The Real Reason We Dont Hear About Emilio Estevez Anymore

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3rd Gunman
Say what you want he will always have my respect for those [email protected]$$ Young Guns Movies
Aaron Monteer
Always will be Billy the Kid!!!!!
Andy Domonkos
He's awesome, Repo Man is in my top ten favorite movies and his other roles are legendary as well. Hope he decides to make a return to cinema.
I'll make you famous!
He's kept a low key over the years, but he's done well for himself. Congrats with staying clean and sober on the DL, and investing in ways to keep up a comfy lifestyle with a hot ex/wife. Loved \
Beaches south of L.A.
One of my favorite all-time actors!
Betty Veronica
I love Charlie Sheen and adore his lovely family. ❤
Bill Brown
So, \
Captain Cartman
The Way was actually a very good movie
Cara D
Men at Work is one of my favorite movies. I used to watch it all the time when I was younger.
Chris Nuttle
young guns is the first movie I could say line for line,and still in my top five flicks of all time..\nHey see the size of that chicken?
Chuck Wagon
The Estevez's are all pieces of shit except for Emilio.
He's a good lookin kid, a way with women, dresses like a dandy and he's a left-hander.
He'll always be Billy the kid to me.
Dean Macka
I think he was so cool in young guns his one of many great actors
Dennis King
Maximum overdrive!!
Derkatron Johnson
golf clap?
Dr kk
The older they get, they all look like their dad
El Chapo
best Billie the kid ever......I'll make you famous..
Ernest Kinas
Best Billy the Kid?\nEver seen Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider?
So in short Emillio is just fed up with Hollywood bull. Ok that was simple enough to say.
George Torres
Young guns. Was a good movie
Glenn Unsicker
Young Guns 1 Young Guns II Billy Kid the Best.
I know him best from That Was Then, This Is Now and Young Guns 1 and 2
Heiko Vau
Seems, you forgot his (imO) Best Role in the Movies Young Guns 1&2 as Wiliam H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid. In the first movie with his Brother Carlos Irwin Estevez - Charlie Sheen.
Jack Carter
Stake Out and Young Guns are my my favourite Emilio films.
Jack Powell
Great video, and I don't want to nit-pick, but The Way was mostly in Spain - kinda says it's Spanish with the name El Camino (it just starts on the boarder of France and Spain). Otherwise, a well put together bio on him.
Jack Woods
I always thought he was way better than Charlie, though Charlie has developed (his ACTING skills....) a lot since they were young.
Wow! I always thought Charlie looked more like his father, but as Emilio has aged, he's the splitting image of Martin Sheen. They really need to do some sort of family biopic movie or series. All of them have very colorful and interesting lives that would make for good TV drama.
James Wright
imo, Young Guns 1&2 are two of the best westerns/movies I have ever seen. two of my all time favorites.
Jammin Clemmons
I think Emilio is a cool SOB. - I'd drink a beer with him~! I've accomplished 20 years in the US Military. Do you think that would be enough to qualify me to purchase a few pints with the guy? *Who knows, maybe I'd buy him a shot of Crown Royal, too boot. * - What a cool story to tell my friends, that I had a few pints and a shot of premium single-malt with Emilio Estevez. \n- RIP to Mary Tyler Moore - she died today......................
Jan CW
Good for him.  The only thing the \
I'm gonna make you famous
Ji Cottrill
wow.. Emilio is really looking like his old man Martin!!
John Gilliam
Nobody remember the movie Wisdom with Demi Moore?
John Keefer
He became a TV director. He's doing very very well. He doesn't need acting anymore.
John Moore
A true humanitarian and doesn't need the first and doesn't need to seek the approval of anyone. Great actor and is a family man. Hollyweird could learn something from him. Stay real Emilio.
Emilio Estevez, is a great actor, at least he got out of the public eye because of his choosing.
Joseph Van Zandt
Amazing how one brother turns out just fine while the other brother becomes a drug-addled sexual degenerate out of touch with reality.
Seems to me he's doing what he wants to do. Good for him. Just because people don't want to be celebrities anymore doesn't make them defective.
Kenneth Latham
Repo Man, man! (stupid autocorrect).
Kevin Kelley
🔥 J U D G E M E N T N I G H T 🔥
L James
The older he gets - the more he looks like his dad : )
Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster
He's the only rational Sheen in that family.
Lynsey C
Stakeout and Young Guns are probably my favourites of his. 🔫🔫🔫\nl always preferred Emilio to Charlie, infact I've never really rated Charlie all that much.
MVP Heat
Magnetar 117
Emilio looks sooo much like his dad now.
Marc Isikoff
Because once you make Repo Man, you own everything!
Mark Frost
repo man
Michael Santangelo
The Way takes place in Spain, not France. The Camino Frances (the route followed in the movie) begins traditionally in France, but pilgrims cross into Spain on day 1 and remain in Spain for the remainder of that route. Check your facts before you publish, please.
Ms K. Johnson
I really like this man. He looks more and more like his father as he ages. I really liked him as Billy the kid. He played a great Billy the kid.
I remember him being one of my very first crushes. I was very little, and my Mom was watching a movie with him in it (this was the early '80's). I asked his name, she told me \
the older he gets, the more spitting image he looks like his dad.
Nahum Ynca Roca
He's not evil, or end up insane like many celebrities.
Nathan Alder
“Guys food around, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you got caught sport”
Nathan Wind
Maybe he's embarrassed that his brother Charlie ass-wrecked Corey Haim.
I miss this guy. He is a terrific actor. His take on Billy The Kid was pure fire and made the Young Guns movies very watchable. I also miss Joe Pesci , another small guy with a huge screen presence .
Nora K
I miss Emilio and wish he continued acting but kudos to him for keeping a low profile. He always seemed like a humble guy to me.
Pete Easy
The Sheens never existed....they were created by martin so his family could pass for white. Martin,charlie, and Emilio Are all Esteves. They are Hispanics. Ive always liked Emilio the best for not changing and staying true!!!
Psyko Red
Emilio can tape all your buns together..hope someone gets this reference haha
Ray Butler
So basically he's over the drama, he's probably had enough success to do whatever he's comfortable with, it just means he manages his finances a lot better than Charlie.
Rob Lee
Emilio Estevez another Billy the Kid is a must🔫🏇 lol👍 no one were ever play Billy the Kid better than Emilio Estevez the best Billy the Kid ever hands down
Robert King
One of my favorites was an early film of his called(wisdom)
Roman Brown
All I know is, he played a damn good Billy the Kid.
Rosa Prime
He seems like a wise man, a very sharp contrast from his brother.
Ryan Gettig
God Bless Emilio,Now&Forever,his The Way with his Father was top drawer!!:)
S. C.
The one and only REPO MAN. Respect.
Maybe he was a victim of PEDO from someone on breakfast club and thats why he says the past is the past.
he is tired of all the press and bullshit, I think he wants a normal life as possible, good for him, he made a nice chunk of money and he is doing just fine
It's not too late to do a sequel to Repo Man.
Sissy Brooks
I hate gossip pieces. But, I love this guy and his movie The Way has become one of my favorites. And, Mighty Ducks is what this guy is all about. I think he is 10 times his Dad and brother. He is too good for Hollywood.
Yes Emilio, journalists spread cancer with their garbage they call articles.
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
Emilio can adapt to any character. He's very good. \
Stephen Troup
Didn't mention his best work IMHO, the cult classic from 1983 Repo Man. Love that movie and it takes me back to a special time.\nYou ever think about a plate or shrimp and someone will say plate or shrimp or plate of shrimp?
Tez Tezza
he was great in young guns. regulators!!!!
The Original Gamer
He's sensitive. He clearly wanted nothing to do with the Brat Pack because he didn't want to be typecast. And he succeeded. He's a fantastic actor with an expansive range of talent.
The Scoop Mike Kills
He never sold out completely to illuminati 👌🏿
I loved him in the Stake Out movies.
The better Brother for sure....
WULFGAR knight
why is his name Emilio Estevez and not Emilio Sheen
Wendy Vanrossum
I think the reason why we don't hear about some of these celebrities anymore is because they refuse to be evil
Willow 216
I totally don't blame Emilio.  The way paparazzi is I wouldn't want all that negative attention either.  I'm glad though he is working as a director, but, he will always be the only \
Still love the guy, wish him nothing but the best.
Zero Cool
You gotta respect the fact that he kept his real name. He made a ton of money and now he just chills and grows weed.
angela Davis
Oh we still love you Emilo. ♥😀❤
aust ralian
The best Billy the kid EVER
But Emilio was ALWAYS the better actor ,,,out of all three men.....
What can I say? I like Emilio Estevez
jack mehoff
Great to hear he`s doing well, I always enjoyed his work ! Unfortunately you forgot to mention his movie ``The War at Home``, Martin Sheen also guest starred. Emilio had invested all his money into this project about a Vietnam vet returning home. Unfortunately another movie was released & took all the publicity. It was one his better works.
jonny the boy
Omg does No One remember Repo Man ????!!!!! My favorite
I saw him at Big Bear, CA many years back when he was with Paula Abdul. My brother saw him and said \
reymont cantil
Repo Man .beautiful film, Repo Man. he unknowingly brought my generation up on nihilism and the Circle Jerks. thanks Emilio!
she livesforJesus
yes, he was the best billy the kid...I thought the whole young guns cast was great!
sheena silva
nobody remembers maximum overdrive? creepy af semi trucks come to life to kill you! that movie destroyed me when i was a kid.
I think the best film Emilio ever did was, \
todd krager
He just sounds like a family guy.