Cutest moments of the Daddies and Babies - Daddy teaches Baby doing Funny things

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Cutest moments of the Daddies and Babies - Daddy teaches Baby doing Funny thingsList Amazing babies video share by Mai Babies1. Adorable Babies Reaction Discovering New Things For The Fist Time:

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So funny the clip where theres the dad and his little girl and there's like 6 of their dogs watching them lol
Amanda Lawrence
5:32 -.Umm...Is that Phoebes boyfriend (\
Amber Stottlemyre
Every one of these are beautiful and it’s great seeing men being great daddys!!!!!
Avery 01925
The kid at 1:30 is better than me. I would take about 10 shots or more thanto finally touch that ball with my bat
Avon Pendragon
2:15, 2:48, 3:49  - Laugh if you must but remember it take a MAN to be a dad!
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Brittany Laws
Great Day with Da Di
CS Congdon
irish dancing in diapers!!
Cindy Jones
You amazing daddy and your wife and have so much love for babies great
Anyone can make a baby......but it takes a great man to be a great father and I tell ya, us women notice that and there is nothing we love more then a man that is good to there child.
Eaman Tareen
If my husband isn’t like this with our kids I don’t want him!
Esme S.
I love my Autistic toddler and am proud to say he is getting better at talking with pictures (some Autistic kids have difficulty communicating verbally and some never do). But I have to admit this are the moments I wish I could share with him. The talking the laughing the singing ... Someday we will in our own way. Parents of healthy kids love them and know how awesome you have it. 💞
5:54 look at all those doggos
Heather Mayhew
The baby step danced!!!!!!!!!
Heather Strickland
I hate to get political but this is why kids need fathers in their lives just think of all the cute videos and I don't have to be biological fathers some people are just not meant to be parents that includes mothers it's just someone who has a positive male and female influence in your life
I thought that first baby was going to say \
Kal Val
Katie Fedele
That toddler had one heck of a golf swing!!
Kevin McGuire
for god's sake, put your phones into landscape mode!
Kumar Ayush
8:33, I'm sorry but did he said a**hole?
Little Flower
@7:50 he really wanted a son too bad 😂😂😂
Lucy Splendid
I think some dads need to watch this or better still teach basic parenting for men (that doesn't mean women don't need help but most parenting classes are aimed at them)
Marcel Audubon
parents who call their kids \
Marilyn Willett
Little girl doing irish dance next to dad, is very graceful.
Nada Colić
I want a kid now, but I'm singllleeeee
Netra Basyal
1:50 is that adam sandler?
Nia’s Life
And 3rd 😂😂😂
No Name
1st one was hilarious :)
Patricia Crowther
Yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh there is hope for this world yet!!
Reem xx20
Very very sweet 😊
I loved the push-up baby!! Oh, and the little golfer!
Rizky Firmansyah30
Santi Rahmawati
So cute..... 😍😍😍😍
Jaime Lannister is that you on the starting of the video ??
Silviane Barboza
Coisa linda!!!!❤
So cute
Super Craig
The first baby looks just like his dad!
Sylvia Smith
All the dad's are cute with the kids,they really be into it and very proud.
Unicorn Lord
My name is legit Mai
andy joe
dads are always best......... we know what kids need!!!
hope odyssey
Daddy sitting his child next to a hot stove; really, think a little common sense, please!
i Dont Speifeye
7:25 the professor when he was a kid
k bye
Torn between commenting \
That first one cracked me up.
0:46 COOLEST...DAD...EVERRRRRRR #letsrideson
rita bruin
these are all priceless!!!
saru Shrestha
Love these baby...💞💞💞💞💞
sharon roberts
Need more dads like these
Forget the babies, I spy quite a few DILFs here :-P