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MAC LETHAL 27 Styles of Rapping REACTION | MY DAD REACTSEnjoy , Like & subscribe !Original Video

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Im 24 and I grew up to all these styles except the very first one. Which is weird to me because seeing your dads reactions I fully understand what he feels. This Mac Lethal guy is so dead on it's scary. Brings back memories and nostalgia when music was actually good.
A Channel For Absolutely No One
Best part of the Midwest Chopper skit is that he did an album with Tech N9ne lol and did extremely well against him
Alan Issac
Boo boo gang
Aleea's Precious Life
The Greatest Pizza Order Ever Mac Lethal Reaction | MY DAD REACTS
Android Games
i like your reactions , but you have to react dashiegames freestyle compelation
Anthony Shreve
Midwest Chopper is basically dudes that rap fast af.
Antonia Nicole
PLEASEEE show your dad Tech N9ne.... He has a track called \
Armando Arrieta
Ahh this foo still rockin a fitted and polo 😂😂
The daughter has a laugh that just makes you happy.
B Ford
Mac Lethal is actually a good rapper for real for real
His Blazing Hot FAST RAP (Mumble Rap/Jake Paul diss) is def something your dad's gonna love
She looks like the basketball fortnite skin
Black Disciples
Congrats, yall reached one hunna thou subs
CCD Robin
Haha the mumble rap was the most accurate one haha im dying :')
Yo I know I'm late but yes Midwest Chopper is dope. You should check it out.
Chrystal Dawn
but he left out the mid 90s club ( rob base, 69 boyz, 95 south!)
Crispy C
Eminem on drugs was soooooooo good, that was just like shady haha
IDK & Denzel Curry \
Dee Boy
Mac lethal a beast. . . eat all these mc's out thr
Delito West
15 more subscribers and you'll reach 100k I'm so excited for you!!
Dominic Campbell
He wasn't wrong about Kate Upton.\n27. Midwest Choppin is basically rapping ridiculously fast.
Nearly at 100k!
Edwin Torres
Yo Dad you need to listen to Tech N9ne and strange music bro it’s real
Faith B7
100 k almost !!!!
FaytScar gaming
The Midwest chopper was a reference to Tech N9ne's song Midwest choppers. It is a multi part series with some of the fastest rappers. It goes Midwest Choppers, world wide choppers, and speedom
Hard work pays off💯🔥
You guys need to watch Mac Lethal Amazing tongue twister rap
Goat Boy
You are beautifullllll🤤🤤
Google Person
I feel like for Miami trap he could of yelled \
Redman - Tonight’s the Night
Check out k rino grand deception
The girl cringe
Iwan Jones
Please react to Mac lethal pizza delivery your dad will love that even more I PROMISE 😊😊😊🔥
I’m a big truck driver, trump supporter
Mad Props by Da Youngstas or 93’ til infinity by Souls of Mischief to be the next throwback 90’s video👌🏻 plz
James Shidell
Mac Lethal has been around for a long time, he is actually an indie Hip-Hop legend from Kansas City. He has won many rap battles at Scribble Jam.
Jarrad Browning
Please do Mac lethal collab with tech n9ne- Angel of death
John Gordon
Midwest chopper was Tech N9ne btw
Jon Doe
Loved your video!
Jorden Maddox
Almost at 100k we liiit
Jose Vides
Midwest choppers... Have you guys ever heard of Tech N9ne?
Joseph Blumenberg
Got to Mac Lethal live awhile back...tons of fun!
Joshua Gordon
You should react to Mac lethals alphabet insanity ❤️
Juggalo Jigsaw Gamer
Whoop whoop
Justin Marshall
apparently y'all don't know midwest choppers, that's some techn9ne shit and they did a 2nd with eminem called speedoms, and west coast's some srs speed rap, mac lethal is a boss though
Juuso Niinikoski
So close to 100k!!!!
Kaleb Hunter
Why does the drake part sound like Andre 3000 r sum
Kaos _
The Midwest Chopper one was an impression of Tech N9ne.
I knew yo pops would like this more because he recognized the styles
Your Dad can pass as your brother. He look so young.
King Idriss
He looks young af ! How old are you?
Korab Mustafa
Kujo Jotaro
Wtf you have the coolest dad ever!!!!still love my dad tho 💓
Laby 70
FYI let your dad know that Mac Miller died today. Overdose in his own bed.\nRIP , could of been a great rap artist. But now we still have Mac Lethal
You guys got to react to mac lethals tongue twister
Lipiyaraj Raj
Best reaction ✌🏽✌🏽
M Sandoval
You guys are great 👍 keep doing what your doing!
Mark Metzgar II
You have to react to Mac Lethal’s tongue twister!!! It will leave you speechless, I promise
Marshall Cooper
How do you not know of tech n9ne's Midwest choppers
Mateus Rodrigues
React to Haikaiss- Rap Lord is a brazillian group
Michael Giovinazzi
Mid West Chopper - He was doing Tech N9NE, but Twista is Mid West also.
Y’all should react to tech n9ne
MontanaOF300's GLOCK
React to some montana of 300
OJ Mayo Light
Y'all ain't heard of Tech N9ne? Whaaaaat
thanks \n#booboogangz
Ridhwaan (R.A Official)
Since your pops likes 90s I got a modern rapper he might like it's a son of a legendary rapper from the 90s React to Chris Rivers - Sway Freestyle
Scarz King
If the title was different I would've thought this was a couples channel lol. Paps looking young I see you 😏. Dope vid yeheard 🔥
wu-tang\r\nboom bap \u003c3
Sin The Biblical Mistake
The Midwest Chopper is Tech N9ne. Y'all should check him out yo!
React to mac lethal tongue twister
Spades DePass
Crank Lucas is funnier y’all should check him out
Spencer Schultz
Loved it like always...your dad don’t know how we do it in the Midwest tho...checkout Worldwide Choppers by Tech N9ne featuring some other dope MCs (Yelawolf, Twista, etc)
Tarang Goyal
Congratulations 😄😄 and thank you 😊😊
Tauseef Baggia
He's got one with Tech N9ne
That OneGuy
Midwest Chopper was supposed to be Tech N9ne. Also, check out more Mac Lethal. He does a lot of rap challenges
The Average Adult Gamer
You should check out more Mac. Ive followed him for over 2 years now and he has alot of talent. Also very fast rapping
The Sage
Ya'll have got to react to Passionate MC Bar fights its pure lyricism!
that guy could actually make some good Houston music, that impression sounded good enough to be a real song
Thomas Simpson
What the girl doing popping pills?
Tony Geester
The mumble rap was on point
Yellow Kitty
Hi guys, can you please react to Rhyme Asylum - For the hate?
ado Himovic
New sub! Awesome video guys, keep it up!
You like fast rappers with Lyrics you have to look up h react to more \
david brown
Thats why he has 1.5 million subs
Y’all should react to Mac Lethal’s Tongue Twister video
Yall are awesome 👌
jeffry villalta
He didn't do dirty south.
joris Dewaele
drake always say uhhh in hes romantic songs haha 😛😛😛
joshua onuoha
Midwest choppa was supposed to be tech 9
kevin vasquez
So many freakin ads
lil little
The mumble rapper one was soooo funny, awesome vid guys😁
mad Lad
React to \
pali pinok
Pls react to zamaera-ZvsZ...and its from malaysia..its dope bruhh
y'all didn't know Mac Lethal? Dude had some viral rapping videos as I recall. fast rap, and rapping while making pancakes.
santos wassabi
react to 6ix9ine gotti
solar _
The west coast underground can someone tell me who to listen to
React to \