How To Play The Pentatonic Scale Over Any Guitar Chord | Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

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Amit Doron
finally a straight forward explanation !
Anang Mahato
How to solo on an entire fret board
Andrew Mark
Great stuff! You explain it so well. Thank you!
Andy M
wow .......... powerful info ............ appreciated!!!
Anupam Singh
You rocked my world.. Thankyou..
Atto Mwanga
Wonderful Steve!
Bill Kincaid
HI Steve. This is in my opinion a very important lesson for beginning guitar players and intermediate also. While there is much more to it, you consolidated it down nicely. I've found that many guitar players are weak in the area of this lesson, especially people who play mostly rock. The pentatonic position is learned early on and the major scale is learned way to late in the development of their guitar skills. This lessons knowledge was skills I learned early on and helped me immensely through the years. Your knowledge of theory is much more advanced than mine, and I have a question. The A minor and C major have the same notes. Why when explaining these two as being the same did you leave out the F note and the B note which are in both scales? Did I miss something while watching the video? I'm always in the learn mode. Thanks and great work.
Bob Hope
Steve. You are great teacher. Definitely have a gift. Really enjoying your lessons. Thanks a lot.
Wow! I literaly had an aha moment.
Chris Langley
Dude, Steve.. This is so freaking helpful. Thank you man. \n\nThis is not the first time one of your videos has blown my mind and helped to increase my understanding of guitar and music as a whole.\n\nI really really appreciate it.
Cristo Pohodolus
Perfect lesson from a Perfect teacher !\nRight to the point . Remember, there's no shortcuts to learning something new .... except if you are learning from this guy. t(-,-t)
Dan Daniel
I am 75 years old and still trying to learn some basics. This is an awesome video. Thanks
Dan Dolan
Best lead lesson ever - seriously, this is most helpful... Nicely done! Thanks
Dan Millane
Dude! I'm a full-time, self-taught guitarist who's had a hand full of lessons to improve soloing and this 13 mins has been the most I've learned in years. \nTeaching is a skill in itself and you've got it, mate! Subbed
Thanks Steve, this is finally making some sense
Daryl Balderama
This is just mindblowing 😮
Dennis Breault
Yup Steve is a gold mine on how you can play well and you can do it fairly quickly... Still gotta practice though.
DerRobMann (R.T. West)
Very helpful instruction. Through brute force and memorization I've learned the 5 box positions, major and minor, but don't know well how to move them or really play something interesting or creative. This helped. Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends...
Derek Maher
Great lesson as always Steve
Wow, I've only got one word to say. And it starts with F! (in a nice way) At 7.30 it reminded me of the lead guitarist in my band years ago!
Dixit Nellithay
Is this the same way for every note to find its major scale?
Elle Mandela
Thanks 🙏
Eugene Garcia
Watching your videos here from Philippines.I can say that this is one of the best tutorial i've ever watched.As a beginner for guitar scaling now I can clearly understand how the Pentatonic Scale works. Thank you Mr. Steve.
Fredrik Olofsson
wow this was so good it opened up a new world for me :D
Gary Manning
I can play by ear doing this but i needed this vid to know what the heck im actually doing .
George Pimentel
Steve; I'm an older guitar beginner and I learned so much from you. I want to thank you for your time and effort. Thanks Man. Will stay in contact.
Gm Saltybyte
Thank you for this very helpful video.
Goddy Mac
Well taught. Thank you very much👏🏻👏🏻🙌
Graceland Studio Covers
The way you explain it Steve at the beginning. It refers only to the 5th position. Right? A major 5th c major was 5th. It was only 1 position . Correct me if i am wrong. But great lesson man. It opens up tons of options for me.
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Hi Steve great video like always! Just one question pls.When your in the major chords can l play minor pentatonic licks as well ?Thx!
J Baron
The last tip was great. It's stuff I already know but it's nice to reinforce the visualization. Visualize and conquer! ;)
James Austin
Thank you, great yet simple explanation.
James James
I feel like I owe you my bank account for this one lesson. This has done more for me than any in person lesson I've ever taken. I feel both ripped off by other guitar teachers and indebted to you for being a great one. If I ever actually make some money in this life, I will remember this and share some with you or pay it forward. \nThanks.
Jay Wacasey
This was so good...often I have been stuck in that first box. I like the feel of the major but couldn’t figure out why it sometimes didn’t fit. You just showed me that My problem was when i would slide forward 3 frets I would still use the old root note position from the minor box. Especially. I could never figure out why other people’s runs made melodic sense and sounded more “interesting” but the way you explained to resolve or utilize the next chords root for emphasis when the progression was over that chord makes this video golden. Like a pentatonic solo life hack. Can’t wait till I can seamlessly slip into that diatonic. I’ll get there🎸🔥FYI..subscribed
Jim Snow
thanks so much for the great guitar lessons... one of the best on youtube
Joann Carolus
This video is a major breakthrough for me. I know the first two shapes, but had no idea why sometimes I landed on a good note, and other times, a sour. I was flying blind! Just learned more in 13 minutes than the last 15 years! Thank-you so much. You're a great teacher!!
Jolly Swagman
You kinda look like Steve Morse in the video thumbnail.
Jonathan Castañeda
thank you for this video!!
Jose Gregorio Graterol
Awesome tutorial Steve and very useful tool for any kind of solos !!! Thanks
Jose V.
Thanks, very good approach. I would think of this as a harmonic approach. Very powerfull tool indeed.
Josh T
There is so much good content in this video. Every time I rewatch it, there seems to be something else I learn(retain). I seem to have my chords down, but was struggling to understand how to play notes in pentatonic scales that made sense. And good ideas for practice. I downloaded ChordPulse and am slowly making my way through the examples you gave. very helpful. Thanks so much!
João Silva
MAN YOUR GREAT ! :) such a good teacher :)
Julio Herrera
Thanks thanks thanks thanks!
Lance Paul Aquino
Its really helps a lot
Lexus Betito
Amazing, sir Steve, this is what I Need to learn so I could play solo.
You know I figured this stuff out on my own 40+ years ago by playing to albums and buying guitar player magazine .. back then they just started introducing \
Marco Fagone
Great job ! Thank you ! Much easier to begin to practice \
Medical Interest
Excellent lesson Steve. Just an aesthetic consideration... Can you back off the volume of the guitar. It's a great sound for soloing but a bit heavy for tuition. My having not uploaded a video\nI am ignorant of how to set the volume so that going from one video to the next won't shock the unprepared listener. I am 70 and still have very good hearing despite doing rock gigs for decades.\nFortunately I was the band leader and obviously deaf musicians didn't get an opportunity to wreck everyone else's hearing or cause managements of venues to not hire us.
Neil Turner
Steve you explain things so perfectly! Thanks dude !
Noah Tenshen
It always makes me smile the way you state the illusive obvious and it then becomes obvious to me. I spent over an hour playing along with this chord progression on my Looper last night and slowly the picture emerged and my cognizance of what to emphasize was brightened, as well as what \
The Reason why i never stop to practice... It works all better and better.. \nKeep going
Patrick Gesner
Seriously, you are an awesome teacher!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent and using it and your gift of teaching!
Paul Raworth
Yes finally someone who can teach thank you
Pete Jones
Great Lesson Thanks and oh man you use the same Amp that I have since 3 Days. Great Sound but I can´t find it on the Grandmeister
Ralph Barbato
Great video ! I've got a question... \nA little background: In the last few minutes of your video you talk to staying in one position ('A' Minor Pentatonic) while at the same time utilizing the different 5 positions of the Pentatonic scale to accommodate the cord changes you recorded (C-Maj, A-Min, F-Maj and G-Maj). I have all 5 positions of the scale down and would like to use the different positions in one place as you demonstrated. In Pentatonic positions 3 and 4 you have both the F and G notes. For 'F' you used position 4... why not position 3? How do you decided the position to use when the notes are found in both?
Ray S
Kudos from a perpetual beginner.
I love it. Easy to understand, but to really \
Rem Alek
thanks for the video..its really help me alot
Richard Bean
Totally transformed my understanding of soloing with pentatonic scales. Wow
Robert McCarthy
Very helpful. Thanks.
Russ Becker
Excellent tutorial!!! What is that pick you are using?
Thank you Steve! That was really clear and helpful.
One question, though; what is this effect(chord chasing-changing keys) relative to staying in the key of Aminor, and, keeping your licks within the key of Am, the Am pentatonic, by using Cionian pentatonic(already synched according to theory), an FLydian pentatonic, and Gmyxolydian pentatonic, all staying within the key of Am or A aeolian? Does the chord chasing give more of a feeling of a harmonious disonance, or actually give more melodic feelings? WHen do I want to use modal licks, staying within the main key vs. changing the key in my licks to reflect the key of the chord being played? I can do both, but, am ignorant to choosing between the two for a given effect...all while knowing that anyone can do a chromatic scale and use all 12 tones, stressing the root of the chord being played...
Scoop Newsworthy
Great video man. This immediately opens up a lot. I'm an advanced/beginner. I know both of those shapes of the major and minor pentatonic. The way you demostrated the application of these shapes makes playing fills and lead breaks very satifying.
Simen Vo
Amazing teacher
gem of a lesson thanks Steve.
Stevi Evs
Thanks Steve and great vid by the way!!!! As I'm new to learning guitar I was wondering how this works when you have a fast chord progression. Many thanks again.
Terjar Riram
Great piece of knowledge sir🤗..make it for major scale also...plss
Terry Bennett
Hi Steve, you were born to teach guitar, your lessons are amazing, you explain it so well. Cheers🎸
Thomas Kihr
The first time in 40 years that I understood how one scale fits into the other - crazy! Many thanks for that! Thumbs up!
Tony G-string
I like your videos, however, I have some difficulty with your TAB graphic displayed in the top right corner of the video.\nRemember the viewer is looking through the camera lens at your fretboard.\nYour TAB graphics need to be rotated by 180 degrees. (they are upside down).\n\nFor example, when you play the C major pentatonic you start on the 6th string A note (top string) and play down to the 1st string C note, but your TAB graphic shows the 6th string at the bottom and the fret numbers count backwards (to the right) which is the opposite to what the viewer is seeing looking at your guitar.\nSo the TAB should show the fret numbers count from right to left (viewers perspective) and the strings should count down with the 6th string at the top of the TAB graphic.\nI think this would make it much easier for the viewer to visualize more easily what you are playing.
Travis Mcgrath
holy shit! awesome!
Wawie Sarte
Great tutorial!
Wild Life
This is freaking awesome Dude!
William Fairbrother
Steve is a fantastic teacher. I have learned so much from him. Thanx Steve.
Winston Kersey
You have a gift of showing people where the light switch is.
Winston Smith
Wow, thanks so much for this Steve. Amazing info as always. Exactly the info I needed at this particular moment :-)
Man, I have to say I'm loving your lessons in particular. You have, by far, the most comprehensive and simple lessons I've come across on YouTube. I've been playing songs with friends for the last three or four years now, but I knew nothing more than open chords the entire time. Recently picked up a Les Paul and I really struggled to understand how exactly I'm supposed to play it after coming from that. Just at the start of this week, I had picked up on the different scale positions, but really struggled to wrap my head around playing any scales during chord progressions. This video cleared it up for me perfectly and I can't thank you enough. \nOnce I can move in and out of different positions along the neck comfortably, I'll feel much better. Gotta keep practicing, be patient, and I'm sure I'll get there soon. Thanks again!
First time watching your video. It was awesome. Good instruction. Look forward to watching more!
Well done sir. 👍
bryan leclerc
Tons of great information that you do a great job of conveying. Thanks for your work.
bubba buckwheat
This helped a lot. Thanks Steve for your excellent instruction.
buzz Icasiano
Love the lessons you are providing us , Steve. Really appreciate it.
flippin sweet guitar
Love these videos man. I've been watching them for a couple of years and they have helped a lot. Could you possibly do a video of chord progressions/scales using the capo at various frets and perhaps different tunings/exotic world styles, if that's cool?. That would be awesome. Thanks again.
david post
Thanks you Steve, this was so helpful..... Brilliant lesson
Great video Steve but could you do an in-depth video on just using the pentatonic boxes in one position on the neck as I’m having difficulty knowing which box to use over the changing chords. Thanks for all your great work.
g guerra
Thanks for all your help:)
Why didn't I know this?
john langgie
wow.. i used the same method. i play different chords in pentatonic in one position. but still learn to master the method.
Steve, I really found this extremely useful, I have been a student of yours for quite a long time and member of Guitar Zoom. This was very enlightening and I am familiar with Pentatonic and Diatonic patterns as I also have taken your Theory class. Perhaps a few more lessons with this in mind. Thank you still learning student NmbrJuan
Nice straight ahead video. Meloidc playing always grabs the heart. Reminds me of the many hairband solos from the late 80's early 90's. People can say what they want about that era of guitar but those dudes could play! Then it was uncool to play solos?
Steve you’re the greatest. I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks for the great content
twisted whisker
Another great lesson…..LOVE the amp!!
Great vid! I was just starting to learn this kind of stuff so I could stop just memorizing songs from videos. I bought a looper pedal so I could do what you just did. Play some cords and then try to solo over them. I learned some good tips from this video . And I love the sound of your guitar, awesome!