Why was Italy so Ineffective in WWII? | Animated History

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You aren't much of an historian if you don't know that Italy surrendered in 1943, not `44.
Rommel said the Italian soldier was a good soldier. He was just poorly lead and poorly equipped. History also forgets the Italian Ariete Division, who fought to the end bravely at the second battle of El Alamein, and whose destruction was mourned by Rommel.
Does anyone else find it strange listening to a history lesson from little kids?
Adolf Hitler 卍
Italy is trash why does it even exist?
Adriano Brigoni
Italy is essentially a creative energy. We're not made to destroy & annihilate, nor we have a strictly mathematical mind (also today we're not fond of percentages & statistics). Mussolini was the parody of a Renaissance war leader, totally out of its times, but the Italians fed his ego probably because of their deep shock in WW1. His popularity grew up during 20 years of public works & patronage: but it instantly decreased after a couple of bombings against our towns.
Alexander Challis
Rommel's CoS (Operations) then Colonel FW von Mellenthin describes his encounter with Italian forces, they were friendly and helpful, their equipment was poor and obsolete, Junior officers had very little training and thought all they had to do was give orders to others. FW von Mellenthin certainly pulls few punches whilst totally loyal to Rommel he was at times exasperated by him. He was stubborn to the point where when Montgomery arrived he dismissed him as just another British general to defeat, many of us knew Montgomery and that he was a very good tactician if not strategist. Rommel was star struck and liked to take the film unit up to the front to show that he was in touch with his men, this often left him out of contact with HQ. News came in that Montgomery was seen to be on the move, as CoS ops I had the authority to order our units to react the German system meant that as CoS I was carrying out Rommel's orders. Thankfully my orders held the line, to give Rommel his due he did report in his despatch that his CoS Colonel von Mellenthin had 'saved the battle on that day'. von Mellenthin does not have bad words to say of the Italian soldier and at times they excelled.\n\n\nUS TME3 handbook Italian Forces 1942:\nhttps://archive.org/details/TME304200000\n\n\nORBAT - Italian Army July 1943 (US G2):\n\n\nhttps://www.scribd.com/document/48453951/Order-of-battle-of-the-Italian-Army-USA-HQ-G2-July-1943
I was literally just about to make a video on this. Welp. New topic
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Italy suffered from the Germans not sharing technology especially aircraft engine technology ... \nand the huge blunder of not discovering oil in Libya in the 1930s.
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People used to say., after the war, that Mussolini was betrayed by the generals who were hiding the army weaknesses \nMussolini jumped in the blitzkrieg war for fear of missing out\nHe was aware that it was a gamble and Russia was the beginning of the end for the Nazi -fascist..\nI knew a pilot bomber who told me he was killing Greek people while they were running for safety..\nDon't forget that Italy was invaded while fighting a civil war on her own..and that after 1943 the germans became Italy's enermy with the massacre of Cefalonia, where they, in cold blood, murdered thousands of Italian soldiers who had surrendered after the fall of fascism...\nAlso Mussolini declared slavery illegal in the African territories conquered ...\nJust reminiscing a few historical facts...
The Italian soldier fought bravely but the lack of modern and effective weapons was a severe handicap. If they had been better equipped, the North African campaign would have been longer and even more savage. In the end, the Allies would have won either way.
I got a lot to thank for the \
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Hey at least they actually fought the damn thing. Can't say the same about France...
BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl
Despite being superior in flavour, the 69th Pizza Brigade did not hold up in structure and texture to the 2nd Bn, Royal Beef Wellington Regiment~
Batore Batore
They didnt have lambos and ferraris to make a fast get away
The Spanish Civil War of 3 years of fighting by Italian and German units too was the beginning or WW2 (1936-1939) Italians told hittler to wait to let the italian troops rest for a few years before invading Poland. Germans called Italians lazy and coward big mouths. Germans invaded Poland only a few months after resting from invading Spain. Spanish had the Italians tired of war by 1939 already. They fought off the superior German and Italian air force bombing for 3 long years.
Better question: Why were the English and French leaders so cowardly in their dealings with Hitler on the Czechoslovakia and Polish invasions.\nNeville Chamberlain and Eduard Daladier, the English and French Prime Ministers, were so horribly incompetent and pusillanimous that they became a case study of what not to do when dealing with a tyrant. The Munich agreement was a joke. They had taken the policy of \
Charles Carter
Italian Americans were the largest ethnic group to fight for the US in wwII also.
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Chris Rot Vega
3:25 god damn you and your damn HOI 4 reference.
Christian Zaffuto
Because history is writen by the victors, thats why. You should do some proper research and not just believe in your american propoganda.
Crispy General
Potential history is for the most part a joke of a historian especially when talking of German and soviet Militaries.
Dark Vadertrauebrein
200,000 british surrendered to 25,000 japanese in Singapore in 1942 without a fight
Dave Reinter
I'm Greek, even though they came on behalf of hitler and we had a War\nItaly is the only case in which Greeks today won't find anything bad to say about Italians\nI think that Italians didn't want to be in that situation \nIt was because of their dictator mussolini \nLove you Italy!
David McConville
I'm glad you pointed out the lack of industry since that was by far the largest factor in Italy's ability to fight a long drawn out war and why they had to fall back on WW1 weapons and equipment. In fact, Italy was still in the middle of reorganising its army when it declared war on France with only 19 out of the 73 divisions actually ready to fight. Even then, Italian units had far fewer NCOs than those comparable in other countries, placing too much tactical decision making in the field to the officer core that was not able to handle the ever changing flow of battle.\n\nSo why join the war? Well, in the Pact of Steel, Mussolini emphasised that Italy could not join the war for a number of years and thus committed only to a support role via trade. However, that all changed in June 1940 when France was inevitably going to surrender. Not wanting to end the war with no spoils, Mussolini thought jumping in at the 11th hour would yield territorial concessions that he otherwise might not have gotten. Of course, the problem with this decision was that it was made on the assumption that Britain would sign a separate peace deal once France capitulated, an assumption left over from the Schlieffen Plan in the previous war. Even Hitler thought the British government wouldn't have anymore stomach to fight and that cross-Atlantic trade for oil and other resources would resume. In short, Mussolini's poor decision to join the war was made by miss-reading the international political situation.
Deus Vult!
So sad, they went from being the Roman Empire that conquered half of Europe to the joke of WWII. How the mighty have fallen.
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Dominique Charriere
Rommel was amazed with the strength of the Italian soldiers in Afrika. They went on fighting with no ammunition, no food, or just what the Germans could give them. The huge problem of Italy was the logistic and army administration, corrupted and inefficient.
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Lol, an analysis based on memes, what can i say
Earthworm Jim
Pretty sure its documented Mussolini wanted to wait at least 10 more years before starting a war, and HItler did not bother to advise him about invasion of Poland/France.
Evan Devin
Imagine being told by your commander to just charge into the battlefield with no gun, were they trying to copy the Soviet human shields or something
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I love how history repeats itself... ***WWII***... Mussolini (Italy) was to Hitler (Germany) \
1 Week to conquer \
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Mussolini signed the pact of steel with Hitler, which specified that no war would be started before 1945. With another 5+ years to build and eqiup, the Italian military might have been more formidable. Mussolini was stunned when Hitler invaded Poland in the fall of 1939 with no urgent reason.
Hercule Letorse
Otto Skorzeny ( SS who took Mussolini from the mountain hotel) in his autobiography said Italians were good soldiers but had very bad officers. He was friend with italian people till he died.
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*Angry Italian nationalists inbound*
Isaac Moonton
_Germany:_ Come on guys, we are losing! \n_Italy:_ Don't worry I have a plan\n*Italy left the game*
John Carbone
I could come back here every week and pick holes in this. To the author, did you actually read any real books? Even if you only read UK or Australia books on North Africa, have you read about the battles El Alamein v1 and v2? We have all been taught about v2 but not v1 where the Commonwealth forces had their arses thoroughly kicked over it. The British commander Auchinleck unfortunately lost his posting over it, he warned Churchill that the Italians would beat the British. After El Alamein 1, Auchinleck was replaced with Monty and the Brits had new US weapons and fresh US troops. The result was the one we all now of, that is the allied victory. Then look at Tobruk, the Brits lost it numerous times to the apparently weaker Italians. Even at the original taking of Tobruk, we now know of inconsistent allied stats, such as some saying that 120k of Italian prisoners were captured. We now know that the 120k were actually families such as women and children as Tobruk was a colonial town with a small artillery garrison. I could keep going but you get the idea. Wars are bad, and a lot of people lie about them. We need to remember and find out the real facts so we don’t get too proud and repeat our mistakes.
John Smith
Not as bad as the brit and aussie propaganda says
Justafan IV
After Italy's long history of backstabbing, karma decided to backstab their competence.
Kenneth Pizzi
Obviously doesn’t tell the whole story. The Folgore and Alpini Divisions were exceptional. More over, for sheer daredevilry, the Italian Marines made great use of their invention of midget submarine and the human torpedo which was greatly feared and wrecked havoc toward the British Navy.
1. They weren’t unified.\n\nIf they were a unified people they would be fine, but half of them hated Mussolini to begin with.\n\n2. They weren’t ready\nThey weren’t trained and had nothing to fight with\n\n3. Mussolini’s incompetence.
The author of this video cancel the comments !!!I think it's a child !!
Liam Foley
Nothing wrong per se with WW1 era rifles. All the major powers armed their men with the same type of rifle that they had in WW1.
Lian Adryawan
Well.. at the mid-war and late-war italy did has a good airplane.. actually the fastest and most beatifull fighters at WW2 coming from italy.. (sorry for bad english)
Luaay E
Italians are womanizers not Fighters.\nGermans are barbaric tribes know how to fight
Manny Belgrano
Memes, wrong dates,no mentions of Italian Triumph in 1942 under Rommel...typical ignorant Yankee.
Mar Kav
My grandfather was 10 years old during the Italian invasion of Greece and said that when they arrested any Italian soldier on Greek territory, they were very young and vulnerable and cried a lot. Poor guys...
Mats Hagglund
The irony here is that almost all those \
Italy: Tells Germany they're gonna invade something\n\n*5 Seconds Later*\n\nItaly: Yeah uh Germany? Remember that invasion?\n\nGermany: Yes?\n\nItaly: Hey can you send help?\n\nGermany: 😑
Merit Coba
A video that lacks the proper knowledge when it comes down to it . After telling us about the lack of leadership quality, the lack of good equipment and bad training you suddenly sneak in the bad performance of the Italian soldier while nothing leads up to it. In fact, most people were actually impressed by the bravery given the conditions they had to fight under. And after the Italians went over to the Allied side, they performed well. This latter fact you do not even mention, which makes me wonder if you have read anything about it all.
Michael N
this is more a quote reading and a commercial than anything historical
Like the French were any better? They got ran through quicker than Poland. So much for a super power. Not to mention the 200k British troops Hitler let escape back to England
Naji Abdo
Italy only knows how to make good Pizza and sexy women.
Nove Lettere
Italy had two war campaignes in Ethiopia(1935-1936) and Spain civil war(1936-1939) and used a lot of resources to fight and finish those campaignes, for this reason wasn't ready in 1940. Actually, these campaign almost destroyed italian war machine
Orio Menoni
As a grandson of a silver medal decorated soldier during three wars (WWI, Ethiopian and WWII, he was captured in Tobruk), I can say that this video reports the truth. The Italian soldiers were sent to massacre by Mussolini. They were armed with WWI weapons and often they were not even properly clothed. 62K Italians were sent to fight Soviet Union without winter boots and clothes. Many of the survivors came back with their feet and hands frozen. That was a huge tragedy. The soldiers however were really brave. They had to make up with bravery to the shortage and inadequacy of the weapons. There is an inaccuracy in the video about the number of Italian soldiers in Africa: they did not outnumber the English 10 to 1. Not at all. On the African front, there were 54,000 Italian soldiers, alongside 49,000 German soldiers, and they were opposed by 200,000 UK soldiers. The 5000 soldiers of the Folgore brigade at El Alamein faced and fought the British tanks with only hand weapons. They fought the tanks by letting them pass over them and sticking explosives on the bottom. That is all they had. Not a single anti-tank cannon, only mortars. Out of 5000 heroic soldiers of the Folgore, only 304 survived the battle. And that is all there is to say about it. Let them rest in peace.
Owen K.
Paolo S
1:23 seems like they are british soldiers....and seems like they are the ones who are running away stupid \
Patrick Hair
The Italians were not as bad as depicted. There was also some luck involved. The excellent Italian Navy was taken by surprise by their own Pearl Harbor at Taranto. Note that the aircraft dropping the torpedoes, were British Bi_Planes. After that, the Italians , in fear of more of the same, scattered their ships all over so that the Allies couldn't sink them all at once. Considering how the war went, they might as well have acted more boldly in cooperation with the Germans. Lack of industry and foresight caused them to not have an aircraft carrier which would have made the Italian Navy a fearful threat. They were also slow in developing radar. To be fair, they also were used to fighting mostly land battles and did not think strategically in the use of their Navy and Air Force which were used defensively for the most part.\n\nThe Air Force was pretty well trained and did not consist of mostly Bi-planes. Certainly not any more than the British. When the war started, the Italians had to go up against British aircraft of equal obsolescence: the Hart bi-plane, Swordfish bi-plane, Fairey ALbacore bi-plane, Gloster Gladiator bi-plane, Gloster Gauntlet bi-plane as well as some mono-planes like the Skua and Fairey Battle that were not so great. The Hurricane was a decent aircraft but was no better than the Italian Re 2000/2001/2002, Macchi 200/202, and Fiat G 50, and Caproni F4 and F6. Like the Germans, the Italians had no heavy bombers because they were not planning to \
I find it amusing that the Americans and the British crack jokes at how readily Italian soldiers surrendered. What makes you think they would fight gladly for the very same regime you seeked to topple, with inferior equipment, no air support, and more often than not on insufficient rations?
Potential History
Great video, and thanks for the opportunity to collab! The Italian army meme deserves more attention!
Italian WWII survival guide:\nStep 1;\nCall the German army
Italy lack of leadership, about everything. 95% of its problems depend on it.
Steve Baer
They were absolutely no good for modern day war well back then but their ancient ancestors of the Roman Empire was wonderful and great? Roman empire was much better than the fascist Italy but both are Italians. I think that World War 2 was lost in Europe campaign because of Italy when they gave up in 1943. The fascistic Japanese military were way much better than the fascistic Italy. Their tanks were absolutely no good and almost stupid but yet the Germans made some absolutely better, heavier, thicker armored, and bigger cannons for their tanks. Like the 🐅 tiger, panther, king 🐅 tiger, and few others as well.
Steve K
5:20 Carcano rifle had poor accuracy. Well, I'm not a Carcano expert but one seemed to have good accuracy on 11/22/63.
Steven Clinton
Weird that Italy is now saw like the joke of ww2. I heard the soldiers were pretty good in terms of training and their misfortunes were the incompetents generals and a big lack of equipment and armored vehicles. Erwin Rommel once said this: the German soldier shocked the world, the Italian soldier shocked the German soldier.
Sunny Island
Had Italy remained Neutral, or, had it been Allied, the Second World War would have been ended at least 18 months earlier.
France defeat in one mounth(Operation Fall Gelb : BEGUN 10 May 1940 - FINISH 4 June 1940)\nItaly defeat in three years.....(Campain of Italy : BEGUN 10 July 1943 - FINISH 2 May 1945)\n\n\nAND ITALY WAS WORST OF FRANCE??? AHAHHAHA yeah of course😉
The Armchair Historian
Start protecting yourself on the web at https://nordvpn.org/history or use code history and save 77%!\n\nAlso, don't forget to check Potential History! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB2GINNs3Aw&feature=youtu.be\n\nThanks for watching. Any corrections should be placed underneath this comment.\n\nGriff
The Mann
I think INCOMPETENT is a better word to describe Italy during WWII.
Why didn't Germany offer more support? Were they just using the Italians as something to distract the Allies? Were they hoping Italy would fall and be taken easily by Germany?
Italy was unintentional ahead of its time when it came to memes.
Thessaloz George
The evidence i saw in the invasion against Greece is a bit difference... At least for that time Italy had more and better equipment (from planes to artillery). And ofc many many ammo since they teared down entirely hills with their artillery to force Greek army leave some strategic positions. Their industry was better than Greek. The only true think i find to match was their bad leadership and in my opinion thats the only thing it went wrong with Italians since everything else is depending on that, meybe they still have the same problem but not in military anymore :P\n\nps now i miss Italy i have to visit again :D
Tom Palmer
The Italian Army had a heritage of incompetence stemming from World War I. Italian officers would launch an ineffective attack and get a bunch of Italian soldiers killed. Then the Generals would back off, regroup, and launch the same attack again, with predictable results. Italian soldiers had to wear cardboard shoes with wooden soles. Some wealthy probably made a fortune off those shoes.
Tommaso Pozzi
Italy is the best
Verga Kombat
Manco la vittoria ma non il valore...El Alamein ❤️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Vito Bonsignore
when the video started, all seemed to be very professional. After a few minute I realized that it was a joke. Very poor analysis.
Wolfgang Der Freezer
Well to be fair the National Fascist Party was more about politics, culture, arts, buildings school (Fermi was appointed a member of the Royal Academy of Italy by Mussolini) and to increase the social system of Italy, not so much about the army. Mussolini said to Hitler he needed at least 3 years before to make Italy ready for a new world war, Hitler invaded Poland few months later.
Because it was full of Italians
You think i'm funny?
this armchair ''historian'' is barely 13
nice effort.i'd like to ask though...how did you come to the conclusion that it had inferior weapons compared to its neighbors?did Yugoslavia and Greece have more modern systems?as far as i know that was not the case.compared to Germany yes,but there is an axiom 'you don't have to be the best,just better than your opponents will do' and that was the case in those days on the fronts Italy CHOSE to fight.it had numbers in the desert and its tanks were inferior just against the matildas.in the Balkans it had the superiority in quality too,plus the industrial factor, but again it still lost.so the reason is maybe somewhere else...its populace was involved in war since the Ethiopian campaign and had enough...or they didn't share the same dream as its ruler...or they had mixed feelings fighting against their former allies 20 years ago...or simply they lacked what it took to fight other European countries.but it wasn't lack of oil,industrial power or weapon systems at least not 'till late 1942!
antonio scardino
WoW... Another youtube historian... Sounds heavy! (Fun?! How a tragedy could ever be fun, pal?).
Italy should have stayed neutral like Switzerland did in ww2 - that would have been the 1 and only best option
crocodile tears
During the Tunisian Campaign, the Italian Army fought better than the Afrika Korps. German morale collapsed completely when Rommel & his key generals deserted their troops in April/May 1943. Entire DAK divisions with 130,000 Germans & 250 supporting Panzers, plenty of fuel, ammunition food & water, surrendered practically without a shot their strong mountain positions overlooking Tunis & Bizerte when they could have fought for many months like other German divisions did in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944.
daniel halachev
Italian soldiers were very good soldiers. It was said both by the Germans and the British. They just had no support in equipment, leadership, resources and encouragement from home. Italian people didn't want war. Their politicians did. Put in such circumstances, every soldier, no matter the nationality, would fail.\nAlso, Italian engineers DID make good vehicles and planes. It was the bad industry that couldn't produce them.
fabio barattini
MUSSOLINI was a pig. ITALIAN SOLDIER (partigiani and not) WAS HERO
goodman 4
So Italy have Ninety nine problems but a fighting spirit ain't one .
james c
The Italians simply weren't prepared for war on such a large scale.  Their industrial base could not give the Italian troops the support they required.  Early on in the war, the Italians out-maneuvered & out-fought the English in north Africa.  But when the English brought in the ANZAC troops with their Matilda tanks, the Italians had no way of countering this counter-attack.  The Italians had troops in north Africa, along the French Riviera, on the eastern front against the Russians, & in Albania/Greece.  They were simply spread way too thin.
john vento
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Because it spent a vast fortune on the Spanish Civil War and didn't stockpile fuel at all, that's why.
don't fall for the myth that binary divisions are bad\nConsider that rommel went to africa with 2 binary panzer divisions, when he requested reenforcments and was sent 2 infantry regiments, he didn't combine them into his panzer divisions, making triangle divisions he made another binary division because rommel believed that binary divisions were more suitable to mobile warfare.\nalso italy didn't surrender in 44....
My grandfather fought with the Greek resistance against Germans. One day they captured an Italian dressed as a German. The Italian was lost and somehow he found his way into the resistance camp. My grandfather and his troops were about to kill him, He begged for his life claiming he had a family with child and was forced to fight so he won't be executed, My grandpa somehow was convinced and did not kill him so they came up with a plan. They stripped him of his weapons, dressed him with civilian clothes paid for a ticket and send him back to Italy, Few Years later he sent a letter to my grandpa saying. \
Stories from my parents \n1. Italians where not cruel.and many of them saved by Greeks when they surrendered.Generally Greeks sympathize the Italians\n2.There were many honest Germans but generally they were cruel.The Germans murdered 8000 Italians in Greece and fully destroyed the country
_How many gears did an Italian tank have?_\n\nSix! Five for reverse and one forward in case the enemy attacked from behind!\n\nA bad joke. The Italians got a bad reputation that wasn't necessarily their fault.
How come nobody mentions 200,000 british surrendering to 25,000 japanese in Singapore in 1942 without a fight ? or the fact the british got booted out of europe 3x at norway,dunkirk and crete ? Dunkirk wow,what military brilliance surrounded and defeated with not much of a fight. HOW about the 300,000 germans who surrendered to the soviets at operation Bragation ? in 44. Or german brilliance losing a whole army at stalingrad with no strategic value for them ? or german brilliance declaring war on the usa in dec 41,The USA with all its endless reserves even though the USA did not intend to go to war with GERMANY. tHE soviets destroid over 85 percent of the german army.It was stalins blunder to ignore reports of a german invasion.when the soviets got it together,their weaponry and tactics drove the germans right back to berlin and wiped out 200 tears of prussian miliarism
the carcano is an excellent firearm when using the proper ammunition the problem was logistically they supplied the wrong ammo (WWI) ammo for the new smaller bolt action resulting it poor accuracy forgotten weapons did video on it its pretty neat :)
I respect a country that has great history, culture and gentlemanly attitudes to ladies rather than that has only strong military.
Italia is the little brother Deutschlands mom made him take with him