Backseat Italians

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Apparently, every new FIAT comes with a complimentary Italian family in the backseat.See the original advertisment at:

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Loved this. That Italian guy in the backseat was HOT HOT HOT
Really a well done video, undoubtedly, even if there are some Italian stereotypes that nowadays have almost disappeared ...\nBest wishes from Italy
Alberto Pansa
la 500 L Bruttina!!! meglio la 500 normale
Ale Camp
I am Italian is very very funny ciao
Alessandro Vicchi
Molto carino, un po' stereotipato ma carino...
Alfa33 Boxer
Hem...semmai stereotipi dell'Italia MERIDIONALE! 
Andrea Mazzon
take your time, i'm a quarter garlic bread!....ahhaha whaat?
Ashley Frazza
In Italy there's no GARLIC BREAD, maybe in USA (don't know why), but definetley not in Italy and if they do it in some restaurant here it's touristic stuff!
Yep. Qualsiasi cosa sia che gli americani chiamano caffè mi fa vomitare ❤
BellaDonna Hurts
Being Italian American I thought this was spot on! Who doesn't want a backseat Italian family in their car?
I did a tour of Italy once. Beautiful country, culture, food and people in general. I found the ladies so beautiful. Greetings from Messico..,
Ben Hinman
I am offensive and i find this italian
Billa Billi
In Italy garlic bread doesn't exist !
Bobby Dylan65
It really makes you wonder what would happen if they bought a Toyota, Volkswagen or a Jaguar.
Bora Rossi
Cane Rognoso
1:18 love garlic's funny because in Italy garlic bread doesn't exist. \n\nI thought FIAT was an italian did allow such ridiculous commercial filled with Italian-American stereotypes?
Caterina Stella
I'm italian and I think that this spot is very funny :D \
Cheesy balls n broccoli
The Italian guy is so good looking haha
Craig Tucker
I should get an italian gf
Curse of sorrow
tutta colpa di Cristoforo Colombo\nma non poteva farsi i cazzi suoi?
Daniela Munoz
Sono andata in Italia per 3 mesi quest'anno, e mi sono innamorata!\nLa gente, il cibo, gli uomini XD Tutto mi è piaciuto!\nTutte le cose italiane sono bellissime!
Daniele Natino
Ci manca che passano col rosso e che mettano il braccio fuori alla Gasman\n
yay to Italians
So this video comes with complimentary Italian comments too, or what?
Diamante Dea
Italian - beautiful language YES
Diego Gerolimi
Bellissima! :-D fa ridere come ci vedono all'estero\n\nIt's really funny to see how american people think we are. LOL
Eleonora Giraudo
Emilio Bankier
I alos have an Italian family, unfortunately they don't stay in the car.
In one week the americans start speaking italian and got more stylish.The power of driving a Fiat. Daje!!
Faceless Man
Anyone else try to find the skip button when this video first started?
Fatima - Banoonah
Hetalia anyone XD ?
Francesco Okei
vabbè dai,ci calza a pennello questo spot. =)
ma che pubblicità stordita è???? ahahahahahahah
Giacomo Frate
Apparently Americans think Sicily is the only existing part of Italy, despite FIAT being from Turin.
i love americans speaking italian ahahaha
Giovanni Rolli
Italian men aren't Italian if they aren't wearing a wifebeater.
Ioio Didi
This advertisement is so funny XD And I am italian!
That actually is very funny. Loved the part where they reject the coffee coming from an American coffeehouse. So Americans know that their coffee is bland and tasteless compared to Italian and Latin American ones. And another thing, how Funny or Die managed to insert the Fiat logo on their production. They must've paid them a huge sum of money for this to happen (or Fiat paid them). Anyway, very good skit.
Jacopo Tersigni
yeah ok it’s funny... but wtf is garlic bread? i’m italian and i have no clue!
This is a brilliant little commercial for Fiat. It was funny and it was done without the hard sell.
Javo Roma
Say what you will but everything italian made is excellent, the language is captivating, the food?, pffffff, everyone loves italian food, also gelatos, shoes, clothes, kitchens, cars (Lamborghini, Masseratti, Ferrari, even Fiat), architecture (modern and historical), museums, musical instruments, EVERYTHING is high quality and amazing.\n\nI wish I could go there someday.
Jess Please.
it's crazy how close it is to Spanish.
Jessica Alba
The only thing they got wrong was the coffee/espresso part. It would be way too rude to reject it up front after it was already bought for them. Instead, the Italians would drink it and then complain later to each other about how much American coffee sucks.
Kiara S.
Good Lord, these american actors trying to speak italian look really dumb-dumb ahahah :D
That little shit fits five people?\n\nThat's actually impressive.
Acqua sporca?..... NOooooooo!\nEspresso...? SIIIIIIIIII!
I actually thought it was a commercial at first
For the sequel how about an Italian family that buys an American car with an American family in the back? At first they think the Americans are stupid and boorish but in the end they are singing along to Willie Nelson and discussing the merits of The Godfather trilogy, The Simpsons, and Breaking Bad.
Leonida Lèon
Ahahahah! Very funny (Molto divertente).\nComunque sia non ci ho visto nulla di offensivo per nessuno, anzi. 
Luis Mediavilla
People in europe in general don't like Fiat cars
Madeline Powell
As an American who lived in Naples for seven years I can say that this is pretty spot on!
Maometto Fizzinero
AMERICAN : Keep Calm and Proudly Be American.\nITALIAN : Don't Be Calm because We Are Italian.\n\nGli italiani, siete meraviglioso !
Marco Perusi Savorelli
Bravissimi, ottima reclame! Italiani si nasce, italiani si diventa!
Mary J
Thank goodness they got real italians, I hate imitations 😊
Massimo Albano
It's not making fun of Italians. It's making fun of American-Italians a little. But still it's showing closeness of family, reactions, gestures, love of fashion, soccer, espresso etc. But I guess everyone takes it differently. For me, it was funny .
Matteo Giorgi
Funny thing is that in italy, Garlic bread is not eaten almost at all.
Michele Longo
Nice, I enjoyed it. Anyway in Italy we don't eat garlic bread. I think it's an US American stereotype about Italians. Almost nobody eat this kind of bread.
Italian men are Metrosexual.
damn that girl in the back is fine
Nicola Borrelli
Very funny gig, but, please: GARLIC BREAD DOES NOT EXIST IN ITALY!😂
Patrick Fie
Italians are weird
Paul Zeus
Ahahah I'm Italian and when I saw this spot I cracked me up.
Raffaele Maio
Puntualizziamo un po' di cose; 1: L'accento di questa famiglia italiana è del sud ma si sente a malapena; 2: Italiani di Taormina o di Belluno..bevete il caffè alla maniera americana o preferite l'Espresso? Direi che la risposta è scontata. 3: Gli stereotipi meridionali ci sono (pappardelle), ma cosa possono sapere gli statunitensi delle differenze (grandi) culturali che esistono tra il nord e il sud di un Paese  che è 20 volte più piccolo del loro, e che alle spalle ha migliaia di anni di storia in più?                                                                           E' abbastanza evidente quali differenze passino a sud di Viterbo e Ascoli Piceno (il confine tra nord e sud potremmo stabilirlo lì), ma lo è per noi, non per loro, che vivono in un Paese relativamente uniforme benché immenso! Al limite lo sanno i Francesi, Tedeschi... insomma i nostri vicini di casa, quanto siamo diversi tra noi! Voi distinguereste uno Scozzese da un Inglese? No, li associamo entrambi al tè e \
Damn that Italian chick 😍
maybe i should learn italian
Rosie King
This was actually way funnier than I was expecting.
I am romanian, and as our languages are so close, I can realate to these guys.After staying in Italy for two weeks i starded to automaticaly say italian words and evem talk romanian with an italian accent.This language sticks to you worse than fucking glue :)))
Samuele Garau
I'm Italian (from Italy, not New Jersey) and this is accurate, hahaha. Please notice the family sounds from Naples: every region in Italy (21) have they own small differences, but they are so Italian.
Sara Canducci
Hahahah NO WAY!!! ahahah That's the funniest shit I've ever seen!!! I'm telling you guys, don't know who's the director here...but he's a GENIUS! ahaha
Silvia Correa
It's too funny, although be a stereotypical image. My country (Brazil) has a big Italian community (about 30 millions of Italians and your descendants), mainly in the central-south region. I had a boyfriend from an Italian family and, sometimes, when I arrived at his house, it wasn't possible know if they were \
fake and gay, everyone knows the 500L is made in Serbia so you will get an authentic poor Serbian family who glow in the dark, filled with uranium from USA cluster bombs
The Brooklyn Introvert
First few minutes I Deadass thought this was a YouTube ad 😂😂😂
The Gallant Dor
Tbh the Italian was way hotter than her husband
Everybody in the world would like to be italian, except for the government.\nI'm italian and i'm very proud ! :) i'm not offended by this funny spot.\n The only problem is that: non puoi offrire quella brodaglia ad un italiano abituato ad un caffè sopraffino ;)
Vlad Putin
Is \
WarSong Official Channel
Italians do it Better... ♥\nFunny 5ooL Commercial ;)
Windows Sux
The difference between Italians' sense of fashion and the rest of the world .....
As an Italian I find this hilarious... especially the part where they get so snobby about american coffee - that is the absolute truth! I wonder what kind of Italian family would come complimentary when purchasing a Ferrari or a Maserati though.
cote nella
I don't understand if this is a English clip for Italian people or an Italian clip for English people. 😁
doctor zaius
This is the best car ad in decades
Thought this sketch was gonna suck but the blow horn after the soccer game goal and the American couple eventually turning Italian was funny.
why that South Italy accent, there are also central and northern Italians.
I hope there will be a part two to this very good video!!! they have to make a part two, like the family comes back for a visit just to make sure things are going proper:)
the guy in the middle was smoking hot.
The last time I was in Italy they were still using lira!
I swear to god I thought the thumbnail title said 'Backseat Leasbians'...........\n\nI had the lotion ready and everything......
joey i.
Being an Italian American thought it was a great commercial I prefer cappuccino as well plus many Italian foods/deserts.How awesome would it be to have an Italian family with your purchase.I love Italy I think they get a bad rap here in USA but I have Italian blood in me
luca stetur
Mambo italianoo....:) bello! mi piace! ottimo lavoro! bravi
I live in italy...and i've seen so many people screaming at soccer...they were always like :\
I'll take the Italian chick.
I read very upset comments like \
powerpuff girl
The Italian woman is attractive.
I wish i spoke Italian lol
Questo spot e' simpaticissimo, non vedo niente di offensivo, anzi si fa risaltare il buon gusto italiano con quello Usa! Chi si dovrebbe eventualmente risentire, sono proprio quest'ultimi! Comunque rilassatevi e sorridete di piu' che vi fa bene! 
valerio rotondo
cazzo di caffè lungo di merda.l'italiano ha un solo scopo nella vita :provocare l'estinzione del caffè lungo dal mondo