Ask an Italian Teacher - Sono or Sto?

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Sono Somalia
Angel Juliet
What does (going to pronounce it and not spell it)\n\n\nWa-tone Mean in Italian. Does it mean anything? I thought it meant cat, but when I looked it up cat was gato in Italian and Spanish. \n\nSo which is it? Is the (WA-tone-) slang or is it just a different word for cat?
Dr karim
Francis Vinquiote
Islam Zahid
OK but\nim little bit confused \nstare and essere\nboth have Passato prossima\n\
Ismaila Badjie
Thanks you so much i love you
Janko Drammeh
Grazie sei bella
John Padovano
Lamin ceesay
Grazie mio insegnente
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M del Giorgio
MD Nahid
Thank you so much guys , it's really helpful to learn Italian for me
Nickie IDRUS
Milli grazie.
S. Monica Monica
I often here \
Savoir Faire
Sono Bene e Lei chi è? Kkkkk
Sergio Garcia
Grazie mille questo video mi ha aiutato molto. Perché queste parole sono molte confuse. Ciao.
Sua Portosità Imperiale
Spanish has \
crazy me
learn italian is so hard \nbut i have to learn it
very easy explanation.