Romanian: The Forgotten Romance Language

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This video is all about Romanian - the forgotten Romance language!Special Thanks to Alexandru Zaharia for providing excellent audio samples for this video!Say "hi" to Mickey in the comments!Support Langfocus on Patreon:Intro music: "Sax Attack" by Dougie Wood.Outro music: "Foundation" by Vibe Tracks.

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Dati like daca traiti in Romania sau Moldova (si transnistria) or leave a like if you live in Romania Moldova and Transnitria
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There is a word you can't translate:\nDor.
Adrián Moviliano
Este trist 😢 sa auzi de la alt cetățean al lumii ca iubește România(mulțumesc în același timp de urare, este scump) , în timp ce mulți români vorbește urat despre propria sa patrie.\nMulțumesc pentru video, autor!
Albertine T.
Romanian language is a very hard to learn, but it's one of the most poetic and beautiful languages in the world.
Alberto Rivera
Comentario en español para ver si algún franco, portugués, rumano, catalán o italo parlante lo entiende.
Well Iìm Italian and I'm fluent in Portuguese. On average I've got a 75-80% understanding of Spanish, spoken at a medium pace (Spaniards, you speak too fast!!!! ^_^) . I live in Turin and here there are many Romanians, but my understanding of them is near to zero. Maybe it's the phonetics and pronunciation, maybe it's the presence of cases and slavic words, but anyway I really can't understand them. On the contrary it seems they're able to understand Italian better....
Alexandru Duțu
I think Romanian is similar with Italian or Spanish ... I do not think it is really similar to French ...
AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken [Unregistered Hypercam 2]
i really like this language.\ni first heard it in their anthem. which is also my favourite one out of all i've heard. it just has a fire that i can't find in any other.
Alphabet Man
Romanians can understand more Italian than Italians can understand Romanian. I heard it is the same for Spanish speakers, they understand more Italian than viceversa. For some reason, there is not a mutual comprehension.
Aly Chan
Hello.I'm Romanian and now i'm proud of my country!\nBună.Sunt Român/că şi acum sunt mândru/ă de ţara mea!
Ana Lídia Florêncio
Are you sure \
Andrei Popescu
Thank you Paul, for posting this video on our National Day, how thoughtful of you!:)
Andrey Makarov
To me Romanian is one of the most beautiful sounding languages out there! Love it!
Having spent 6 years on Latin in school and now learning Romanian because my girlfriend is from there, I was really surprised by there being a Romance language so far East. (I'm German, so the country's name - \
Arthur Iuga
Îi frumos și minunat când îți vorbește despre țara ta natală și limba ta natală. Foarte frumos!
Beca Coelho
My mother tongue is Portuguese (from Europe) and I grew up speaking French but I'm currently learning Romanian and I'm absolutely loving it, it's such a beautiful language. I can't believe it isn't as popular as the other romance languages! Also Romanian and Moldavian people as usually so friendly, I'm lucky to know a few of them.
Bianca Hotca
There is NO such thing as a Moldovan language. Moldova is a region of Romania. That part of the Romanian country, Moldova was split in half after WWII. It was forcibly taken over by the Russians. You may remember the Yalta Accords where the Americans handed half of Europe to the Russians so the Russians did whatever they wanted and had a hey day of dividing and taking what wasn't there's. Part of Moldova was taken by the Russians and the people there by and large speak Russian instead of Romanian. That's called Russian Moldova. There is a Romania Moldova (that is the region in Romania that was divided) and many do speak Romanian with a rather strong Russian influenced accent, very obvious and funny sounding often to the Romanian speaker who has the standard Romanian accent, Latin sounding. The Russians have a lot of the y and j sounds unlike Romanian, although yes we do have a Slavic influence on our language and many words that are basically the same, such as ulita, or neighborhood, said in the same way, or zahar, sugar...etc. as in Russian. In Russian Moldova, the Russians brought in there own people, Russians in the region and the people there are mixed, Russian and Romanian. It was a Russian social experiment basically. There are Romanians who still (try)keep there identity, have Romanian names, but their Romanian sounds like Russian, very heavy Russian accent when they speak because of the Russian takeover of the land. It sounds rather funny if u know Romanian.
Big_Head Muhfucka
Just found out I'm part Romanian and am super excited about it. Going to start learning the language...
Bitter Lemon
Real romanian history is destroyed or changed during communism....Thats why documents missing for a large period in history
*Latin brothers from around the globe, let's conquer the world!* \n🇵🇹🇪🇸🇫🇷🇮🇹🇹🇩
Catalina George
Excellent video! Probably one of the best I have seen recently, made by someone who is not Romanian, about our language and history. We remain the most unknown people of Europe, possibly beaten in this respect only by Albanians.
Charmy Tania
I am a native speaker of Romanian and at the same time I am a native speaker of Hungarian. History knows it that these two countries were in rivalry since forever due to events that happened in the past. Most people have a negative attitude towards Romanian, reason why it makes me happy that you made this video! I am glad that there are people out there who are not negative and pessimistic towards our culture and who care and pay attention! There is ahuge minority of Hungarians in Romania who refuse to learn our national language or simply hate it because of the conflicts that popped up between the 2 nations in the past, but as a native speaker I have to say that refusing to learn a new language (whichever the language may be) is a huge mistake. Exactly because Romanian mixed up slavic languages but it still kept it's Romance nature, I, as a native speaker, am able to learn foreign languages very easily because I see the connections and similarities
Corneliu Lucian Rusu
Native Romanian here. I also know very well English, French and Italian. Spanish and Swedish, also, but at a basic-medium level.\n\nSo, for me, the closest language to Romanian (and the easiest to understand and to learn) is the Italian language. Strange enough, it looks like this similarity is not shared by the Italians themselves, who find our language quite difficult, and less understandable.\n\nOn the other hand, the closest with Romanian (in terms of pronunciation, phonemes and rhythm) are the Sicilian dialect(s) and the Portuguese language.\n\nThe most distant Romance language from Romanian is French. Of course, We, Romanians, do learn French at a large scale at school, but before learning it, we are not able to understand much of it. Probably because French has more early germanic influences (the Visigoths and, of course, the Franks) than any other language of Latin origin. And probably because French has an etymological orthography, while Romanian and Italian have phonemic orthographies.\n\nNote: By the way, there is one more language (of rather subfamily) belonging to the Romance family: the Rhaeto-Romance (Rhaetian) which is spoken in north and north-eastern Italy and in Switzerland.
Dale Moscrop
As an English and Secondary Esperanto speaker, much of the vocabulary still feels very familiar.
Facia all :)
Daniella Cartwright
I love Romanian! I'm learning it and people always say I'm weird because no one wants to learn Romanian. ;-;
Ecaterina Scafa
As a native Romanian speaker I can understand most of the words from italian, spanish and french; especially when they are written. Being a romance language, romanian is in Cathegory 1(easy to learn for an english speaker) but I think our language is a lot more complex and can even give headaches :)) the pronunciation is quite complicated as you have letters ț (ts) and ş (sh) and also 2 more vowel sounds, ă (the schwa sound in english) and î/â (2 letters for the same sound). Another aspect would be the grammar, which is painfully difficult: 5 noun cases, LOTS of verb tenses( present, imperfect, simple perfect, complex perfect, more than perfect, future, anterior future or future past and popular future), and a wide variety of synonyms and omonyms. Grammar mistakes are common for us native speakers. One more thing: it's easier to understand the written language, because when we speak (fast!) we shorten and alter the words. An example would be \
Evelina Călin
Traiascaaaaa romaniaaaaaaaa!!
Ever Forward
I've always been fascinated with the facts that, Romania, which is surrounded by non-Latin peoples, has a language based on Latin, and so many of its citizens look like Italian people.
FLTheAnimeGuy Mk. Trillion
This is what probably would happen if you put one person of each language in a room. The Portuguese and Spanish speaker would speak to each other more than with anyone else, although a bit more slowly than their normal selves. The Portuguese would understand the Spanish more than the opposite. Both the Portuguese and the Spanish speaker might be tempted to talk with the Italian from time to time so they might get the Italian involved in the conversation as well. The Italian would have an easier time speaking with the Spanish speaker than the Portuguese speaker. The Romanian would try to engage the Italian since he/she would be able to understand him/her more than everyone else but the Italian would be super lost with the Romanian so it would be really difficult. Seeing this, the Romanian would be left all alone, and would eavesdrop on their conversation and understand the Italian and a little bit less the Spanish but would be lost with the Portuguese. The Italian, Spanish and Portuguese would not bother with the Romanian as they can't understand him/her at all. The French might understand some of the Italian's speech and to a much lesser extent, the Spanish but would be completely lost with everyone else as well as all of them with the French speaker. He/she would probably be left all alone without being able to speak to anyone. The French and the Romanian would look at each other but would not be able to speak to each other much in their own languages. In the end they would all agree on English.
Idk why, but somehow I always find myself with Romanian guys loool guess they're my type
Gianmarco Ercolani
I'm a native Italian speaker and unfortunately I can't spot a so-close similarity of the two languages as for Spanish and Italian. But the interesting thing is that Romanian looks more similar to my dialect (there are more than 200 dialects in Italy, so not everyone can share my point). For example in the video there is \
Gion Smis
Spanish: \
Giulia Fogato
For me it’s really hard to not see how similar Romanian and the other Romance language are,because I was born Italy and I grew up there,but my mom is Romanian so I always spoke both languages.\nI always saw them as two faces of the same thing,and for that reason now is for me impossible to not see the similarities,the same way I cannot ignore how similar English and German are(I live on Germany) because of the origins
As a german native speaker, only had a little Latin in school as romance language experience I don't get why some romance native speakers don't see a lot similarities.\nFor me it sound or \
GtheLion 7
My Papa is a missionary to Romania. Romanian is one of my favorite language behind Portuguese and Italian.
Hiagi Motofaga
Well, I'm from the Fiji Islands and I speak Romanian and Italian. Mi-e dor de România și de Republica Moldova. Sper că într-o zi o sa pot întoarce în România și în Moldova pentru că acum, încet câte încet, încep să uit limba cea mai frumoasă din toata lumea.
Hyacinth Bridgerton
Can somebody tell me what was the Slavic influence on Romanian grammar? \nBTW, there was a mistake in the video, \
I am romanian .I understand the italian coversations even I never studied italian languace.It is a native stuff.From all the Romance laguaces italian seems to be most related and understood by romanian people.
Iostinadreamlike 726
I really admire you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us :)
Irina Nastase
Nostra patria est Romania,ubi sunt parentes nostri,fratres et sorores nostrae,ubi habitare debemus.\nPatria noastra este Romania unde sunt parintii nostri, fratii si surorile noaste, unde trebuie sa locuim.Romania,patria nostra,montes et campos fertiles habet. \nRomania, patria noastra, are munti si campii fertile.Incolae stenue laborant.\nLocuitorii lucreaza viguros.Poetae artes litterasque colunt, gloriam patriae et amoenitatem agrorum cantat. \nPoetii cultiva artele literare, gloria pariei si canta dragostea pentru agricultura.  Pleraque vocabula nostri sermonis cotidiani e lingua latina originem ducunt.\nIn cea mai mare parte vocabularul nostru cotidian de conversatie isi trage originea din limba latina. Scientia item magnum numerum latinorum adhibet.\nStiinta utilizeaza de asemenea in numar mare latina.
I have been to Romania for a holiday (and I grew up in Australia with Italian parents), and I speak a medium level Italian and I could understand quite a lot of Romanian, but my travel companion was Spanish and he couldn't understand a single word. It is a beautiful green country with beautiful people, it is an undiscovered gem. My best wishes to all Romanians, I love Romania.
bă, eu aici din Basarabia vorbesc limba română, limba moldovenească e invenția lui tătuca Stalin!
Johnny Jones
When I first heard Romanian it sounded to me like Italian with a Portuguese accent. My first contact with Romania and the Romanian language was in 2010, when I became a dealer for Kangoo Jumps, and this sport is huge in Romania. I've been to Romania several times since then to attend fitness festivals. I love the language, although I still speak very little of it.\nI fell in love with the language by listening to Romanian songs- initially especially by Taxi - Cele două cuvinte and Non-stop. I can usually follow a conversation quite well if I know the context, but my own vocabulary is limited to words related to the sport. (varza, fundulet etc) :D
Jotashock Valencia
Desconocía que el Rumano era una lengua romance! Como hablante del español me sorprende la similitud, incluso pude leerlo con facilidad y me doy cuenta que se pronuncia casi igual que mi idioma :O
Juan Gerardo Hernández
I'm Mexican (my mother tongue is Spanish). I've studied English, French, Portuguese and Italian and personally I found Romanian more difficult than French and Italian (when I began to study them). However, there is something special in Romanian that makes me want to learn it.
Juan Sebastian Quintero Ardila
As a native spanish speaker I'd say I understand about 50% of spoken romanian and about 70% of written romanian.Now, what I like the most is how some words developed in a different way in romanian; for instance the word \
Juli motta
Merry christmas to all romenian people ! GOD BLESS US christians ! 😉😀
Julie Mongeon
Another great video! You said that \
Kristof Feher
Really cool language, I love how it sounds and the way it is so strangely different from Italian and Spanish. it's a pity that politics ruin the relationship between our peoples... Greetings from Hungary
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Lili Shemesh
Love how Romanian sounds. Such a melodic language. Greets from Hungary
I'm italian and I find romanian language quite easy to understand , especially the writing form. Imi place limba romana!
Luca Daringa
il rumeno è lo stesso dell'italiano nella grammatica, nella pronuncia, ecc. E le persone che sais che il rumeno ha influenze slave sono solo incolte e non sanno cagare di questa bellissima lingua completamente latina!
Lucas Chelcea
Romanian kinda is one of the easiest languages to learn......I am not saying that 'cause it's my language but like every letter and every's pronounced EXACTLY how it's written! EVERY SINGLE THING IN ROMANIAN IT'S SPOKEN LETTER BY LETTER EXACTLY.... A is Ah...B is Bb....C is Kch.....D is Dh.....It's exactly how you'd think a letter would be spoken...not like english where A is a kind of an Aei...B is Bi...C is Ci..D is Di.....I is ai...
Macasis kaishak
i didn't know Romanian was a romance language
Great video! Hello neighbours! Wishing peace and love from Hungary!
Manuel Costa
Greetings from Portugal
Michael Weis
Din păcate, eu nu vorbesc limba română, dar îmi place muzica lui Tudor Gheorghe. Îmi place mai ales să-i aud tango! Salutări de la Viena, Austria\n\nGreetings from Vienna, Austria... \n\nLove to Google Translator\nfor making this look authentic at least... somehow?!
Natasha Kershaw
Romanian usually looks Latin when written, but sounds Slavic when heard.
Nixelena Lopez Bastidas
Bună! I'm a Colombian girl , who are trying to learn Romanian but it is incredibly difficult to find people to practice. I don't speak English fluency but I can offer Spanish and German.I live in Germany and I visit a Romanian course for beginners at the university but the grammar and the pronunciation are really difficult for me. If you have tips or information about how can i improve my skills, don't hesitate to contact me. I would really like learn Romanian. mulțumesc foarte mult.
Eu învăț română pentru că prietena mea e de acolo și eu cred că română e foarte frumoasă. :) P.S. Sunt din Finlanda. Salut românilor.
Palentino No Palenciano
Im spanish and i she like the romanian lenguage are very similar to spanish and i half polish so its my perfect lenguage half slavic half romance
Pikudo Pikao
I'm Brazilian and first time I heard Romanian was studying about the horrors of Communism and to my surprise I could easily understand at least half of what people were saying.
Rafael Costa
Im brazilian and Romanian is very similar to portuguese... This is awsome! I can understand a litler bit if i reed even i never study romanian.
I'm a Brazilian (I speak Portuguese). I entered the Romanian's page about Romanian Language and could understand perhaps about 70% of the words and pretty much every paragraph. I showed my mother - who has NEVER heard about Romanian before - and she could also understand it.\n\nIt's very amusing and interesting.
Rex Daciae
Latin stems from Thracian, hence the similarities.
Rick Jones
Romanian is a Romance language with a Slavic accent. I believe that their word for \
Ryan rocha silva
In romanian, \
Sabrina Raspel
Hi, i've learned romanian because my boyfriend comes from romania. We go there a lot, so we're with his family and nobody, just my boyfriend, speaks german. We are 9 years together now and until today i didn't learn all the words, but i can have a conversation with them and help our friends in germany a lot with translating if they don't understand it. It was very difficult to pronounce some words and to learn it right to speak but i like the sound of the romanian speaking and it is more beautiful then italian or french! The video was very interesting, thank you for doing it.
Savion Sample
Was starting to think that Romanian was a cool language and that I should give it a try until I got to the part of the video about how the nouns decline. Nope, sorry, not happenin
Sergiu Turcanu
There's also a theory that Latin actually originated from Dacian, and that explains a lot: the so-called easy and fast romanization to start with. So just as a thought it might be that Romanian language is a slightly modified in time Daco-latin - the mother of all Romance languages.
Love Romania From Turkey Hope You will get Moldova back
Shannon xx
I study Spanish, French and Italian and I noticed a lot of similarities! It’s definitely unique but this video really made me think about starting to learn it!
Îmi place limba românești dar dacă o să fiu serios, ie “phonetic” și Înseamnă că tu Citești litere în cuvînți cum auzi în alfabet. Scuza mă romăna mea nu ie așa de bine că nu vorbesc a șa de mult, vorbesc engleze mai mult da când eram mică am vorbea românește așa de bine Că era limba mea primul da nu știu ce sa templat
Silviu Antone
A plati (to pay) is not slavic. Comes from latin “plata” which means silver. You have it in spanish - Pablo Escobar in Narcos: Plombo o plata? Lead or silver?
Simmer Aventuras
I'm learning romanian,It's super easy to me!
I lived in Romania for one and a half year (-96 to -98). When I arrived, I spoke fluently French, and it was useful for me as a foundation to learn Romanian. I never intended to learn Romanian language though, never took classes etc. But I speak it quite fluently still today. The written language I basically picked up by watching English films etc on TV, with Romanian subtitles, so I had some clue about how they write it. But for me it was a means of oral communication most of the time.\nIt is amazing how this Latin language can be found thriving, alive and well, while being surrounded by countries with totally different languages, like Hungary, Serbia etc. \nOn a trip to Italy, I was surprised when the hotel staff greeted me with: Buona sera! In Romanian, it is bună seară (Good evening!). It is definately closest to Italian, yes. \nI know that some words are borrowed from neighbouring countries, such as DA (yes), bogat (rich) and also a lot more, but I can not say that I understand any of those other languages, except for just a very few words like the ones I mentioned.\n\nThe funny thing is that after I was immersed into the Romanian culture and language, I was not able to speak French when I randomly met some French people. I needed like up to 20 minutes to restore my French again. There would always come some Romanian words out of my mouth. So even if the 2 languages are quite different, it seems as though they are still close enough to confuse my brain.
Mulțumită acestui video mai puține persoane cred ca vorbim rusă. Mulțumesc.
Tudor Pepi
Fun fact: There is a sentence in Romanian \
My first language is Spanish and Romanian looks relatively more difficult to than Portuguese or Italian. The pronunciation doesn't sound too difficult but the case declensions sure do lol
Vinicius Buscacio
To me as a brazilian, Romanian is so distant from other latin languages. But I'd love to learn it, looks like another great language.
Wanderley Neves
I'm a Brazilian Canadian who dealt with a lot of Romanians while living in Canada. My 2 cents about it: They can understand much more Portuguese than I ever thought they could, and the last but not the least: they are the nicest people I had the chance to interact with.
In french, you can use « fort » instead of « très », meaning « very », juste like in romanian. It is not very used nowadays, but a native would understand it for sure.\nFor example: Je le connais fort bien = I know him very well 😉
So when Moldovia was a SSR as part of the USSR, they were forced to adopt the Cyrillic alphabet, weren't they? (To try and make an artificial difference between itself and Romanian)
Yes, \
25% conquered by The Romans , the rest 75% magically started speaking a romance language. Doubt it.
jesse florian
I speak Romanian. Not fluently but very close.
kung paola
When my mother (who grew up in a bilingual household-English and Italian) first met my dad's family who spoke Romanian, she said she thought they were speaking Russian. But my dad always said that to him Romanian and Italian sound very similar.\n\nMy degrees are in Italian and French, and I know some Spanish and so as I learn Romanian I'm able to pick up it up rather quickly, but it still sticks out to me among other Romance languages. With Portuguese, for example, I can read through even more complex texts rather easily and still understand the meaning. I can't always do that with Romanian because there's always a word or two that I have no clue where it came from.
There was a real case in USSR when a Soviet soldier from Moldova run from the army and hid in a small remote village somewhere in Caucasus mountains. The local school didn't have a teacher of international language for several years so they were very happy to hire him as a teacher of French but besides Russian he knew only Romanian so he taught Romanian language as French.\nMany years later when a student at an university was claiming to know French but were speaking another language they sent a commission to that village and discovered that a large part of locals were speaking Romanian as a second language. But they loved him so much that they didn't fired him but kept as teacher of Romanian language.
Some view us Romanians as Italians with Russian accents
Vad pe harta ta in mijlocul României un petic scris hungarian .este greșit
The only thing I know in Romanian is te iubesc and that's because I have a Romanian ex. I probably am not spelling it properly but it means I love you
mypassion Space
I was born and Raised in Romania and I can tell you I can't understand jack shit from any slavic language :))) Bulgarian, Serbian, or Russian. I have never met once in my life a Romanian which can understand a Slavic language without ever studying that language(almost nobody studies slavic languages in Romania btw). Or a slavic person who can understand Romanian. \n\nEven though there are slavic words in Romanian, the number of words is too few and the construction is Latin and many many times I had Bulgarian, Serbian, and Russian, friends in college listening to me speaking Romanian to another Romanian and really struggling to understand what we were saying :)) but could not even understand the most basic sentences. \n\nWhat I found even weirder is that many times I had to underline the Romanian words of Slavic origin I was pronouncing while speaking Romanian, because they couldn't even understand those words :)))) Whereas with Romance speakers even when I don't understand what an Italian/French/Spanish is saying, I can still understand parts of the sentences.\n\nI want to also mention that I've never studied any romance language in my life besides French, and I hated French because I had awful teachers:)) I can only speak a little Greek, German and perfect English, but I still know more Italian than any Slavic or German which also never studied Italian in their life. \n\nBut, almost every Romanian I have ever met, me including, understand at least 50% of most romance languages, especially Italian, French and Spanish. Plus, I've had a couple of encounters with Italians and Portuguese people and they had 100% perfect pronunciation of the words I asked them to pronounce whereas my other 3 encounters with people from England, Germany and Russia, had the most horrid pronunciation for the most basic Romanian words, including the Romanian word for bye(Pa) :)))))\n\nThese are objective facts, which can be tested out between any Romanian-Another Romance speaker-Another Slavic speaker which never learned any of the other two languages in their life.\n\nThis experiment should actually take place.\n\nSalutări din București! :)
How did I learn Romanian? When I first arrived in Romania, I found that I could use the French I had learned in high school to communicate with my Romanian friends, since most of them also studied French in high school, and also because Romanian is also a romance language. Then I kind of went through a stage that could be called \
Native Romanian speaker here. I also speak/understand French, Spanish and Italian (among other languages). In descending order of difficulty for me, the other Romance languages I learned were: Italian, French, Spanish. I'm still not very good at Spanish (studied it for about 2 years), I speak French almost perfectly (though I did study it for almost 11 years) and I understand most Italian without having ever studied it in an organized manner. I understand perhaps 15-20% of Portuguese but I never studied it. I am not a linguist; I learned French because I liked it, and Spanish for business reasons. \nI would definitely rate Italian as by far the easiest for a native Romanian to comprehend.\nAs for foreign imports into Romanian, they are varied. Some are very niche. For instance, most of the medical terminology is imported from French, most technical terms are from German and more recently from English. There are many day-to-day terms which are Slavic but also a fair amount from Turkish. \nYou didn't touch upon some Romanian words that have no correspondents in any of the other languages, including Latin. Some linguists argue that those may be remnants of the (now extinct) Dacian language. Barză (stork), brânză (cheese), viezure (badger), varza (cabbage) and a few others.
I've been a fan of Romanian and Romania since I was a child. Believe it or not, the thing that made me learn Romanian was a sentence on a toilet cleaner bottle in Romanian and Romania's shape on a map.
ufo beat
Moldova is Romania, stolen by URSS!
I love the Romanian language since I downloaded by accident a CD with many Romanian pop songs in 2000... and I loved the way it seemed familiar and also exotic to my ears... so I made a research about the songs and artists and discovered it was the beautiful Romanian language... so I bought the teach yourself Romanian and leaned some basics.. \nPS: I'm a Brazilian who lived in Tokyo in this time..