12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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13) Don't do A Japanese Drug. Specifically a gray oblong pill
1) Don't do what Logan Paul did.\nIn fact, don't act like Logan Paul.\nYou know what, just don't be Logan Paul. Just don't.
1)Do not stream in the suicide forest
Angad Thandi
The woman in the background on the left is using her phone at 3:50 lol
Anthony JS
I love the \
I came back to this video after all this time and hes right, dont tip us, a guy tried to give me $10.00 US ( i think thats right ) in a tip, i rejected and he got super angry and was insistence ( no offence but was a foreigner ) i took his money he was then magically happy and left while i felt horrible and he almost made me cry because he was yelling at me thinking im being rude when i didn't intention to \n\n*Thank you very much but please dont* have a fun trip
Damn I can't live without some of these rules. I live in Amsterdam and outside the center and everytime when there is no car on red lights me and my friend just walk. And I go to metro with school and I use my phone so I don't need to look at someone's face.
BTS is Cancer
Logan Paul should've watched this
Barnacules Nerdgasm
Don't be named \
one thing that the Japanese take very seriously is DO NOT kill anyone in public. The Japanese frown upon corpses and blood on the streets, if you're going to kill someone, do it somewhere private or in the comfort of your own home, and do it politely. Despite the initial adrenaline rush, it is very tempting to yell but yelling is considered rude.
Ben T
so basically, with a few exceptions, they're just better people than us
Big Nghia Tran
The lack of bins is because of the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995, which was a chemical attack, the weapons were hidden in trash bins
I know someone who experienced the stare of disapprovement at a red light in Japan. It was a japanese teenager who crossed when the light hadn't turned green and every single person on both sides of the streets just stared this person into submission and he awkwardly stepped back onto the sidewalk.
Cambodian Exploits
After spending some time in China and right now Cambodia, I’ve decided to move back to Japan. For me, nothing compares to Japan. I subscribed to your channel.
Captain Crooks
Next time you should do a video about \
Casey Plooy
You should make videos like this for foreigners going to the United States.🇺🇸
Clark Tanaka
Greetings from Japan!! Trash cans were banned (greatly decreased) after the terrorist act in Ichigaya Subway with Sarin Gas. That’s why the bins all have see through windows to see there are nothing harmful in there. And like you mentioned, there is an etiquette of bringing back your own trash home for disposal.
1. Don’t call thanos at 3 am in the public
D Roman
Being Hispanic, i'd be in trouble. We always hug and kiss as a greeting. We always arrive late. We are pretty loud and opinionated, We love to eat and drink while walking around and Jaywalking is a cultural tradition. This has been very helpful, as I definitely want to visit Japan and now I know a lot more about appropriate behavior after watching this video. Thanks.
DAN From the SOUTH
Ohhh Japan and Christmas....KFC all booked up? 😝
David Qi
I had dinner with the great Yoshitaka Amano a few years back in China, and he sticked his chopstick in one of the rice dishes during the dinner, shocked everyone at the table. So I've always thought that the chopstick and rice thing is solely Chinese, interesting to learn that it also applies to Japan.
Do not scream \
Yes, don't blow your nose in public. \nPlease do cough open mouth right in people's personal space! Thanks!
Interestingly, the reason there's so few bins, in Tokyo at least I can't speak for everywhere, is that a few years back there was a lot of terrorism involving bins and poison. People would get pricked when they went to put something in a bin.\nIt created a societal stigma against public bins, so they're really rare now, only really near vending machines and convenience stores.\nThat's what the guy at the local Izakaya said, at any rate (incidentally, if any of you are ever in Daimon and want to meet the nicest man I have *ever* met, check out HJ-Bar. The owner speaks like 6 languages, and he's just such a nice bloke)
You forgot murder
Dr. Spectre
People dont realize that asian societies are based on the notion of shame. European societies are based on the notion of guilt.
I live in sweden so I am used to taking of my shoes when entering a house xD
I've been in Japan for ages and you're spot on with all of these Chris. I enjoyed the ending best! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
F 8
I'd like to see the Japanese SWAT team carefully removing their shoes and moving into slippers before infiltrating.
Fatou Mendy
Randomly came across this video... realized That Japan and I aren’t meant to be...lol
What i got out of this, is that japanese people are insane, except the shoe part, makes sense to not walk around your house with dirty shoes
Sounds like everything I want in a country.
Gauri Langote
At 8:55 she is Grandma of mitsuha of Kimi no na wa movie isn't she?
I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool
Is it true that the Japanese don't like people sniffing, I HATE it and I'm English. I also heard that Japanese people don't like coriander which I also HATE, Japan is AWESOME!!!
4:30 you look like elon musk
J. Varni
I like how over half of these are essentially just ways of reminding Westerners about basic manners.
sent to Logan Paul
Jake !
Alright guys admit it. How many of you are weebs?
James P
Let's see Paul Allen's card
Jed Lawson
Japanese culture is to be applauded, Japan refused more than 99 percent of islamic refugee applications in 2017 and they haven't had a single islamic terrorist incident in the entire country. They really look after their citizens like no other nation.
John Mary
Konnichiwa!\nI would say it's ok to blow your nose in the public as long as you do it quietly. The basic rule is that you avoid making excess noise that catches attention.\nI want to add one more \
Jon Bear
Crossing the street in the absence of traffic! Absolutely true. I was out at 3 am and spotted a party of drunken businessmen walking together. It was a small street, probably no traffic here even in daylight. Yet they all halted their march on the red stoplight. 3am at night. Not a living soul in sight. Madness
Jungkooks banana milk Boiii _ Jin is cute
When he stuck the chopsticks in the rice I almost died
Show this to Logan Paul
Lee Lanzini
I think Paul Logan broke each one of these rules when he went to Japan.
Lilliy Rose
Where in Japanmdo u live, it looks like Kyoto? sorry just curious
Lily Fields
As a Japanese person, this is pretty entertaining because all of these are things that are normal and standard, but hearing it from the perspective of a tourist is kinda funny.
LoliOnii-chan Senpai
Don't go to suicide forest
Magic Man
You forgot to NEVER mention the Nanking Massacre
Matthew Hahn
That good idea for safety trip tips and manners safety
Michael Farrell
Probably best not to conjure up imagery surrounding death as you sit down to eat your dead animal
Mike M
Tipping is stupid anyway. The idea was supposed to be to give a bonus to a server who did a particularly good job, then businesses realized they could use it as an excuse to pay their workers below minimum wage, and now you HAVE to do it. It's stupid.
Milk k
I would be a nervous wreak
Oliver Aeternus
This video made him a millionaire !! XXX
Onix Junes
Don’t go into a convenience store in Japan and ask if they have poke balls to throw at people
I WISH ALL these DONTS were In The USA and Canada too !\nOnly Pigs Litter.
Patrick Star
That little old woman became so animated she turned into an anime
Piyu Ghosh
Elon Musk in japan
Planes, Trains, Everything.
I need to go to Japan. It looks amazing.
Plunger King
Are you allowed to breathe in Japan? Or would that upset them as well?
1. Dont Be Logan Paul\n2. Dont Be Logan Paul\n3. Dont Be Logan Paul\n4. Dont Be Logan Paul\n5. Dont Be Logan Paul\n6. Dont Be Logan Paul\n7. Dont Be Logan Paul\n8. Dont Be Logan Paul\n9. Dont Be Logan Paul\n10. Dont Be Logan Paul\n11. Dont Be Logan Paul\n12. Dont Be Logan Paul\n\n\n\nJust Dont....
Guys I'm so sad right now.....\n\n\n\n\nMaybe my cat is dead 😖
Rain Juice
Sounds like my type of place.
Love how dramatic the \
Number 8 is the only reason I did not fit in Japan during the 6 months I spent there working.\nThey don't seem to take overly opiniated people poorly - it depends a lot on who you're talking with and they will indeed think you're obnoxious if you shout out your opinion like you're 300% right and everybody else is wrong - but what does happen a lot is them not telling what they really think, about anything. They don't understand that the objective is not conflict, but discussing something constructively to improve it, especially on a professional level, which is something you can't do if they keep saying \
Savannah Basinger
Don’t spit out food (gum) \nIt’s considered rude and a sign of disrespect
Sea Starr
It was all going so well until number 12. When in proverbial Rome, do as the Romans do. The Japanese people shouldn't have to be kind and forgiving to ignorant incomers. The Japanese way makes sense to me. Western society needs to learn from Japan, in particular, when it comes to taking litter home with you if you can't find a bin. Most roads are tips full of excrement from people's bacteria-ridden mouths (chewing gum). X
Stuart Hollingsead
hey japanese people.... dont go to the Arizona Monument in Hawaii and hold up the peace sign as you take pictures and selfies... In WW2 the peace sign meant V for victory and you are literally standing on the graves of us soldiers your country murdered...
Suburban Knife-Maker
So basically (like me) live in Canada instead, all the manners and decency of Japan, but none of the uptight rules, got it👍
Rule 1: Don't be an American.
The Anime Gamer Boy
Bro, I subbed.
Tiger1 Within
Ok... but if I have to blow my nose, I’m going to. It’s more rude to have snot dripping down your face
Toby Quach
1. \nRecord a dead body in a suicide forest and clickbait it for views
Trevor Fuson
The Japanese strive for perfection in every tiny thing.. As a society we could learn a lot from them .Oh you forgot to mention to receive business cards with both hands...Big faux pa !!!
Vax Not
Carrying around a towel to dry your hands after washing them in a public restroom is brilliant. Very environmentally conscious.
1) Don't film a dead body
Wang Lianghong
For part 6: Japan is extremely eco-friendly so they discourage the use of napkins. Part 10: You definitely realised that you get frustrated throwing trash from takeaway's and that's exactly the whole point - they want to disincentivise take-away food to reduce plastic usage. But in any case very educational - thank you
Xenofag Uprising
I kind of want to go to Japan with a cowboy hat and break all these rules on purpose.
Xx FlamselkMusic xX
3) dont don't slurp
I noticed things are different in Osaka/Kansai area when comparing people from Tokyo, (who are stereotypically known to be more proper, polite, and shy) to people from Osaka (known to be louder, aggressive, but more friendly). Osaka people love to joke around, so they are always filled with laughs and fun. They also like talking about money!\r\nFurthermore, Osaka people don’t sugar-coat things, and they are willing to go along with anything. They usually don’t prefer silence when they are around people, so they often will talk to break the silence.\r Thus, they are often described as having a “mercantile spirit” (merchant descent) and being “louder” and “never being shy.” This is one of the reasons why Osaka is reputed to be more outgoing and assertive.\nInstead of smiling with a bow (which mostly implies “no”) and politely saying, “no thank you” like many people do in Tokyo, Osaka people turn it into a joke. \nWhy Tokyolites think Osaka/Kansai people are rude while Osaka people think Tokyo people are stuck-up.(proper Samurai descent)
ayush Nayal
Lol I have some of these habits.
Why is it that Americans forgot?? We have thousands of our military stationed in Japan....all over the damn place....\nThat’s how Japan got diversified...by OUR military...\nSo Japan is changing and there are thousands of foreigners living there daily..WAKE UP AMERICANS!!! Stop being so stupid..!
emi Saiki
I don't live in Japan but where I live everyone would take off their shoes to enter someone's home.
2) Don't buy a fish and put it on a taxi
When jumping off a building, make sure you do it on abandoned property. You don't want others to see the mess you left behind, not to mention having to bother the emergency cleanup services.
Love the last samurai hug
justin dair
I’m crossing the street lol
Elon musk?
letsplaysplaythroughswalkthroughs Youtubechannel
I am a Englishman\u200b in Japan
Another thing to not do around Japan. Randomly yell DuRIFFITOOoo!
Do you tip food delivery drivers in Japan?
Don't spit.
p h a t t
the last sam ur eye!
Please just please don't pull a Logan Paul
silvia h
imagine how uncomfortable Japanese feel in the uk where many people are screaming on their mobiles, eat on streets and litter everywhere...
My recent trip was Tokyo (met Trami, cool gal), Hiroshima, then Osaka (Kong-Rey didn’t wanna meet us there). Anyway, I road on every type of transportation imaginable. The quietness on the train was pretty spot on in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Then BAM. As soon as I got on my first train in Osaka I was met with a wall of sound . The locals were all having loud conversations in groups of 5-10+. Everyone was replying and reacting and everything. The subsequent train rides there weren’t quite as loud, but there was definitely a lot more talking and general noise in the local trains there, particularly on Keihan Railway ones. Just thought it was interesting. Didn’t seem like a general western/southern thing because Hiroshima wasn’t like that. But moving back up to Kansai, even in Kyoto (of course there were a lot more foreigners there), there was a whole different vibe.
don't record dead bodies, but also don't disrespect their culture and be an ass in general