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5 minutes on the clock. How much Italian can we learn? (Answer: A lot.)Subscribe → SNAPCHAT: damonandjoMUSICAL.LY: damonandjo- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -This channel is about a traveling duo, Damon Dominique (Damon) and Joanna Franco (Jo), who together make @damonandjo. We learn languages, teach you how to sound cooler when speaking languages. We backpack on a budget. We question the status quo. We shut up and Go.


Aissatou loum
Grande raga TVB😍😍
Alexander Kad
It will be cool to learn some Russian 😄 Love your videos. Ciao
c'était le meilleur vidéo je regarde dans un longtemps
Anaïs Pineapple
Coucou, je suis française et je regarde vos vidéos je les adore ! Je ne suis pas super forte en anglais et en italien mais j'arrive à tout comprendre ! \nC'est vraiment génial d'avoir eu l'idée de créer des vidéo de ce genre, gros bisous à vous deux 😗
André B
Awn damon got a little bit of portuguese mixed up there 2:21 eu io lol
Aurélie Relie
4:05 si dice \
I'm so excited for 5-minute German, maybe you guys should collab with \
Bea Alice
I'm studying Italian as my modern language in school, it's a step 1 course but it's very fast past so I could understand everything you guys said and I'm so proud of my self, I just started studying Italian, I love the Italian videos!
Brooklyn Paige
5 minute German yaaaassss. Do it soon. 😂 I'm going to Germany to start my exchange year in 3 months and I feel like this would have actually been really helpful had I not pushed Italian to the back of my mind after I got placed in Germany
Cesar Station
Claire Verdoorn
Damon's hair = majestic
Clara Duboc
So cool
Omg i love this! Grazie damon e jo!🇮🇹
Elize Wolff
You guys are the best 😍
Elsa Vercellino
Ça serait génial si vous continuiez à faire des vidéos 5 min dans tous les langages, c'est carrément bien!
Am I the only one who thinks Damon looks like Jon Cozart? yeah? okay...
Ema g
Italian with a little bit of a Brazilian accent haha :) I love your videos so much! Please make more in Italian
Emma Connolly
I learned more here than I have all year in Italian class smh
Emmanuel Rivera
Ciao amici! Io sono di Messico and I can speak some languages como el español, English, Italiano e Portugués Jajaja\nIt's so funny can speak so much language at the same time to confuse people\n😂 Me encanta e mi piace molto parlare italian
Fernanda Portela
jesus, Jo! how can you remember all the rules from all these languages without mix them?
I avoided this video because I was so scared of cringing at the pronunciation (or how some people accidentally use infinitive even when they mean present so saying \
Francesca Cappai
OK I am italian and jo is so good at speaking italian!
Frankie Frank
Dammmn Italian is so close to French
Be careful, if you say \
Gabrielle L
Last time I was this early Damon wasn't fluent in Italian
Vim rapidinho!Mesmo não entendendo alguns vídeos eu assisto todos!Pois quero treinar meu Inglês... (Italiano não entendo nada mesmo kkkk)
Giulia Orati
I just discovered your channel. I'm Italian and, apart from some little mistakes here and there, you two are really good :D your channel is amazing!
I'm in love with the 5 min language learning. I love you both so much!!!
Hikazaya Nikushi
You’re making wanna learn Italian!, I remember my french class with the subject and conjugation
Hugo Bernardo
We speak saladddddd haha xD I actually learnt a lot! 🤓🍕
Hugues Cazier
En italien on utilise pas \
Héctor Martinez
Jamila Brown
You guys need to write a book about how you've bee able to learn so many languages. I know there's so many things available now to help you learn, but none of them have y'all's humor and optimism which, at least for me, is a big motivator for me to continue learning French. I just love you guys. I know you both must always hear this, but y'all really are inspiring . Thanks for this amazing channel Damon and Jo. Best wishes and safe travels.
1:09 I'm dying with Damon's \
Jessica Darlington
And in the next 20 minutes, Damon is fluent! This is so good guys!
Jessica Sebastião
I love Italian so much but I'm still trying to improve my Portuguese and French, let alone start a new language 😭
Jesus Christ
As an Italian I am amazed,,, I Am aware of the fact that my language is so grammatically complicated,,, and I’m honestly so amazed by his ability of catching up such difficult things,,, I am used to this stuff so it just comes natural to me while speaking BUT THIS damn
Julia Iman
più video in italiano per favore :)
Justin Salinas
sleep can wait, D&J comes first ;)
Damon's hair, and their perfect skin are my goals in life.
Kennard Watson
This is so fun!! Lolz
Larry Stylinson Moments
I really want to learn italian bc to me it's the most beautiful language but i'm french and i learn spanish but i'm not fluent so i'm afraid i would mix them up 😭😭 (so i started learning chinese instead 😂)
Lau Rojas
I feel like they're so different, like, Jo is the representation of romantic languages and Damon is the representation of germanic ones. Even though they speak both romantic and germanic.
Lavinia Santos
Aprendi um pouquinho
Letizia Cassani
io vi amo
Linda Okachi
Siete bravissimi! xxx
Luca Furlani
O my God you are really good👍🏻 \nOnly a little correction it's \
Lucas Martins
ótimo video!!! Italiano parece ser super divertido de aprender, ainda mais com a Jo sendo sua professora! :)
Me encantan tus vídeos❤️, pero ¿harás otro en español?🙏🏽🇪🇸
Eu estou aprendendo portuguese, e es fraquinho mas eu tento. Eu quero aprendendo Italian tambem, how do you split the learning?
Maira Carrillo
More videos in Italian plzzzz😛😘
Maja Nielsen
Really cool concept for a video! Both fun to watch and motivating. I would love to see more of this in the future :D
Marco Zamara
You should do more of these Italian videos
Maria Morena
Avete parlato molto bene in italiano, complimenti!!
Marley :
Ok I know you're all about the \
Marta Harrell
YEESS!! Ive been waiting for a video of you guys learning/talking in Italian! Love yall \u003c3
Maïté Stig
Ouaw you guys are amazing 😊
McKenzie P
I definitely need the 5 minute German asap! I know enough to be polite but would love some more vocabulary!
Mel Lynch
does anyone else procrastinate from watching their language videos because you get slight anxiety from the fact that you won't learn as fast and as well as them??? That happens to me ALL the time!
Melissa Carreno
This is the quickest I've learned anything, so helpful!!\nBaci Baci!
Melody Morgan
Oddiooddiooddiooddiooddio Damon e Jo sono quaaaaaaa in Italiaaaaaa! Haha questo video era divertente a vedere perche Damon ha fatto molti i stessi errori che ho fatto quando sono venuta in Italia otto mesi fa. Ma Italiano è molto carino e mi piaceva ad impararlo! Sono stata felice a vedere un nuovo video di loro in Italiano perche non sono molti. Divertentivi a Venezia! \n\nUna domanda: perche avete pagato sei euro per un cappuccino??? Loro vi hanno preso in giro con i vostri soldi sicuramente!
Mercury Uiducus
Woooo!!! GERMAN!
Damon def got laid
Mystical Catnip
Yaaas I love this video!!
Nethe Santos
Please, post more videos about Damon's learning process.. It keeps us motivated to learn languages at home too :D
I'm shook. You just learned more in 5 minutes than I could learn in 30!
Phil Evans
why is to have so hard in so many languages?
Rafael Oliveira
DAAAAAMN It really looks like a mix of french and portuguese. If you master those languages, Italian might be easy to learn!\nI'm so amazed by how fast you catch up for a new language. LIFE GOALS!
Raissa Heidi
Pleeease, do more videos like this!!!! Por favor, façam mais videos assim!!!! Foram os 5 minutos aprendendo uma lingua mais divertidos que eu já tive haushausha
Rory MacLean
Notification Squad, where y'all at? :)
Salomón Román
Deberían tratar de imitar los diferentes acentos del español para un vídeo ¡Saludos!
Samanta Carvalho
Sono orgogliosa di te, Damon. I'm impressed how fast you get things. Btw good job learning, Jo! :)
Sara Lovelace
Took 4 months of Italian while LIVING in Italy and Damon still did better than me smh
Merciii!!!!! Plus de vidéos en italien pleaaaase!!!! 💛
Shaddia Morris
can we just appreciate that Jo's skin is popping? and Damon's too?
Sharons Joyfullife
Wow, it is so cool to watch two people who love languages so much. Super cool!
SuBscRibE FoR no ReASOn
600 comment lol
Talita Gogoryan
when a 5-minute video is more productive than a year at school 🙃
Telma Gazio
Obrigado meninos, muito boa essa aula de italiano. Vocês são fera. Beijocas
The SGOH aka Disney Freak
Man how I wish I could learn from you guys to speak and understand fluently
Jo's German accent at the end of the video was so cute!:)
Wow Taysia
Damon and jo already had me learning French, Portuguese, and Spanish.... after this video I guess I'm adding Italian to my language attempts
anthony ferro
perks of being italian: understanding everything lmao vi voglio bene
this type of videooooo yessss
emilyvaleria perez
Io parlo \nTu parli\nLei/lui parlano\nNoi parliamo\nVoi parlate\nEssi parlano\nIm italian its easy for me\nLets see if you can translate this in italian!\n(/^-^)/ ⤵\nItalia e il paese piu bello del mondo!\nIf you get it right your present is \nA like
SO COOL, loved it \u003c3 L'italiano è una lingua bellissima
hernandes rodrigues
i didn't\u200b see the video yet but I gave my like because I love videos about languages
thought that was a joint in your hand in the thumbnail
karina alexandra
you guys should try to learn romanian, which is another latin language, but it is a bit different from italian, french, spanish and portuguese
littlekitten -
Finalmente un video in italiano (circa ahah)!
Egli parla, lui/lei non è un pronome soggetto.
I think I just learnt more than I have in my six months of Italian classes at college smh
soluna v
Wow, I am italian and I loved this, it was very entertaining! :)\nJust a little tip, in Italian there is no going to future or like in french a future build with \
Damon's biceps thooooo
unbe knownst
YAYY, new video, just one thing: how do you say is \
vincent vinnie
You should try a 1-hour/day language challenge but it should be completely new for you. I am really curious how it would turn out.
wonder world
video request: \