Learn Italian Ep.29 - How to use Ci in Italian

In this video we'll be covering some of the many uses of Ci in Italian. From pronoun to adverb, this little part of Italian grammar is really versatile! Corresponding blog post with notes: Snapchat: weilatomEQUIPMENT:Filmed on Canon G7xEdited on iMovieAlways remember to SPREAD THE LOVE!!Tom

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Abubakar Jallo
Si ci vengo
Agbor Kelvin
Great video
Alexander K
Hello Tom! Thank you for this video, really useful! I also study italian and I would like you to explain me another way to use ''ci'' come ''ci penso io'' or (just an example) ''ci si stavamo divertendo'' or as well ''ci sono riuscito''. That's what makes more problems as to me. If any italian person is reading this, could you please serve? Thank you in advance, hope you Tom will read this coment. Have a great weekend.
Allen Taylor
great video. CI is awesome. NE is the bad one hahaha
Alley Cat
Grazie mille! Avevo tanto bisogno di questo video!! \n\nI will add though that I am pretty sure the 3rd form of \
Andrés Villeta Astacio
Ragazzi! Voglio migliorare il mio italiano. Vi posso aiutare con l'inglese o spagnolo, parle entrambe a un livello alto. Ma cerco a una persona dedicata, davvero voglio parlare almeno un tempo ogni giorno. Se vuoi practicare, lasciami una risposta. Grazie!
Aristeo Tony Trevino
molto bene ragazo!!!
Atiqa Mir
Grazie Tom😘 .... m totally confused with this 'Ci'....but now my mind is so clear about tht 😎 credit goes to u 😍
very clear and useful !
Balla Fofana
Good vidéo
Bách Bùi
grazie mille, explaining in English makes this so much easier
Bella boomz
This really helped- thank you! 😊
Chris Daguanno
Bellissimo video come sempre! \
Claudia Oliver
Your explanations are great. Clitics are a stumbling block for me at the moment. Please can you do some more. For instance 'Noi ce l'abbiamo' just kills me. Help! :(
Cristal Solis
Great video! I just discovered your channel ;)
Da Macster
Totally unrelated but idk if he's purposely tried to lose his NY accent but its nowhere near as thick as it was when he started
Danio A
Come insegnante sei davvero efficace...congratulazioni
Devin Cole
I love you videos! I've been using them to study for the last year. I just got back from Italy last week and everyone was really impressed with how much my Italian had improved! Do you have videos explaining how to use \
Dianne Binstead
Ahh Tom. You make so much sense!
Douglas O'Bryant
I think that \
Endri Li
non sei inglese perche pronunci la R o te lo porti dall'italia?
Mi sono reso conto di come può essere difficile per un inglese imparare l'italiano...
Francesco Mancin
Parli l'italiano benissimo
Eccelente video Tom. Mi ha aiutato moltissimo 👍🏼
Gloria Hewapatha
My first language was Italian, and though I still clearly understand Italian, my spoken Italian is getting rusty, I moved out of Italy when I was little and now I live in Sri Lanka, I wish I knew more Italians to speak Italian with quotidianamente hehe\n\nI tuoi video, mi aiutano molto nel rinfrescare la memoria. Stai facendo benissimo! Grazie Tom.
Grace Fortes Almeida
Hi, where did you learn Italian? You speak better than a lot of Italian mother tongue! I like so much your lessons.
Hayley Egan
I have to say, you are the best Italian teacher I have come across, I really love your videos and learn so much from them! I've sat through many classes of Italian and have never learnt so much, nor so clearly before. You're videos are really great and please keep them up!
Heather Snodgrass
My tutor talked about \
Helen Shkurov
Grazie Tom!
Humberto Tovar
grazie mille da Venezuela
Irina V.
Good, but too much English!
Isabel Portelli
Grazie mille Tom! Contenta che si Sta di nuovo facendo videos italiani!
Jennifer Smith
Another tip for teaching a foreign language is knowing that not many people will understand, \
Kandace Brown
Could you ever say \
Languages are amazing
You deserve at least 200k sucribers, I can see how happy you are while teaching, good job !
Can you do a video on negation. Like non ne o ne, non.. ancora
Len Vadal
Explained very well, it's a difficult subject. Although, now I am afraid to say \
Leonardo Saraniti
Tom ho una gentile richiesta per te.\nOgni volta che vedo slang del tipo Wanna,Gonna,Gotta (forse anche outta boh non ricordo) cosa vogliono dire precisamente? Grazie mille Sei un grande perché parli benissimo l'italiano. Io nella mia vita voglio trasferirmi negli USA e saper parlare come voi anche nello slang.
Lisa DeNunzio
Great video. i am in Italy now and struggling with when to use essere and when to use stare. Especially in the passato prossimo. Do you have a video for this???
Logotha Ironsides
yay piu interesante
Ti ascolterei per ore! ;) Mi stai insegnando tanto! Grazie Tom! xxx
Mr. Icecream
I found you because of Tia Taylor and I'm about to cry of happiness because you're amazing😭😭
Nanuka Kiknadze
you are great teacher. bravooo
Nicholas Waldon
Salve! Hey, I'm in Rome right now and have experienced people saying hello to me with \
Parisien de Tunis
Great video thank you man ! I have italian test tomorrow (Bac) and u help well with you're video continueee
Paulo Santos
Nice!! I'm brazilian and my english isn't perfect, but your video helped so much...grazie mille!!
I love how you welcome your viewers on each lesson! Stay happy :)
Salvatore Celestino
Weila' Tom mi piace tantissimo! Grazie dei tuoi video Tom!
Sami Arınç
grazie di Istanbul
Ci and Ne are like Cain and Abel in my head when forming a sentence.. But I don't know which one will win.
correct, we dont say ci è, we always say c'è (there is) but we can also say \
Stefania Chirico
Ciao Tom, bellissimo video come sempre! :) \nProbabilmente lo sai già, ma spesso noi italiani usiamo la particella ci anche davanti al verbo \
Steve Nash
why not (vengo li') instead of ci vengo?.
Steven Gellett
hey man, just want to say I love your videos... I'm currently doing full immersion learning in Rome and when I don't quite grasp what I've learnt in class then your stuff really clears it up for me!
That Creepypasta Guy
good video tom :) & i was wondering if there are any Italian podcasts you would recommend?
Toxicita's World
thank you for all your lessons, they are improving my italian 😊, except this ci hahaha
Vera Wester
What is the difference between ci and lì? Are they interchangeable?
Victormoses Moses
I like ur teaching
Yassin Oscar
Great job buddy, I'm an Egyptian learning italian, having a hard time with english but guess what...ho capito completamente tutto quello che hai detto :D
alessandro conti
ammazza che accenti,ti giuro che non riesco a capire se sei madrelingua inglese o italiana,magari lo sei di tutte e due ;)
Your eyebrows are perfect \nLa tua sopracciglia sono perfetti
candy jutt
I think that \
mato Mahi
😎😎😎😎good for begginers 👌👌👌👌👌👌
matt'o Ricky
I love your videos I believe this is going to help me alot because I have been studying Italian for 8months now and i can't speak the lady that is teaching us dnt speak English and the class is very bored but thank you for this because this is going to help me alot.
Could you explain the expression \
nura nur
great video
patrick john
Sir a humble request for you to make a video on 'Sia' in which you completely explain the uses of this word. Thanks.
raf3a Boussairi
Great video!
rashid mahmood
nice video
He corrects himself after saying the English 'There's a lot of people here', but that actually is correct since in American English a 'lot' is considered a singular noun even though it represents something that is comprised of multiple things.  It is similar to a 'company' which in the U.S. is considered a singular noun, not a plural.  So we say 'the company is doing well' and not 'the company are doing well' which I often see from my English (UK) or Australian colleagues.
Tom! you forgot to mention \
grazie Tom e complimenti come sempre; i tuoi video sono molto utili anche per imparare l'inglese!
viola lapantera
Insegnante FANTASTICO!
Grazie mille Tom. It's funny how today I said I need to learn how to use \
Ciao Tom! I'm Italian and I really enjoy watching your videos!\nLet me ask you a question. As I suppose your main target are americans who are learning Italian, knowing that so many Italians are following you, how does it make you feel?
Мария Хмара
Thank you so much! I'm Russian and learn Italian language, and sometimes it's hard to understand such kind of video in English, but you explain so clear, then I get 100% of information. \nAnd it's pleasure to see your gorgeous smile)\nCarry on!
بسمة وحيد
i tuoi video mi sono piaciuti molto .Vorrei Che ci consigliaresti un film in inglese e con i sottotitoli in italiano ma che sia bello e che si può guardare anche con la famiglia. Grazie per i tuoi bellissimi video e spero che mi rispondi al più presto💖💖💖