Italian Music Instrumental: Traditional Music From Italy - Folk

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У цьому каналі ви можете знайти всі види музики: розслаблююча музика, класична музика, інструментальна музика, фонова музика, традиційна музика, щаслива музика, сумну музику і багато іншого. Будь ласка, підписуйтесь. ►

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Abc Def
Better listen to Italian music than listening to media circus of america first/ Kkk/ and wars overseas. My head hurts whenever listen to the media circus.
Love from Cyprus!
Alessandro Catena
Music, food, fashion, art, good taste. That's Italy. Let's forget Mafia, politics and corruption. Un Italiano
Alex Blair
god. I love being Italian!
Anna Toler
Went and spent about 2 weeks traveling all over italy a couple weeks ago and it was so amazing but my mom was saying how she always wanted to go to the Tuscan region and since I got back its almost all she can talk about! So todays her birthday and I made a tiramisu and im making some chicken for dinner and i put up lights in the kitchen to kind of give it the tuscan feel and I'll be playing this for an extra touch :)
Great music, Italy, greetings from Brazil
Atul Sonara
thank you so much for uploading great italian music :) 👏👏👏 sending love from India🇮🇳
Bagus Zidni Ilman Nafi
What a nice song. Thank you for uploading thing great song. Sending virtual hug from Indonesia.
I'm just listening to this while I read Vento Aureo
Blue Operator427
Toch spagoot
Booboo Johnson
I don't know what it is but I found this collection to be such fun and relaxing! Thank you so very much for placing this here....
Brian Monahan
I thought Irish music was the music of the demented, but this, this! Oh boy oh boy!
Brix Sumaoang
Philippine folk music is the same as yours. We call this instrumental music as \
C Silvers
Beautiful, I love Italian musik !!!😀😀😀
Carmelo Chavez
I love this  Music Instrimental, thank you
Chan KH Raymond
Italian food, drink, music, opera, craftmanship are all I love.
Classic Super Luigi
very nice 😊🇮🇹
Corn Wall
whats the first song?
is thia gema / copyrightfree? :)
Avanti Italia!
Mi sento nostalgico sentire questo, \nche bella canzone
Destan masal
Diana Doos
This is so beautiful. It takes me where I want to be
Duvan Marín
Viva siempre Italia
what is the track name 16:54?
Epic Ocelot Man
Ah, Italy; beautiful scenery, beautiful women, and beautiful music...
¿Cual es el interprete y el nombre de cada pieza musical?
Fake Name
For future reference, it might be a good idea to put the song names in the description or on screen so people can find the ones they like. Still, this is a very nice collection of songs.
Feith Mária
Io amo l'Italia! \u003c3 :)
Ginette Boudreau
My sister-in-law is pure Italian and as I love her very much, I love Italian music..
Gyula Varga
Mi piace moltissimo, veramente bellissima musica
The view is so beautiful
Happy New Year!
Italian musical is Perfecto
Hecky Heck I Crave Death
Just makes me sit down in my vineyard with a glass of wine and a plate of freshly picked grapes.
Is there some sort of list of the tracks in this video ?
Sounds so nice on 1.5 speed
Jackie Yo
Italian cough * \
Jacob Heldt
- Where can i buy this album ?
Jeevan Raj
Hi. What would the 1st song's instrument be? The sound of it is so soothing gives out that tickles to your brain.
John Martinez
Julio miranda-pujadas
Música para tu corazón....te alegra y da vida.....Viva la bella Italia !!...Gracias
KMR 125
Whoo! Italia! \nI’m actually Italian my self! Ah, and I love it!
Kamil W
I need to go to Italy I love this climate, I greet from Poland
Kaylen Echols
What is the name of the first song?
Kyler Erikson Niall
The similarities are present.
Liam Tuttle
What's the first song called?
Just what i was looking for, what are the names of the tracks?
Louis Audy97
in the best
Lucaleoo _
Il paese più bello del mondo🇮🇹❤️
Lucas Roberto
A primeira música é perfeita para uma reportagem sobre uma pizzaria italiana.
beautiful music please get ads away for ever thank you all our love from the father in heaven and MERLIN family and my wizard family thank you MERLIN
Mansoof Ali
I am an Indian but love this music and play in background in my office always
Marcelle Pesek
Uplifting, joyful music, beautiful country...Thank you for sharing this. We ought to all get\non with one another, regardless of nationality. More affection would do us all good, no?
Maria Nadya Resita Defiani
awesome music😍
Markus Gräfe
glück und klee auf see
Merve E
Greetings from Turkey to bella Italy! ❤
Say whatever you say my music is better anyways
Oh damn, I wish I was italian
Nabin Sapkota
On a windowsill in Europe listening to this in the rain reminiscing about being under the tuscan sun soon...
Nagisa Hatzuki
as an italian i can tell this is not what we play in italy
Neonila - Olympia Kichuk
Bellissima musica...Grazie))) Viva l'Italia !!!
Nguyen Nguyen
Tuscany folk. Thank you .I love these.
Nie powiem kto
Pizza time
Olga Krunic
Pastel Guts
This music sounds beautiful! And Italy is a beautiful country! ❤ Greetings from Poland!
Peeta Koutsos
I listened to this while I made spaghetti for my friends during beach week. Thank you.
Pesunkestävä Kommunisti
that`s a spicy meatball 🍝
I am living in germany, came from turkey and I have to say, I love italian music \u003c3
Rahal hassan
italia ❤ big love from marocco hope one day my dream to visit italy come true
Rem Henshaw
what is the one around 32: 55 called?? the tune seems so familiar! !
Reno Martin
I love Italian music because is so comfortable to listen to real music
Riddled Rhythms
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You are really taking all of my time away from working on my own music. Thanks so much for all the awesome tunes! 💟
Roberto Boughaleb
bonjour italia je t'aime
Rossana Camilli
Buon pomeriggio Anna Maria Buona serata
Ryan Lizama
Ahh Europe...everything about you is perfect...except for politics....
25:07 Best one! \u003clearning Italian\u003e
SC Tang
so interesting n getting fun🌷🐇☺☕🉐
Sergey Sokurenko
Awesome music! Thanks for sharing.
Shayla Bellard
I smell pizza...
Sultan Baghdady
Is this guitar?
The Wandering Composer
Not sure how I am going to find the time to work on my own compositions, if I keep hitting the repeat button on your uploads all the time! Really great!
Tracy Moore
Thank you for letting us use your song for country thing in social studies
Vindy Putri
Just like i play pizza frenzy :D
Werner Rezvani
Whats the song at 8.40?
Will Grant
oh this shit hits hard... absolutely using this song in my Italian video.
Wullop Khin
Forget politic just a while. Listen... Italian world heritage music. Thank....... Thanks.
Zharut Jongsatitpaiboon
I love Italy. From Thailand:)
Is this royalty free? Is it ok to use these songs in a commercial project?
emine buğsel Yaprakli
8:40 song?
emo fish from spongebob
im just listening to random traditional music from other countries
erzsebet horvath
Köszönöm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ilda koyakovic
Ilda koyakovic : \nI been so many times in this beautiful and religious Country i adore the tradition,food,music and its happy people!
name of the tracks pls?
jo ho
Good house cleaning music and to dance to!!!! Love it !!!
lisa7614 _
mi fa sentire veramente a casa!!
lovenatkingcol 1953
I love Italiano Musica......
maria papa
I'm MILANESE what is this.. ahahahahah
new look
الموسيقى روح الشعوب... احب كثيرا الموسيقى والروح الايطالية
paulo cesar antunes nogueira storck
Italia sempre Belissima io te Voglio muto Bene Sempre.
sa lover
51:05 l like it , feel flying bird