Captain Jack - Billy Joel

Captain Jack from The Essential Billy Joel album. This song is for entertainment purposes only.

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My favorite song by Billy Joel.  I listen to it everyday
Captain Jack and Coke anyone?
So this song is about heroin. Billy joel lived on long island and would see junkies going to pickup from \
Assunta Levante
Billy Joel is one of the greatest musicians,love his music.💋👌
Benji Grossman
\nThis honestly is a true work of art and a masterpiece. Seriously people
Bri Badge
I have lived on LI since 1969, I have met Billy, been to his house,met Mick Jagger @ his house in Loyd Harbor 1 day!! Use to hang with Mariah Carey in Doug Stegmeyer's (Billy Joel's Bass Guitarist who sadly took his own life) house in Centerport, Even Now in 2016 43 years after this song came out the Heroin epidemic is out off control, you will not meet to many ppl that use heroin after the age 30 because they have passed away...Sad ;(\n\nThis song is based on a real person: A drug dealer who lived near Joel in Oyster Bay, New York. But, as the singer explained in a 1975 interview with ZigZag, the character \
Bryan PoolGuy
This song is about Heroin
Bryan lastname
At 200 decibels through Klipsch, in Tamarac House, West Halls, Penn State 1989 w a keg in each closet, NOTHING beat the Capt'!
The bluntness of this song really bothers some people, but the topic it covers isn't very nice either...
Caroline Miller
one of my favorites from him
Charles Larkin
Great song;  I've only heard one radio station (Cool 102, Cape Cod) actually ever play it. This one deserves more air-time.
Chris Bingham
He definitely looks stoned ;P this is my first listen, been reading your guys' comments and must say, I find it strange to think of him to be high, I'd even wish to get high with him lol great find, complements to the chef!
Chris Gundaker
Captain jack was real heroin dealer up on Long Island or whatever hustlin to all the kids
Cyndi A
This is a really sad song. He was the quintessential piano man, so he spent most of his time around the drunks and dregs of society hanging around the bars and those people became his friends. Have to give him credit to rise above and continue with his music.
Cyndy Bensema
And I always thought Captain Jack was Jack Daniels.  I got an education on it by reading the comments!  Wow!  And I am an original Billy Joel fan, but must have lived a sheltered life!
D Binnie
There is so much meaning in this song its amazing and it explains a very important life lesson
Dak Lamerbusch
Dan Sist
I always loved this song and the very similar \
Dan Wesolick
one of my first albums ever purchased. great great song!!
Danny Swiss
everyione: Your sisters out shes on a date.. so you sit at home...\
Dante Pucci
I love Billy Joel so much he makes really good music.
David Hendrix
David Lamont
It's a very condesending song. I can't help but feel Billy wrote it as a slap in the face to someone he knew
Correction Billy I don't have a sister.
Diana Martinez
This song got me through a lot of days when I was a teenager.
Dorkus Malorkus
Cap'n Crunch can get u by today
Reminds me of the college days. Lol.
Ethan Markell
This guy was a true musical genuis.
Fran Xavier
Funny, his career actualyl started in Phila. due to one of the so called underground stations. WMMR played this to death, and shared it with other stations around the country. It led to a contract with Columbia and created a cult following. Now allegedly Billy hates the song and its subject matter.
Gail Formosa
I love this song while people freaking out over Bowie I was jamming to Billy Joel but he sold out and went pop.This is an anthem to my youth listened to it over and over wore the needle out
Gansuela Delgado
Gary Turner
My Captain Jack will be what i want/need it to be. Great song.
Greg Traver
Great summation of teen angst!
Guy Dude
Billy Joel will get ya high tonight hell take ya to your special island one listen and you'll be smiling
Ian Klein
Sometime Im too lazy to make it to the toilet, so I shit in the sink.
Every one has there own Captain Jack!
J_ G_
wonder what 'special island' means to the elites...
James Meek
like if here from jon bellion.
Billy Joel's talent for song writing is incredible. Those of us who were in high school and college in the 70s were very fortunate people; add Harry Chapin, Jim Croce (both no longer with us) and just a few others.
John Smith
Drugs....Meanings...Right/wrong...Blah blah blah, Billy Joel is a Goddamn GENIUS!
Jonathan Bloom
By far his best work
Karina Lubyte
Kenneth Schmidt
I have a lot of reservations about a lot of Billy Joel songs, but this one is rather good. Always thought so.
come on people shut up enjoy the music
Marcos Lucero
2018 and still here.
Matthew C
Micheal Jackson, and Billy Joel. 2 Artists that will never be out-shined for centuries to come.
Mike Mullen
That is awesome!!! Such a great musician
Morris Manor
That's Captain Jack Sparrow to you, Savy.
Numbered Streets Klan Official
This song has such a deep meaning. Heroin which was a very big problem where he was from Long Island.
Pat H.
Captain crunch will get you by to night take you to your special island
Patrick Bateman
This song reminds me of masturbating alone on a Saturday night.
Paul Isaac
I've always known this song is about drugs. It's really obvious, \
Pete Patraglia
Song about a junkie gal he once knew
When I was young, this was cool. When I got old, I understood better.\n\nJust wait and see.
This reminds me of David Bowie
Billy did a radio concert on Philadelphia's WMMR-FM live from Sigma Sound Studios on April 15th 1972 that included this and The Ballad Of Billy The Kid. The two got so many requests that Billy credits fans in Philly (and New York) with making his career. BTW Sigma Sound later became known as the home of Gamble and Huff and \
Rick Blanton
Ronald Charles Epstein
Billy Joel explores the dark side of Seventies youth in depth, wth the insight of a poet and the soul of a true musician.
Sasha Nist
fun fact: if you play the organ part in a church, people get a bit mad...
Scott Cradduck
My parents had this song on cassette when I was kid. Always wanted to make a cover of it if I was ever in a band. But I can't play...or I'll leave it to Mr Joel.
Shelley Griffith
I have been clean now for almost a year and I can listen to this song again praise GOD
Steve Burton
It's not Captain Jack Sparrow.\nHeroin and amphetamine if I recall correctly.\nA sad tale of a lad who has had everything he could possibly want handed to him, so none of it means anything.\nSo he resorts to drugs to get that thrill you normally get from your own successes.\nIt's interesting that too much success can lead to the same fate.
Steve Dupree
I got to sit 15 feet away and watch him play piano
Steven Crawford
It reminds me to stay sober and strong. The woman I brought into my life needs all the help she can to stay sober for her son. put myself out with the social workers and did drug screen to be supervisor for her son to visit. I pray she can complete drug and alcohol out patient and other programs to be a good mom. Took her in homeless to help her a long with no relationship other than friend till she heals then she might fall in love but she has to heal first.
Steven Kaye
This album is so well-produced and performed. I love the country influence.
heard this song on the radio today had to look it up. love it.
Captain Obvious gets many people by when it comes to youtube comments.\n\n_signed, Captain Obvious_
Captian jack was a drug dealer billy could see from his New York window when he wrote this song
William J. Kaye
Not his best song, but it helped put him on the map. Piano Man and Billy the Kid I think are better. The whole Piano Man album is good.
William Wareing
. . . Harkness? :P
This was BEFORE heroin, America was empty after Eisenhower Nixon and Kennedy.  Birth of the long blues..
Billy Joel is a great songwriter, besides being a great pianist.....
brett weir
cause I play my albums\nand I smoke my pot\nthen I meet my girlfriend in the parking lot
Underrated song..not to people know of this song
I love Billy Joel, but I think this song would have been extra cool if David Bowie was featured on it.
dakota dude
No booze for 40 years now for me. Now I just smoke the shit out of weed
I'll take 'Songs You Won't Hear on Glee'  for $1000,  Alex.
Wish capt Jack would get me high tonight.
ginger farkus
Best song he ever wrote.
Just heard this song for the first time a few days ago, don't know where its been hiding. Definitely one of my favorite Billy Joel songs.
best song for doing that one little push that gets you smiling lol
this makes me feel helpless and kind of like a loser.
marilyn parsons
I am cold no oil- I am going to die soon. Hard ass life. Many mistakes. Please pray for me. Thank you!
This song and \
Captain jack is a heroin dealer and when he says \
scott willey
drank to this song in portland me.dont get much better
strawberry pie
Disturbing... But awesome!
Bob Fosse borrowed the big finish of this song for the big finish of his film \
God I miss the 80s
this would make a great lana del rey cover
Believe it or not, I'm new to this song. Yet another reason why Billy Joel is a master. A modern Troubador. At first I thought this was his homage to Elton John, but on closer listen, he's telling a poignant story of small-town-life...another gem.
zen zen
Capt. Jack is stoned tonight
0:24 \n禿の乱\n(Hangin' around)