The Perfect Barber Shave (Nomad Barber)

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MY INSTAGRAM @NOMADBARBERThis video is set in Hong Kong which my good friend Kem, he talks through his steps to a perfect barber shave for barbers or for people at home. This helps you through the stages and helps prevent any irritation from shaving you may be getting.Nomad Barber is a web-series following how barber culture changes across the globe. We also film haircuts, shaves and head massages from all over the check out Baba the cosmic barber and his famous world's greatest head massage here For Indian head massages, Turkish head massages, Turkish Shaves, ASMR Video's and general barber massages and shaves please watch the rest of my videos.

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there was so much sexual tension in that slap at 2:51
Hahaha. \
at 2:53 kem bumps miguels head with his elbow. too funny
Alin Ionut.F
The barber is a combination of Chris Brown, Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain and a little bit Lewis Hamilton. :D
Alo_Official 22
I didnt except a guy who has a very soothing voice and him being hella cute
Andrew de Boer
Music industry didn't work out for Chris Brown then
Haha that dudes look after he got slapped, awkward ending 9:52
9:54 omg that face haha
Real men shave with a knife. Naw, all kidding aside, I'd go to this man to get a shave. Very impressive.
BirÖlürBinDirilir - \u200e𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜!
Boomer Zierath
Oh gosh that towel made me freak out, I’m a mouth breather and have sinus problems so that would practically be suffocating me
Brandon Armi
Wicked shave and both these guys have wicked ink.
Bryona Wilmer
Lol \
Darl G
At the end when the barber was massaging the guy's face, it reminded me of the time I got a haircut at the barber's and they gave me a massage at the end. \nReminded me so much of that, I ended up falling asleep just from the memory of the massage.\n\nGreat video.
Did this trigger anyone else's ASMR? His accent is quite nice to listen to.
Emmanuel Rios
9:54... why da fuq are you touching me.. I'm not gay lol
Englewood Frank21
Damn being a barber must pay. Nice Rolex Milgauss
I want that barber to read me a story. He has such a wonderful voice.
I find the way the muscles near the elbow move during the eyebrow flick to be fascinating.
Ethan Tremblay
Never thought I would find masculine wellness this intriguing
Fabian Ahmad
I wish he did the massage part for another 30 minutes...
Fatih Selimi
Best barbers are Turkish barbers :)\n
He will make a damn good teacher.  I could listen to him talk all day.
Could you please say daily foaming cleanser one more time, please?
its nice to see young people getting into the trade. keeping it alive. specially when they do a great job, exude professionalism and great client rappor.
lewis hamilton as a barber
InstaBucky ASMR
He's in Hong Kong so I'm guessing his watch is fake lol
Your friend seems to be a cool gent..\nGreat video
Jack Rockwell
In my 32 years on this planet I've found that guys that accuse other guys of being gay are usually in the closet. I love hot towel shaves and beautiful women. I must be an anomaly.
Jake Carson
2:51 does he hit his head when he goes out the door😂
Jaks Whispers
I feel a sudden urge to fly to Hong Kong for a shave
Jason Pierce
Ooh yeah, tell me more about that DAILY FOAMING CLEANSAH.
Joel Garcia
His big masculine hands look so soft lol. Must feel nice considering he lifts. No homo.
John Smith
What an excellent room, calm colour scheme, privacy, no other customers, clean and hygienic, one to one attention.
Jordan Sheppherd
This cat knows how to handle a straight.
Jose Jacquez
7:40 was for not accepting the date hahahaha
The way these guys are able to do this and make it seem completely heterosexual is their greatest talent.
Kuro Inu
lol at Miguels face after \
I love this video. I wish kem would do more videos.
Lunar Moose
that boy doing the shave wanted his ass
i need this in my life
Madoc The Mighty
Why is Mike Shinoda getting a shave from a British barber
Matthew McCrory
pretty sure watching this made me pregnant
Maury J.
I believe these guys are friends, and the barber in this video moved to china or japan not sure...but thats why he slapped him, they both have that british accent.
Molli wopper
this bloke made me gay for 10:05
Nyzel Lovret
I really need this, with some deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulder - and I'll be alive again
Oscar Grant
Nothing beats the turkish barbers!
hahaha \
Overwhelmingly Handsome Jack
The guy in the thumbnail looks so pissed.
A shave every man should experience. On my bucket list
Pitt Bear
I had a mangasm while watching this, i felt a little bit out of place watching this without a single malt or brandy tho.
Robert Delafuente
That’s to many steps just to shave endless your rich no ones puts that much cats into shaving all I need is a brand new razor soak and sit the shaving cream for about one minute then shave cost$? Free
Scott K.
The barbers outfit and accent nearly made my clothes fly off. Lol!!
LOL I dont like dates...
Shoaib K
That barber is ripped , would be scared to fight him lol, great shave
Awsome, we need some barber shops in north-spain
The commentary was excellent.
Watching a barbers work is always satisfying AF... I remember trying this kind of shave once and I fell asleep because it was so relaxing. And my face looked fresh AF afterwards.
mixed people are so damn good looking.
This is way more interesting than it should be.
Can't belive I did fap to this and I'm not gay
He's like the Bob Ross of barbers.
Shock Mansion brought me here and they didn't disappoint! Such an interesting video. Love this channel! Keep up the awesome work!
The Dude
They both seem like the kind of guys who say ' relax it's just banter ' about 20 times a day.
The Rogue Wolf
Now this is a man who knows how to dress.
9:55 only reason i watch this all the time
Thomas Coursey
For the Americans out there. Is it just me or does he barber look like Tyran Mathieu?
Timepiece Enthusiasm
is the barber wearing a Rolex Milgauss?
Tyler James
good for asmr
Vee! Pee!
i want to go to a nomad barber too... but the problem is i dont have beard, i just want a massage hahaha
At 9:54 he said “something special for him” and look at how much the guy is smiling 😂 Then the next 5 seconds the guy looks at the camera and instantly quits smiling 😂😂😂
Yassine Ouerda
Chris Brown became a barber ?
Yves Legin
barber flirting with the customer? 2 separate awkward slaps he hits him with!
Zachary Outlaw
The series is awesome. Kem (the barber) does some amazing looking work with fantastic commentary!\nCheers
I am a man, I appreciate this video. It makes me feel manlier.
alex burke
I watch this video every night. Idk why, it's just relaxing...
big meme
No one can tell me that their interaction (especially on nomad barber's end) was not tinged with homosexuality. Btw I am gay.
the ending in this was priceless :-)
cj m
7:42 with the cold towel application was funny. Quality work displayed here!
This really was The Perfect Barber.  Excellent shave and service.  Kem amazingly professional and knowledgeable.  Wish we had more of this in U.S., we barely have barbers anymore.  I didn't understand that weird look by Nomad at end of video after slap.  Seemed disrespectful.
and 4 hours later i'm ready for work!!!!!!
This guy looks like the outcome of when the weeknd and chris brown have a baby
john johnson
Well, leaves an impression of a highest class professional. 
His watch is a Rolex Milgauss. In case anyone was wondering like I was.
markus hoffsten
crazy i almost fal a sleep so nice it was ...
monte hibbert
I wanna go just for the eye brow flick and the daily foaming cleansah
he's turk he looks mixrace white n black
One does not simply just shave.
stan broniszewski
I'd hate getting a straight shave from a barber who drinks a lot of coffee.
stevie wonder
Should do this again except hes applying the daily foaming clansah to his sack and shaving it
Hahaha! See the look on the models face at the end.. \nHe was waiting for the Sexy Party!
sumkidzatskool (EasedBirch2114)
The British guy looks like British The Weeknd or low key The Weeknd
this man has to be turkish ! devamlı değdiriyor ordan anladım :D
talented Barber well educated on the art.
Where can we buy the Daily Foaming Cleanzah, and soothing bum?
Please upload more of these full shave \
kids thinks this is gay\nmen finds this relaxing