Best Rap Beats Of Each Year [1979 - 2018]

Best Rap Beats Of Each Year. The best Hip-Hop songs of all time are those songs that touch our soul. They make us smile, laugh, cry, think, move and shake what our mama (or papa) gave us. The beats are the main components of a good rap song. Today I will present you the best rap beats from 1979 until the year 2018.

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The gods plan Beat was mainstream and wack and also the rap god beat
Before 2008, rap control the beat.\nAfter 2008, beat control the rap.
God's plan??? That's an average beat
Adrian Solum
Where is Regulate by Warren G
Ahmad Mujtaba
who else was waiting for 8:36?
Alex Gg
No Three 6 Mafia :/
Amirul Asraff
2015 - the mumble rap start
Angel Martinez
This video seems more like a “most popular rap songs of the year” rather than actual best beats
Arda Esnaf
Where is XXX?
Ayush Yadav
Eminem goat
Big Zizuu
i was hoping to see antidote... and i'm happy to see it
Boost Station
21 Savage xD 4:44
Rap God beat is trash...
Carlos Silva
Tupac - Lyric king\nEazy - gangsta king\nBiggie - Flow king\nEminem - Rhyme king\nDr.Dre - Beat king\nRick Ross - Burger king\nMe - Copy/Paste king
Chicken Wing Boy
the beats hov gets are the greatest
So no one caught how Chamillionaire said “next to the PlayStation controller” knowing damn well that’s an Xbox.........
Holy Shit he Actually Put No Apologies , didnt expect that.
Collin B
Who Shot Ya, Homecoming, and Mass Apeal
Cosmic dude
Back in the days when baggy trousers was the shit
I applaud “no apologies” but wtf is rap god doing on a best beats list 😂
Daddy McFadden
Praise the lord should’ve been on here
Danny Dang
Where's Look at me
Deni Ahmetaj
Drake mumble rapping??????
If you dont get the chills by the \
First Name Last Name
I’ve had enough of people saying Lil Pump says the same words over and over again. Lil pump says gucci gang 34 times, while Kendrick Lamar is saying bitch 37 times and hol’ up 62 times in humble. Now humble is a good song.\nI’m just pointing out, that the repeating of a word in rap and just in songs in general is a common thing.\nTo be honest, Pump hardly says gucci gang much compared to other songs like ‘Versace’ by Migos, where they say it like 100 times just in the choruses. \nAlthough Pump doesn’t have the best lyrics in the game, he still isn’t the worst lyricist out there. You can actually understand what he is saying, most of his sentences make sense & have a good flow. \nI’m not even a Pump fan, but I’m tired of all those negative opinions ppl throw around about “mumble rappers”.
Frankie Costanzo
Da fk where was maskoff
Friendly Zhark
If you ask me, the best beat is no doubt Shook Ones pt2.
Ganky G
11:36 funny lookin Playstation controller
Gary Herbert
It started great, it tailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end the better — but apart from that it was excellent.
Ghetto Gypsy
A$AP Rocky ‘s praise the lord should be on the list
Goku son
It’s kinda disrespectful that people think 2pac made the hit em up beat he remixed it to show disrespect to biggie because it was his
it's kinda weird that yearly rap falls into certain audio trends
Hip-Hop Universe
Some of you requested a list of producers. I thought it's unnecessary because you only need to type it into google to get the information about the producer. But I created a \
Inner Kermit
You forgot Darude - Sandstorm
Isaac Tipton
wow brought me way back mannn... I mean im 24 but still, I have performed, engulfed and went crazy over these songs excluding amilli- lil wayne ( it annoys me smh) tbh i know you got a lot of negative comments here but you did pretty well even after 2010. THATS NOT EASY TO DO!!! Congatulations... just know I supported this video coulda added more its hard with so much material in coming close to 40 years of Hiphop History ridiculous nonetheless- Fierce Reality MD
IsaiahMadeThe Beat
So kiss me thru the phone was better than any beat on 808s and heartbreak ?? 🤦🏽\u200d♂️
Jaden DeFazio
rap god ain’t got a good beat Eminem just makes it sound good fr
Jamaljr Christmas
I don't know man Versace was a hit
James Dean
90s was the best✌
Jarom Schlien
He forgot about Dre
Jesse Hall
In da club is one of the best
JoJo Porter
you should have put who produced them too. i think that's the point of the whole video
Nav is like?
Ket and Baseline
How’s Electric Relaxation not on here one of the greatest instrumentals in rap music
Kevin Arias
Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest?
Nostalgia isn’t a nice feeling
New gen is deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
*Straight Outta Compton is 30 years old. Let dat sink in*
Leegit Memes
It was at this moment that i realised that lil pump was white
Leon Pascal Machnik
50 Cent was a hit machine in the early days...
Lupe Esquivel
Bone thugs in harmony should have been on the list
Mariano Rossi
they're beautiful songs but they aren't the best beats
Maritza Piccarillo
I am crying because kids today are listening to MUMBLERS
Where is Xxxtentacion?
Mira Azilinon
Errbody black got the best beats back in them days and today duh 😝😝
Morgan Apples
2002 lose yourself\n\nEdit: nvm its beats
Nii Tackie
No OutKast- Hey Ya!!
P Diddy
You robbed Kanye so many times
Lembrem de todo mundo odeia chris
Partly Paul
How was Father Stretch My Hands not the beat of 2016?! That bit went so hard!!!
Pravda DoHuby
more like best commercial beats. go listen to 99 percent from jeru the damaja, or ghostface killah-mighty healthy.
PulseCard X
Should have added infinity (888) by x and Joey bada$$ cause that beat was flames
Can you make a video about the best samples in hip hop?
Rajah Paul Harcharan
Missed Busta...Put your hands where my eyes can see.....iconic beat
Rashaan Gibson
There's so many missed beats on this
No Take A Step Back?
Robbo Semmo
This is a sick video. Obviously people’s opinion is different but great idea for a video. You should really have a Spotify profile and make these into playlists there (if you haven’t already). You could build a following easily off your channel and labels would be hitting you up in no time. 🤷🏼\u200d♂️
C'mon? Where was *_Forgot About Dre_* bruh?!! The main reason why i love that song is cos of the beat.
Beat for zeze is one of the best
I love the dough got 97’ imo. But you can’t go wrong with hypnotize.
Septian Putra
3:47 best dance 😂
Shantanu Bhati
It should be blueprint 2 for 2002 that beat is legendary
Silas Oke
Rap back then \u003e Rap now
Slit Productions
i want old chief keef back :/
2006 - What You Know *
Taras Romaniv
WTF? Were is XXXTENTACION? Where is A$AP Rocky?
Tengil Shweggy
The 2000s had some pretty shitty beats
Tim Boersma
Shook Ones' beat is so goddamn fiiiire
Trap Soul
Like for D.O.C
Trey Culverhouse
Rap god still crushers any modern day song by beat and song writer and lyrics
Trisvie Beats
This list is missing a lot of dope beats. These are just a bunch of popular songs. \nm.A.A.d City by Kendrick Lamar\nTunnel Vision by Kodak Black\nPraise The Lord by A$AP Rocky\nHard Piano by Pusha T\nBlood Diamonds & Ali Bomaye by The Game\nDeath Toll Rising by Jedi Mind Tricks\nGangsta Nation by Westside Connection\nFurious by Ja Rule\nKing Of Everything by Wiz Khalifa\nWindow Shopper by 50 Cent\nand a lot more but can't name all of them.
Vitor Bueno
Guy put Eminem's \
Will Meunier
No it was a good day by ice cube🤷🏼\u200d♂️🤷🏼\u200d♂️
I really didn't like the 2nd half of the video... other than Kendrick and J Cole it was all garbage for the most part
always tired
First things first, R.I.P Uncle Phil.
11:34 thats an Xbox controller
blake duffy
Rigamortis Kendrick better be on here
Putting the black eyed pee’s in here is a violation
drew everyday
I feel like once the list got past 98, it was more of a \
gaburius productions.
I came here to say that at 11:36 he says playstation controller but she is clearly holding a xbox controller that is all.
gggf df
Why not trap queen
king plays
2019 Treetime on yt
lebogang manamela
towards the end its trash
shane byles
Biggie - Juicy?? Really wtf
And sixnine says he’s the king of Brooklyn 🤣
• Joe Random •
Where's regulate by Warren g ?????