American Mum Reacts Katrina Verde/Go the Distance/WISH 107.5 Bus

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это волшебство
Adrian Isturis
How's your eardrum mum?! LOL!!!
Afham Roslan
5:04 like \
Anthony Adrian Allarey
Please react to her Impersonating Singers 3 Burn.
Anthony Suyong
Karina is an underrated singer with a powerful voice. Thank you for reacting to her. Pls do react to Katrina's cover of 'Never Enough' & 'Burn' (impersonation). Btw, you look so stunning & gorgeous in that white dress!😙😘😚
Apk Apps
mum never enough pls
Arnie Alejandre
Hi lovely mum ...😊react also her cover never enough and this is me she's awesome mum...thank u...I'm waiting mum...😊😊
Arnold Jan Bitangjol
Your picture frames displayed above the cabinet are interesting. They don’t have any photo in it. But still displayed as they are. It’s kinda cool ^^ hehe
Baby Teano
I've seen this so many times, still having goosebumps 😀awesome reaction btw 😊
Please react to Jed Madela... He's a great singer and also one of the Judges in Your Face Sounds Familiar.
Bill Liberati
you should react to katrina velarde covering a whitney huoston medley at the metrowalk, she is singing live and is incredible im sure u would love it
Brave Heart
Thanks Mum😊
Bryan Consad
Been waiting for u to see and react on this! Thanks!❤️
Captain Armer D' Luffy
Please react to Garry V's I Will Be Here/Warior is a Child - Wish Bus
Chris Baltazar
thank you mother bus for reacting to this video... waiting for more reactions 😂😙
Chun Sa Nataska Guadalupe
mum please do a reaction to katrina velarde impersonating all star burn pt. 3. ❤
Dan Apollo
Oh thank you thank you thank you! I had hoped for this reaction! She's is one of the underrated singers from the Philippines. Her impersonation videos are awesome and fun. Plus her Don't you worry bout a thing cover while babysitting video is just awesome with some jaw-dropping vocals. ❤️
Desiree Domingo
I'm keep on laughing in your reaction my american mum
Different Music
You would be surprised how many reactors have gone to The Philippines and gone on the bus. They have met the singers and it is just wonderful how relaxed and down to earth they all are. If you get a chance you really should do it 😉
Dodie Aquino
Thanks american mum that u recognized our diva singer she is from the philippines more song pls
Eins Zy
WOOWW!!! Katrina, BRAVOOO!!!
Eric David
Thank you mum.....
Farhan Remz
Great reaction I love it she is a vocal beast
Folks Dalisay
Sllaaayyyy Queen 👸
Gabriel Vicente
Love to see you seating in the his American mum. It usually goes all over manila area to record new talent and the proven sensations. I can't wait to get back in August this year. Great reaction from you always. Take your family on vacation and see the pearl of the orient. God bless.
George Isaak
Ladies and gentlemen what we just witnessed here was superb ! Her voice is well trained as you can see , she uses her diaphragm so perfectly that it was almost effortless for her to just brush it off ! If you didn't noticed she climbed an octave and maintained it plus she put some color to it just before the very end . That's freaking difficult to do and takes years of practicing , if someone without training attempt to do that it would feel like got a punch in the stomach ! That angel from the Philippines deserves some respect and praise because she is the future of the music industry , no doubt about that !!!!
Graciano G
Katrina is really a good singer. Pls. react to her Never Enough. Thanks
I am QueenMarijuana
Thank you Mum for granting one of my request... I'm So excited for more reaction from you 😘😘😘
I'm Drey
Wish Bus will have a counterpart in America (Hollywood) soon! And I think it's Morisette will be the first to perform on that bus. Wait for it :) American Mum is hooked! #Wishers
Thanks Mum! I stayed all night awake waiting for your reactions... Kindly react to katrina velarde impersonations pls
Jan Vincent
Its a must to see Regine Velasquez the queen of all power ballads songs..
Katrina Miñoza
her Whitney Houston medly please ❤
Kemberth Alpez
Lisandro Castolome
Thank you for listening to our requests... You earned a sub in me. Now i hope you can continue with Darren Espantos version of I Believe and Paulene Agupitans version of I Believe... both sang on the Wish Bus on separate occassions.
Liza Thompson
maybe you can have someone introduce you to the management... they can interview you...
Lodolf Pabor
proud to be Filipino
Ma Veronica Chan
Hi gorgeos mum! Tnx for reacting to my request. Katrina has amazing talent but unfortunately she's an underrated singer. She needs a big break because she's awesome! Please react to her version of this is me and never enough on her channel. God bless u!! 😁😘
Mark anthony Rodico
Thank you super mum.. Please try to react again katrina velarde singing\
Martin Luther Gimaras
Please react to \
Marvin Malabanan
Don't worry...I believe that there's a plan to bring the Wish Bus to the US. So they are bringing the Bus to you. I think in somewhere in L.A.\nCheers!
Marvin Phoenix
Amen Amen
May Solijon
❤❤❤ you should go to that bus for an interview, I am sure they would love you to be on that bus.Some of reactors thay visited Philippinea they've been to that bus for an interview❤❤.
Melinda Domingo
she's my best.. i Love love love her.
Mia A
Mum pls react to I believe by Darren espanto
Mia Corpuz
Gave me goosebumps! BTW, love your accent mom. You look like Toni Colette.
Michael Luar
wow . there it is :)
Michael Quint
Please react to Katrina live from the music hall you will love her live stuff
Mitzi Arenas
get on that bus!!! hahaha love it
NavalArch VTO
Thank you mum..
Neji Dreyar
Mum please react to her NEVER ENOUGH please :)
Oliver Olea
Please react to birdy singing phantom of the opera please please please
Pars Benson
Her voice sounds like in the Disney OST.
Ping De Jesus
thanks for spending time with us Mum. mwahh
RaStro Redux
Please react to her impersonations
Ranz Juan
also Lea Salonga the Disney Queen from the Philippines
Raymon Jeffred Ileto
Been waiting for this reaction video.. Thanks mum! 😍😍😍\nPlease see Katrina Velarde's cover of \
Real 0
love your dress and your make up American Mum
Reumel Laygo
Thank you for granting our request,,, MARAMING SALAMAT PO.....
Rolando Manuel
Wow. Loved your verbal &I non-verbal reactions. Great singer. Hurricane Katrina just breezed through...again. God bless.
Ronaldo MacDonaldo
Yeah, Katrina blew me away, too (not to mention my ear drums also ... lol!). Singers in the Philippines should be promoted around the world. Sadly, the world is still dominated by American Top 40 or U.K. Billboard etc. so it ain't gonna happen. Gosh darn it. They deserve better! Great reaction video (as usual). From a loyal subscriber. 😍😆💖🇵🇭
Roshanne Garcia
Try katrina vellardes cover of never enough plsss
Rue Alison
yes, it's pretty cool singing on a bus🚌😂
Ryan Rodriguez
I really like your reaction videos American mum. ❤️❤️
Sazie Onocil
Please watch morisette amon.\
Shepherd1 Bak2b6
Plz react to kayrina cover of somewhere over the rainbow,,thnxzz
Sonny Santos
Team Filan PH
Please react to morissette amon at asia song festival. Please
Team Lie and Reign
She is amazing singer ever..she is so talented and sweet voice and powerful..she is perfect and i like her so much..she is my idol😍❤️💜😘
Timoteo Lozada
Wonderful too😎
Ton Ton
That bus sometimes is moving while having some cover☺
Tony Carolina
She's not a human.
USA Pinoy
She can sing on one song with different American singers voices
Uden Come
American Mum, it’s me again. Please react on Katrina Velarde’s “Taksil” (“Unfaithful or Traitor”). Bye!
Love your reaction 💕
Van Yves
Finally ... 😍😍😍
Vester Silva
i like the painting behind you :)
Vince Yo
Katrina velarde have so many impersonating videos
Vittorio Roque
powerful vocal range!!!!!!
Great reaction + analysis as always! #Crescendo
angel Matias
Wowww at last great reaction thank you so much mum... I hope you make an reaction to katrina velarde \
chatt cedric
Hahahahah you're shocked that Katrina was sitting as she did her crescendo. BTW, all the Pilipino artists on WishBus are sitting as they belt their hearts out. American singer Rex Smith was so overjoyed on the concept of an FM Station on a bus roaming around the city for the fans to see and hear their fave celebrities. And many foreign reactors especially from the U.S. came to the Philippines and was excited when they rode the bus and was even interviewed. Perhaps if you have the time you can ride the Bus as well. LOL Tnx Mum.
denise acuna
Amazing❤️👏👏👏🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻pls. React to katrina velarde version of “all by my self” and what kind of fool i am” superb❤️❤️❤️
flaming hearts
Thanks American Mum\n\nfinally its over my waiting to see ur reaction on Katrina Velarde GO THE DISTANCE...just a couple of hours i rquested this and now here it is. Lovely to see how u react to is NEVER ENOUGH cover by Her from the movie GREATEST SHOWMAN.
jewel gem
Mum you are great,, but humble ,, that's what make your Charm !!!\nlove from Canada!!!
jinho park
Hi Mum thanks for reacting..🤗🤗🤗😘
joe de vera
American Mum you are beautiful and very elegant in your white love love your reaction! Please also react to Katrina Velarde's cover of Never Enough.
jordan michael
You need to listen to mori also in wish bus ... akin ka na lang ... be sure to open the subs
krissa joy osorio
lailah medado
Im proud to be a pilipino im also a singer philippine is the land of singers 😄😄😄👏👏👏
maki rodriguez
First half of the song, I was like..oh sweet. Now the other half, I was like.. Shit. She's a monster. Don't be deceived. Try her NEVER ENOUGH.
paolo rao
ciao ti scrivo dall'italia, ti guardo sempre, sei favolosa ! una stella splendente!!! one kiss
American Mum's reaction PRICELESS
ronnie fd peralta
For me she's great what a fantastic range of voice.
scorpion king
Mum...pls. react Never Enough cover Katrina Velarde..thx
shikha thu
Pls.react to jovet baldivino faithfully and to much Love to kill you thanks
sie kiem liang
Do you wish to watch the dens of gonjales singing he goes (steelheart). he shocking everyone
sonny chan
There will be a wish bus on Hollywood in the future.
travis russell
i dont understand why these people from the wish bus,are not known.they should be stars
〰 aLdA 〰
Thank you for reacting to one of her epic covers. There are more, if you're interested. I promise that you would enjoy them all.☺She also does impersonations of famous singers/celebrities.