Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (from Live at Shea Stadium)

In 2008, Billy Joel commemorated the closing of the New York Mets stadium, Shea Stadium, with a legendary two-night concert of his top tracks as well as amazing guest performances. Watch here as Billy and his band perform 'Goodnight Saigon' off the 1982 album The Nylon Curtain.Lyrics:Remember CharlieRemember BakerThey left their childhoodOn every acreAnd who was wrong?And who was right?It didn't matter in the thick of the fightWe held the dayIn the palmOf our handThey ruled the nightAnd the nightSeemed to last as long as six weeksOn Parris IslandWe held the coastlineThey held the highlandsAnd they were sharpAs sharp as knivesThey heard the hum of our motorsThey counted the rotorsAnd waited for us to arriveAnd we would all go down togetherWe said we'd all go down togetherYes we would all go down togetherBilly Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty-three Top 40 hits in the United States. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.

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A.C. Harrison
Love this song, but not to big on the chorus here, when I hear this song and see the veterans on stage I wanna see them belt it out, arms around each other. Here just seems to... meh. Need some emotion like Garth Brooks version at the Kennedy Center.
Andy Nguyen
If you have a gun but no ammunition then how are you going to fight back shame on the U.S government for no support thank you vietnam veterans you tried you best but it was a war that no one will forget🙏 and god bless you all
Anh Anh
right now, in the north of Vietnam, they are teaching us that the sudden attacks on Hue, Da Nang , and Saigon which killed hundred thousands innocent people and thousands sholders were right, they make us believe that the fallen of the Republic of Vietnam was the best thing in the history, now people, here this song and shit on the communist
Anna Wilde
Thankyou to all the vets that served and are serving!!!!
Annie de meyer
cette magnifique chanson sur la guerre à Saigon au Vietnam a été interdite de diffusion dans toutes les stations radiophoniques parce que il était contre le fait que ses copains soldats ce fassent tuer pour luter contre le régime communiste sur la première version enregistrée à Moscou il y a un  hélicoptère en fond sonore 
BK Swanson
This is for Richard McWilliams.  He stepped on landmine. His parents were my God parents.  Richard was an only child, & being an only child the army would not have made him go...but Richard wanted to go.  Richard, I will never forget you, ever..and you gave me my first cat all those decades ago...& now I'm an animal lover & advocate.
Balls Not Bombs
As a boy, who can't really cry...\n\nThis song plus Harry Chapin's \n \
Belinda Sauer
I am Marine Corps League Auxiliary, my niece served in Affi----- unless you stepped up, shut up!!!
Beth Ann Orzechowski
Goodnight Saigon is an amazing song; remembering all the people who defended our country and those who continue to be brave for our freedom.
Bill Carroll
Just a wonderful tribute to all Veterans.
Brian Peters
Cant .believe.the dislikes on this post Vietnam veterans god bless you all
C Montana
God bless the men and women who lay down their lives without question on orders of bent and immoral politicians and leaders. Don't hate the soldier, hate the man who sends them. Their just doing their job and the most courageous job it is at that.
Carl Davis
Now it is called , \
Christy Caputo
Still makes me cry even after all these moving.
Chuck Digenova
Nice song
Colette P.
had someone in my life who did three tours. and was shot . I can never express the gratitude that I feel for all of you who went there for us. Semper Fi. God bless you all and thank you.
Cynthia VanVoorhis
I have nothing but the upmost respect and love for our veterans and military. Thank you Billy Joel for this song.
Dasher Just-Dasher
Been a lot of water under the bridge. This war caused so much pain - everywhere.\nBut wars go. People settle. Things get better. Warriors are honoured - they did the job they were sent to do. Win or lose.\nI was working at Brisbane International Airport some years ago (Australian Customs and Border Protection Service). I was talking with a group of young Vietnamese students 18 yrs or so.\nThey knew that there had been a war between Mr Ho Chi Min's forces and people of the South. They knew Americans and Australians fought against Mr Ho Chi Min. They didn't quite understand why the whole thing happened. That was never discussed. They were coming to Australia. Because now we are all friends. \u003c3
Dave Schwartz
If you don't get chills or tear up when you hear this song then you're already dead.
DavidAR101\n\nCopied without permission from RS: Billy Joel did not fight in the Vietnam War. He thought about fleeing to Canada when the draft lottery came around, but he snagged a very high number and didn’t wind up getting called. “A lot of my friends did go,” he said. “I felt bad. I disagreed with the political reasons for that war.”\n\nA few years after his friends came home, he had some beers with them and they told their war stories and encouraged him to write a song.\n\n “They said, ‘We’ll tell you what happened to us and you write a song about it,'” Joel recalled.
Denise Cranson
First time I heard this song I I listened to it a bunch more times. My husband was a Marine, went in at 17, got out and went to college a few years then returned to the service in the Navy from which he retired. But I think he was proudest of his time as a Marine. I still miss him every day. God bless every one of those in service.
Dhumma Vati
This is beautiful. LOVELY to see all the vets and currently enlisted personnel in the chorus. I'd love to read about how that was put together -- how they were found/recruited to be in the show. Thanks, Uncle Bob, for your service in Vietnam. You got home all in one piece, thanks be to God, but so many did not. We were all in an impossible situation. May peace & healing find us all.
Eric Hansen
Who the hell voted this down??
Gallahad _
We had a Vietnam vet come to our school about 2 years ago, and he spoke about his experience both during and after the war. The fighting was horrific, the side effects are horrific, and the way they were treated afterwards was horrific. I truly respect those that fought for my freedoms. Thank You!
Galva Ms
Con todo el respeto que los años traen, las guerras roban la vida de militares y los civiles que las pelean, sufren, roban el alma, lo sé pq estuve en una de ellas y de esas experiencias, nunca se vuelve completamente. Conmueve la música y letra de Billy Joel y solo comparto mi solidaridad con todos los que padecieron esa guerra y cualquiera. Ojala que entendiéramos que nunca es el camino....
Henry Downes
I hate War it's sad young people die on both sides ,they government say fight but they go to the front line .
History fanatic
I salute you, all veterans of all nationalities. Those who have seen war up close and personal can never fully explain to those who haven't, the thrill, the fear, the elation, the dejection, the come down, the loneliness and the physical and mental scars. We should do all we can to never allow those who have answered the call to fall through the cracks in society.
J. Jensen USA Ret.
zobielamouche1 its thoughtless comments like that one that start us down a path of war the song was for the men that for what ever reson found themselvesin a very dark place and have only each other to get them out look you wont understand so they cant count on you
J. katana
I served in the military then working on jet aircraft, but not in Nam however. After my release from active duty, went to work for Continental Airlines at LAX. They had contracts to fly troops from El Toro in Ca. to Nam. We repaired the planes at El Toro. I can remember the long lines of troops getting on those planes. 58,000 of those wonderful guys never came home. We won't told the reason they were sent. All we know is 58,000 gave everything. Thank you Billy Joel for doing their song.
Jacqui O
One of my favourite songs by this man because of its honesty, but then Nylon Curtain is one of his best albums in my opinion.
Is that Neil Peart drumming?
Joshua Brooks
Of all the songs I've heard honor Vietnam, the three that stand out for me are Johnny Wright's \
Keisha Choylin
So beautiful!!!❤
Kevin Kelly
seriously in love with the woman at 3:42
Shea Stadium \u003e Citi Field
Krys Dube
I am shocked at the low number of views to this amazing piece of awesomeness.
Kyle Duffy
I'm only 14 years old and I'm from Ireland , but I still respect the Americans for continuing to fight for the right reasons , brave brave men , a viscous war ......! Respect
Good song...from a grunt.
Lei hanfoi2
you can tell this song has a very personal connection to him somehow
Leo Anderson
As any Vietnam Vet will tell you, you never forget the sound of those Hueys. Even as an old goat when one flies over(very Seldom)I still take notice.
M.F. Smith
Remarkable how this works. Semper Fidleis
Mark V
this song and Born In the USA are two of the greatest songs about the Vietnam War
Mary Solano
makes me cry
Mike Funderburk
I lost friends during the Gulf war and this song always brings tears to my eyes!\nI was a 13 year veteran by then and had seen action in Granada, Panama but those pailed in comparisons to Vietnam!\nGod bless all who served and damn all those who shit on our sacrifice!\nFree speech is a right! Not a point of argument!
Paul Masterson
Brilliantly sung by you all. Love that track I do
Philip Sudron
Powerful. poignant and historic.
Ray Cyst
I'm crying and I was never in Vietnam, or any war, or in the military for that matter.
Richard Reyes
146 Military Airlift Wing
Ricky Smith
I'm a  v vet, this song gets to me when I hear it
Robert Belair
I am a Vietnam veteran. I was only 19 then. I swallowed all the B__s__t then because after all I was only 19. What did I know then. Not any more.\nPlease don't tell me I am a hero now or I'll tell you to go ___ yourself.
Robert Trotter
Dammit Billy ya kill me crying .....very nice
Rocco Marciano
Great song.. Respect to the British army blood brothers.
SM Tresk
tissues pls ...
Sgt. Airborne
Thanks for posting this, and may God bless all my brothers and sisters who have served, and those are still protecting us.Airborne!CDJ     Sgt.  2/504 PIR, OEF II.
Steve Archuleta
to all our vietnam vets...WELCOME HOME!!!!! you have my deepest respect....😎
The Logical Choice
I would rather look to the future than dwell on past events that cant be changed
Theresa Oldham
I grew up watching the Vietnam war being reported on a daily basis on TV with my Dad.  Walter Cronkite was the man who gave us the news every night.  There was a family in my neighborhood who sent 3 sons to Vietnam. While they all were lucky enough to make it home, they were also never the same having seen the horrors of war.  Thank you to the Wade boys, and all the others who served our country.  You held the line for me and my family, and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices you made for me.
Todd Voge
Always get choked up when I hear this song.
Tyler Jones
The old veterans who were singing are now dead.
Wally Norlander
To our Vietnam veterans: we treated you so shamefully when you returned home. This Billy Joel song helps, I hope.
War Emblem
Zoran Sandorov Music
Jesus Christ,what a magnificent song !
The unusual beauty of this song is that Billy Joel, despite being of age and eligibility, was simply not drafted during the Vietnam War.  Still, his portrayal of life there gained the approval of many veterans' groups.  They believed this song to be a fine tribute.
Some songs are truly timeless.
bri marie
God bless the Marine Corps ! 🙏🏻
Everyone who died in Nam died for nothing but the banks and the military industrial complex.
daniele cerruti
per tutti i giovani convinti che immolare la propria vira sia la scelta giusta
don benedik
fast eddie hahn
I had nearly \
God bless America
Bill still has it (like he'd ever would lose it).\nThis song always brings a tear to my eye, you can hear how profound a meaning it has for Bill.\nHe wrote this song for all soldiers, living and lost, a honoring for those who put their lives on the line, for the freedom of another.\nYou dont even have to be American, to feel the impact of this song, i'm not American, but i sure can feel it.... and i know most of you, do too.
I'm not in American but that song is always breathtaking to hear. It was, I presumed, Billy Joel way of remembering those of served there.
keith hilton
Whilst all conflict can be a necessary evil or, prove completely futile, we must never berate the common soldier. He/she are merely carrying out the job they were trained for, albeit a rather bloody one. It is the politicians who send these youngsters to do their bidding, it's not about who was wrong or, right? Their memories must live in us all lest we forget!
Memorial Day 2018
This song kills me...every time I hear it.
the percussion omg
natasha eddleman
Thank you to *ALL* U.S. military, active, fallen, returned, for your service! When I saw this song live in Nashville many moons ago, military persons began filling the stage during song. Some were in dress uniform, some in civies, but arm in arm, they sang. I wept. It was an incredibly moving moment. Thank to Billy Joel for writing this song. And thank you again to our military! (Uncle white was Army in Nam, Granddad was Marine in WWII, cousin was Marine in Iraq. Several friends & in-laws who served, including late father-in-law who was in Korea)
Amazing tribute piano man
This gives me goosebumps and makes me very proud of those who served. I am not an American, but the sacrifice they made for their country, and continue to make, is something for which I am grateful.
I am a Navy Veteran of Vietnam. This is the first time I have heard this song.\n\nI was there in 1971.\n\nI was blessed to come home in one piece.
paul wrecked
Mark, my thoughts are with you xxx
Love this song but this is a pretty weak version compared to the original. Majorly slowed down, too much synthetic filler and sadly it appears that Billy has lost pretty much all his power and a fair bit of his tone too. I'll stick to the 80s version with the roadies doing the chorus.
samuel colt
sad. you are right we killed each other. we need to find the way to take care of each other now.
sirawesome hat
The worlds saddest song ladies and gentlemen;-;
slimfatlilpigboy g.
bawling like a baby right now..
Thank You Billy Joel for remembering! \nCW2, 3/17th Air Cav
The 1980's version from The Nylon Curtain was exactly 7 minutes long.
thomas kelly
A fine tribute.
tracey hilton
Its a song to represent EVERY war!!! May we never forget our armed forces and their willingness to die for our freedom.
those vietnamese who were killed by the brainless henchmen of fascist american politicians like nixon are the real heroes