Mad Scientist tries ASMR. 15 Unique Dizzy Triggers!

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Mad Scientist has taken the control and made his first ASMR video here on YouTube. From what I have heard, he told me he has been doing a lot of experiments in order to create the most unique and tingly ASMR triggers. Well, I don't know about that. Everything is so strange.Mad Scientist has asked me which were my favorite triggers in this video. I told him number 4 and number 6. He would also like to know which are your favorite ones. He might make another ASMR video later for this channel, he said. I'm not too sure about that :DHe has also told me to let you know this: "hope you enjoy a good dizzy sleepy asmr".Have a great evening or day!If you would like to support my channel, you can join here!

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The agent of organization has started the ASMR operation...tuturu!
Alexandra Alex
I just LOVE how you aren’t afraid of trying absurd new things! Your creativity is endless! Greeting from Austria 🇦🇹
Alisa Handera
Omg, this is gorgeous, I enjoyed it very much. Already waiting for second part
Anabelo4ka :в
Какое сумасшествие, но мне ооочень понравилось!
Angel Fraire
This is obviously asmr on LSD
Angel of Darkness
I was waiting for this, keep up the awesome videos man love them all 😎👌🏻
WHERE DO YOU GET SO CREATIVITY? OH MAN! I love your videos 💕💕 It's so... Different! ❤️ \n\nBrazil Purple You 💜🇧🇷🇧🇷\nI love u! Thank u! ❤️
Arianna Troeva
Пьер, спасибо за видео и за то, что название на русском. Твои асмр видео точно самые лучшие из всех! С любовью из России 💖
Already waiting for part 2.
Avalue 6
2:05 Transformers sound Effects
1:10 to 2:05 madddd tingles\n.this entire video was amazing💜
Bodya 2.0
I love how Mad Scientist uses secret Hokuto no Ken techniques through the video !!! That slow motion 😱
Camille Pinlou
J'adore cette vidéo elle est hyper relaxante et j'adore le numéro 11!!
Chill Baby
8:17 - когда выполз синий экран
2:47 May make a techno music
Daniil Shev4enko
Глаз радует что по русски
DogeWTF play
Кто русский лайк)
El_Matador 0712
Petite fierté personnelle mais tu as bientôt 400k abo et je suis abo depuis t’es 5k 😁
FeelTheRage !
I love mad scientist!!! Please do more videos with scientist!
Flavien Berthelot
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 WTF la parti français 😂
4:20 This is the tingliest part ever
Harry Blackwell
What’s better that one mad scientist ?\n\nTwo mad scientists \n\nWhat’s better the two mad scientists ?\n\nThree mad scientists\n\nWhat’s better than thr—\n\nNothing
Picked up my shoe and rang the ASMR nurse cos this video knocked me out!
J- Berry
영상도 재밌고 소리도 재밌어요!ㅋㅋㅋ 신기한 소리가 많아서 좋네요. 항상 잘 보고 있어요:)
honestly artistically pleasing to watch
Joker Tv
Hi, Pierre, I am your subscriber from Russia and I have long wanted to ask how you are doing this effect. 5:30
Хороший Асмр. Спасибо Пьер.\nGood ASMR. Senkuy Pierr
와우 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 너무 멋있고 재밌는데요? ㅎㅎㅎ
KanoEKLISPE | Ogn2
1:24 on est bien d’accord qu’il dit salope ? 😂😂 sinon très bonne vidéo , plutôt originale
Ksenia Caramel
Пьер всё супер спасибо за такой приятный ASMR!можно лайк)👍
LPS Foxi Fox
Все как обычно безупречно!!!!!!\nEverything flawless as usua!!!!!!
Lio ;
*Jesus tries ASMR*
Luana Lulu ASMR
Ok but the number 6 is amazing 😍
Lynthia Laufeyson
This is my guitarrr, my precious gitarrrrr :D love the idea of mad scientist creating asmr. Absolutely outstanding!\n\nEdit: Thank you for so many likes! Usually I have only one or at least 2.\n\nHave a nice life everyone :)
Marie Victoire
Oh my God. It's amazing. I love especially nails tapping dance. I think it's one of my favourite tingles. Thank you.❤ \n(Oh! And I love your humour ahah!)
Mila Maler
My second personality at 3 am
Niclas Weber
This is extreme Sport at it's best. :D
Now I will tell you the story of the mad scientist, he was an expert in the time travel experiments but one day he did an error, he entered in a gravity accelerator, from that day his time is cracked in three parts past, present and future, he become crazy for the voices that where talking always before and after him
ParkBench Jimin
I loved how the scissor layer made you look like waves ☺️
PierreG ASMR
By the way, tell me your favorite triggers, if any, today. I personally like 4 and 6. Just thought... those sounds are interesting :D
Holy moly! That was actually amazing to watch! All the efforts you've put into it are appreciated.\nI've never felt so many tingles at once since I'm almost immune to them but triggers #7 and 8 were both unique; something I've never felt before. \n\n\n\n\nPs: C'est la meilleure vidéo asmr que j'ai vue en 2018. Mad Scientist, c'est ton meilleur personnage!
i can't sleep anymore, i laughed too hard. 😂😂
Rin M
“Mad scientist fighting with edward” \nBrilliant!
Sciby Excluez
The mad Scientist is actually the Best
I'am Mad\nI'am Mad\nI'am Mad\nI'am Mad\n\nI'am Mad Scientist\nI'am Mad Scientist\nI'am Mad Scientist\nI'am Mad Scientist\nI'am Mad Scientist\nI'am Mad Scientist
Skeleton Geim на телефоне
Спасибо огромное тибе за видео ролик
Sup Yo
i was so confused at the beginning lmao i thought he was holding the shoe to his ear and was talking to himself
Teresa Alexandra •
This is one of the best asmr ever😍 Especially that intro! You're an actual genius
That Channel
The mad scientist is a *LEGEND* in sound making.
The 1 and only CHEEKY!
Между вами и мной я использую Google translate.
The Witcher
Пьер, ты крут бро, очень понравилось это видео, и особенно момент с водой, напомнило мне про сериал Breaking Bad. Привет из Украины 😉
Who stole my cookie ?
Idk why but I laughed so hard at the nail tapping dance.
Zeref Uchiha
This was GENIUS!\nI can smell the creativity through the screen 😩🤤 \n\nGoodnight x
ZsR_ Razior_
de la tuerie bonne nuit a toussssss 😜👌 . 2:30 les effet du THC mdrrr . 3:30
aaa aaa
Very good video and waiting for part 2 and you should do a Mario whistling video that would be amazing and great job pierre
anonymous commenter
Mad scientist. More like mad genius. I can't put into words how good I think this video is. I have seen hundreds of asmr videos as well.
larzari rose
lil pikachu
Иссус свои способности показывает)
memy boi
That water tapping dance truly deserves it's amazing fame
J'aime beaucoup c'est très original le seul truc qui est un peu dérangeant c'est que ça dure pas assez longtemps les passages des objets mais sinon superbe vidéo 😴
rassl bro
3:25 Pier in 15 fps on low pc😆😆😆
sakura heartfilia
Woooow, this is honestly so greaat !! 😍\nThanks for everything Pierre, your videos helps me relax all the time, you're a good person, your ASMR always helps me a lot, so im truly grateful for your existence and the creation of this YouTube channel ☺❤\nThis is so creative I can't, your hard work impress me a lot !
Non mais clairement la numero 11 est la meilleure cette chanson est si touchante en vraie.
One of the best ASMR's on your channel in my opinion.
Çağrı Emirhan Demir
Legends says he escaped Area 51...
Арсений Сентюрин
Спасибо за русское название. Большое спасибо. Thanks!
Артём Круглов
Привет! Спасибо за классный ASMR!
Борис Шиншилла. Брат Бори киса
Виктория Власова
Давно не слышала ничего лучше, спасибо!!!
Владимир Воронин
Please, make a separate video with sound 4! It's absolutely amazing sounds like cat's purring ^÷^
Пьер, просто красавчик, твои АСМР просто the best :) Подписка, лайк и уважение :)
Кариндосик _2004_
Круто !👍Несколько раз я запутывалась пока смотрела , как в глазах двоится . 😊
Кира Мей
Ты самый лучший, спасибо за такие видео. Мы любим тебя ❤😊
Кэт Вай
Очень круто) мне очень сильно нравится!
Няшка -поняшка
Чувак, это очень странно, но звучит круто! Аж реально мурашки пробежали с некоторых триггеров. Спасибо за это (*´﹀`*)\nЧто тебя так вштырило? :D
Про100 МИША
Ты молодец что делаешь подобную тематику. Она реально расслабляет. Очень хорошее видео. И ещё ты молодец что поддерживаешь разные тематики Языков.
Пушкин Колотушкин
Хочется больше таких асмр с ефектами!!!
Смех Джина
Аааа, вы опять написали название на русском!)) Так мило))) Мне нравится!))
Тимафей Коновалов
Сначала я подумал что пиво сильно быстро на меня подействавало
Ушедший В-Себя
А этот парень знает что мне нравится ;) Спасибо
This is one of the most tingly videos I've ever watched so far.
I am a junior high school student .I am afirst-year student.Iwatch you ebriday.I love you.good night…(I'm using a little bit of a translator, so maybe the minutes are a little crazy.)
Hi I am a Chinese,i know your videos from the Internet and i love them as soon as i enjoy them.So I download Youtube to see you.You are the best!
4番 宇宙船が頭上通ってるみたいな音w(語彙力)
This video is very funny 😄and sounds very amazing 😉 from korean
편집을 어떻게 하는거지...신기하고 대단하다
0:50 asmr들으면서 처음 웃었다 ㅋㅋ
I am mad scientist, its so coool. SUNAVUBITCH