AppleTV Screensaver Mashup with never-ending drone music (this is relaxing)

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Have fun relaxing. This was made from all the awesome and relaxing AppleTV screensaver shots which are publicly available. Featuring music by Max Corbacho - from his album " The Resonant Memory Of Earth" (2002), and "Future Terrain" (2015)

apple tv drone footage drone music max corbacho

incredible scenes but bad music !
Adam Cheek
Wow!!! just watching the Apple TV saver made me really wanna be there in person......Outstanding!!!!
Alexandra Vasilieva
Hello,\r\ndo you know if I can use the Apple TV screensaver video in a theatre piece or is it copyrighted by apple?\r\nI am hoping for a quick reply since I urgently need to know this!\r\n\r\nThank you very much in advance,\r\nAlexandra
Arnas N
where is 4K ?
BiÄmDabelju SchuMi
Fantasitisch! Die Bilder und dann noch die super passende Musik dazu. Einfach wunderschön. Bitte mehr davon.
Bon Bon
Great work 👍
Brian Posey
thank you for making this the length u did.... i have to do multiple jobs at once and having this one on one of my many screen is comforting, thanks again
Buddha D
Bungearn Be
i love ...
la musica de max corbacho le da el toque especial
O M G Thank you Forever!!!!
Calm and Relaxing
This is really pretty and totally mesmerizing. We're trying to make our own relaxing videos and this really provides visual-audio relaxation. It does get a bit less relaxing including the city scenes and the music toward the end is a little intense but even those parts are wonderful to enjoy. Thank you for sharing with us.
Chea Bona
Beautiful , thank for sharing
Chill Bill
WOW i knew i found a gem with you! JUST GREAT!!!!!!
Clayton Kraushaar
Very nice quality!
Cult of the Frog God
clickbait. the \
What is the drone model?
when you have traveled light years away and downloaded this video.. and thinking about your home
Diana Diaco Cervantes
I love it! Exactly what I was looking for...and the track is perfect for work or relaxing. Thanks for making this.
Don Baulo
Great footage but It would be much better if you put the names of the locations during the videos, btw which city is at 1:01 after New York?!
Ecuador Live
Wow, this is really relaxing, sort of hypnotic. Very inspiring for me, now I just have to make my drone videos this smooth...
Fadaullreman faydoun
ماشاء الله .\n Mashallah . You have given us the heart's pleasure in spreading your video, and God has done all the good.From Fadl al-Rahman faydoun
Floyd Void
Best CGI ever! ;D
casey neistat type beat
Masterpiece \nNice job
Thanks! I used this to balance the colour on my monitor.
Gilberto Huamán R.
I fall asleep and randomly the youtube starded with this kind of videos. I had strange dreams. When I woke up I thoght for a moment I was dead / Me dormí y al azar el youtube empezó con esta clase de videos. Tive sueños extraños. Cuando desperté pensé por un instante que estaba muerto
Hit or Miss BTS never miss huh
12:50 where is that place??! 😨👏🏻😍
Hitesh G
Great work Andrew.
How many subscribers can I get with no videos? ?
I don’t like it in slow-mo -_-
Ian B
Incredible. Best footage I've ever seen on my HD TV. How did they get this footage to be so smooth and stable? It's like an angel is gliding over the scene and the music just adds to the other worldliness of it all. Heaven on earth! So relaxing it should be on prescription!
I always get repeats, wish I could select the aerials
John Robert
Junder R
Is there another verson with the natural sounds?
Juri Radov
There should be a Part 2
Kirk Chu
at around 1:16:00 the music gets interesting
Kristjan Utsal
One of the best relaxing video!
Kuroi Jukai
What drone did you use?
Lai Edward
How dare these videos recorded?
Leonel Biocca
I wish I had a giant TV...
Logan Yang
footage is great which is from Apple TV. Music is horrific...
Lord Krishna's Paradise
Awesome Thank you #LordKrishnasParadise
Luke 1:49
Beautiful to sit and meditate & pray to; to watch in silent meditation
László Maródi
May I use some of this video content with my own music? Apple has no legal terms of using this? Thanks!
1:05:00 GTA 1 remake 🤣
Mario X
Beautiful sights. Only, I fear that this music can be interpreted as an insult to Apple screensavers as it is to our ears! :)
Mateo De La Loza
this is great with lsd
Sorry, but the music starts getting weird at about 57:00...had to move on.
Michealangelo Barrett
Mike Wright
I'm flying... I'm flying!!! lol.
Miriam Balsano
It was really relaxing up until New York. 😂
Great video 🍀 lovely presentation 🙏 thank you
this was amazing, relaxing to say the least. This is medicine for the mind.
from 1:30:56 a great money shot. Stunning!
Pierre Dubard
hey can I download it with the same quality? maybe you uploaded it somewhere I can DL it? thanks
Porta da Natureza Relax
Very cool this video. Keep posting. A hug.
Man, they really skimped on the plot of the new Bladerunner movie...
RoS Alex
Эстонский квадрокоптер снимал?
Roger Jayro Kuriger
Great sound to work with. Beautiful nature footage. Thanking you for sharing.
Romain Poncet
c'est où?
Scarlet Csomorova
wow, this is so cool!
Shibli Ziadeh
I Love nature, but I can do without the stupid background noise (music). What a waste, at least for me.
Skip Henderson
Very good work, Thanks
V. nice! :)
Tan Helvacıer
does anyone know the first natural place?
The Edifice Complex
This is not relaxing, it's coach lockdown !
Tim Jonas
This must be amazing to trip on! :D
Travel Maker
4k please
Uploaded Productions
my stats teacher plays this while we take tests
Vic T
Is there a 4K version of this?
Wat IsDit
The title is a lie never ending drone music stops at 2 03 34 its ending it’s a lie
Wendianto Notonogoro
where is it 2:00 ?
Wondering Green Man
Beautiful Views! I wish I could get to some of these places for my vids!
What's the place at the beginning of the video?
you can tell youtube to play at 2x and it moves along a bit better to me
Without coming off as weirdo (hopefully) I imagine I'll be doing something like this in the afterlife - basically flying or floating around the most beautiful places ever created. I can already feel the crisp air against my face just by watching this stunning video.
corge brink
so beautiful thanks
This is incredible. Looks especially good on TV's. Its crispy clean footage with amazing landscapes!! Really Love it!
gamemode 666
Imagine all the people\nLiving life in peace\n\nYou may say I'm a dreamer,\nBut I'm not the only one\nI hope some day you'll join us\nAnd the world will be as one
isa daş
wonderful with the music
kabo ji
This work seems as if extraterrestrials come to sightsee for this beautiful star!The idea is unique and fun! creative!
Makes me inspired to write , and also can make me want to sleep depending how I want to channel my brain
mike price
awsome video
monsieur boeuf de tête
wow. after all these years i actually found an apple product worthy of giving props to. its a mad, mad, mad, mad world!
pythia delphi
this is the kind of music I hear when I hallucinate music
raju singh
good evening
i actually like the music more than the footage
Wait a second...Is that the Full House house at 1:27:00 ???!????! Wait a second. Are you guys serious? Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a minute. Is that the full house House? Waaait back it up a second. Is that waht? Whoa whoa whoa, i think IT IS?!
Awsome :)
vintage dreams
very nice not shifty tourist like ...but very steady i put this on my big screen with a cup of coffee any day
xami balti
vahowa bikulli sheeyaeen alleem
ysaac wichmann
This sound is so discordant i hate it
Евгений Иванов
музыка всё испортила
Камил Набиев
как грустно... полу-статичный рендеринг.
Михаил Петриченко
Very beautiful.
Неоандерталец Австралийский
Brazilia ?
พี่เล่ สายชิว
ชอบคับ สวยมาก