You Me At Six - Predictable (Official Audio)

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Predictable is from You Me At Six’s new album ‘VI’. Predictable lyrics:I’m taking no advice tonight I’m shooting on sightI got no time for a belly full of lies.And I’ve been moving in the right direction without youYou find it easy to come at me like you do.You You You you you youYou always find a way outI I I I I I I Its time I had my moment now.We could always move in circles if we had toIts time to cut that loose and move forward with what we do.Never saw an easy signTo let me know the good times had arrivedOh I was always on your side but now You’re so predictableDo what you always doGo back to where you came from, from.Pain has a way of playing out in slow motion.If things get worse I hope I come to your mind first.This hate is spreading through my veins just like a wildfire.Can’t put it out, I don’t know how, id even start.Now you know the truth it hurtsIt’s better than living in reverseOh we used to fall into each otherLike love & now its died.You’re so predictableDo what you always doCrawl back to where you came from.I’m taking no advice I’m shooting on sight tonightMy aim is good, you know you would if you could aim that high.

all time low bite my tongue cavalier youth fireworks foo fighters guitar mayday parade... night people rock stay with me underdog ymas you me at six

AJ Venter
I love this band so much\nI wish they were more popular because they are so amazing
Aca Radenkoov
I reely like it!🎶
Adam Muxworthy
What. A. Song.\n\nThe guitars and bass are just 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aylê Roqueiro
Yes!!! I Loved It!!! 😍😍😍🎧🎧🎧
Ben Thornton
Another great one guys!
Cassie Sinclair
You Me At Six never let me down, always producing great albums \u003c3 music to my ears 🎶
Geronimo Dominguez
boss 😎
Jorina C.
Justine Pehla
This song is sexy af
Leila D. Ralph
The bass \u003c3\u003c3
This is just amazing, guys. Waiting for tomorrow. ❤
Maia Singalaoa
Worth the wait!!!!!!! 😍😍😍
Maria Sevostyanova
you guys are killing it\nfor the 6th time \nlove it!!!!
Paula Liczbańska
this song is too similar to Fast Forward :/
SaNi'S iMaGiNaRy LiFe
why are there so little views and comments on this , it's amazing
Probably one of my favorite off this album. So glad they're back!
It's so predictable that your songs are always gotta be awesome
Ɩυcαѕ Belmont
Wow!! This song is amazing!