Linkin Park - One Step Closer ( Guitar Only Cover )

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what is up guys! so i tried uploading my full cover of one step closer by linkin park but it was blocked worldwide. so i have uploaded just my guitar tracks to the song as my tribute to chester bennignton, this song was a huge part of my childhood, its heavy, aggressive and i love it! so i hope you enjoy! again i apologise it is not the full cover. R.I.P Chester Bennington. thank you for your amazing music! forever missed!Matt The Riff Master Website -

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Alex Guaderrama
Chester would be proud. RIP
Alfie Holcombe
Such a great cover man, Chester would be proud!
Perfect mate, still can't believe Chester has passed.
BBGuitar CoverZ
Great cover, mate! I have some plans to cover out Hybrid Theory on its full lol
Chuggy :D
Boba Hett
The V sounds beautiful and your riffin' is majestic 👍 R.I.P Chester ❤
Brother Stardust
Hey bro, sorry it's been a bit since I've commented. Great tribute to great guy who clearly was dealing with more than met the eye. How many more rockers will 2017 take?
Buddy Ollie
Cool guitar mate!
Carlos Paz Guitar
Hot rockin stuff!!! Rock On!
Chris McCoy
Well done my brother (as usual) Thank you for sharing this, still hard to believe Chester is gone. Very good tribute to him. Thank you Matt for giving your fans a voice. I think you spoke for all the Riffmaster Family.
Love the riff in this song. What's the tuning?
Guitar sound is SPOT on mate, very nice indeed. Chester would be proud and amazed, may he rest in peace. Keep up the good work man!
Danny Ultrawiz
Great tribute cover Matt! Loved it!
David Hudson
Well done, great tribute too! Thanks for showing Chester respect. :)
we want more guitar only covers from linkin park this is not bad idea,awesome cover :D
Drake 816
You have such a clean sound, it's amazing, so awesome!
\u003c3 :(
Well Done! \\m/
Guitar Boy
Yeah! The V is back and alive!!! Great job on the tune!
Rip Chester
J. Ace Musik
full cover got blocked because there was no difference between this and the original, nice one ^^
great job bro
Joben McDickles
Never really learned any park songs but I kinda do now lol
Kane Allen
Great cover Matt!
Kieron Phillips
This /,, / balls to the wall heavy man. Youve done Chester proud
Killa Gaming
nice cover, Chester is the best singer
Little Paul
Did you watch my guitar cover of In The End by Linkin Park yet?
Max Howlett
Respect to you my man. We were all devastated by Chester's death.
Max Nawas
It's a real tragedy. Great job Matt. RIP Chester Bennington
Michael Roy
Great cover, Matt! In the End and What I've Done have always been my favorite Linkin Park songs and now I've just rediscovered this one. Chester was a great legend and so are you. Take care, man!
Miguel Torres
What a great cover!\nYou are Awesome!\nChester would be proud!\nI love your guitar tone in this video!Did you use any pedals or it was just the guitar and the amplifier?\nPS:Keep Up the good work bro!👊
Neha Dookhoo
This is so amazing omg ❤
nice cover! Nice guitar too! Looks like a 120th anniversary. I am lucky enough to have the same guitar in white. Rock on brother!
Paul Bentley
This is still very cool just as a guitar track
Pratim Baranwal
Great cover brother and also great determination
Rufus Macrae
I was singing along to this song haha bring back the memories 🤘 nice cover dude
Ryan Casey
Very outstanding Matt. And I love the look of that flying V
Sam Saunders
Amazing cover for an amazing song. Shame the backing track got blocked but it doesn't matter
Stuper Star
Wow that's some amazing skills.
Tati Metal
Great tribute !!!! Well done !!!!!
Its understandable for them to block any covers after his passing. Great video though!
Tyler Vardy
Looks like you've already got skills with vocals while keeping a tight ass rhythm, you'd make a damn fine frontman Matt!\n\nI know you've answered similar comments before, but seriously it seems to come so natural for you I think it suits you perfectly.\n\nAwesome work as always! \\m/
Villy Explorer
Great tribute! Massive respect. Too bad about the blocked original video, but this is awesome too
Violent Nomad
Very very nice job, bro! An amazing tribute. Thanks so much
Wings Of Darkness
Great job, Matt! :)
ZaK Metal
Well done Matt! I am surprised you got blocked!! Mine didn't get blocked but then I didn't use original backing track! RIP Chester!
ertürk uzuner
Very good :) \u003c3
eternally diminished
That was freaking awesome I gotta admit something you're an amazingly talented guitarist that's why I subscribed cuz you're rhythm playing is sick .
hamed nak
You are awesome man! The only youtuber that i have seen with the same skill and feel is you. I wish best of luck for you. Riff master!
Amazing rythm guitar player! Keep rocking lml
sean o'farrell
Great cover man
Awsome cover matt!! \\m/