Learn Italian Ep.04 - Common Expressions | Greetings Salutations

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Non so perchè io sia qui😂😂\nsono madrelingua
Fantastic video! I like that you give in which contexts the expressions rather than clean-cut definitions because language is rarely so merciful, yet people often expect it to be XP Grazie!
Ale Barbz
Alessandro Negri
Hai dimenticato di dire che al telefono non si dice soltanto una volta \
Alessio Dore
Weilà is used by NOBODY
Alina Jei
Tnx, man) please make more \
Amelia Liana
Hey Tom! I've been watching your videos and you're such a good teacher! Awesome :) x
Artsy Tejas
I'm Italian. I live in Texas for years now, so I'm restarting to learn the language and you are a GREAT help! :)
Aslı Erdoğan
Just discovered your page and love it😊
I've learned more from you in 11 minutes than from my teacher in 3 years
Beatrice Vena
Mi sento stupida a seguire lezioni di italiano essendo madrelingua, ma mi piace troppo come parli!
Hi, who wants a help for improving in Italian? I hope there is someone, because i need a help too for English. BB\nSkype: chinotto-kun
Bookiluluivy AJ
I love this channel even though I speak Italian!\n\nAmo questo canale anche se io parlo italiano!
Brenno Rubegni
Yeah, it could mean \
Bro Army
Burak Kerten
the most sexiest language ever I wish I could talk like a Italian man
Carolina Vine
Dear Dog. Thank you Google AI for recommending me this video. I dearly needed this breakdown. And bravo host.
Cathy North
It's great to hear links between Italian and Spanish, \
Chela Z
In Puerto Rico we say Wepa! when we greet informally... Maybe Weila is the original influence? lol
Christian alba
It's like Spanish sounds easy
Chun Yin Tsang
I like your explanation so much! Grazie!
Cj Arete
Really great! My wife and I both listened in on this first lesson for us. Can't wait to learn more from you. Thank you :-)
Claudia Reyes
This guy is strangely beautiful... I can't stop starting at him...
David Navarro
thanks for the videos . make more video \
Dennis Rivers
can anybody recommend any books or websites to master italian grammar??
Eddie Perez
Im starting to learn Italian. Spanish being my native tongue, I chose the language simply because I love their culture, the food, their dialect etc., some said im 70% there but as I learn the words, its no where near close Spanish 😂, nice video.
Es muuy parecido al español
You're videos really help me out with the slang, I started learning Italian a year ago but I learned all the formal stuff.
Elsie Viola Dupuis
Hey Tom, just found your channel, nice video! You're easy to follow ☺. I'm back in New York for the fall and I have a lot of Italian speaking friends. Hopefully your videos will help me with some basic salutations.\n🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Ettore 01
Fabi Soph
Anche se sono italiana guardo questi video in cui spieghi in inglese per abituarmi ad ascoltare la pronuncia e cercare di capire ciò che dici. Seguendo il tuo consiglio : conosco l'argomento (perchè sono madrelingua italiana) quindi mi concentro su ciò che dici :)
Fernando Henrique
I really liked the way you teach, thank you so much.
Francesca - una romana a Londra
wella non lo dicono nemmeno all'asilo
Gabriela Lorene
Seriously I have learned more from you in this video than what I've been doing for a while haha. People say you can never fully learn a language because you can't learn the slang, I want to be as fluent in Italian as I possibly can so it's really nice to see you point out the slang words as well (: I am Italian myself so I heard a lot growing up but I've been taking my time to really learn all the grammatical stuff. I really like the way you teach (:
Gaius Marius
Salve is Latin :D and I'm happy Italians still use their root language
Gio Garcia
Salve Weilà Tom! Come vai oggi? I have one quick domanda per favore: What's the difference between (are you ready?) \
Me the first day of school: Buongiorno piacere \nTeacher: What the heck did that kid just say
H Alex
Your videos are very helpful. I am studying with the Rosetta Stone and use your videos for clarifications and explanation. Thanks for making them.
Ciao!\nAdesso sto studiando l'italiano, potresti darmi consigli sulla mia pronuncia e grammatica? Grazie!
Irina Siberia
Wow! You speak well  English and Italian! Compliments! Greetings from Russia.
Irina Viscardi
I'm half Italian. I'm so dedicated to learning this language. It's so beautiful. The almost musical way the accent is! I hope to be fluent by my bday! (June 2017)
Isabel Gröndahl
Great video!! I started learning Italian yesterday and it’s going great so far! It’s really similar to Spanish, which I already speak. Thank you! Ciao🕊🕊
Che bello! Grazie Tom!
Jennifer Giuliani
I'm Italian but for me it's a lot more interesting and fun to hear you talk in English :) I love your accent both in English and Italian. You're a good teacher!\ufeff\nAlso, your channel is really amazing because it's funny and fascinating to see how English people perceive Italian and to understand if you find it difficult. By the way, Italians too, have problems with Italian. It's a vey complicated language mostly for the grammar :)
Jeo Martins
'salve' it's kind of a slang in Brazil , it's like \
Jose Araujo
This language is very romantic
I like your pronuntiation
By the color of the books... Harry Potter???
Kai Watson
loved it thank
Kath Iero
Today I had my first Italian class and it was so cool!! btw my first language is Spanish and I'm learning French too, hope that doesn't confuse me ha :)
non parlo molto italiano bene mi dispiace XD
Kung Angela
Thank you for this useful, informative video.
Lady Jabs
Thanks Tom for your video! It was very helpful, I will be seeing a friend that's living in Rome in 2 weeks. Can't wait! :-)
Luca Furlani
Sono italiano e non ho mai sentito in tutta la mia vita dire weilà casomai wèla
Weila the word wei(畏) in chinese also means hello.Haha it's fun to learn.
Ma Cecilia Abarca
Love ur classes im learning italian as a third language im from Chile and im an english teacher and i decided to learn italian now and ur videos are awesome im gonna watch them all \nThanks
Mackie Odulio
Please give us tips on how to memorize the main verbs easily and how to create italian sentences. Please! :)
Marco F.
Weilà?! It's a joke? Nobody says Weilà! It doesn't exist! Abbiamo ciao, buongiorno, ehi, salve, buondì o cose del genere.
Ottimo video. Non so perché ma mi diverto a vederti spiegare l'italiano, anche se ovviamente già lo so essendo madre lingua. Complimenti xD
Mark Pyles
I just love Tom. He explains things clearly so I can understand. He's funny, smart, energetic and molto bello.
Marta Sgricia
Aggiungerei anche \
Martina corradini
sei molto bravo!! hai una buona pronuncia. \nsono italiana,parli molto bene la nostra lingua!!!!\nbuona fortuna per tutto. bye!
Marzia Aldrighetti
Very good lesson! bravo. Solo una precisazione per la frase formale \
Mery Rabbito
I'm a native speaker and I don't know why I ended up here but you're lovely and your pronunciation it's very good!
My best friends from Italy are Enzo Gorlomi, Antonio Margheretti, and Dominick Decocco
No, we don't say 'piacere d'incontrarti/la' . Wherever did you pick that up? We say ' piacere di conoscerti/La' or quite simply 'piacere'.
Nancy Sarno
I've spent 5 years of my childhood, a total of 1 year in Italy, have communicated with Italians here and there since and have never heard of weila or ehila. Maybe I was too young the first time and as a 'foriegnised' adult, I didn't pick it up when visiting Italy (all parts). Do they spell it with a 'W' in Italy when that letter is not used in their alphabet? \nIs it a new slang word or confined to only a particular area of Italy? A very surprising revelation if it's true!
Nico Misuraca
Salve is actually Latin for hello and Vale is goodbye!
Nicole Eden
I'm quarter Italian and I only know odd Italian words but I love learning more Italian words 
Ralph Prosser
Grazie mille tom! ive been meaning to learn a bit of Italian before a drama trip to venice next month and your vids are perfect. love the language!! btw its just 'music video' in England!
Well done! But it's much better to say \
Sonia Andreoli
Noi in Svizzera usiamo normalmente Uella oppure Heilà come saluto tra amici (o soci come ci chiamiamo tra noi)\nLa forma \
Sorrisi Azzurri
Simpaticissimo e bravo. Ti seguirò!
Thanks dude now i can say things to my girl in italian
Spirito Autoctono
Just a small suggestion. When we say \
Stone Face 222
Arrivederla é molto piú formale di arrivederci
Tea Hee
It will be some time before I even try to learn Italian, but I am already subscribed just incase. :p
The Mountains Are Calling
Thank you for making these videos.\nI studied Italian for 3 months on my own before going and made two observations while there:\n1. the course did not include the everyday or 'slang'\n2. the speakers in the course spoke slowly and enunciated well\n\nWhile in Italy, only one person spoke to me in Italian the whole trip ! I was glad she did, even though I failed to understand her, she spoke way too fast for me.\n\nI hope to do better next visit.
The Seahawks Legend
Can someone help me? I'm moving back to Italy in a few months and I suck at spelling Italian words.
Timothée Capot
Thanks I hope this will help me to seduce my future bf lol
Tiziana D.
Grande Tom! preciso come sempre nelle spiegazioni tra l'altro perfettamente correlate alle varie situazioni e ai nostri modi di dire :) ..aggiungerei anche \
Vera Balcazar
you're an excellent teacher!!!
Wefa Sweet
I'm italian and I live from Italy and Weila is a italian Slang. -.-
Weilà Tom
Ciao guys! I've got a few updates on the phrases in this video:\n1) Weilà is a Milanese slang word. Not everyone uses it in Milan or in Italy. I included it in this video to explain what I say at the beginning of all of my videos.\n2) Salve is a latin word used in Italian\n3) It's best just to say \
For the bello one, since I am a girl would I say Bella?
antonio giusto
weilà Tom..sei un grande! bravissimo! posso suggerti anche le espressioni \
au bord de la mer
sono madrelingua. non so perché mi sono ritrovata a vedere questo video. Mi piace troppo la tua pronuncia
bangtan love bot
Niente \
cutie. reby.music
È troppo divertente vedere spiegare l'italiano ahaha XD W l'Italia♡
Piacere d'incontrarti e Piacere d'incontrarla aren't right\nThey should be Piacere di conoscerti e Piacere di conoscerla
Weilà is not Italian slang. It might be some very local, a restricted slang from the '70s or '80s but, seriously, if you come to Italy and say it you just sound a douche. Simple. As.That.
I've always wondered why Italians put \
Leggo commenti di gente che ritiene che \
Ciao tom, solo un piccolo appunto: personalmente, non ho mai detto \
scolombwizz xX
Salut'm assorrata si dice
soul stump
I'm a native speaker but I ended up here for some reason... Nice lesson though, you have a good pronounciation :)
E' scientificamente provato che il 50% dei visualizzatori di questo video sono italiani. \nBene,
youssef aushar
thanks Tom, it is a very good video. Some expressions learned from Assassin's Creed Ezio Auditore Di Firenze. :)
Great video :D\nHope to be fluent in Italian real soon haha