heavy metal songs to more rock ones, you won't be disappointed and also, Yasu's voice in the 90's was raspy as hell, a lot of power.
React to Nano songs born to be, be free, and nevereverland
Bruno Durso
Chloe Adamson
React to SuG 🙏🙏🙏
Amazing video, I like ABC very much. You should listen also to his song Fuyu No Maboroshi, Spell Magic and Greed Greed Greed. And if you look at them with the video I think there are sequels video in this order and they are very funny! \nAlso, all the album where Black Cherry is, Black List, is awesome.
Danielle Breitstein
You should react to BREAKERZ. They often collaborate with Yasu on music.
David B. Rockin Music & Anime
the bass player is named Shuse. he is a member of a band called La'Cryma Christi(react to them after reacting to Janne Da Arc)
React to the gazette Falling thier new song plz
Denise Mobers
Exist Trace's \
Try reacting to The Pillows!
I am SO happy you finally got to listen to ABC! Yasu (not 'z', but 's' xD) is incredibly talented man and he is really one of a kind! He keenly focuses on sound of every instrument. You should definitely check his latest albums out - 'L' and 'Acid BLOOD Cherry'. They are different from what you've heard for your video and believe me you will love it! \nThank you for your reaction!!
Emilia Baran
Can You react to B.A.P? :)
Finally! :D I'm so happy right now! Thank you for reacting to Acid Black Cherry and I'm so glad you liked it! It sounds like you really get him and his music! \u003c3
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA! it's a project including many bands and artists (Acid Black Cherry, Breakerz, Hyde), Yasu is there as a reaper (the skeleton picture you said was cool)
Izabela Minami
JIVOTH MasterMinds
For the next react FLUMPOOL.
Jennie Engvall
React to the Gazette's new song \
I hope you react to Aicle! Since they announced a comeback it would be a good time to!
Kasia Białek
Wow *-* I love you now! Thank you for this. And please, do reaction to Janne Da Arc.
Kenny H.I.P.P
Bro pleeeease..react to bump of chicken..I give You a good song title of them: sailing day actually it's original soundtrack of one piece the movie.
Kohitsuji Chan
I love Acid black cherry and I love you too for this reaction \u003c3. Yasu is one of my favorite singers, his voice is beautiful.\nListen INCUBUS, I think is a little bit different. (:
Lady Lefay
So happy you finally are listening to Acid Black Cherry!!! Please react to Janne Da Arc ( Yasu's previous band) their music is just amazing! I am sure you will love their sound!
Yasu composes, writes and produces everything by himself, but the instruments are recorded by other artists who support him with the project. He usually works with the same people for recording, pvs and lives, but some people come and go due to their personal projects and bands. \nWhat's also good about ABC's music is that he writes different types of music, you can listen to ballads, jazzy songs, heavy and even pop-rock songs in the same album. For example, Shangri-la, Incubus and 20 century boys are very different styles, but he masters all of them!\nMoreover, all of his albums are conceptual, they have a story behind them. This is especially true for Q.E.D and L albums, which come with a story written by him. L got such good reviews that last year it even got a movie!
MUSICIAN visualkei
Ryan please react to BULLZEICHEN 88
Madison Rice マディソン
React to Matenrou Opera
Maia Laguerta
Thanks for finally reacting to Acid Black Cherry. \
Marco Cherutti
React to SuG and AnCafe
Maria Clarita Ebora
If only i can like this video a thousand times ❤
Maria Giovanna
Plz, react to hide: pink spider, dice and tell me 💜🙇🏼\u200d♀️🤞
Maria Kärnä
JDA next. I insist.
Mariana Ruiz
Please react to Polkadot Stingray as well :D\nSongs: Electric public (エレクトリック・パブリック), Ningyo (人魚) and Synchronisica (シンクロニシカ).
Martyna W
Oh, please watch their making offs, it's like the funniest thing ever, you will enjoy them even without japanese. \nAlso go and watch their live. there's a whole concert on their official channel. (yasu is just so cool, and provided it for free on his yt channel). \u003c3
Metamorfoza Enigmatică
Why did I not expect you to react to Acid Black Cherry, I do not know. But I'm glad you did. They're great. 😄 Also, I agree with you on the appropriateness of the title of \
Motoko-Chan DL
I saw him Live! It was so fun!!!!!
Mystic Lilium
You might want to give Janne Da Arc a try, while different from abit different from ABC it is still amazing. As for ABC music style they released an album last year that is different from the songs you heard.
Najatul Shima
You should watch Acid Black Cherry - CRISIS!! IT IS SUCH A BOP SONG LIT!! 😁😁😁
I buy all of Acid Black Cherry CDs! 3 live blu-ray! \nI love their album L
Otaku Riser
I saw the music video for 'Adult Black Cat' a LONG time ago. I really gotta get into it more!
Putra Archibald
React to TM Revolution / Abingdon Boys School
Quan Ngo
“Yes” is my favorite song. The video is mind blowing.
Rachael Distler
AHHH I remember I requested ABC forever ago thank you so much for doing this video! They’ve been my favorite band for many years and now you see why 😏💕
Rachel Burnett
Acid black cherry is so so good and if you want to hear some really interesting and different style music from the singer you should defintely react to his old band Janne D'arc. Also please react to Boom Boom satellites. A couple good songs to react to are Intergalactic and shut up and explode.
Sa Mmy
MacRyanMac If you loved Black Cherry and Chou so much, you MUST listen the song Kuroneko (Adult Black Cat). It's awesome! You won't find the whole mv in youtube, but you can watch it on the 2015 Free live concert (Look for it in their channel AcidBlackChannel). Yasu's voice live is EXACTLY THE SAME as in studio, and he is an astonishing performer. My favorite band used to be L'arc en ciel, but after listening to ABC... well, they became my number 2😝. I'm glad you enjoyed it! See? We were right!😂 Watch their lives! Seriously! Greetings from Chile!
Sakashi Dewey
If you are really into them you should do Acid Black Cherry \
Acid Black that's a name I ain't heard in but really this is such a throwback for me!! Used to love this band and listen back in Junior high...10 years later I've recently been thinking I should look them up again and BAM this video is born. Fate has made her opinion heard.
Sayan Ghosh
Janne da arc next.....also Bump of chicken please.....
Selly Kharisma
Finally...! You react acid black cherry. My fav.jpnese band and singer.. Yasu! :) Mostly songs composition is arrange / developed by Yasu. He is a singer and composer, but he also been collaborated with other musician for example with his previous band janne da arc keyboardist. Please also see his live performance video and react Janne Da Arc.
Shiki Hisashi
I just found you dude and I love yah! I'm glad you enjoy Flow and Acid! Yasu is such a beautiful man!
Taka Kagaku
I am SO happy that you enjoyed \
Tsubaki Laurant
Thank you for react to Acid Black Cherry! I'm so happy when I know that you noticed my request xD please watch INCUBUS, another Acid Black Cherry's song. I'm sure you'll love it.
Victor Mafnas
Hello from Guam! Acid Black Cherry has been a favorite of mine for a long time! You should also listen to Fated Lyeno, if you like bass you'll hear some crazy bass lines and progressions.
Viktorija Adamoviciute
Please, react to CLØWD
Virginia Ashby
Acid Black Cherry is one of my favorite bands, 20th Century Boy is my favorite vid.\ncan you please react to the visual kei band D and Exist + Trace you won't be disappointed.
WENGS Official
Part 2 pls.. Try spell magic. Greed greed greed.. And shoujo no inori III its has hard rock /heavy metal vibe on it. Ur reaction is very awesome dude.. Thank u :)
Wassila M
It was about time ! 😆 I knew, I knew you would love him ! You have to listen to him singing live. His voice is incredible. Please check out \
Who is it?
React to Monkey Majik!! Listen to the songs \
I don't think there actually is a band out there that does a job of mixing jazz and rock as well as Acid Black Cherry does, at least not that i know of. This is another band that I am really glad you reacted to :D be sure to check their songs called Yasashii Uso (優しい嘘) and Shangri La (シャングリラ) , which are some of my favorites!
react to LiSA plz
Zarcon Laspatian
react to halloween junky orchestra
azzam firdausy
Please react to YUI....
Yessss, i love ABC so much. Yasu creates all stuff and works usually with the same musicians and they all are very good friends. They all have good sense of humor and they have very funny music videos where they are dressed like nerds :DDD I wich you did reaction one of those funny songs: Spell magic, 20+∞Century Boys...\nI love their live performance, Yasu have so many energy, that i feel tired after watching XD\nBassist name is Shuse, he is from La'cryma Christi, \nDrummer - Jun Ji from Siam Shade, i think he also play with Gackt,\nGuitar (in right side) - Yuki From Dustar-3\nGuitar (in left) Akihide or Hiro (they sometimes changes) Akihide is from Breakers\n\nThat picture with skull face is from MV Halloween party, which organized Hyde from L'arc and ciel and there are lots of other artist. Very awesome MV
Please react to Straightener and The Pillows (legends, legends I tell you!)
pleaaaase react to siam shade!!!!!!!!! acid black cherry even covered their song
React to Janne Da Arc, Yasu's band previous to Acid Black Cherry.\nEspecially their song Gekkouka.
Yeah... Thanks for react to ABC, yes you need to make reaction for Janne da Arc too they are good... 😍
Acid Black Cherry's Spell MAGIC would have been good to see
YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! \\(^o^)/ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥\nNow please react to iKON (yes they are YG, but I promise they're amaz-a-balls) and Jay Park (also amaz-a-balls).\nAnd Flumpool and DOES and Sukima Switch. Thank you!
mike vince
You made me happy when you reacted to VAMPS, and now you've stolen my heart with this reaction!\n\nYes, you won't be disappointed if you hear yasu's older pieces with Janne Da Arc since they were yasu's high school buds, and you could hear an amazing range of styles throughout yasu's career.
mojo jojo
Pls react to GLAY!
I'd be so happy if he reacted to Sound Horizon...
Thank you for reacted to ABC! They're awesome. Also one of my favorite band ever!! And 'Yes' gonna be my favorite track forever from them! Please react to KAMIJO next. That would be amazong!
umino natsuhiko
yes! finally you reacted to ABC! I'm so happy right now..and as always i loooooove your videos. ABC is one of my favourite musicians in the world and i listened to every single song he sang, i just had too, albums and singles and everything. I even memorized the lyrics to the songs you reacted to in just a few hours..because they are so good.
Марина Гордеева
ABC is one of my favorite j-rock group! tnaks for your reaction!)
ぷい ぷい
I'm Japanese!!\nAcid Black Cherry is Japanese pride!!!
Oh my God......thank you so so so much that finally reacting to Acid Black Cherry, one of my super favorite bands! I screamed in front of my computer! I love your reaction videos and this one is super awesome.\nHis lyrics are awesome and creative and some can go really dirty. Please at least check out the lyrics of Black Cherry in English translation and I guarantee that you would be like OMG that's CRAZY!!!\nHis live is very powerful and intriguing. You can know him better by watching his live video. Another good thing about his live video is that you can hear so many awesome songs that their PVs are not available on Youtube. There are people organizing setlists in the comments of those live videos so you can find out the ones that you are interested in and shift the cursor on the time line.\nHis PVs are really creative and some characters are related. It's so fun to find out same outfits and characters from different PVs. He dresses up as girls sometimes, just like in Black Cherry. Characters/outfits that related: Spell Magic, 冬の幻, 未来予想図Ⅱ(this is a recreation work, he likes to recommend great old songs to fans so he makes four recreation albums so far), 20+∞Century Boys\nChou is at about the same era as Black Cherry. It's only one year ago because that's when the full PV is finally uploaded after Chou was released for 5 years. That's why the number of clicks of this PV is soooo underrated.\nRecommended list for heavy rock: Pistol (ピストル), versus G, エストエム (S to M), Jigsaw (ジグソー)\nRecommended list for jazz rock: 黒猫~Adult Black Cat~\nRecommended list for ballad: Aishitenai, so...Good night, 冬の幻 (Fuyu no maboroshi)
Please react to the Gallo (probably the craziest band you can actually think of) - Belphegor,Belial, Yami uta or Kerberos (which will be released on 14.03) \nドウベ (which doesn’t own MV is great to check out as well 💞😍) \n\nBtw. Buck-Tick released few things and their full album is coming soon (14th as well)
Your video made me happy, because I have been Yasu's fun for more than 10 years. I am proud of that I live in Japan same as Yasu. Thank this video.
React to Plastic Tree please\nSongs: \nFukurou \nSpica \nSink
格格C H E R R Y
U should react Acid Black Cherry - Shangri La, i'm waitiiiingg! 😆
Thank you for reacting to ABC ♥.♥
I am happy that you saw ABC on your channel!!