Introduction to Italian in 30 Minutes - How to Read, Write and Speak

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Adjective Noun Number
Bene visualizza.
Aliki Groutidou
grazie mille!!
Bah One
Biid yare film's &Vlogs
I lake Italian language
Brian Phillips
Outstanding video.
Elisa Amato
ma a chi interessa sta robaa
Joseph Quinn
A useful introduction that will augment my spoken practice with language exchange partners!
Marco Melis
Ragazza italiana correggi la postura!
Matt Salmieri
Italian is great, I enjoy speaking, and I am Italian, but unfortunately Chinese or Arabic will increase one’s marketability more. However, I am not going to stop learning more Italian. Ce Vediamo a piu tarde, grazie tante!
Min Young Kim
If only trilling my Rs was as simple as they make it look in the vid...
Priti Mansinghka
mi è piaciuto questo video. Grazie
Rachela Nardella
sto imparando L'italiano, grazie mille !
Raghad Jayyousi
Grazie it's so beneficial!
S0PH1A - :0
Thank you! This is incredibly helpful.\nI’m am traveling to Italy quite soon, and I know not an ounce of Italian! Hopefully I’ll be decent enough in the language before I go, so the trip can be more enjoyable.\nYour videos are easy to understand and you have A very friendly approach too!
Serafima Ka
i´m so happy this exists. in summer breack we go to italian with the scouts, so i wanted to learn the language a bit. thank you for all these language videos!
Snow Rose
Grazie mille
thanks for sharing your videos,really they're very useful , greetings :)
Tunde Beauty
døggo lunatiic
it helps if you right the important stuff down :-)
rema _
thank you so much you are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssst i learned a lot from you guys