30 Incredible Huskies | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From huskies screaming at the top of their lungs, husky puppies sleeping together in a row, to huskies trying to wake up their owner, these are just a few of funny huskies you'll find in this incredible huskies video compilation.The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online. Simply put, we think animals are the best ever. If you agree, let’s make it YouTube official right here, right meow:Subscribe to The Pet Collective:

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Our dog, Buddy, died in June 2017, and we too cry ourselves to sleep, at different times, at their gravesite we have prepared and at just about any time. But, you give all of us viewers an uplift with these videos. It’s like soup for the soul.
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Normal dogs: woof!\nHuskies:WWWOOOOOOAAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!!
Accio Username
0:47 is how I argue with my mom😏😁
Alleanore Silverstorm
1:24\nSomeone:awwwooooo\nhuskie:nyamnyam nya ngyamanyagya\nEdit/Bonus:(Translation)Human!Put me down now!I may be young and still small but I am no baby to be carried around!\nEdit#2:Goodness...I never expected to have 200 likes at this comment like...wow-thank you so much guys!
Alyssa Bjoin
Angela Garcia
So cute I want a huskie like that.
Animating with Sabbra
12:13 nice bed sheets!!!
Anyurid Zambrano
Yo tengo uno de esa rasa Lik si tú también es macho
12:09 me making friends and arguing over whether we should get revenge on our bullies
Becca Woolley
Bence Balogh
9:30 sound like a racing car
Beth Lowman
Show more puppies.
8:02 when your relaxing on the weekends 8:19 and then monday comes along
Black Ice
That husky pup at 1:24 is so adorable!!!!
Brad K
We don't deserve dogs....
Brody 'Moke' McStevebro
2:12 Okay, I'm going to need a new heart, my old one melted.
Charles Dennard
Don't tell me what to do I'm the boss 0:59
Buyer beware... This breed is for people in colder climates who just want a companion. They have no owner protection instinct and rip up anything they can find. They absolutely HATE being bathed (at least the one I inherited does) and don't listen to anything you say, only some commands. I guess they're popular now because of Game of Thrones or something. It's really too bad because the Husky puppy mills seem to be churning them out like crazy to meet demands. It's like when 101 Dalmations came out and everyone went out and bought one and then saturated the animal shelters with them once they realized the mistake they had made with that difficult breed. They were destroyed at a previously unprecedented rate. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Don't make an impulse purchase! Don't shop, adopt!
5:03 it's gohan
1:22 \n\nthe moment when you realize you can sing
Dino Eevee42
Police sirens should just be huskie sounds 🚔🚔
Duainne Beremauro
I love how the dog pushed down the camera 🎥
Elyn Panes
1:22 puppy says 'bananaaaaa' haha 😍😍
Eric Sinclair
5:03 Yo Gohan!
Ethan Mori
hewondewa 1:40
Garegin Margaryan
Gohan The Husky
I made it! I am the husky at 5:07 with the baby chick being my best friend! Cute huh?
GoldenSmithYT & TWITCH
8:16.........\nDOG:DONT YOU DARE DO THAT!!!!!
0:48 Is me when I don't want to listen to my parents
Hutch the Husky
11:19, Puppy \
I Dun Care
5:37 mmmm chicken nugget😋
Isma RM
1:22 I want a husky \u003c3
Anyone considering getting a husky after this let me tell you, they are so stubborn cause they don't care as much as other dogs, and they're not even food motivated. so if a husky really wants to do something and you tell them to not do the thing, man they have to be some well trained husky to listen XD A lot of time, dedication, and exercise dedicated to them.
Jordan Stephan
4:30 proof that furbies are evil
Jordyn Funk
1:22 when I try to sing
Josias Neira Borquez
My favorite dog 😍
Regular dogs: Woof\nHuskies: AAAAWOOOAAAHHHHOOOOOO
Karen Adams
The husky that was going back and forth on the girl's shoulder looking at her phone was the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen !!!!!
Katie Kaufman
4:29- When I think my furby is haunted
Katya Thomas
legend has it that the husky at 1:01 is still yelling...
Kylie Reidel
I waaaant a husky now
Laser Thug
Husky & m'y ❤💓💘💋 husky 💘
Lil Cruzito
I swear I love huskies to the max 😭❤️im definitely getting one along with a German shepherd 😍❤️
Luz Spinozzi
I want a puppy now😭
Ló Szürke
I vont a huski
Careful ... For anyone who has a husky dog. A slippery floor can bring serious spinal problems with inflammations \nthat can make walking difficult and depending on the severity of the lower limbs.
it very cute
Madison Arellano
The bird in the husky's head WAS THAT GOHAN THE HUSKY!??!?!!?!!?!?!?!?
Mariana Alvarado
2:13 💕💕💕💕❤❤💝
Master Cookie
The one at 1:13 is gangster
Matthew Niedbala
A very charismatic breed. They don’t let u mess with them.
Mia and Her Husky Shira
One of the reasons why I am obsessed with huskies is that they are so vocal! Adorable goofballs :)
Molly Fountain
I want a husky.
Moulina Kopty
Thanks a lot God for creating dogs ..🙏🙏
Mr. Handel-Bar
LOL and to think, in the husky's mind it probably thinks it's having a normal conversation with us
My Life With A Sister
1:29 yoddiling kid from Walmart!
Nicole Stewart
My baby husky can say dorito for some reason 😛
Nikki Chan :3
I have a stubborn husky named \
Nina Bisrat
The dog at 9:01 is like nooooooo
Nothing can stop me
Huskys are one of my favorite breeds
6:39 my new ship
Pengy The Penguin
I LOVE huskys so much favorite breed so I am so happy that i own one
Privacy Lover
1:30 Your husky is broken
Pythagorasaurus Rex
9:50 That broccolli has to die!
Rakesh Kumar
Gohan was in the video..... (The dog with the chick)
Ray Ray Wilkins
I love huskies and I want a white one and a peach one
Revertino Tse
This clip is incredibly sweet. Keep it up. 👍👍
Riano 1125
0:48 when you want ice cream but mom wont let you
Robert Thompson
Woman: \
Roberto Parrotta
My husky is so catastrophique
6:26 that owl 🦉
Samm Pinkoff
because I have huskies, when I watch videos like this I have to keep my volume at a minimum lol
Sanket Patel
Gohan is best
Sasha Colddaughter
And I just want a dog :(
1:23 the dog is literally speaking!! Omg!! Its sound like a little kid!
Sonnae Lecler
I love how huskies try to explain what happened and proceed to argue with you when they’ve been bad
Squashing Love
Stacey Christians
The husky and the owl!❤❤❤
Toma Pazniokaite
1:21 the baby husky is adorable
1:53 me trying to sing
Vanessa Stone
The video with the vacumeclener looks like Shasta from the movie snowbuddys
XxMarshmallowxX Galaxy
Omg I have a husky and he’s always barking at the people walking by our house
Zac Young
Gohan is awesome
Zau Lahpai
The husky kissing the owl is wayyyyyyyy tooo cute \u003c3
And the first clip was a Husky... falling down the stairs... SMH
belinda hawkins
I’m telling u dad some other huskies came in this house and did this dad\nNot Dakota \nNot Phoenix \nNope!!!!
idk idk
1:22 sounds like the husky has great singing skills
laurie bunting
my husky was bolting around the house today barking like mad... because she'd found a mango. she zoomed around the house and would go back to it and bark like nuts and then zoom off again
5:17 GOHAN ❤️❤️❤️
prachi bhatnagar
Huskies are love!
rosemary marsh
They certainly are amazing dogs and very beautiful intelligent.Beautiful video.They are so cute and loving animals.So very Precious.
sister shocked
1:23\nPerson: AWOOOO\nPuppy: MLA MLA MLA MLA\nGirl holding puppy: *dying of laughter*\nPuppy: mlem.....MLA MLA MLA\n \nLiterally dying xD
Huskies know that when being accused of a crime the best defense is a good offense.
wili shinoda
i want a huskey
Надежда Петрова
1:7 it's like me
Хьюстон У нас проблема
1:19 Headshot!
בתאל ברום
❤❤❤❤❤ זה קזה מתוקקק