Top 6 Hottest Movie Chicks in Elevators (HD) Exclusive

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Top 6 Hottest Movie Chicks in Elevators (HD) ExclusiveElevators may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but when you're trapped in one with a beautiful woman it can be pretty damn amazing. If ever there was an argument for confined spaces, an elevator with a gorgeous lady would be it. Here's some lovely ladies we'd be happy to get stuck with.6. Holly Valance - DOA: Dead or Alive5. Carla Gugino & Connie Britton - Women in Trouble4. Jena Malone - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire3. Christina Hendricks - The Family Tree2. Krista Allen - Liar Liar1. Salma Hayek - Ugly Betty

Carla Gugino (Film Actor)... Connie Britton (Film Actor) Elevator (Product Category) Jena Malone (Film Actor) (Website) Krista Allen (Film Actor)