The 4 Stages of Guitar Store Playing (which one are you?)

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Thank you for the BJJ comparison, instant sub
Alex Gherghina
Don't forget the newbs who think themselves as pro players and they go and play on stage, fail it and never realise it. I personally know a few :))
Alexander De La Cruz
I'm gonna chill at level 3 for a bit.
Alexis Harper
I think I’m at a skill level 3, but I’m introverted and kind of shy, so I’m at the level 4 as far as my attitude and behaviors (I used to be at Stage 3 overall, but thank god I’ve grown up). I don’t like when other people hear me in store and usually turn it down quiet enough that I have a hard time telling tone, and play in a soundproof room (at the one place with one) when possible. \n\nI really want to join a band (I was in a punk band for a while but we wrote one song and only did one performance, so it doesn’t count IMO), but I don’t know anyone to do it with. I think that would be a good experience for me as a musician.
Andrew Mitchell
I guess that I'm level 4 because I can play smoke on the water with like only two mistakes on average. Also I'm learning Stairway to heaven soon and I'm sure that when I do that I'll be a level 5 at the guitar shop.
Angel Rocha
Im number half
Ben Hawkins
I'd like to think I'm around a 3 , hopefully a bit above. I can play most songs I decide to learn , my down side is I'm not the best at writing my own songs, a riff or a breakdown or a solo yeah cool but i really struggle to write an entire piece \u003e_\u003c. Played plenty of gigs in previous bands and made mistakes and learnt etc, so I'm good there, but I also haven't played one in around 3 years so that can also be taken away lol, but I don't want/need attention when playing I just play because I enjoy it. So I'd like to think I'm around a 3. I've recently got back on the guitar grind (stopped playing for a bit when previous band split) and im taking it a lot more serious this time so I'd like to think I can push myself the rest of the way this time.
Bob Mason
I'm at level 5...I suck, I play for just me, and my bedroom walls are still throwing tomatoes at me
Brian Onuscheck
What level is the guy that plays licks back to me correctly that I'm playing a little off?
Brorsan Beppe
are all bass players automatically level 4?
Too much of a jump between 2 and 3
Collen Rivers
Smoke on the water is a bad example of \
White belt, level one. Blue belt level two, Purple belt, level three, Brown belt level four. Black belts don't play at GC!!! LOL! Nice comparison. Renato Tavares black belt here.
Dave Arbus
Level 5 is a straight up competition with the other level 4's in the store,whenever they present themselves. Bwaahahhaha. And I achieved level 6,by blowing up the Mesa full stack in the middle of guitar center by flipping the bias back and forth while my friend played it at full crank. I thought there were two power sections and you could switch between 6l6 and el84. There was a crowd of customers and sales people(who let me crank the knobs all the way up). When it popped,I asked the sales guy why it exploded,and he didn't know. I know now,you have to change the tubes out,haha,but back then the Mesa Recto heads just came out.
Dave Grohl's Right Elbow
But there are many humans in this world and they're different from one another, for example, I've been playing for two years, and almost never played live, but i play quiet well but I don't care about who hears me. \nAlso, this video should have been called: \
Dennis Ståhlkrantz
I'm a smart level 2 xD from being a \
Even Zeroes Can Be Heroes
I'm somewhere between a level 2 and 3. I know some riffs but not many songs. I like playing in tune and showing my friend how to play certain riffs.
Fabien Dolan
I guess I'm level 3.5 I don't crave the attention. I only really play guitar with my band mates. I've played live and had my fair share of embarrassment e.g breaking a string on stage but I'm now comfortable on stage. I don't really like preaching out to the whole world how good I am. I am always self conscious of the volume I'm playing at and 75% of the time I play guitar it's just to myself but, then again it's always nice when someone who actually plays guitar to tell me I'm good. I still have a long way till level 4 though
Frank Kolton
Level 3s are the most annoying. You will find them at any Guitar Center or Sam Ash on weekends. They play the same overly distorted riffs and solos repeatedly at levels loud enough to be obnoxious, impressing novices and themselves. You don't have to play loud, start playing some chord/melody jazz piece and they will quickly slink away.
George Williams
what if i suck but i know i suck, level two or three
Grant Mcfall
I want this 7 minutes of my life back, at least play the SG, it wants to be played
I’m a 2.5 in guitar, and a 3 in Ju Jitsu
Guitarist Kuro
I'm a beginner or so and I don't want people to hear me, care if people hear me (as in I stop playing) and don't play loud and enjoy playing even if it's kinda bad and then I start to feel disgusted and I feel sick the rest of the day because I fucked around too much and didn't actually do anything on the guitar.
Havoc Entertainment
I'm about 2.5 I guess.
Herr Urin
Kinda feels like u forgot levels 5 -7 at least, just as in most martial arts there's belts over the black one, which sort through the mastership:\n5: U're frikkin' good, and ur not annoyed anymore by people walking in, u accepted music is a gift u can share. So u play for those who find beauty in playing and get happy after it.\n6: U probably are known in ur guitar centre for over 20 years, every youngster is looking up to u, owner comes to greet u personally, for supporting the centre throughout ur whole \
Immortal Desecrator
Nah man i hate martial arts i literally had classes in that and i got to orange or green whichever is higher and there was no challenge. Even though there were people that were faster and knew more, my punches and kicks would have more force and so because of that i didnt have a challenge and i quit because i wanted to spar more and that didnt happen often so i hated it.
Im that one bass guy
Jacob Moorman
I'm a level me
I'm in the fifth stage; I don't go into music stores anymore.
I am level 1,5 (now)
Justin Ray
Im at level 2 but i play to myself like im level 4 lol
Lew Belvedere
7:40 \
Life in Farmland
You from MN? The only place I know with schmitt music
Lucky Luis
I might be like level 2.5
Lucy Fuir
I guess I'm level 4. I've been playing for over 25 years with bands over 20 years. I hate people hearing me play unless I'm on stage. My band does closed practices because of it. Thanks guys love yas.
Luke Rossi
Im lvl 3 but that’s mainly because i cant find a drummer for any gigs. Still terrified of failing though. Nice vid!
I hate playing at the guitar store... I get anxiety and forget how to play. And I have no problem playing live with a band.
Marian Alexandru
Hah lv2 here
Martin Höög
Ive done many live gigs but i cant play that good so i guess im at 3.5? If you wanna listen to my schwifty guitar, lokk up the band Running Cooper :))
Matt Byers
I personally hate playing in front of people. in 8th grade I got put in band class by my mom because I had been playing guitar for about 5 years well in class I pretended I didn't know how to play so I wouldn't get picked to play in the school concert. well I was alone in the band room one day because of a optional day at school because of the snow the band teacher left me be and went to run some errands and I started playing like I did at home and didn't notice the teacher walk back in so of course I get picked to play in the school concert but because I lied all year my punishment was I had to play a full solo part as a intro to the concert and that was the single scariest experience of my life and have only played at home by myself for the past 10 years after it
Morlan Zorran
You talk more BS than a chick. Can't listen to this.
I always check out the studio rooms - fantastic talent in Orange County, CA!
I'm the 6/10 guy who can play some good stuff but freaks out and ruin everything when anyone get closer. Any tips?
Name Commingled
My best friend was never at those levels. He used 5A strings. Or is it A5 branches...was it twigs? I can never remember, anyways, what shop were we talking about, Goodwill right?
me: plays at guitar store bc i am broke and don’t have an electric, just a cheap acoustic :((
Nick DiBenedetto
You do BJJ too??
Nick Munoz
Then those people who just play clean chords on gibsons that aren't even in the same key with a ton of reverb
No Spam
Nolan Dailey
Im like 3.5... ive played a few times in front of a decently sized audience and i still want people to hear me play, but when the time comes, i think its just nerves but i dont want to play in front of them
NotAGod -
whats the stage where you are ok but don't like people listening
Op Reroll
I pretty much stink, but I've never actually BEEN to a guitar store. I think I'm level 1.5 on websites...
Lol when I read the title I thought it was from Jared Dines.
Pedal Monger
Gonna say I’m an outlier, lvl 3 however I have almost never had the desire to play loud in a music store.... Now my poor neighbors is a different story when I’m in the shred shed
Prophetic Warrior
That moment when you practise Sweet child o mine solo to play at a store only to be making a mistake and quickly changing it to smells like teen Spirit , looking around if no one watched 😂 and coming back home buying the stuff you wanted.
Randall Byers
I'm a 2 and I know it Hahah... and I'm not turning it down🤣🤣hahah
Raul O
A lot of thanks man.
Richard Lundy
I’ve been playing for years, and I’ve always hated playing in a guitar store. Let me tell why. \n\nEVERY TIME, EVERY TIME I ever play, somebody always gets into a battle with me at the other end of the store, their volume at 8, mine at 3, and always playing a completely different style, usually heavy metal, for the entire duration of my visit. He progressively gets louder, until I’ve decided that I want to protect my hearing and faith in humanity and buy the pack of strings I came in for.
RobRocks TV
Im at negitive 4
Robert Reynolds
Zen Guitar: white belt to black belt, back to white belt....repeat.
Sal AveNU
Once I went into a guitar center looking to buy a guitar to play slide on. I tried an SG because Duane Allman used an SG. I'm just sitting there playing and listening how the guitar sounds. Then all of a sudden I look up and there's about 4 people standing around looking at me. And it scared me for a second and the way they were looking at me was weird. It was bizarre, looking up and all of a sudden there's a circle of people looking at you. I bought the SG by the way.
I haven’t had much gigging experience but I kinda line up with level 4. I hate testing gear out near other people who just don’t know how to turn the gain and volume down.
Wait, then how does one classify oneself as a 2?
I'm the guy who rubs his nads up and down the neck when no one is looking. Not sure what level that would be
Shellshocked 'Nam soldier
Level 2, I'm a freshman and have been playing since august 2018 and ive learned a couple riffs\n\n\nblack sabbath\nN.I.B (it sucks)\nInto the void (ive sorta got it down)\nElectric funeral (main riff there just that I only have an acoustic guitar and can barely afford an electric)\nfairies wear boots(I'm getting there but i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so if you guys have any tips please let me know)\nsolitude(I've gotten the beginning down just that i'm having a hard time with playing the verse riff)\n\n\nrainbow\nman on the silver mountain(I've got the opening riff down)\ntemple of the king (opening riff down but i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so if you guys have any tips again please let me know)\n\n\nnirvanna\nCome as you are (I've got it sorta down but still need work)\nsmells like teen spirit( i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so yet again please give me more info)\n\n\nthat's all i know so let me know what your guys think
I'm the guy that makes the employee play for me as I'm too shy to play myself. I'm between 2 and 3.
Simon Patterson
I've always had the attitude of a level 4, but not necessarily the skills...
I'm a bass player, and I'd say I'm at a 2.5, although I keep the volume low, I know how to stay in tune, I've played my fair share of gigs, and I'm aware I have a loooong way to go
Really just...guitarist Markiplier look wise but still great video!!!
I think I've done the exact same thing as you did. I barely had any time at level 1 and after 4 months of playing and practicing guitar I'm starting to feel like I'm losing momentum in level 2. \n\nDoes anyone have any tips or anything on how to get any better before I start losing motivation?
Stig Ohara
Thanks for this and your many other videos, needless to say you are a great player but more important (to us) you can break down complex and incomprehensible chord and solo pieces into something us middling players can understand without sounding condescending. Thank You
Stoned Immaculate
When I know what I want I make it easy for the sales associate. I cut them off mid sentence and say yo, this’ll be easy for you, I’m taking it now, don’t even need to play it lol\n\nToday, I bought the Kurt Cobain NOS Jaguar! My next guitar will very likely be that SG you have. I really like that one too!
I'm definitely stuck at like a level 2.5 cause I can tune a guitar and really don't like annoying everyone by playing loudly in shops. but I think the reason I'm sort of stuck there is cause I never had proper guitar lessons (i had a guy teach me like how to tune a guitar then teach me the chord progressions for pretty much whatever song I wanted) but I mostly taught myself how to play song riffs and solos and stuff cause I wanted to be able to play along with them. But I think that I am at this weird point now where i can learn solos from songs (although I really can't shred or do any of that crazy fast playing that most guitarists seem to be able to do), but my ability to improvise and just jam over tracks (or harder yet for me, just pick up a guitar and play something that sounds good just of the bat) and make stuff up is horrendous.
I pretty much had the \
80 lvl = amp on 11, ignoring everything around, playing chromatic over whole neck up and down for 10 min straight.
Tito K Yeptho
I've been certainly in the 1st level.
I feel like i'm at 2.75 played for about 4 months now
UndoneDead guy1
I'm pretty much a 2.6 LOL. I can play pretty well and know about 10ish songs fully, but I only play as a hobby and haven't played for an audience larger than maybe 5 max. But I enjoy playing guitar because it's a awesome feeling to learn a new song and be able to jam along with your favorite tunes.
Voice of REASON
So fkn true! When people come up to me I feel irked now, like, \
Will Kern
Level 1 vs. Level 4...Being 16 vs. being an adult.
what about the old guys strumming open chords
I feel like another route to Level 4 is just general maturity.
aAaqui_ _
Why am I watching this. I play marimba in marching band
andrew Layyous
i am in between level 2 and 3, i think more on the three side, but what is bringing me down is tuning my guitar by ear, i can get close, but not perfect
I've played live hundreds of times, but for some reason, I freeze up in a guitar store. I can't play a note. I feel like every judgmental douche-bag wannabe in the store is, paying attention to me. I've even spent a few day rehearsing what I was going to play in the store!!!
In that case, I'm level 4. Not that I'm a good player (And by good, I mean professional or semi-professional), but I want to be in a quiet room alone, testing out subtle things in a guitar (how much it breathes, how dynamic it is, how the sustain is all over the fretboard, how it feels with my eyes closed, at low volumes). I know that it is annoying for customers and people that work there, so I like to exclude myself from their daily work. Also, when another person is testing something out, I wait until the person has finished as I know how hard it is to test gear properly when other music is being played. \nI do recognise all stages, exept the second stage. I never had that desire to be heard in a store. I like being on stage where I like being heard. But that's the right place for it. Not in a store. The level 2 players get on my nerves, so I go read some magazine in the store until they are gone :-)
im negative 11teen
dzasdvas basadgas
Anyone who is incredibly serious about guitar knows you never really reach any top level. The better you get, the higher you set your sights. I'm a level 4 by your standards, and if I could see my playing now when I started 9 years ago, I'd absolutely blow my socks off, id be so impressed and happy w myself, & I'd have definitely at that time called myself a master. However, now I don't even consider myself anywhere close to an expert or master, because now I want to play like Django, or Adrian Legg, or tommy emmanuel, or wes montgomery, etc. srv was my idol at level 3. I still love srv and NO I AM NOT YET NEARLY AS GOOD AS HIM AT ALL, my point is that once I began getting really proficient at the blues and rock, etc, I started turning to other genres, jazz, focusing more on fingerstyle and classical, etc. As soon as you think you're \
Why do I get the feeling that we have a whole generation who have grown up thinking playing the guitar is mostly about YouTube and “being good at guitar”? The idea is to make music. You play the instrument to make music, not to reach “a level”.
i think im level 4, but not because of professionalism but because of anxiety
immeasurable quantities of gone-off eggs
I'm a 3 but cant work on it for another month because i have my arm in a cast :( I've been staring it my guitar in the corner wanting to play for ages.
james merricks
LMAO!!!! I just went through level 1 I will take the advice about level 2 and not be \
Im def lvl 3, i can play mostly anything except super shreddy solos, but i go into th store and definetly feel like not having anyone listen to me like a lvl 4, i have no gig experience either, i usually go in an grab strings or pics but if i see a rectifier or 5150 head and cab and guitar i like ill play, but ill play really low haha as not to disturb the public with drop tuned metalcore riffage, or sometime ill play so pretty chords on the clean channel.
The four levels of life...
some guy
Man... I recorded myself playing the riff from toxicity by system of a down while at stage two, listen to it and cringed so much it was so muddy and stiff but it came with some enlightenment because of how far I came.
There's always that guy @ level 3.14 ... he goes on and on, but at least he doesn't repeat himself. As for myself, I'm level #11 ... I just play electric w/out plugging in. Not a snob, but I can tell if I like the guitar in 5 mins. Sure, I check the electronics for a couple of mins. (we all know what pickups sound like what). But more importantly, like with shoes, don't ever say, \
I remember this one time a dude (probably 13 or 14, definitely a beginner) only knew one riff: Master of Puppers. But, he couldn’t play it well (or in time) and he played it over and over for an hour, interspersing bursts of the same riff with attempts at soloing... which was pretty much tremolo picking absolute nonsense. Amp loud. Went on for over an hour. Everyone in the entire store was miserable